Accurate Brazing, From This to This

Back in December of 2019 we had the press release below from Accurate Brazing in Greenville, SC about adding a second HIP unit. Well it looks to us like the installation is now completed and ready to go.

Accurate Brazing Adds Second Hot Isostatic Press from Quintus Technologies

“Västerås, Sweden, November 19, 2019 – Accurate Brazing, a full-service provider of specialized heat treating solutions, added Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP) to its thermal processing capabilities earlier this year. “Based on overwhelming feedback from the marketplace, we are pleased to be moving forward with our second Hot Isostatic Press from Quintus Technologies,” says Steven Francis, president of Accurate Brazing. Both presses are of the model QIH 122 M URC®. They are equipped with the Quintus proprietary uniform rapid cooling (URC) feature, which combines HIP and heat treatment in a single process. This process is called High Pressure Heat Treatment (HPHT), and it streamlines the steps involved in material densification and heat treatment. This innovative approach also enables all processed components to cool uniformly, resulting in minimal thermal distortion and non-uniform grain growth.  “The Quintus technology allows us to shorten lead times, improve product metallurgy, and eliminate some additional outside operations, which is very attractive to our customers,” says Mr. Francis.  Accurate Brazing serves the aerospace and power generation industries, as well as other sectors that demand high quality and short lead times. Many of Accurate Brazing’s customers utilize additive manufacturing (AM).  “The versatility of the Quintus units makes them well suited for our service business model,” says Mr. Francis.

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