Additive Manufacturing Firm Adds “HIP” Capacity

In Germany we see that OWL AM Additive Manufacturing GmbH recently added Hot Isostatic Processing to their list of offerings as we can see in this press release;

“Further HIP capacity available: Since August 2021, OWL AM Additive Manufacturing GmbH, has been able to offer their customers Hot Isostatic Pressing capacity to process castings, additive manufactured parts, encapsulated powder metallurgy products, and diffusion bonding requirements.  The plant is certified according to ISO9001 and EN9100 standards, with an intent to move towards Nadcap approval in the near future.  The production facility is located in Aachen, Germany, situated within a modern 3.500 square meter facility. OWL has built the fundament for growth and further investments, employing a management team that have worked across HIP, Heat and Surface Treatment specialists in the past. They have secured a full logistic partnership that allows them to support moving goods for their customers from the EU, the UK, and other non-EU countries. In line with healthy customer demand rises, they now look to extend their operation into a 3-shift model.  Please visit their website ( or contact Daniel Guizard ([email protected]) directly for further information.”

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