96 Year Old Heat Treat to Close

It is with genuine regret that we mention the upcoming closing of one of the oldest commercial heat treats in North America, Metlab Heat Treat of Wyndmoor, PA, USA; Metlab was founded in 1928 as a manufacturer of aircraft components. As part of the manufacturing process, Metlab created an in-house heat-treating facility to handle delicate, lightweight weldments. The company developed and patented the first “drop bottom” or “gantry” furnace, to allow long, slender tubes and weldments to be hung in the furnace to minimize distortion. This furnace design revolutionized the heat-treating of aluminum as well as aircraft landing gear – providing minimum distortion and rapid cooling. Expertise in deep case carburizing, coupled with large furnaces, has allowed the company to be the choice of manufacturers of large components, such as bearings and gears.”
Not only is it a shame to see the closing of such a well established and well known heat treat, it is especially sad to see one close which has such unique capabilities. Metlab you see has the largest commercially available pit carburizing furnaces in North America and because of this they drew customers from as far away as Mexico and Canada. We will miss working with the company and their owner Mr. Mark Podob.
To learn more about what the company was capable of we would suggest this “Heat Treat Podcast” which was done with the owner a year ago. 

Ultra Large Gear Carburizing-“The Heat Treat Podcast”

The Monty Heat Treat News” is absolutely ecstatic to present to you today the latest “Heat Treat Podcast” in which are handsome host Mr. Carlos Torres speaks with Mr. Mark Podob about carburizing of ultra large gears. Mark is President of Metlab Heat Treat of Wyndmoor, PA, USA a heat treat which has the distinction of having the largest commercially available pit carburizing furnaces in North America. Ultra Large Gear Carburizing | Mark Podob | THE HEAT TREAT PODCAST #49 – YouTube

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