50 Largest North American Commercial Heat Treaters

For almost 25 years “The Monty Heat Treat News” has compiled a list of the largest commercial heat treaters in North America. The list is based upon annual sales and originally we started with the 10 largest-over the years this has expanded and last year we set a record at the 30 largest https://themonty.com/project/largest-north-american-commercial-heat-treats-august-2020/ This year we have set ourselves the very ambitious goal of the 50 largest, a list which we plan to conclude by the end of June.

While we are in the initial stages of putting together our rankings we do expect some changes due to the turbulence caused by the COVID-19 pandemic-this is due to the fact that some industries thrived during COVID, others saw a dramatic downturn;

-Those companies relying mainly or largely on the Aerospace or Oil & Gas industries saw major declines.

-Firms relying on the automotive industry saw very mixed results which varied from substantial increases to the current downturn due to the on going “chip” shortages.

-Those companies serving the Firearms, Medical and Defense industries generally saw anything from wild upturns (Firearms) to strong demand (Medical, Defense).

-Firms with large diverse customer bases generally survived with little “ill effects”.

-Incidentally one of the best resources to discover the winners and losers in the heat treatment industry can be found in the Bodycote Financial results posted May 27th of this year https://www.bodycote.com/press-releases/press-release-2021/trading-update-10 / Bodycote is the world’s largest commercial heat treater and as such is involved in every facet of heat treating that is available. Their financial results quite succinctly sums up which industries have done well this year and which haven’t.

While we are jumping the gun a little on this we would estimate that to be included in our list of “The 50 Largest Commercial Heat Treaters in North America companies would require annual sale of at least $10 million-time will tell whether this is accurate.

As always we look forward to your thoughts and comments. If you feel your company deserves to be on our list we would enjoy hearing from you. Our file photo comes from Woodworth Heat Treating, ranked #3 last year on our list of the largest;

“Woodworth Heat Treating; The third largest North American commercial heat treater on our list is a company which operates 4 facility in two countries and specializes in large volume automotive work. “Woodworth Inc. provides a wide range of heat treatment services through our four facilities. We are currently located in Pontiac, Homer, and Flint, Michigan, as well as Puebla, Mexico. The company operates over 40 large furnaces in North America. Woodworth Inc. has installed capacity to run 16 million + rotors per year. (2.2 million Lbs / Day).” http://www.woodworthheattreating.com/index.html

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