50 Largest North American Commercial Heat Treaters-Accurate Steel Treating

As we compile our list of the 50 largest commercial heat treaters in North America one which will definitely make our list is Accurate Steel Treating in Southgate, California.

Accurate Steel Treating was founded in 1962 on a strong commitment to quality and customer service. The company grew and prospered to become a premier tool steel processor in Southern California. In 1989, Accurate Steel Treating was acquired by a new management team and embarked on a carefully planned expansion program. During the next 25 years, new processes and equipment were added to keep pace with growing demand including high-pressure gas quench vacuum heat-treating, precision carburizing, and ion nitriding. In 2012, management decided, along with encouragement from several key customers, to enter the Aerospace market to be better diversified and capitalize on the many opportunities developing in this sector.

Today, Accurate Steel Treating continues to be the fastest growing commercial aerospace heat treat service provider in the western US. We are AQS AC7004 certified and accredited by Nadcap for a wide range of thermal processes and support services, including vacuum & atmosphere hardening, gas carburizing, ion & gas nitriding, stress relieving, annealing, aging, pre & post cleaning, oil, salt, water & polymer quench mediums, titanium processing, straightening and metallurgical evaluations. The transformation to a fullservice Aerospace Heat Treat provider accelerated in 2014 when we achieved our first Nadcap accreditation, we have since accomplished many milestones that we are proud of. A few of our notable achievements:

• Nadcap Accreditation – Merit Status
• Approved by GE Aviation, Parker, Boeing, Honeywell, Bell Helicopter
• Installed 14 new furnaces.
• Added Two Metallurgists to management.
• Installing Plating Line – Operational Q4 2021

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Krishna Cherukuri, Jimmy Hollman, Chris Hall, Ron Loynds