25 Most Influential People in The North American Heat Treating Industry

With our readers help we are plugging away on our updated list of the 25 Most Influential People in the North American Heat Treating Industry using these parameters; “The basic criteria to make the list is that the individuals named are in positions to change the course of the captive and heat treating markets in North America either in terms of presenting new technologies, influencing purchasing decisions, deciding what type of heat treating to do or effecting current heat treatment practices. Examples could include pioneers in new forms of heat treatment, the fellow at General Motors who decides which furnaces to buy, CEO’s of major furnace builders or consultants who advise on what equipment should be used. Your suggestions are appreciated and these should be addressed to Jordan Montgomery [email protected] Based upon these suggestions our list will be presented Friday September 13th, 2019.” We will add that to make the list individuals must currently be active in the industry which means that those who are deceased will not be included (we are not being facetious, time marches on at least 3 individuals who have made the list in the past are no longer with us, Jeff Pritchard of Vac Aero, Mr. George Pfaffman of Ajax Tocco and Steve Graham of American Axle & Manufacturing). To date we have quite a few interesting suggestions, some obvious and some which left us scratching our heads. For instance a few suggestions include Dan McCurdy of Bodycote which we would agree with however Dan recently retired, Jeff Smith of SBS, Fred Hamizadeh of AAM, Stephen Harris of Bodycote, Jeff Hemmer of Bluewater Thermal, Dan Hill of Solar Atmospheres, Ben Bernard of Surface Combustion, Don Longenette, Robert Peters formerly of ALD, consultant David Pye along  and along the same lines consultant Dan Herring and quite a few others. We look forward to your suggestions.