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Heat Treat News

Nickel charts on InfoMine.comMolybdenum charts on InfoMine.com

Siemens Mechanical Drives. Located in Bocholt, Germany, the Siemens Mechanical Drives manufactures drive components and as such has a very large and very impressive heat treat department. The department consists of 27 pit carburizing furnaces with associated oil and polymer quenching capabilities as well as tempering. We will have a more detailed report next week about this captive heat treating department including comments about why the company considers heat treating a "core competency" but for now we leave you with this overview of the department. October 24/2014

From left to right we have Gord Montgomery, Joern Rohde (Rohde Furnaces), Markus Flacke, Project Leader, Siemens, Juergen Spruch, Head of Industrial Engineering & Maintenance, Siemens, Lothar Schmidt, Deputy head of hardening workshop, Siemens, Jordan Montgomery.

HK14. The Heat Treat Show in Cologne continues with mixed responses about attendance. The general consensus seems to be that the show is well organized and the exhibits are excellent but that attendance is good but not incredible. To give you a feel for the show we include these photos taken just yesterday. October 24/2014

Furnace Builder AFC-Holcroft, one of very few North American Exhibitors
Florian Elwart, Head of Quotation Centre, Bodycote, Gord Montgomery
Gord Montgomery, Peter Lankes, CEO Tenova, Heat Treatment of Components, Thomas Wingens, Tenova
Alain Flury, General Manager, Olivier Chevre, Sales, Codere, Switzerland, Jordan and Gord Montgomery
Gunther and Nina Braus, Dibalog, Jordan Montgomery

Cold Heading Company Fire, Fremont, Indiana. Our understanding is that this very unfortunate fire did originate in the captive heat treat department of the Cold Heading Company. October 24/2014
"(FREMONT) - Heavy damage is reported following a fire which broke out Wednesday morning at the Cold Heading Company plant on South Cassell Drive in Fremont. No injuries were reported as all of the third shift workers were evacuated from the plant. Two head counts were conducted to make sure everybody was accounted for. The fire was reported at 4:14am. It was called under control at about 5:30am and crews were on the scene until about 9:00am. Fremont Fire Department Public Information Officer Todd Johnson says there was heavy fire throughout the building when the first units arrived. Firefighters made an interior attack in order to prevent any further damage to the 120,000 square foot building. They had a tough time getting the fire under control due to the oil and other materials inside. Once they got the fire under control, firefighters checked the roof to make sure it was not going to collapse and the building to make sure there were not any issues. Fremont Fire Chief Eric Hufnagle says there is heavy fire and water damage. It's believed the fire was started by a heat treating furnace. The Cold Heading plant in Fremont employs nearly 80 workers. According to the company web site, the Fremont facility manufactures bolts for body and frame assemblies as well as for structural components." 


HK14/Cologne, Germany. The largest European heat treat show of the year is now up and running and on this the first day reaction is mixed. It is well attended but there is a feeling of nostalgia for past shows which were held in Wiesbaden-nostalgia because Wiesbaden was a much easier city to navigate and quite a bit less expensive. Attendance is also a bit off of previous shows but as the first day is typically the slowest the jury is still out on this. Below you will see a few photos of the show with more to come.  October 23/2014

Thorsten Kruger, CEO Ipsen Group, Geoffrey Somary, Ipsen, Gord and Jordan Montgomery
Bill Disler, CEO, AFC-Holcroft, Richard Seemann, Former Managing Director of ALD
Simone Stuff, Harterei Hauck, Uwe Schmelzing, Technical Director, Harterei Hauck, Gord Montgomery

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Used Equipment Available. We have turned over a lot of used equipment recently and what you will see now in our list of used equipment available is quite a bit different than just a month ago, have a look and tell us what questions you have. Recent additions include a very elaborate an Abar Ipsen Vacuum Brazing Furnace, a Sunbeam Rotary Hearth Furnace, a Surface Super 36 Dunk/Spray Washer, a very nice Beavermatic Box Furnace, two Wisconsin Box Tempers and two Surface Combustion Endo Generators. Also included are two Surface Combustion 36 X 72 X 36 1400F gas fired gas tempers, and a very nice Williams 5600 CFH Endo Generator. If you don't see what you are looking for please let us know and we will try to find it for you. jordan@themonty.com October 23/2014

A few examples include:


Wall Colmony Press Release."Wall Colmonoy Announces Acquisition of Franklin Bronze & Alloys Company, Inc. Wall Colmonoy Corporation, headquartered in Madison Heights, Michigan, announces the acquisition of Franklin Bronze & Alloy Company, Inc. effective August 29, 2014. By joining with Wall Colmonoy, Franklin Bronze will integrate expertise, sales & marketing teams, and business goals. Wall Colmonoy and Franklin Bronze share the vision of delivering technical expertise and products to customers. Wall Colmonoy is a global leader in the manufacturing of surfacing and brazing products, castings, and engineered components. In 1938, Albert F. Wall founded the materials engineering company in Detroit, Michigan. Mr. Wall's entrepreneurial spirit and innovative vision is at the core of what shapes the continued success of Wall Colmonoy. Franklin Bronze, the oldest operating casting foundry in Pennsylvania, was founded in 1878. John and Bob Barber purchased the business in 1978. Franklin Bronze has become a globally recognized leader in the investment casting industry. Franklin Bronze will be renamed Franklin Bronze Precision Components, LLC and become a wholly owned subsidiary of Wall Colmonoy Corporation. Wall Colmonoy, together with Franklin Bronze, is a global materials engineering organization with facilities located in the US, UK, and France with 500 employees. “Franklin Bronze Precision Components, LLC., now a subsidiary of the Wall Colmonoy Group, adds a strategic partnership of two companies offering metallurgical solutions and alloys.” states Bill Clark, Chairman & CEO. Bob Barber, former owner of Franklin Bronze & Alloy Company, Inc. and current Director of Business Development states, “The synergy between Franklin Bronze and Wall Colmonoy provides opportunities to grow within the industries we already serve and develop new markets.” October 23/2014


Business Opportunities. "The Monty" has never had so many top notch positions available in the heat treating industry which indicates both the shortage of good people available and also the fact that we get results for our advertisers. A small sampling of recent offerings include these; an Experienced Heat Treat Process Engineer looking for a position, a Braze Engineer Required, a Metallurgist Wanted at Paulo Products, and an Electrical Engineer needed again at Paulo Products.

Do you want results when it comes to filling a position within the heat treating industry? "The Monty" is the most economical, fastest way to fill that position. Looking for a job? Send us your ad and we will put it on the site free of charge for as long as you would like. When it comes to filling positions within the heat treating industry "The Monty" can't be beat! With a readership of over 20,000 heat treaters/month we will help you fill your position or help you find a job. Just contact jordan@themonty.com. October 23/2014


Menzing Heat Treatment/Haaksnergen, Netherlands. September 1 2014 Bodycote acquired commercial heat treater Menzing from Michel Menzing giving Bodycote 6 facilities in the country making them the largest commercial heat treater in the Netherlands (although this is admittedly a small market with total commercial sales of roughly $40 million Euro per year). This is the only commercial operation in the Netherlands that offers plasma nitriding and it quite a progressive company when it comes to new technology. As an example you can see in the photo below Jorn Rohde, Michel Menzing and Gord Montgomery standing in front of a brand new Rohde nitriding furnace about to be installed. October 22/2014


"Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum Delivers Record-sized Vacuum System for a RH Steel Degassing Plant from Siemens VAI October 22nd, 2014 – The modern, modular pump system concept of Oerlikon Leybold for vacuum technology in steel degassing has proven its effectiveness. Siemens Metals Technologies now ordered another mechanical vacuum system which will be used by an end customer in Mexico. This vacuum system with an effective pumping speed of almost 600,000 m³/h, is the largest vacuum system built by Leybold in its 164-year history to date. The Siemens VAI customer Altos Hornos de Mexico., SAB de C.V. (AHMSA) extended the product range of the converter steel mill No. 2 to steel grades for oil and gas industries. The treatment capacity of the 150-ton double-RH vacuum degassing should be around two million metric tons of liquid steel per year, approximately 50 batches per day.
With this new plant, AHMSA will be able to produce special steel grades with a very low hydrogen content, as they are required for applications in the oil and gas industries. The commissioning of the new RH plant is planned for October 2015.
The required vacuum technology is covered by systems of Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum. Essential functions of RH degassing systems include the removal of hydrogen, the forced decarburization and the chemical heating of the liquid steel. The treatment of the molten steel is carried out under vacuum conditions, reducing the carbon content by means of oxygen injection in a first step. Afterwards the pressure is further lowered and the dissolved hydrogen content in the steel is lowered to the target value. A low hydrogen content is the essential prerequisite for the production of these high-strength steel grades.
Energetic balance of mechanical vacuum systems The increasing demand for higher-quality steels triggers the need for innovative and efficient steel degassing. The traditional steam ejector systems have a number of disadvantages such as high energy consumption and significant CO2 emissions. In addition, the metallurgical processes see increased cost
due to a very complex wastewater treatment and sometimes also by the expensive operation of steam boilers. Therefore, modern, mechanical vacuum systems are a real alternative, functionally as well as economically.
Especially in comparison with steam ejectors and liquid ring vacuum pumps, innovative, mechanical vacuum pump system for steel degassing offer a rugged, reliable and powerful vacuum supply with a stable vacuum level independent of external disturbances such as the water temperature. This is particularly important with regard to the ever increasing demands on cost of ownership and CO2 reductions.
Using modern, robust, dry compressing screw type vacuum pumps and Roots pumps such systems are nowadays used even for the most demanding degassing processes.
Modular system design
The delivery of Oerlikon Leybold for AHMSA includes 10 standardized steel degassing modules in an"8-2-3 variant". The 10 modules provide a nominal pumping speed of 784,000 m³ / h. They are thus able to handle all gas flows released at the various operating points, and to evacuate the degassing vessel in the required time of <5 min. The modules provide a high pumping speed with an extremely small system footprint and thus enable the customer to have a space-saving plant set up. “The future lies in handling not only the manufacturing aspects of the industrial processes in question, but also in managing the increasing environmental demands. The energy balance and the intelligence
of the components used to build up systems will drive future markets.” explains Dr. Martin Fuellenbach, CEO Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum, “The chance to control and monitor systems facilitates the optimization and maintenance of the production process. This certainly represents a cost advantage.”
Highest security
As the plant operator partially expect the existence of potentially flammable gases during the oxygen injection process, he defined an explosion zone 1 for the interior of the vacuum pumping system, which in turn necessitates the use of components, which are qualified in accordance with the ATEX directives. Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum is an ATEX-certified provider of vacuum systems and supplies systems which are performing according to the criteria of Category 2.
Steel degassing plant
For AHMSA's twin RH plant in Monclova, in the state of Coahuila, Siemens also supplies the vessel, the structural steel work and a combined vessel ladle lifting system (CVL). This solution requires little space, enabling vessels to be lifted in places inaccessible to cranes. The scope of supply from Siemens also includes the electrical and automation equipment for the RH plant. The compact and extremely versatile adjustable vacuum technology delivered by Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum is an essential part in the performance of the overall system.

