Accurate Brazing, Greenville, SC-People Changes

Today we are visiting (virtually) Accurate Brazing in Greenville, SC, USA which is part of the Aalberts Group of companies based in the Netherlands. This is quite an impressive facility with some of the newest technologies out there including Plasma Nitriding, HIP’ing, Vacuum Brazing and Heat Treat with 12 bar quenching. Their name comes up today as their long time President, Mr. Steve Francis recently retired (perhaps semi retired is a better term as he will remain a part time business consultant) and he has been replaced by Mr. Brent Davis, who most recently was Vice President and is another long time employee of the company.

At the same time Mr. Craig Beaumier was hired as Director of Business Development. If his name rings a bell it is because he worked for Quintus, the HIP’ing people for quite some time. You can tell from this photo of Craig that he is not a shy guy.  Our readers can look forward to hearing a lot more about Accurate before the end of the year.

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