50 Largest Commercial Heat Treaters North America-Thermetco?

We continue our project to assemble a list of the 50 largest commercial heat treaters in North America by sales and today we look at another possibility, this time a company in Quebec, Canada. Thermetco is a second generation heat treater, the President and owner is Mr. Vincent Houle who took over from his father Andre a few years ago. Since that time the firm has moved to a new, larger building, acquired 2 competitors, added two large batch IQ furnaces and a new, state of the art vacuum furnace all while increasing their workforce to over 100 employees. While the jury is still out we would suggest there is a very strong possibility that Thermetco will make our final list. In this photo Vincent Houle can be seen on the right.

Founded in 1982, Thermetco began operations in stress relief treatments. Since then, we’ve made it our priority to build a team of professionals who can master the latest and most sophisticated heat-treating technologies. Thanks to our professionalism, expertise and creativity, Thermetco is recognized as a leader in heat-treating throughout the metallurgical industry. Guidance is our watchword. In 2019, Thermetco moved to a new 50,000 sq. ft. – 4,650 m² plant to increase its production capacity and services. Today, more than 100 employees and 30 furnaces are at your disposal. To this capacity was added the acquisitions of National Tool Hardening and more recently of Trempes LD, two companies specialized in salt bath and black oxide treatments. With the addition of these two, we now have a wide range of treatments as well as a large production capacity, making Thermetco the first heat treatment company in Quebec and the second in Canada.”

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