Computer animated diagram of a double RH vacuum degassing plant from Siemens

ATEX Steel Degassing Vacuum System 8-2-4 Referencing System ATEX II (Inside) 2G Ex e IIC T2 Copyright Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum
For further information please contact:
Christina Steigler Uwe Zöllig, Corporate Communications Senior Manager Process Industries
T: +49 221 347 1261 T: +49 221 347 1375
F : +49 221 347 31261 F: +40 211 347 31375
www.oerlikon.com/leyboldvacuum www.oerlikon.com/leyboldvacuum
October 22/2014

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Keith Reim/Solar Atmospheres. It would appear that Keith Reim is now replacing Doug Glenn as Marketing Manager for Solar Atmospheres. Souderton, PA.  October 17, 2014 – "Keith Reim recently joined Solar Atmospheres as Corporate Marketing Manager. Mr. Reim was formerly the Marketing Manager of an industrial automation company and has over 19 years of experience in business-to-business marketing.  Keith is experienced in all aspects of marketing including marketing communications, business planning, marketing analysis, and much more.  Mr. Reim is a graduate of Ursinus College with a B.A. in Business Administration with a marketing concentration. In his new role at Solar Atmospheres, Mr. Reim will focus on providing strategic direction for all of Solar’s marketing activities such as corporate branding and communications; advertising; website development; trade shows; public relations and social media. ABOUT THE SOLAR FAMILY OF COMPANIES; , and a fourth location opening by the end of the first quarter in 2015 in Greenville, South Carolina; Solar Manufacturing, a leading-technology vacuum furnace designer and builder; as well Magnetic Specialties, Inc., a manufacturer of tap switching power supplies for electrically heated furnaces. For more information on these companies, visit www.solaratm.com, www.solarmfg.com, and www.magspecinc.com for more information." October 21/2014


Keighley Laboratories/Nadcap. We have this press release from one of the larger commercial heat treaters in the UK, Keighley Laboratories about Nadcap Accredidation.
"The Nadcap programme is recognised as the world’s premier quality audit scheme for special processes in the aerospace and defence industry. With this level of accreditation, a company can effectively gain access to worldwide suppliers of the aerospace and defence industries, with more than half of approved organisations reporting that Nadcap has helped to increase sales and gain new business, according to programme administrators PRI. That is certainly true of Yorkshire metallurgical specialist Keighley Laboratories, whose Technical Services division was awarded world-class Nadcap accreditation for a Materials Testing Laboratory (MTL) last year, in the process achieving coveted Merit Status for a superior audit performance. As a result of this achievement and a consequent uplift in its worldwide industry profile, the division recorded an increase in sales in excess of 30%, with orders coming from as far afield as China. It is also reporting new business from the United Arab Emirates, which is set to become a global aerospace hub, as well as from the length and breadth of the UK. Established in 1990, the Nadcap initiative is a cooperative industry effort targeted at improving quality, while reducing costs, throughout the aerospace and defence industries. Today’s membership includes over 45 industry ‘prime’ contractors, including Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Honeywell, Pratt & Whitney and Rolls Royce, and the global aerospace supply chain that produces components for the primes. In 2012, Airbus announced it was using the programme to oversee suppliers of Special Processes and Keighley Labs consequently reaffirmed its prized Airbus approval, after securing Nadcap accreditation. One of the few Nadcap accredited MTL facilities in the UK, Keighley Labs has been successfully assessed for the evaluation of aerospace welds, micro and macro metallography, micro-indentation hardness procedures, mechanical test specimen preparations, and tensile, impact and bend testing. This particularly confirms the company’s international status as a centre of excellence for weld testing and inspection services, running alongside its UKAS certification to many commercial standards and specifications and Civil Aviation Authority Chapter A8-10 approval of its in-house weld specimen supervisors. Pre-eminence in this safety-critical area has enabled Keighley Labs to win contracts from the Emirates, for verifying welding quality and procedures on test coupons submitted by the region’s aviation manufacturing industry, which produces aeroplane parts for primes such as Boeing and Airbus. It is also testing fabrications for the Chinese aerospace sector, which the Farnborough Aerospace Consortium recently hailed as ‘presenting huge, long-term opportunities for UK companies’. Nadcap Merit Accreditation is additionally attracting attention from other industries, such as the nuclear supplier chain, which place similar emphasis upon safety and quality requirements. This has enabled Keighley Labs to win metal tensile testing contracts within the UK nuclear industry, along with an influx of work from other quality-minded sectors. For further information, contact the Technical Services’ Commercial Manager, Leonard Stott, at Keighley Laboratories Limited, Croft House, South Street, Keighley BD21 1EG, tel 01535 664211, lstott@keighleylabs.co.uk , www.keighleylabs.co.uk" October 21/2014

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Monday Morning Briefing. A number of our news items over the course of this week will have to do with HK14 which is the largest heat treat show in Europe this year being held in Cologne, Germany. At least several of our news items for the upcoming week will include photos of commercial and captive heat treaters in the area. With Germany being one of the five largest heat treating areas in the world it is a market which few can ignore. In further European news we see changes at Tenova (which collectively is one of the largest new furnace builders in the world). Alberto Iperti, who has been CEO since 2012 is stepping down although he will remain on the Tenova Board. Tenova will be managed by a team of four managing directors including Walter Kueng, Tenova Mining & Minerals; Mauro Medici, Tenova Pomini & I2S; Roberto Pancaldi, Tenova Thermprocesses; and Andrea Rocca, Tenova Steel Making & Strip Processing. Next up we see that H-D Manufacturing Company is again expanding by acquiring Crown Precision Machining (Crown). Crown is a provider of mission-critical, high-precision machining services to leading manufacturers serving the commercial aerospace and defense industries. And why should we give a damn? Because Crown is the fifth acquisition by HD with others including Overton Chicago Gear Corporation, a large captive heat treater, Sungear and Leading Edge Heat Treating Services Ltd., a commercial heat treater. Combined all of these companies and you have a conglomerate which does a great deal of heat treating both in house and commercially. Where are they now? Doug Glenn. Last week we mentioned that Doug Glenn former Editor of Industrial Heating magazine and most recently with the Solar group of companies had parted ways with Solar. It would appear that he will continue with The Doug Glenn Company offering his experience to the heat treating industry. The rather “grainy” photo below shows Jeff McLaughlin of McLaughlin Services with Jeff Lane of Stack Metallurgical out in Portland, Oregon. The two are putting the finishing touches on a brand new McLaughlin endothermic generator.


Just when you think all is right with the world something unexpected pops up. In this case Rolls Royce is predicting falling revenues because of the sanctions imposed on Russia. We have been hearing recently that a number of European furnace builders have seen cancelled orders due the sanctions but now Rolls with plants all over the world is seeing the pinch. Quite a world when sanctions imposed on the other side of the world can possibly effect heat treating jobs in the US. Induction company EFD, one of the larger suppliers of Induction systems just announced that they sold a system to a global supplier of engine, steering and chassis components for hardening balance shafts. Interesting but it would have been far more interesting if we knew who the end customer was. Kaiser Aircraft Industries in Birmingham, Alabama has an auction coming up later this month which will include a few items of interest to heat treaters including some Lindberg furnaces and a couple of Despatch ovens. October 20/2014


Ipsen at HK14. Cologne, Germany. "From October, 22nd until October 24th, it’s all about one question in Cologne: What’s hot in heat treatment technology? At the international HeatTreatmentCongress, Ipsen will demonstrate new solutions to make the heat treatment process even more effective and efficient. Ipsen’s huge portfolio becomes vivid on touchscreens: multimedia-based presentations show all about Ipsen’s specialised solutions like atmosphere and vacuum technology as well as continuous installation technology. A special highlight is the demonstration of Ipsen’s solutions for the aircraft industry. On a virtual aircraft model, visitors can discover furnace technology for highest demands in jet engines, in landing gears and in fastening systems. Energy efficiency plays an increasing role in heat treatment technology. Thus Ipsen devotes a special area on the stand to this important topic. Last but not least an attractive contest makes the visit of Ipsen’s stand worthwhile: Visitors can win an “Optimization Check-Up” for their furnace. Prize winners will be announced on Thursday, October 23rd, at 5 pm right at Ipsen’s stand. Ipsen’s stand can be found at:

Koelnmesse Hall 4.1 / Stand E-040
HeatTreatmentCongress HK 2014 in Cologne, Germany
22/10 – 24/10/14

Save The Date - The next chance to catch up on Ipsen’s newest developments will be on the 19th and 20th of March, 2015 at
Ipsen in Kleve, Germany.

About Ipsen:
The Ipsen International Holding GmbH develops, constructs and manufactures industrial furnaces.Energy-efficient Ipsen furnaces and plant systems are in demand all over the world and used by leading companies in the automotive, aviation and aerospace sectors, as well as toolmaking, mechanical and medical engineering and commercial heat treatment. The Ipsen Group engages approx.1,000 employees worldwide and has production sites in Europe, America and Asia. Representatives in 34 countries ensure excellent customer care all around the world. More Information about Ipsen: www.Ipsen.de More about the HeatTreatmentCongress: www.hk-awt.de/en/home"
October 20/2014

Super Systems

European Nitriding Summit. The Euopean Nitriding Summit in Poland which was organized by the Global Heat Treatment Network www-nitriding-summit.com concluded last week. From what we have been told it was a major success with industry suppliers such as, HEF Durferrit, Eltropuls, PlaTeG, Rübig, United Process Controls and ALD France in attendance. In addition commercial heat treaters such as Bodycote and Hanomag gave presentations on recent achievements with Expanite and Bodycote each talking about surface hardening of stainless steels. Hans Veltrop presented an interesting topic: “How to Find the Way in the Nomenclature Jungle of Nitrogen Diffusion?” The presentation will be available for all on “Hans Veltrop’s Page” at Global Heat Treatment Network website www.global-heat-treatment-network.com Based on the success of the show the next Summit will be held in Europe in 2 years with the Asian Nitriding Summit being held next year. The photos below show some of the presenters. October 20/2014

Dr.Thomas Strabo / Expanite

Ch. Brault /ALD France

Michel Korwin / Nitrex

Dr.Gräfen /Hanomag


Custom Electric

European Used Equipment Available. Surplus Heat Treating Equipment. For 16 years “The Monty” has been very successful at putting buyers and sellers of used heat treating equipment together and we now bring this model to Europe. If you have surplus heat treating equipment we would be very happy to help you find a buyer on a non-exclusive small commission basis. Please let us know what questions you have and we will be happy to answer them. If you are a buyer looking for a particular item please let us know and we should be able to find it for you. jordan@themonty.com October 20/2014

A few examples include:


United Process Control, Cologne, Germany. "On October 23, 2014, Karl-Michael Winter from Process-Electronic GmbH a member of United Process Controls, along with Matthias Steinbacher from ITW, will be lecturing at AWT’s “HK 2014 Heat Treatment Congress”. The presentation titled “Simulation of case hardening processes – state of the art” will be delivered during the “Simulation of Heat Treatment Processes” part of the conference. More information on the subject can be obtained following the lecture from Mr. Winter at booth A-020 during the congress. For more information on the HK 2014 Congress visit www.hk-awt.de/en/home/ or contact United Process Controls at upc.sales@group-upc.com. About UPC; UNITED PROCESS CONTROLS provides process control, flow control, and automation solutions to furnace OEMs and customers with thermal processing equipment and operations. The company is comprised of 4 brands - Furnace Control Corp, Marathon Monitors, Process-Electronic, and Waukee Engineering - with products ranging from probes, analyzers, flow meters, programmable controllers, generator mixing control systems, SCADA to complete turnkey systems." October 20/2014


Commercial Heat Treating a Good Investment? Earlier this week we had a news item about slumping Bodycote share prices and how we felt this was a reflection of the stock markets in general as opposed to bad business decisions on the part of Bodycote. A reader pointed out that the stock price of Aalberts Industries of the Netherlands which rivals Bodycote in Europe when it comes to commercial heat treating in Europe has also seen the same bloodletting. So is commercial heat treating a good investment? Yes 100% but the few large (and very few we will add) publicly traded commercials are subject to the same ups and downs as the market in general. October 17/2014

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Ipsen Press Release. "Last week at Furnaces North America (FNA) 2014, Ipsen showed us how they are reinventing the future of atmosphere heat-treating technology. Ipsen featured their ATLAS® atmosphere furnace and Carb-o-Prof® control software, both of which offer exceptional performance and cost-saving functions. Ipsen has an excellent record with reinventing technology; their TITAN® furnace line, with nearly 200 sold, transformed vacuum heat treatment by re-imagining an equipment platform that encompassed superior quality along with cost-effective operation and delivery anywhere in the world. During FNA 2014, attendees brought a part drawing or details of their material to Ipsen’s booth where an Ipsen expert worked with them to optimize the ideal recipe for their parts. Those who customized their recipes received extra entries into a drawing for an iPad. The winner of Ipsen’s iPad drawing was Chris Lopez from Woodward, Inc. Ipsen’s Senior Technical Manager, Jim Grann, also presented on “Recognizing Different Types and Causes of Leaks and Understanding How They Affect Your Furnace and Processes.” To learn more on this topic, visit Ipsen’s blog, The Ipsen, Harold (www.IpsenHarold.com), and check out their “Finding Leaks in Your Furnace” series. Those who subscribe to follow The Ipsen, Harold will also receive another opportunity to win an iPad. Stay tuned to the blog for more details coming soon.

