50 Largest Commercial Heat Treaters in North American-Sun Steel Treating

A company that will almost certainly be making our list of the 50 largest commercial heat treaters in North America is a firm based in South Lyon, Michigan, USA by the name of Sun Steel Treating. While the company is a “full service” organization they are best known for their Ion Nitriding, Vacuum Hardening and Salt Bath Hardening capabilities. Narrow it down a bit more and you will see that they are part of a very small, elite group of commercial heat treaters in that they really specialize in Ion Nitriding with a total of  12 Vessels, the largest of which is  72″ H x 108″ W x 180″ L and a 60,000 lbs./load. Stay tuned to see where they land on our list of the largest commercial heat treaters.

Since 1958, Sun Steel Treating has specialized in providing our customers exceptional quality, expertise, and timeliness. Whether it’s hardening alloys, carbon steels, tool steels or high speed specialty steels, our engineers know the precise metallurgical processes to apply. Sun Steel Treating continually strives to be the most environmentally responsible heat treating facility. 

In 1981, Sun Steel Treating pioneered the use of plasma Nitriding as a viable surface hardening treatment.  Sun Steel Treating has Trade-marked and registered this process as Ionitriding®.  Sun Steel Treating has also pioneered combining the benefits of Ionitriding® and Steam Treating to develop IonWear®. Sun Steel Treating continues to make improvements in equipment, technology, and processes to meet the diverse application needs of modern manufacturing. Sun Steel Treating continues to lead the field in both capabilities and quality.

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