IWT/Bremen, Germany, HT Research Facility

We have yet to see a Heat Treatment research facility anywhere in the world to rival that of IWT in Bremen, Germany. The institute has long had a mandate to further the knowledge of all facets of heat treating and to this end the institute has the an amazing array of the most up to date heat treatment equipment we have ever laid eyes upon. Salt bath heat treatment, vacuum carburizing, press quenching, gas carburizing, gas and plasma nitriding, induction hardening the institute has an up to date system to experiment with all of the technologies. In addition more systems are on the way including a brand new Hot Isostatic Press system. These furnaces give you a taste of the institute but probably fail to do real justice to it.

Joern Rohde, Gord Montgomery, Professor Hans-Werner Zoch, Heinrich Klumper-Westkamp

Heinrich Klumper-Westkamp, Professor Hans-Werner Zoch,  Joern Rohde, Ingo Bunjes