About ATLAS® and Carb-o-Prof ® Ipsen’s batch atmosphere ATLAS furnace is able to produce efficient results while being extremely cost-effective. This single-chain furnace model utilizes the same push-pull chain loader as the industry standard, allowing it to integrate into existing lines with ease. It also provides quality insulation capable of withstanding temperatures well above the working temperature, as well as consistent uniformity with the addition of an optional ceramic muffle that assists in even soaking of the load. Ipsen’s Carb-o-Prof control system allows users to monitor and control uniformity of the C-level within the atmosphere, maintaining a close tolerance for the workpiece surface carbon content. Carb-o-Prof also delivers an extensive recipe database, simulation functions with C-Profile optimization and adaptive control that ensures the best part quality is achieved every time. Visit www.IpsenUSA.com/Products to learn more." October 17/2014

Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum Press Release. "October 16th, 2014 – Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum celebrates the opening of the new sales and service office in the Netherlands. The former premises did not yield enough space for the growing local business and the new location in Utrecht offers better infrastructure and comfort. Being close to customers is an important factor to meet the increasing demands of the local markets, also with standardized and fully customized vacuum solutions. The new premises of Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum Nederland B.V., founded in 1971, is located at Floridadreef 102, 3565 AM Utrecht. The location is in the center of the Netherlands and close to highways A2 and A27, thus offering improved logistics.This new sales office, which includes a service facility and warehouse, allows to expand on the already highly experienced sales and service team. Customers will benefit from advanced technical services, fast turnaround times of quotations and first class customer service. Customers will also see advantages from the introduction of lean, effective processes with regard to stock keeping and logistics thereby reducing delivery times and optimizing management. Christina Steigler Corporate Communications christina.steigler@oerlikon.com www.oerlikon.com/leyboldvacuum

About Oerlikon. Oerlikon (SIX: OERL) is a leading high-tech industrial group specializing in machine and plant engineering. The Company is a provider of innovative industrial solutions and cutting-edge technologies for manmade fibers manufacturing, drive systems, vacuum, surface solutions and advanced nanotechnology. A Swiss company with a tradition going back over 100 years, Oerlikon is a global player with around 15 500 employees at over 170 locations in 35 countries and pro-forma sales of CHF 3.6 billion in 2013. The Company invested in 2013 CHF 146 million in R&D (pro-forma 2013), with over 1 200 specialists working on future products and services. In most areas, the operative businesses rank either first or second in their respective global markets." October 17/2014

Corner Stone

Wyman-Gordon, Dillon SC. The announcement that Wyman-Gordon will be starting up a new operation in SC which includes an in house heat treat department certainly caught our eye. However the fact this is for aerospace and power generation components certainly doesn’t tell us too much about the type of furnaces that will be required.

“DILLON, S.C. – Wyman-Gordon, a leader in advanced manufacturing for the aerospace and power generation industries, announced today that it will bring 400 jobs and invest at least $115 million to Dillon County over the next five years. The company, a leading producer of complex forgings and high-performance nickel-based alloys, said via a news release that its newest facility will house multiple, post-forging operations ranging from heat treating to machining.Construction is expected to start by year’s end, with production anticipated in late 2015. The plant is expected to serve customers in the aerospace and power generation end markets in the United States, Europe and Asia. The operation will sit on 60 acres in the Northeast Industrial Park and will include an already constructed 50,000 square-foot spec building. Wyman-Gordon was founded in 1883 and was acquired by Precision Castparts Corporation (PCC) in 1999. It operates facilities in the Czech Republic, England, Mexico, Scotland and the United States. PCC is a Fortune 500 company with more than 160 manufacturing locations and more than 29,000 employees. It manufactures large, complex structural investment castings, airfoil castings, forged components, aerostructures and highly engineered, critical fasteners for aerospace applications”. October 16/2014

Can-Eng Press Release. "Can-Eng Furnaces International Limited has been contracted to design, manufacture and commission an automated system for the heat treatment of high integrity, lightweight aluminum automotive structural components for a Tier 1 automotive component provider with installation locations in North American and China respectively. These high volume continuous heat treating systems include a solution furnace with rapid quench transfer capabilities and an artificial aging oven utilizing natural gas heating systems. Both installations include Can-Eng’s proven Precision Air Quench (PAQ) Technology. The PAQ™ system integrates a unique combination of air handling technologies and computational fluid dynamic modeling which uniformly delivers conditioned quench media leading to repeatable and uniform property and dimensional results, while minimizing residual stress levels.  The systems will be installed with Can-Eng’s Level 2 automation system which integrates product recognition, tracking and processing parameter historical trending capabilities.  Quench parameters are developed for each component configuration and once validated can be integrated as part of the product recipe.

Aluminum structural component heat treatment systems along with a wide variety of other ferrous and non-ferrous heat treatment systems are made available by Can-Eng Furnaces International.  Can-Eng Furnaces International is a global provider of state-of-the-art thermal processing systems and is a significant supplier to automotive community through direct and tier supply.  For further information please contact Tim Donofrio – Vice President, Standard and Aluminum Products at tdonofrio@can-eng.com." October 16/2014

Mesa Electronic Press Release. "More than 40 years Mesa Electronic GmbH is your partner regarding professional measuring technique, industrial process engineering and control. Based on the highly successful carbon, nitriding, dew point and temperature controllers we are introducing a new family of MCon controllers to the market. The new generation of controllers provides the perfect controller for any application. MCon type Carbo is the new C-level controller with a total of three different control loops enabling the customer to regulate the C-level, furnace temperature and oil bath temperature. MCon type Nitro regulates the nitriding factor Kn and furnace temperature. MCon type TP is used for dew point control of an endogas generator, MCon type Uni is an universal controller used to control up to three different process factors. All controllers are equipped with the latest technologies such as touch-screen color display, multiple analog inputs and outputs as well as a wide variety of communication protocols. Complex processes can be carried out with the program controller option. By means of control tracks all MCon controllers can control the process without SPS and thus reduce costs. MCon controllers provide the ability to communicate with different automation systems via communication protocols such as Modbus RTU, TCP, Ethernet and PROFIBUS. An integrated data logger allows the recording of process data during the entire process. To be flexible, the customer can order and configure each controller with a desired number of analog or digital inputs and outputs. MESA Electronic GmbH, www.mesa-international.de, Hall 4.1 / Booth D-029." October 16/2014

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Bodycote Share Pricing. What a difference a day makes. Very recently we mentioned how the share price of international heat treater Bodycote was a very good barometer of how the heat treating industry was doing. Well as you can see by the 3 month graph below showing Bodycote's share prices you would have to conclude that perhaps the industry is not as healthy as we thought. Or (and this is our personal opinion) the company is doing fine and the share price is reflecting the fact that most financial markets have dropped recently. As we have heard nothing in the past couple of months suggesting that there are problems at the company we believe that the shares are being sideswiped by the usual round of bad news from around the world. October 15/2014

Heat Treating Services Unlimited, Inc. Press Release.  "HTSU announces they will be expanding, by adding an office in Venice, Florida beginning November 1, 2014. The Florida Division of Heat Treating Services Unlimited, Inc. will be under the direction of Mr. Jeff DeToffol, who will be responsible for maintaining several existing accounts as well as growing HTSU’s market share.  Mr. DeToffol has an extensive knowledge of Pyrometry including NADCAP, BAC, CQI 9 specifications and the overall service business.  According to Kyle Favors, President “Jeff has been a great asset to HTSU over the years.  He is always striving to raise the bar in all situations and has great drive as well as determination.  Based on customer demand, we decided to open an office in Florida to better serve the market and by selecting Jeff DeToffol as our Florida Division Manager we feel that this will be accomplished.  We have an amazing team here at HTSU and feel that this division will help us continue to grow it.”    The Venice, FL office will make the 5th location for Heat Treating Services Unlimited, Inc. including Greenville, SC | Asheville, NC | Detroit, MI | Wichita, KS.  All locations offer complete Pyrometry Services including Calibrations, Temperature Uniformity Surveys, and System Accuracy Tests to meet all industry specifications.  HTSU also offers Furnace Repair, Burner Tuning/Adjustments & Refractory Services out of their Greenville, SC location which are available nationwide.  For more information on HTSU, visit www.HTSU.com or call 1-888-383-4878." October 15/2014

Monday Morning Briefing. We see that a reasonably large commercial heat treater out in Bettendorf, IA Donohoo Steel Treating has a new owner. Long time employee Mr. Chris Zubroski who was Operations Manager recently fulfilled a long time dream of owning the company by buying it from the current owner Mr. Bill Donohoo. Donohoo has been around since 1946 and offers batch IQ processing, Induction, Annealing, Normalizing and several other processes. Chris is a top notch fellow with a lot of experience and we have no doubt but that under his ownership the company will continue to prosper.

Commercial heat treater HTG in Cleveland appears to be making a number of investments these days. The latest is a Horizontal Induction System which can handle parts up to 20’ long. We have no idea whether this is the largest in the commercial heat treating industry in North America but it certainly has to be right up there. People news was big at the FNA show in Nashville last week. For instance we were told that Jim Harrison President of quenchant company Tenaxol is retiring and that his replacement has been hired. Also Mario Ciampini of Bodycote it preparing to retire with his replacement also hired. Mario is an extremely well known individual in the industry first as President of Ipsen some years ago and for the past 10 years or so very high up in the Bodycote organization. As a fellow Canadian I have to say that I will miss him. Also retiring from Bodycote but not until early next year is Dan Dewberry a very likeable fellow. Doug Glenn who was editor for Industrial Heating Magazine until a year ago when he became Marketing Manager for the Solar Group of companies recently parted ways with the company.

Perhaps lost in our flurry of press releases last week was this one which makes for a very interesting read; "Atmosphere Engineering purchases Atmo-Tec, LLC. Andy Melville joins AEC team as the director of new Sensors and Controls Division. Atmo-Tec manufactures a full line of alloy and ceramic zirconia oxygen probes for use in both low and high temperature applications". Atmosphere Engineering is best known for their line of Endoinjectors and flow meters but recently the company has become very ambitious. Not long ago they started offering endo generators and with this purchase they are now also in the oxygen probe business. Atmo-Tec is quite a small player in the oxygen probe field but obviously Atmosphere Engineering is an ambitious bunch.

