Abbott Furnace Installs & Commissions a Roller Hearth Tube Annealing Furnace

St. Mary’s, PA: Abbott Furnace Company has recently installed and commissioned a roller hearth tube annealing furnace at an aerospace and defense products manufacturer that fabricates the most critical precision tubular products. The high temperature roller hearth furnace quench anneals superalloy tubing for their drawing operation. The electrically heated furnace is atmosphere tight and is operated with an argon protective atmosphere. The high-speed roll drive quickly transfers the tubing from the furnace to the water-spray quench.

The new furnace removes a bottleneck in production, with the increased number of tubes processed between tubing draws, and Mr. George Ray, Chairman of the Board, indicates that with the +/- 5 F furnace temperature uniformity, and the uniform water spray, the new furnace also provides much better uniformity of hardness than an older, retired furnace.  According to Mr. Ray, “On a daily production basis the Abbott Furnace is 300% more efficient than the previous furnace. We really appreciate the Abbott Team’s knowledge and attention to detail in the design engineering and manufacture of a specialized furnace.”

Abbott Furnace is an industrial furnace manufacturer with 35 years of experience designing and producing some of the industry’s most reliable and high performing industrial continuous process furnaces.  Abbott is a leading producer of industrial sintering furnacesannealing furnacestempering furnacesbrazing furnaces, heat treat furnaces, steam treat furnaces, industrial ovens, CAB furnacesHigh-Temperature Furnaces and other specialty furnace products. Abbott Furnace is a privately owned company located in St. Marys, Pennsylvania.  Abbott furnaces are proudly manufactured in the USA.