10 Largest Single Location Heat Treats in North America-GKN

In 2021 “The Monty Heat Treat News” updated our list of the largest single location heat treats in North America-this list was reposted earlier this week https://themonty.com/10-largest-single-location-captive-heat-treats-north-america-2/. In the #3 position we had GKN in Newton, North Carolina, USA as you can see below; 
“In our number three position we find another automotive parts supplier, GKN in Newton, NC. While not one of the first to invest in vacuum carburizing systems they certainly jumped on the bandwagon after vacuum carburizing proved it’s value. With approximately 30 cells in operation this location clearly deserves to be on our list.”
We received a great deal of feedback about our reposted list and at least one came from GKN. We can now say that GKN has a grand total of 39 carburizing cells an increase from the 30 which we mentioned in the original post. It really boggles the mind to think of 39 vacuum carburizing cells in one single captive heat treatment department-very impressive. 

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