Furnaces North America is now over but we have these final comments from one of the main organizers Tom Morrison of MTI about the sucess of the show. "Furnace North America 2014 Hits Record Crowd in Nashville October 6-8, 2014 marked Furnaces North America’s eleventh trade show and conference since 1995. FNA brings commercial and captive heat treaters from all across the world to see the latest trends, technology and equipment in heat treating. FNA 2014, produced by the Metal Treating Institute in cooperation with its media partner, Industrial Heating Magazine, brought a record crowd of 1,600 attendees from 35 states and 15 countries to Nashville, Tennessee. Attendees took part in 40 technical sessions that covered educational tracks in Surface Treatments, Pipe and Tube, Vacuum Heat Treating, Emerging Technologies, Fixtures and Alloys, Controls and Induction, Aerospace, Automotive, General Business Management. Attendees also saw the latest in trends, technology and equipment of all types over 2-days from 160 top suppliers. Attendees commented FNA was a great use of their time because it provides a great opportunity for anyone to come to one location and see everything imaginable in heat treating as well as network with the best minds in the industry. FNA 2016 is already on the books and is scheduled back in Nashville, Tennessee, October 4-5, 2016. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the FNA office at fna@heattreat.net or 904-249-0448". October 14/2014

Al-Fe Heat Treating Press Release. To go with this interesting news item we are including the photo below taken just last week showing the VP of Al-Fe, Mr. Ernie Lackner doing some salmon fishing on the Niagara River.

Wadsworth, OH—Al-Fe Heat Treating has just added glycol quenching to its list of NADCAP-accredited aluminum heat treat services in its Wadsworth, Ohio, plant, expanding the heat treating options for its customers in the automotive, military and aerospace industries. Glycol quenching has numerous benefits over heat treating, particularly when used with aluminum parts, because it allows for precise control over quenching speeds, something traditional hot water quenching methods don’t offer. “We have been a leader in setting the standards for aluminum heat treating since the day we opened our doors,” says Ernie Lackner, vice president. “We already offered water and air quenching to our customers; adding glycol quenching just made sense and will allow us to offer more options to our customers, to fit their unique needs.” Glycol quenching is ideal for parts with thin sections or wall thicknesses, as well as sheet metal and stamped parts that may be distorted using standard water or air treatments. Although water quenching is the most economical, it can cause metals to lose strength, hardness and flexibility. Glycol’s unique inverse solubility eliminates vapor pockets and provides more even heat extraction, which reduces warpage in finished parts. Precise cooling rates can be achieved by changing the polymer concentration. Because of this, glycol provides consistent quenching results, load after load, reducing downtime and scrap.  Al-Fe Heat Treating’s Wabash, Indiana, and Wadsworth, Ohio, locations provide both low- and high-volume aluminum heat treating with glycol quenching for automotive and commercial applications. Glycol quenching, coupled with water and air quenching methods, is just one more tool Al-Fe Heat Treating offers to help its customers manufacture parts with consistent quality. About Al-Fe Heat Treating;  Headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Al-Fe Heat Treating, Inc., is the largest commercial aluminum heat treating operation in the United States. The company operates plants throughout the Midwest and Southeast serving aerospace, automotive, military and commercial customers with both ferrous and non-ferrous facilities.  To learn more about Al-Fe Heat Treating, visit http://www.al-fe.com." October 14/2014

Furnaces North America. For your viewing pleasure we have a few more photos from the FNA show in Nashville, TN which wrapped up Wednesday of this week. The first photo was taken at the Rohde booth (a German furnace manufacturer) and shows amongst others the youngest heat treater we know. Vincent Rohde (the real short guy in the middle) is now 16 months old and is attending his second heat treat show. His third is coming up in Germany in a week and a half. October 10/2014

Gord Montgomery, Narayan Mahadevan, Hightemp Furnaces Ltd, India

AFC-Holcroft Sales Meeting

Ed and Matt Stenger, Kentucky Heat Treat, Gord Montgomery

Jack Kalucki, Paul Oleszkiewicz, Nitrex Metal Inc., Gord Montgomery

Fred Specht, Ed Rylichi, Interpower Induction, Gord Montgomery

 Ben Crawford, JL Becker Company, Gord Montgomery

Induction Heating Consultations/Press Release. "A new service is being offered to help users to purchase Induction Heating Equipment. Experienced executives, some with over 40 years experience in the Induction Heating Industry, are offering consulting services to companies who want to purchase Induction Heating Equipment.   Many of these executives have started independent businesses or are semi retired and are no longer affiliated with any Induction Manufacturer. Over these many years the “experts” in Induction Heating were mostly affiliated with the Induction Manufacturers. Now the Buyers can have this expertise on their side to help with the complexities of the process of buying specialized equipment like Induction Heating.  Services offered can be as simple and inexpensive as reviewing proposals that buyers are considering for purchase or as complete as helping to determine specifications for quotation through to purchase and runoff of the equipment purchased. In all cases the Buyer will benefit by achieving the best price, more complete equipment with fewer add ons after the purchase, best suited equipment from an experienced manufacturer and a detailed review of all the included and “not included” items (such as coil drawings for an example) in the proposal. These and other benefits will far exceed the cost of these consulting services. Frank Wilson is developing this service and is familiar with all aspects of the business including sales, marketing, process evaluation, machine concepts and engineering details. Primary expertise includes process evaluation, project supervision, equipment concepts, equipment design details and best practice, project and machine specifications, pricing, and detailed terms, conditions and other contract details. We have other consultants that are available for Training, Process Development and Quality Control, Power Supply Design, and Service and Repair including control boards.  Induction Heating Consultations, Frank Wilson, Grosse Pointe Woods, MI 48236 313-432-1602 fwilson42@comcast.net" October 10/2014

ASM International India Chapter. "ASM International – India Chapter (one of the most active chapters of ASM International, Ohio, USA), which has been in existence from last 101 years, and is the society dedicated to serving the materials science and engineering profession alongwith TAFCON have taken the initiative to increase awareness on Materials Science & Engineering, Technology and Heat Treatment, and are organizing "International Conferences & Exhibitions on Materials Engineering, Technology + Heat Treatment – MET + HTS 2014", during 4th – 6th December 2014 at The Exhibition Centre, Mahatma Mandir, Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat. The event is supported by Ministries of Steel, Heavy Industries, Road Transport & Highways, Earth Sciences, Coal, Bureau of Indian Standards and Co-sponsored by Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), Govt. of India. The theme of the event is "Emerging Materials, Technologies and Processes for Industrial Applications and Heat Treating Industry”. The Exhibition is being organized along with TAFCON Group and will provide an ideal platform for technology transfers, innovations, business meets and joint ventures for identifying potential investors to boost industrial production, collaboration and international trade in the Material Engineering, Technology sectors. Over 250 international and national participants will be exhibiting their state-of-the-art technologies, & products and services in this mega international exhibition. The concurrent International Conferences, will have eminent speakers from India & abroad who will deliberate of various topics focusing on:

  • Emerging materials and processes in industrial applications
  • Material testing & Characterization
  • Advances in Heat Processing

More details available at www.methtexpo.com" October 10/2014

Furnaces North America/Nashville, TN. The FNA show in Nashville is now concluded and it was indeed an overwhelming success with record attendance. To give you a flavor for the show we present these photos with a few more to come. October 9/2014

Gord Montgomery, Brian Russell, Dry Coolers, Michelle and Joe Biehn, Certified Heat Treating

Gord Montgomery, Norm Tucker, Heat Treatment Australia

The Eurotherm Team

McLaughlin Services

Furnaces North America. "As we predicted the ongoing FNA show in Nashville, TN is proving to be a tremendous success with what we have been lead to believe is record attendance. We will have a number of photos of the show over the course of the next few days, these photos show the first day. In the first photo below we see Ed Boll of The Edward A Boll company. In our humble opinion Ed it the most professional manufacturers representative in North America and it is a real shame to see him retire after almost 40 years in the business." October 8/2014

Part of the SSI team

Bill Disler, CEO of AFC-Holcroft, Gord Montgomery

MATTSA/Mexico. "On this page we have a news item about MATTSA/CRIO of Mexico. MATTSA manufacturers new furnace while their sister company CRIO is a commercial heat treater. This is what the group as a whole has to say; “The MATTSA Group has had substantial growth during the last 5 years not just in sales, but as well in infrastructure, coverage, product range and personnel.  Nowadays we have our headquarters in San Luis Potosi which is in the middle of the country where we manufacture and service Heat Treat Equipment under the AFC-Holcroft licensee for Mexico. Then there is CRIO, our first Commercial Heat Treat in Queretaro with IQ, Mesh Belts, Annealing Furnaces plus we are on the process of installing a Gas Nitriding furnace. Then 2 hours south of the US boarder there is our second facility located in Saltillo which is now 3 years old. This plant is devoted to servicing the northern part of Mexico plus all the material in production coming form the States to be processed and finished in our customer’s assembly plants.  So, to keep the quality service all across the country and internationally, it takes a lot of work, effort and resources in which we have invested during the past years. I feel very proud of what our company has accomplished today since the day my father found it. A big part of our success has been our strategic partnerships with the best international companies there are like AFC-Holcroft and Super Systems Inc. just to name a couple. I also have to mention that since I have been traveling internationally to promote the brand and the company. I have met all kinds of great Heat Treat related people not just in the US but Worldwide, which makes me feel lucky to have landed in the HEAT TREAT INDUSTRY. Carlos Torres." October 8/2014

MATTSA/CRIO. "At the ongoing FNA show this week will be a group from MATTSA/CRIO in Mexico. We have descriptions about both companies so if you run across any of the boys you know their background. CRIO; When CRIO first started it was only meant to be a small service facility for MATTSA located in the center of Mexico where most of our customers were at that time back in 1995. In 2000 the economy was so bad that our customers could not afford to buy new furnaces. We decided to build a new UBQ Batch IQ furnace for stock just to keep our employees busy. Honestly we did not know what to do with the furnace as the captives did not need more equipment and the commercials didn’t have enough work for their own equipment as the captives weren’t outsourcing anything. With time however and an improving economy companies started noticing that the heat treat process is complex and many activities take place around a Heat Treat Operation that they did not consider like maintenance, dirt, heat and vibration inside their plants but also as well that the Heat Treat Process is critical requieres a level of expertise.  

