50 Largest North American Commercial Heat Treaters-Thermetco

Last year commercial heat treater “Thermetco” made our list of the “50 Largest North American Heat Treaters”, one of 3 Canadian companies to be included-we confidentally predict that they will again make our list this year. This is how we would summarize the company in 2023.

Thermetco located near Montreal, Quebec, Canada is the second Canadian commercial heat treater on our list. Thermetco is a second generation heat treat founded by Mr. Andre Houle. The firm has over 150 employees, 4 locations and offers Carburizing, Vacuum Hardening, Austempering, Plasma Nitriding and Carbonitriding along with several other processes. Thermetco has seen tremendous growth over the past several years which includes acquiring two competitors, a new location and a number of new furnaces. Sales in 2023 have again grown substantially, so much so that the company is rumored to be considering expanding yet again.  It is ranked as the second largest in Canada.

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