25 Most Influential People in the North American Heat Treating Industry

Recently we published our list of the most influential in the North American heat treating industry, a list which can be found at  https://themonty.com/25-most-influential-people-in-the-north-american-heat-treating-industry-6/ It came as no surprise that this generated a number of comments both good, bad and indifferent. Two readers commented on the lack of females on the list-well we can think of several top notch females in the industry some that come to mind are Elena Ritoli of Metallurgical Processing in CT, Debbie Aliya of Aliya Metallurgical in MI and Kathryn Byington of Byington Steel Treating in CA however none of these names were mentioned to us. Several people lambasted us for not mentioning Steve Thompson of SSI while a number were very pleased to see the name of Mario Ciampini of Bodycote. At the end of the day we went with the names that were suggested to us. By the way two people asked when we are going to put together such a list for Europe, the answer is sometime in the future.