That was when we decided to install our first furnace and start looking for work.  We were furnace builders not commercial Heat Treaters but we were supplier of a brand new Heat Treat market with state of the art machinery. So that became our benchmark of the standards of quality and technology which we implemented in our new company Crio. Since that time CRIO has become the biggest Heat Treat Company privately owned in Mexico with 2 locations across the country. We maintain the high level of quality  by focusing on training our people,and keeping up with the latest technology but the most important..... customer service. I must say that we are very proud to be part of the Heat Treat family now, I joined MTI a couple of years ago without knowing anybody since I am very geographically remote from most heat treaters. Since then however and I have met great hard working families and individuals in this industry that try to make the world a better place each day by Heat Treating parts the best they can. Carlos Torres, MATTSA/CRIO." October 8/2014

Rohde Press Release. "Furnace builder Rohde GmbH from Germany continues contributing to save the environment through their salt recovery units. The photo shows three recently delivered SRU's: two to  Croatia and one to Switzerland. The company has sold 15 of these units so far this year worldwide. One interesting thing is that Rohde sells SRUs to other furnace manufacturers as additional equipment for continuous furnace lines. The units recover and clean the quench salt from the washing water. Rohde is exhibiting at the upcoming FNA show in Nashville on booth no. 135." October 8/2014'

Ipsen Press Release. "Ipsen’s TITAN® furnace line transformed vacuum heat treatment by re-imagining an equipment platform that encompassed superior quality along with cost-effective delivery and operation anywhere in the world. After just three years into production, Ipsen recently hit an industry milestone with the sale of their 100th TITAN furnace (which they celebrated with the fun Call Me TITAN video – http://bit.ly/CallMeTITAN), and they will soon close in on their 200th sold. Now, Ipsen will show us how they are reinventing atmosphere heat treatment at booth #201/203 during FNA 2014, which will take place in Nashville, Tennessee from October 7-8. Ipsen will feature their ATLAS® atmosphere furnace and Carb-o-Prof® control software, both of which offer exceptional performance and time- and cost-saving functions. As an added bonus, if you are attending FNA 2014, you can receive extra entries into Ipsen’s drawing for an iPad by bringing a part drawing or details of your material and parts to their booth. There, an Ipsen expert will work with you to optimize your process and design the ideal recipe for your parts.

Most notable about Ipsen’s batch atmosphere ATLAS furnace is its ability to produce efficient results while being extremely cost-effective. This single-chain furnace model utilizes the same push-pull chain loader as the industry standard, allowing it to integrate into existing lines with ease. In addition, the ATLAS provides quality insulation capable of withstanding temperatures well above the working temperature, as well as consistent uniformity with the addition of an optional ceramic muffle that assists in even soaking the load with its optimal circulation and constant directional flow. However, a furnace isn’t complete without the appropriate software to monitor and control it. Ipsen’s Carb-o-Prof control software combines more than six decades of knowledge and expertise in a single system, allowing precise control of users’ atmosphere equipment. This reliable software allows users to monitor and control uniformity of the C-level within the atmosphere, maintaining a close tolerance for the workpiece surface carbon content. Carb-o-Prof also delivers an extensive recipe database, simulation functions with C-Profile optimization and adaptive control that ensures the best part quality is achieved every time. Ipsen also recently published a new technical article with tips for making the most of your atmosphere furnace – www.IpsenUSA.com/AtmosphereFurnaceTips. Don’t miss your chance to win an iPad and see how Ipsen is reinventing the future of atmosphere heat treatment; stop by booth #201/203 or visit www.IpsenUSA.com/ATLAS to learn more." October 7/2014

SSi Press Release. "In an effort to strengthen its commitment to servicing its existing and future customer base, Super Systems Inc. (SSi) of Cincinnati, Ohio, is pleased to announce the relocation of one of its Field Service Engineers to Southern California.  The Southern California location will provide customers in the Western United States with the technical expertise on heat treating equipment necessary to support the current installs and future opportunities.  “Steven Christopher is a seasoned engineer in this industry with a skill set that is perfect for leading a team in a remote office for us,” explains Steve Thompson, president of SSi.  “The manufacturing base on the west coast is healthy, and we only see opportunities increasing from our expanded products and services for the heat treating industry.”

With offices around the world, SSi supports thousands of global heat treating applications.  International offices include SSi Europe in Birmingham, England; SSi Mexico in Queretaro; and SSi China in Shanghai. In early 2015, SSi will officially be opening a location in India as well. Super Systems Inc., based in Cincinnati, Ohio, has been developing and manufacturing products for the thermal processing industry since 1995. SSi’s products include probes, analyzers, controllers, software solutions and engineered systems. With over 100 years of combined experience, SSi continues to satisfy industry demands with innovative technology, enabling customers to be more efficient and to produce higher quality products. For more information on SSi’s capabilities, visit www.supersystems.com." October 7/2014

Atmosphere Engineering Press Release. "Atmosphere Engineering, best known for generator and furnace control solutions is proud to announce they have purchased Atmo-Tec and have appointed Mr. Andy Melville to head their new sensors and controls division. Atmo-Tec manufactures and full line of alloy and ceramic zirconia oxygen probes for use in both low and high temperature applications. The company was started by Mr. Melville in 2010 and has quickly gained a sizable and loyal market-share by focusing on quality construction of a field-proven design at a reasonable price. Mr. Melville, a metallurgist and former owner/partner of Advanced Atmospheres, Furnace Control Corp, and Atmo-Tec, has extensive knowledge and history, working in the heat treating industry. He joins the Atmosphere Engineering team as Director of Sensors and Controls. In addition, Mr. Marty Kallies is joining the Atmosphere Engineering team to provide sensor manufacturing and quality control expertise while also providing continued customer support for the Atmo-Tec brand of sensors.

“We are very excited have Andy and Marty on our team!” says Jason Jossart, President and Founder of Atmosphere Engineering. “Their knowledge and expertise in the industry are rare to find and a true asset. They bring a significant value to our team and will be a resource for our customers. In addition, the Atmo-Tec product lines fit very well with our existing line of control systems, software, and panels. We plan to invest in the Atmo-Tec brand by providing additional engineering, production, and customer support resources. Our goal with this acquisition is to add value to our customers, partners, and distributors by providing additional high-quality probes and sensors along with extensive application expertise for the many control systems we manufacture.” October 7/2014

Pictured above from left to right; Jason Jossart – President, Andy Melville – Director Sensors and Controls, Eric Jossart – Vice President

C.I. Hayes Press Release. "C.I. Hayes, a Gasbarre Furnace Group Company, announces the recent installation of a modular oil quench vacuum furnace.  Furnished with silicon carbide (SiC) heating elements, it is capable of operation in vacuum or air.  Visit us at FNA 2014 - Booth #308 to learn more." October 7/2014

Edwards Press Release. "CRAWLEY, WEST SUSSEX, UK. (02 October, 2014)— Edwards is highlighting the benefits that their broad product portfolio of vacuum pumps can bring to the heat treatment industries at Furnaces North America (FNA) 2014. FNA is a worldwide heat treatment show taking place in Nashville, Tennessee on October 6-8. Edwards’ portfolio of vacuum pumps includes cost-effective rotary piston and single stage oil sealed pumps, as well as specialised solutions for oil free clean vacuum. With years of in-depth industry experience, Edwards can provide several packaged offerings including high vacuum secondary pumps. Visitors will have the opportunity to discuss the optimum solution for their application with experts from the company.  On the stand will be Edwards’ newest pump, a recently launched single stage oil sealed rotary vane pump, the ES. The ES is a flexible vacuum solution providing highly stable vacuum performance. Thanks to the optimised oil return system, there are none of the pressure fluctuations that are often seen in single stage pumps improving product quality and giving consistent process results.

The pump mechanism on the new ES pump has been refined to produce a better quality of vacuum; the pumping speed is maintained even at lower pressure, extending the operating pressure range.  The new pump has been developed to run cool and have a long oil lifetime, bringing a low cost of ownership. Bob Campbell, Market Sector Manager at Edwards, commented, “We are proud to be showcasing our newest pump at FNA; the ES range is suitable for a wide range of heat treatment applications and coupled with our robust EH mechanical boosters, provides customized solutions to a variety of processes.” Edwards is also showcasing the GXS range, with its innovative screw technology. The GXS dry pump enables users to maximise their productivity and performance with a low cost of ownership and small carbon footprint. The GXS provides robust and reliable operation even in harsh applications, and its long service intervals (up to 5 years) mean minimal maintenance is required. Booth 421, October 6 – 8, 2014, Nashville, Tennessee, USA" October 7/2014

Monday Morning Briefing. We would suggest that you use the restroom and grab your coffee before you start into this Monday Morning Briefing as it is the longest we have ever had. We will start with “people” news. To start off we see that Will Smith who was formerly with Gasbarre Furnaces has recently joined AFC-Holcroft as a project engineer. In Europe it is our understanding the Stephan Blum of Schmetz Furnaces and Ghislain Perez former Managing Director at BMI are both gone from those companies. Both Schmetz and BMI became part of Tenova some time back. Webster Combustion Technology LLC announced on September 29, 2014 that Mark Wehmeier has joined the company as its Vice President, Engineering and Operations. Mr. Wehmeier has held senior executives roles and has over twenty five years of experience in the combustion industry. In the universe of captive heat treating a UK company Centek Group the largest oil-casing centraliser manufacturer in the world has been busy adding capacity and in particular has been adding heat treating capacity. Both their plant in Newton Abbot, UK and their facility in Oklahoma have recently installed new furnaces, two at the UK plant and one in the Oklahoma location. In used equipment we see that Kaiser Aircraft Industries Inc., in Birmingham, AL is auctioning off some surplus equipment. There are several items of possible interest to heat treaters including a number of ovens, some salt systems and several older Lindberg heat treating furnaces.

AFC-Holcroft. "Hi Gord - With FNA nearly upon us, AFC-Holcroft is taking this opportunity to publicly launch our "Remote Diagnostic Service" - which we believe any heat treater with an interest in improving their uptime will find significant. In a nutshell, the service starts with raw alarm and event data that is transmitted to us automatically from the customer site, and then we compile the data for analysis. The advantage comes from a thorough review by a multi-disciplined team who deep dive the alarm history to identify root causes of the top offenders. We then recommend specific corrective actions. Not only do customers reap the financial benefit from increased uptime, this service becomes a part of their continuous improvement program as well.  The service has been extremely well received by end users, with one customer already saving considerable downtime which probably would not have been identified otherwise. AFC-Holcroft is taking R&M to a completely new level and we'd love to tell you more about it at the show. Tracy Dougherty, Sales Manager".

"AFC-Holcroft will be unveiling a significant new service to increase furnace uptime and availability through diagnosis of equipment event reporting. This system will also provide real, data driven Reliability and Maintainability (R&M) information that will enhance AFC-Holcroft‟s ongoing continuous improvement activities. The new "Remote Diagnostic Service‟ will be revealed during Furnaces North America, October 7-8, 2014. This innovative service utilizes furnace data transmitted remotely for analysis. Equipment event codes are diagnosed so that corrective actions can be executed. In this way, AFC-Holcroft can help customers reduce equipment downtime by identifying the most common event codes and suggesting an appropriate remedy. The Remote Diagnostic Service offers a complete package including the transmitting and analyzing of machine data, targeting of the most common or noteworthy events, identifying root causes, and periodic review with AFC-Holcroft via web conference. The Remote Diagnostic Service can be combined with AFC-Holcroft‟s Engineering Optimization Program, whereby a multi-disciplined team of furnace experts examine equipment data and provide a written report of suggestions and improvements. The Remote Diagnostic Service transmits the data automatically to AFC-Holcroft‟s secure servers - eliminating the human time and cost associated with manually gathering historical data for the same purpose. “The idea of using R&M data for continuous improvement is not unique or new. Suppliers and customers alike are all challenged with manageable methods to gather meaningful data to drive the process of continuous improvement,” stated Bill Disler, President and CEO. “We are looking at this initiative as the beginning of a new era where we will have the ability to interpret online machine data to directly drive our design decisions for the future and to help our customers optimize the utilization of our equipment in their unique plant environment.”

United Process Controls. "In keeping with demands of our customers for ways to become CQI-9 compliant, United Process Controls is pleased to announce an exciting new product, PROTHERM 9800 INDUCTION. Protherm 9800 Induction is a data acquisition and alarm notification system that can be easily retrofitted to existing induction equipment. The system provides a run-by-run signature of coil voltage, frequency, power, water, temperature, pyrometry, etc. It features a high speed sampling rate < 10ms and is able to stop the process or simply alarm when any of the recipe-based alarm setpoints are exceeded.  A per-run report is automatically generated that includes charts. Visit us at booths 335-337 for a personal demonstration".

