Beijing Huahai Zhongyi Industrial Furnaces Co Ltd , (HHZY)

Going back a number of years there was a very colorful individual by the name of Tom Guler in Australia who had made a real name for himself designing and building new furnaces over the course of a 60 year career in the industry (Tom passed away back in 2012 at the ripe old age of 90). Like many in the industry his son, Byron Stewart followed in his footsteps and ended up starting up a new furnace building company in Beijing quite a few years back by the name of Beijing Huahai Zhongyi Industrial Furnaces Co Ltd ,  (or HHZY). We have mentioned Byron and his company a couple of times over the years and today we have this update for you. I hope all is well, here in China it is getting to be a real madhouse in the heat treating industry as the furnaces keep getting larger, the orders keep coming and China requires more and more heat treating processes.  To give you an example we did over 150 furnaces last year including the Guler design and a new vacuum carburizing oil quench furnace line. This year I have to put in a new pressure vacuum temper furnace plus a complete vertical vacuum heat treatment line including 2 vacuum hardening furnaces  and 4 vacuum tempers-all completely automated. My prediction is that 2019 is going to be a very big year in China. Best regards, Byron”