Aalberts Surface Technologies Adds More Vacuum Furnace Capacity

Aalberts Surface Technologies is ranked by “The Monty Heat Treat News” as one of the largest commercial heat treaters both in the world and in North America (https://themonty.com/project/the-monty-heat-treat-news-50-largest-north-american-commercial-heat-treats-2022/https://themonty.com/project/largest-european-commercial-heat-treaters/)  Furnace builder “SECO/WARICK” has just announced that they recently shipped two of their largest horizontal vacuum furnaces to the Aalberts facility in Spain-read on for the official press release. 

“Aalberts has ordered the largest furnace from from the SECO/WARWICK portfolio – a horizontal retort furnace for high-efficiency tempering with vacuum purging, and the Group’s flagship product – a Vector® vacuum furnace.

The system on order solves the customer’s problem with hardening large dimension elements. The Vector, with a useful working space of 600 x 600 x 900 mm will significantly increase the efficiency of the current hardening plant, improving the economics of hardening processes. The retort furnace will significantly increase the processing capacity of the current hardening plant for tempering processes.

“You could say it’s a kind of jubilee. This is the tenth contract we have signed with the Aalberts Group. We have supplied vacuum and atmospheric equipment to the Group’s various European branches. I am glad that this customer recommends SECO/WARWICK as a solution provider within the Group. It is important that we become the first choice company for commercial hardening plants. On one hand, it is influenced by our product quality. On the other hand, we attribute our success to our very wide portfolio and our ability to adapt equipment to very specific needs,” said  Maciej Korecki, Vice President of Vacuum Furnaces Segment in SECO/WARWICK Group. 

“The last orders included Vector vacuum furnaces or the three-chamber vacuum furnace, CaseMaster Evolution-T. We delivered equipment to companies located in the Netherlands, Spain and Poland. And we are open to new challenges,” concludes M. Korecki.”

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