"In other news, since the launch of the “Hot for the Cause” campaign, United Process Controls together with its customers have raised $5000 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation to promote research and support programs for patients and their families. This achievement will be celebrated at FNA 2014, and all those in attendance are invited to pass by UPC's booths 334-337 to sign the ceremonial check, which will be presented to the National Breast Cancer Foundation as a keepsake. Participants will be automatically entered into a draw to win a NBCF QuickSilver probe. The winner will be announced at the end of the show.

Safe-Cronite. "Safe- Cronite and its subsidiary North American Cronite, is celebrating at the FNA 2014 in Nashville the 12. Anniversary of their Mancellium fixtures in service at the Chrysler ITP ll plant in Kokomo. Chrysler is using since the start of the Low Pressure Carburizing furnaces in 2002 the fixtures supplied by Safe – Cronite in the alloy MANCELLIUM. A recent inspection of the alloy with Mark Landwehr of Chrysler showed that the alloy is still in very good shape and shows hardly any signs of wear, deformation or creep. Mancellium was developed by the R&D team from, Safe- Cronite as an answer for the high speed process of carburizing in the LPC furnaces and therefore also much faster aging of the alloy.  With mostly fully automated loading, un loading and transfer systems handled by robots was this a huge problem in regards growth and deformation of the trays and grids. Mancellium has proven to be an excellent alloy for this application and Safe-Cronite has used the knowledge of this alloy and implemented this in their other alloys to improve lifetime, reduce the weight of the fixtures and create more efficiency for their customers. North Amercian Cronite will exhibit several of their fixtures at the FNA show which have been in service at Heat Treat companies in the USA, please visit them at Booth 503 – 505. For any information please check the website www.safe-cronite.us or contact them at 1 800 243 4123"

IHI Corporation, Japan. "IHI Corporation, with its furnace subsidiary company IHI machinery & Furnace Co., Ltd , the biggest furnace manufacturer in Japan and inventor of low pressure carburizing technology , is now expanding into Europe. The Heat Treatment Congress, Cologne, Germany will be the first official exhibition this year in Europe where IHI as member of AWT will participate (Booth G-109), followed by the European Vacuum Carburizing Summit in Wroclaw (Poland), Central Eastern European Heat Treatment Forum & Expo in 2015 and Thermprocess Düsseldorf as well.  The European office is based in Venlo, Netherlands, which is also where Hauzer Techno Coating BV and Ionbond Netherland BV (both part of IHI) are based. The beginning of this expansion will be the opening of a R&D Center in 2015. This center will be located in the heart of the German automotive industry with fully automated vacuum carburizing and oil quenching lines, with tempers furnaces, vacuum degreasers and deep freezers.  Also European 24h service and maintenance teams will be located on that site. IHI will also continue their expansion by establishing a European manufacturing site".

Eurotherm. "Eurotherm just announced a new family of PLC products for Heat Treatment - the E+PLC. These products will be demonstrated at Furnaces North America next week (Booth #414/416). An excerpt from the Press Release: “In this challenging and competitive Industrial environment, the right Furnace or Oven control system could make the difference between achieving a sustainable future or a struggle for profitability.” According to Dave Hartley, Marketing Director at Eurotherm by Schneider Electric: “When we asked customers how we could help them meet the challenges they face in 2014—they spoke.  ‘Consolidate solutions, reduce time to engineer, and retain the flexibility. All while helping me meet my regulatory responsibilities.’ An electrical engineering manager from a reputed manufacturer went further and stated ‘just put your PID control in a PLC and that would be perfect.’ So we did! Today, we are proud to announce the launch of the E+PLC Precision PLC from Eurotherm.”

HEESS, Germany. "HEESS, the German Quench Press specialist is available at the upcoming FNA show from Monday to Thursday for interesting appointments regarding Quench Press applications. To arrange meetings, get in touch with the Business Development Manager of HEESS, via e-mail: G.MuellerLaessig@heess.com He is going to give you information about the latest developments in this industrial application field. Now it is possible to shape harrow disks and quench them simultaneously. The trend in the agricultural industry is to give shape to the parts and quench them. This is a large saving of tool costs and very efficient. Want more Info?" October 6/2014

Global Heat Treatment Network. “Europe is an important and dynamic force in heat treatment, contributing new technologies, materials, ideas, processes, energy saving and environmental standards. Fueled by its market size and growth, Europe will continue to be a key place for the heat treatment industry to seek more innovations, as well as more efficient methods in heat treating. Currently there are two important development trends in the global heat treat industry. One is Vacuum Carburizing; the second is Nitriding and Nitrocarburizing. The Global Heat Treatment Network has initiated and organized several worldwide summits, and a few long-awaited special events.

The European Nitriding Summit 2014 is the first comprehensive conference on Nitriding in Europe. The first edition is taking place in Poland this week and ultimately it will become a biennial event and alternate between venues starting in Europe, Asia and North America. The purpose of these global conferences is to present the newest trends, share knowledge, and enable people to establish business contacts. Composed of leading global players and top technical speakers, these premium meetings are an important tool in providing a platform for presenting the newest developments and sharing innovative and practical solutions to specific heat treatment technologies. All partners and speakers represent major technology leaders worldwide. The European Vacuum Carburizing Summit will follow in few months. The 2nd edition of our regular Central Eastern European Heat Treatment Forum & Expo will be extended to three days and take place again in Wroclaw, Poland April 21-23rd, 2015. The exhibition will be freely accessible to all interested and registered professionals, not only for conference participants. You will have for the first time the possibility to invite your customers, partners and suppliers to visit your booth during the conference”. October 6/2014

Interpower Induction/Press Release. “October-2014 Interpower Induction of Almont, MI is pleased to announce that they have received an order for a complete induction scanner system from a major Midwest Commercial Heat Treater. The order consists of a 300 kW Power Link Inverter to operate at 3 or 10 kHz. A 72” inch vertical scanner capable of hardening a 60” long zone and is designed for up to a 150 lbs. on each of the two spindles.  The Interpower Signlink quality signature system and computer can store up to 5000 part recipes. Further computer features store each parts signature history and a unique teach and SPC acceptable/reject range are all interfaced with an Ethernet port to the customers host computer. The quench system consists of a stainless steel tank, pump, filter, heat exchanger, and temperature controls. The process monitoring of each part processed via the Signlink signature of current on each coil, quench flow, pressure and temperature all is monitored and stored in the systems mainframe computer. Standard coil quick connects, and thirty (30) new MIQ (Machined Integral Quench) inductors with allow change over from part to part in less than 15 minutes without the use of a man ladder or hand tools. This commercial heat treater required special adapter blocks to facilitate the use of his inventory of old coils that were of bolt on design. This necessitated an X Y adjustable base below the heat station for using the old coils and the new quick connection style coils.  Included in the contract is part pattern development and run off at Interpower, start up service and extensive training on the complete system. Further induction heat treat classes are offered by Interpower to all customers so they better understand the induction process, maintenance, set up, and control technologies offered by Interpower. Shipment from Interpower’s Almont, Michigan plant is scheduled for 1st quarter 2015. Please stop by our booth #138 in Nashville, TN at the Furnaces North America Show on October 6th through 8th, to view the latest in induction heat treat technologies! On-line at www.interpowerinduction.com or call Fred Specht, National Sales Manager – Heat Treat Products @ 312-342-8799 for your questions or needs”. October 6/2014

McLaughlin Services, LLC. - "On September 11, 2014, McLaughlin Services located in Avilla, Indiana and Dowa THT America, based in Bowling Green, Ohio, entered into a service partnership agreement. This agreement covers service of DOWA equipment currently installed in the United States and installation of new equipment. This partnership will afford DOWA’s customers top notch preventative maintenance and repair service in the United States. This agreement extends to stocking and supply of furnace components.

McLaughlin Services, LLC. – McLaughlin Services is pleased to announce the addition of Alex Schenher to the position of Project Engineer. Alex is a graduate of Purdue University and has extensive experience with programming, software development, Robotic Systems and Controls. Please say hello to Alex at our booth at the Furnaces North America show this October." October 3/2014

ALD-Holcroft Comments. "Gord, A number of weeks ago you made an interesting comment regarding customers that prevent press releases of notable purchases.  Largely ALD-Holcroft deals in this arena and I must admit, it can be a bit frustrating.  After-all we all want to promote and celebrate our victories.  I also occasionally read press releases in our market regarding the sale of single batch furnaces to be used for vacuum carburizing.  This is of particular interest to us; as you know ALD-Holcroft is focused on the growth of this particular market segment.  But I humbly offer that they don’t come close to the level ALD-Holcroft has attained in Low Pressure Carburizing.  ALD-Holcrofts premier product ModulTherm® now accounts for more than 120 vacuum chambers in the NAFTA market all performing vacuum carburizing.  We anticipate that by the end of 2015, we’ll exceed 200.  This represents huge growth in this market segment when compared to the total number of vacuum furnaces sold each year in this market.  It’s interesting to note further that the 120+ chambers is each integrated to 20 bar high pressure gas quenching capability.  That’s a lot of capability. Now too with our SyncroTherm® systems taking hold in the NAFTA market, we may need to stop counting the number of chambers and instead start talking about tonnage of throughput.  Efficient, cost effective, ecologically sound and high quality vacuum carburizing is here to stay.  Even if we can’t promote it."Best regards, Bill Gornicki, Vice President Sales & Marketing October 3/2014

Aerospace Testing & Pyrometry Press Release. "I wanted to give up an update with how things are going at Aerospace Testing & Pyrometry. Things have really picked up since we have started our new Southern Division. We have just signed on two new clients, both of which, are heavily involved with over-haul and repair of aerospace components for jet engine manufacturers and airline industries. We have also started providing our Pyrometry services and consulting for an aerospace components manufacturer in Indiana. The pictures attached are of myself and William Heighton, our Mid-West Service Manager, conducting Pyrometry services on a vacuum furnace. Our consulting & training business is as strong as ever. We have new client visits lined up in California, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Alabama, and Mexico in the next several months. Although not necessarily a heat treat item, but, we have also added a contract consultant to assist clients with Nadcap Chemical Processing Special Process. Our consultant spent 25 plus years as a Lockheed Aeronautics Special Process auditor and his strengths are suited for this type of consulting. We are looking forward to a busy next week with FNA 2014. I will be conducting a Technical Seminar on Changes in Pyrometry 2014 as well as having our booth to showcase ATP’s strengths. Please stop by Booth 528 for a visit and meet the ATP crew. Regards, Andrew Bassett, President, Aerospace Testing & Pyrometry, Inc. 908-217-8722" October 3/2014

Williams Industrial Service, Inc. Press Release. "Williams Industrial is proud to announce an order for a 25-position pusher line for a major tier one automotive manufacturer in the Midwest area. This unit will be the 5th line we have built this manufacturer over the last 6 years. The unit, as shown in manufacturing stage at our facilities, features a 7,000,000 BTU burner system, ControlLogix PLC and SCADA system with tray tracking and SQL database, SiC with alloy assist unload roller platforms and a 6,000 gallon quench tank. This is part of a complete line consisting of a load station with tray flip end rotate, temper line, self-emptying and automated charge car. The unit is scheduled to ship late 2014 and, thanks to our prewire conduit and piping systems, and our “built in the pit like it will fit into the plant facility”, it will be in operation early 2015, saving thousands in install cost and time."

To all my friends, vendors and customers of Williams Industrial: I miss being at the shows and seeing all of you again.  I did have plans to come this year for the opening day, however my doctors at the Cleveland clinic lung transplant department felt too that much flu and too many types of flu could be found in such a large gathering.  As a transplant patient, they are very mindful how immunosuppressant I am with the transplant, which I am proud to say, is now going into its 7th year. So I just wanted to tell you all I really miss seeing you and to let you know i am still C.E.O. and a large part of the all facets and decisions of the company along with keeping up with my son Jason as president and C.O.O. and my other my son Brenton as Vice President of Operations, who both have done a wonderful job of running of the facilities. I am at the plant about 3 days a week and I can be reached there if you have any questions on any of our products or services or just to say hi and reminisce about the old shows and friendships we made back in the day. Have a great show,    ROBERT WILLIAMS October 3/2014

Qual-Fab Press Release. "TUBE MILL FOR RADIANT HEATER TUBES Qual-Fab Inc., Avon, Ohio, is pleased to announce the purchase of a TUBE MILL for the manufacture of 6” dia.  and  4.5” dia. Radiant heater tubes for high temperature applications.  The tube mill forms stainless and high nickel alloys to make radiant heater tubes of all types.  Our new waveform welding technology guarantees full penetration welds in the tube manufacturing process, and at very competitive prices.   Heat resistant alloy tubes can be manufactured in one-piece straight sections of almost any length. Booth #124 at FNA Show. Visit us on the web at www.qual-fab.net" October 2/2014

Ipsen Press Release. "CHERRY VALLEY, IL – Between September and December 2014, Ipsen will be shipping four VFS® furnaces from their Souderton, Pennsylvania facility to customers around the United Sates. These shipments – valued at more than $4.7 million – will be delivered to sites within Washington, Ohio, North Carolina and South Carolina and will be used primarily within the Aerospace and Medical industries. In addition to those furnaces, Ipsen also has orders for more VFS equipment scheduled to ship in 2015.
With more than 600 systems installed globally, the VFS product line represents Ipsen’s ability to provide sophisticated, intuitive heat-treating solutions that support various applications and processes, such as brazing and debinding and sintering. The vacuum furnaces scheduled for shipment in 2014 cover a wide range of the VFS product line, including HIQ (Horizontal Internal Quench), HEQ (Horizontal External Quench) and the specialized VDS (Vacuum Debind and Sinter) system capable of high-efficiency binder and contaminate trapping.

The HEQ and HIQ models represent the latest vacuum furnace innovations and designs. Overall, the VFS series provides consistent performance and reliability, all while staying committed to supplying maintenance-friendly designs that reduce downtime. For those visiting FNA 2014 in Nashville, Tennessee, find out more by visiting Ipsen at booth #201/203 from October 7-8. In addition, by bringing a part drawing and/or details of your material and parts to Ipsen’s booth, you will be able to work with an expert to optimize your process and create a recipe, as well as receive extra entries into a drawing for an iPad. To learn more about Ipsen’s VFS product line, contact Mike Simmermon at 215-723-8125 ext. 188 or Mike.Simmermon@IpsenUSA.com. To discuss your specific needs today, find a local Ipsen representative at www.IpsenUSA.com/map." October 2/2014

PhoenixTM Press Release. "PhoenixTM recently supplied and commissioned a ‘hot box’ temperature surveying system to a major auto parts manufacturer in China, whose products range from roller bearings to CV axles and universal joints. The system was supplied to carry out TUS surveys for CQI-9 in sealed quench, and pusher carburizing furnaces. PhoenixTM optimised the size of the ‘hot box’ or thermal barrier supplied in order to meet the thermal requirements for the system, whilst keeping within the height limitations of the furnace and the footprint of the product trays.  To see a short video detain the stages in carrying out a survey in an IQ furnace go to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ff2QaRKdmHY PhoenixTM will be showing the ‘hot box’ profiling and surveying system on their booth at Furnaces North America (FNA) in October. Visit them at booth # 238 where Stephen Biggs or Ian Budden will be happy to explain the benefits and potential cost savings of surveying with this type of system". October 2/2014

‘PhoenixTM TS02-300-1 system with 20 channel data logger.’

Solar Atmospheres Press Release. "Souderton, PA.  Sept. 15, 2014 – Companies in Southeast needing vacuum heat treating and furnace brazing services have a new option. Solar Atmospheres Southeast, President, Mr. Steve Prout, and Solar Atmospheres Corporate President, Roger A. Jones announced that the site selection process for the company’s previously announced expansion into the southeast has been completed and the newest division of Solar Atmospheres will be operating at 108 Progressive Ct., Greenville, South Carolina. The facility, which will be operational in the near future, has 54,000 square feet of manufacturing space and is located on 14 acres directly south of Greenville near the intersection of I-85 and I-185, a convenient one-day trip from most industrial centers in the southeast. According to Mr. Jones, “This is a major expansion for our companies with an investment in excess of $15 million including building, property, new vacuum furnaces, and a facility-wide closed-loop water cooling system to ensure continuous uptime for our customers.” Mr. Prout added, “Greenville was selected because of its logistical convenience to current and prospective customers and the favorable business climate in South Carolina and especially in the Greenville area.” Mr. Prout further noted that the ability to find a facility with free-span construction, 40-ton and 30-ton bridge cranes with 24’ clearances for processing large heat treat loads, and sufficient space to support future growth all played a part in the decision to choose Greenville. Vacuum furnaces and support equipment are currently being scheduled for installation and startup. Furnace sizes will range from vacuum furnaces capable of supporting small production lots and development work to a 24 ft. car bottom furnace for processing large, heavy loads. Process capabilities will range from standard vacuum heat treating to vacuum carburizing, vacuum annealing, vacuum stress relieving, vacuum brazing, and other specialized vacuum thermal processes as well as research and development activity. For more information about Solar Atmospheres, Southeast, please contact Steve Prout, (864) 970-0111 ext. 1401, or steve@solaratm.com.

ABOUT SOLAR ATMOSPHERES; Solar Atmospheres is one of the world’s largest providers of commercial vacuum heat treating services. Through unmatched technical expertise, equipment, and quality systems, Solar's thermal processing produces bright, scale-free parts with minimal distortion. For clients requiring an "out-of-the ordinary" application, an in-house R&D team of metallurgists and scientists develop innovative, custom process solutions. Serving over 18 markets, Solar's state-of-the art services include vacuum brazing, carburizing, nitriding and advanced processing of raw materials such as Titanium, Tantalum, and nano powders.  With over 50 furnaces ranging from lab sized to the world’s largest commercial vacuum furnaces, Solar can efficiently handle any size job. Headquartered in Souderton, near Philadelphia, Solar also operates plants in Hermitage, near Pittsburgh, in Fontana, California, near Los Angeles, and most recently in Greenville, South Carolina. Please visit www.solaratm.com for more information." October 1/2014

Vac Aero Press Release. "VAC AERO Recently Sold Six Vacuum Furnaces to Repeat and First-Time Customers. Burlington, Ontario, October 2, 2014 –  Burlington, ON – VAC AERO’s furnaces continue to be in demand in North America and Asia. Six vacuum furnaces were sold recently to companies active in aerospace, research & development and manufacturing. Three furnaces will be used to process parts for the aerospace industry – a market where VAC AERO and its equipment has a strong reputation and presence. VAC AERO supports its worldwide client base through all stages of the furnace’s life cycle; whether it is installation, expert training and start-up assistance or delivering 24-hour field support and spare parts. VAC AERO will be headed down to Nashville next week for the Furnaces North America Conference and Expo and they invite you to visit booth 418 to learn more about their latest offerings." October 1/2014

ECM Press Release. "ECM Technologies’ installs a compact heat treating furnace system which will supply processes for heat treaters with multiple needs. This model ICBP200TGTH is comprised of two high temperature heating cells along with oil and high pressure 20 bar gas quenching. Vacuum carburizing , carbonitriding and neutral hardening will be done in this furnace. Contact us at www.ecm-usa.com to discuss your applications with us at the Nashville, TN FNA show at booth # 145." October 1/2014

Furnace Parts LLC/Press Release. 'Furnace Parts LLC, an ISO 9001:2008 certified leading thermocouple manufacturer in Cleveland, Ohio, is pleased to highlight a host of temperature sensing products at the upcoming Furnaces North America show in Nashville, TN, October 6-8, 2014.  Located in Booth #228 at the show, we invite you to stop by to view our offerings, and chat with our trained and knowledgeable sales associates and engineering staff about our products.

Of particular interest to those in attendance is a new offering from Furnace Parts LLC; our featured HTST thermocouple wire, an extremely cost effective, high temperature alternative to traditional vitreous silica offerings. Certified in accordance with AMS 2750E by our ISO/IEC 17025:2005 in house calibration laboratory, this wire is ideally suited for temperature uniformity surveys and load thermocouples, and will save your organization money. Additionally, our line of base metal, noble metal, MgO and thermocouple accessories will also be displayed; covering a vast range of your temperature sensing requirements.

Furnace Parts LLC President, John Popovich, notes, "We are delighted to once again be exhibiting at Furnaces North America in Nashville.  The venue is ideal for spreading our message of quality, delivery and value, and for visiting with many long time customers.  We also welcome the chance to introduce our organization to many for the first time." "We firmly believe, and have heard directly from many of our customers, that we manufacture some of the tightest tolerance temperature sensors in the industry.  Whether it be conformance to Nadcap, AMS 2750E, CQI-9 or other prime specific requirements, we know that on a day in, day out basis, we meet and exceed the requirements of the temperature sensing universe. "   

Please visit Furnace Parts LLC Booth# 228 while in Nashville.  Let us demonstrate why Furnace Parts LLC coincides with  Excellence in Temperature MeasurementR. John Popovich, jbpopovich@furnacepartsllc.com" October 1/2014

Northland Heat Treating, Antigo, Wisconsin. We mentioned just last week about a rumor about a commercial heat treat in Wisconsin closing down. It now sounds like it is fairly definite that Northland Heat Treating in Antigo, WI has pretty much closed their doors. As a small family business ourselves we always lament other family businesses closing down. Northland was a small operation operating batch IQ furnaces and while we are not sure why circumstances seen to have caught up with them, they obviously did. September 30/2014

Wallwork Heat Treat Press Release. "From one of the largest commercial heat treaters in the UK, Wallwork we have this press release. To flesh this news item out we are including the photo below taken a year ago which shows one of Wallwork's 3 facilities in the UK. September 30/2014

“The Wallwork Group will showcase their extensive services for heat treatment, micro fine surface coatings, vacuum brazing and research and development capabilities at the Advanced Engineering Show. The company will be emphasising service to clients, particularly the rapid turnaround in processing components, in keeping with aerospace, motorsport and engineering demands for lean and just-in-time production. “The major challenge for all engineering manufacturers is to improve component and business performance. We support these objectives with a range of heat treatment and coating processes to modify the surface characteristics of components and tools to enhance service life and performance. To back this up we have a world class R&D facility and a dedicated logistics operation able to collect and return components quickly so clients can maintain production momentum,” explained sales and marketing director Simeon Collins. Wallwork operate a national service from three sites, Manchester, Birmingham and Cambridge. This places them close to major aerospace, engineering and motorsport centres and good proximity to leading universities and research establishments. Facilities are accredited by Nadcap, aerospace majors such as BAE Systems, Airbus, Rolls Royce and many other leading manufacturers. Carbon coatings include the full spectrum of finishes from highly lubricious graphitic films to diamond coating with extreme hardness. Diamond coating is particularly applicable to tools used in drilling and cutting composites in aerospace and motorsport/automotive industries. Conventionally hardened tools produce ragged edged cuts causing secondary damage and weakening of the material. Diamond coated tools cut cleanly and last longer. Fewer stoppages for tool changes give higher quality yield and productivity to lower unit cost. The company also offer a full range of traditional vacuum, sealed quench and salt bath heat treatment processes. These permit the metal hardening of engineering components to improve their performance and cost effectiveness. Wallwork has greatly extended its capability in bespoke and volume vacuum brazed components, combining high strength joints with the ductility to cope with vibration and stress. These properties arise from brazing under high vacuum eliminating surface oxidation so that materials are more effectively bonded. Having a variety of vacuum furnaces available to support this process, the company is able to scale up from development work to volume production."

Hind Vacuum Company/Bangalore India. While we have never heard of Hind Vacuum Company of Bangalore, India the company claims to have been around for more than 40 years specallizing in vacuum furnaces. Hind sent us this press release about an order they received fro a company in Kuwait. September 30/2014

"Bangalore-based Hind High Vacuum Company (HHV) has bagged an order from Kuwait Institute of Scientific Research. KISR is actively involved in the promotion of scientific and applied research, particularly in matters related to industry, natural and food resources and other primary constituents of national economy, to serve the goals of economic, technological and scientific development, and to advise the government on scientific matters and on scientific policy issues. "The order is for a complex high vacuum heat treatment furnace and it marks our foray into the Middle East market," said Nagarjun Sakhamuri, Managing Director of HHV. "It is a privilege for HHV to be recognised by KISR, having placed an order for such a large size, complex heat treatment vacuum furnace. More than four decades of experience in innovative design and development of vacuum equipment has helped make HHV the market leader in the vacuum heat treating industry," he added".

Monday Morning Briefing. We will start off with a press release from furnace manufacturer AFC-Holcroft. “(September, 2014) AFC-Holcroft has received an order for a complete Mesh Belt Austemper Line from a major supplier of automotive components. The order is for a complete gas-fired austemper facility, consisting of a computerized loading system to feed the parts into the furnace belt; a gas-fired mesh-belt austenitizing furnace with three zones of control to heat the parts to the process temperature; an integral, gas-fired salt toquenching tank to quench the hot parts in molten salt; and a spray-dunk washer  clean the products after they exit the system. AFC-Holcroft’s BeltMaster Control System will monitor and control the flow of product, as well as maintain load tracking, history and recipe storage and management for the line. The mesh belt facility has been designed to meet the requirements of CQI-9. The equipment is expected to be delivered to the customer’s plant in Ontario, Canada in the first quarter of 2015. Mike Neumann of AFC-Holcroft stated, “Our company has been building and operating continuous austempering equipment for nearly 30 years. Our extensive experience and reputation in austempering was a key consideration in our customer’s decision to purchase AFC-Holcroft equipment.” Out in California a manufacturer of process and temperature control systems is in the process of installing 2Abar-Ipsen HR24x36 vacuum furnaces which will be used for brazing. This is a company which had always outsourced their brazing requirements however due to increasing demand the company has decided to bring this work in house. So how are we doing? Metal Treating Institute, MTI (the largest organization of commercial heat treaters in North America) says we are doing pretty well these days. Year-to-date sales for the Metal Treating Institute through August 2014 were $627.7 million, an increase of 3.8% from January-August 2013 when sales totaled $604.7 million. Sales for MTI in August 2014 were $79.2 million, an increase over August 2013 when ales equaled $76 million. Six out of nine MTI districts reported higher sales in August 2014 compared to August 2013. The Southwest district (Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Colorado, Louisiana and Utah) experienced the highest increase at 15.4%, followed by Canada (10.2% increase).

Corey Manufacturing in Corey, PA just finished installing a brand new Ipsen Titan vacuum furnace. Corey Manufacturing is an aerospace supplier with a reasonably large in house heat treating department which is absolutely top notch. Induction heat treat supplier Ambrell sold two EASYHEAT 10-kW induction heating systems for thread rolling to a fastener manufacturer for the aerospace industry. The rods, depending on the material, need to heat up to 482°C (900°F). The systems will be tested in the US before being shipped to China. Whatever happened to heat treating of gears for the Wind Energy Business? It appears every time we turn around another company is abandoning the industry with the most recent one being located in Elgin, Illinois(we have a banner ad on this page about the upcoming auction which will include some extremely impressive pit carburizing furnaces) and mark our words more will follow. It’s a shame at it held such huge promise for the heat treating industry just a few years ago but at the end of the day it “fizzled”. It is a week today until the start of Furnaces North America (FNA) in Nashville, TN the largest heat treat show in North America for 2014 and all indications are that attendance will be excellent.

And to round things out we have been bombarded as usual with e-mails about Marketing Studies concentrating on the Heat Treating Industry. The most recent one is about global demand for industrial furnaces and has this to say; “As stated by the new market research report on Industrial Furnaces and Ovens Europe represents the largest market worldwide. Asia-Pacific ranks as the fastest growing market with a projected CAGR of 4.3% over the analysis period. As the global manufacturing hub, increased manufacturing activity, large pool of low-cost and skilled labor and close proximity to lucrative markets are providing a major boost to demand, particularly in China and India. Strong manufacturing activity, steady economic development, growing automotive production, increasing demand for and production of various production line machinery, and robust construction activity, represent other growth drivers in the region”. Ok we agree with Asia having the fastest growth for furnaces, possibly the European market is the largest for new furnaces although our gut feel is that the North American market is larger with all the growth in Mexico  but the end of the sales pitch lists key players as; “AFC-Holcroft, Airtec Thermoprocess GmbH, AVS Inc., Beijing Shenwu Environment & Energy Technology Co., Ltd., Can-Eng Furnaces International Limited, Carbolite Limited, CERI Phoenix Industrial Furnace Co., Ltd., Consolidated Engineering Company, Despatch Industries, Dijko Ovens BV, Dowa Thermotech, Gasbarre Furnace Group, Grieve Corporation, Industrial Furnace Company, Ipsen, Lenton, Nachi-Fujikoshi Corp., Pyradia, Siemens VAI Metals Technologies GmbH, Solo Swiss Group, Tenova S.P.A, and Wisconsin Oven Corporation, among others”. Now we do have a beef with this list. Yes some of these are certainly amongst the largest in the world but how on earth could this report mention some relatively small (and in some cases virtually unknown players) and miss out on Ebner Furnaces of Germany, Aichelin of Austria and Surface Combustion in the US? Perhaps we are being too hard on the producers of this report but we have seen so many reports that weren't worth the paper they were written on that we have become very skeptical. September 29/2014

Spectrum Thermal Processing. It was not until recently that we learned that Hayes Heat Treating in Cranston, Rhode Island changed ownership earlier this year. It turns out that Steve Egan, Paul Squizzero and Rick Houghton purchased the assets of the company and renamed it Spectrum Thermal Processing. All of these individuals each have over 20 years experience in the heat treating industry we believe mainly with Hayes Heat Treating. While Hayes Heat Treating was and probably still is a medium sized shop the company is so rich in history that it is worth mentioning. Originally it was started by the Hayes family who also owned CI Hayes Furnace Company (now part of the Gasbarre Group).  In it’s heyday CI Hayes Furnace Company was the pioneer in vacuum oil quench furnaces and turning out one new furnace per week which is an amazing number. While you could dispute this statement CI Hayes was a pioneer in vacuum carburizing. At this point we are not aware of any of the Hayes family still being involved in heat treating but we wish Steve, Paul and Rick the best of luck and hope that they continue this amazingly long lived story. September 26/2014

Al-Fe Heat Treat Press Release. As the largest commercial aluminum heat treater in North America Al-Fe lives and dies by the auto industry. According to this press release the company is not only living but living very well these days which is great to see-good company. September 25/2014

"Saginaw, MI—A powerful expansion to the existing partnership between Al-Fe Heat Treating and Ford Motor Company is building the foundation of a game-changing vehicle in the passenger truck world—the new 2015 Ford F-150. Al-Fe Heat Treating is investing millions of dollars in its Saginaw plant as part of Al-Fe’s alliance with Ford to process structural parts for the all-new military grade aluminum alloy and high-strength steel F-150. This premier flagship truck will be one of the first to offer lightweight design, dramatically increasing fuel efficiency while still maintaining Built Ford Tough® strength. It is yet another smart step forward in the ongoing relationship between Ford and Al-Fe to bring the best in new automotive technology to the marketplace. Industry, government and consumer demands are fostering the shift to lighter vehicles. In an effort to meet increased MPG standards, the projected aluminum content in vehicles will increase from 343 pounds currently to 550 pounds by 2025. From engine blocks to impact beams, aluminum will be a vital component of all vehicles going forward. However, using lighter weight aluminum in engines and vehicle frames necessitates a unique method of heat treating, one that minimizes torque, distortion and cracking, while still maintaining part integrity. Enter Precision Air Quenching (PAQ), a revolutionary process which offers significant benefits over traditional quenching methods.

In order to transfer heavier steel stampings to lightweight aluminum, Ford needed a solution for heat treating these aluminum parts to the required mechanical properties while controlling and minimizing distortion. Al-Fe Heat Treating is providing that solution, by investing $7-10 million dollars into their Saginaw, MI plant to build a state-of-the-art heat treating system that utilizes Precision Air Quenching.   The stampings will be manufactured by a Tier One stamping supplier to Ford. Al-Fe is also partnering with Can-Eng International to upgrade and customize the controls on Al-Fe’s continuous solution furnace, as well as build and install the Precision Air Quench system. In addition, Can-Eng will assist in adapting the configuration of the automated conveyors, delivering the parts immediately to Al-Fe’s existing continuous age oven, thereby completing the artificial aging process. These two powerhouses in the heat treating industry are joining forces to help make this incredible new truck a reality.

“All these parts that were traditionally made out of heavy steel will now be manufactured using lightweight aluminum, which will have a dramatic impact on fuel efficiency and vehicular design,” says John Holifield, Vice President of Heat Treating Operations at Al-Fe Saginaw. “Precision Air Quenching is a process that allows automotive part manufacturers to build frames, engines and other parts out of aluminum, providing the best of strength and lightweight design into one.” The 2015 Ford F-150 will be an industry leader in the push to lighter vehicles, using more military grade aluminum alloy than any other vehicle on the market. “We are proud and honored to be part of this truck of the future,” says Holifield. “At Al-Fe Heat Treating, we are committed to designing processes for the future needs of our customers—and this partnership is a perfect example of providing exactly what the customer needed, at exactly the right time.”

About Al-Fe Heat Treating; Headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Al-Fe Heat Treating, Inc., is the largest commercial aluminum heat treating operation in the United States. The company operates plants throughout the Midwest and Southeast serving aerospace, automotive, military and commercial customers with both ferrous and non-ferrous facilities. To learn more about Al-Fe Heat Treating, visit http://www.al-fe.com."

ALD-Dynatech Press Release. "ALD-Dynatech has installed its second Low Pressure Carburizing (LPC) vacuum furnace with oil quench for Jata Auto Ancillaries Company, at their manufacturing plant in Chennai, India. The multi-purpose ALD DualTherm® with oil quench is the environmentally friendly alternative to the conventional atmospheric multipurpose sealed quench furnace. It offers the same variety of technical processes and part quality as the traditional sealed quench furnaces with shorter and more environmentally friendly cycle time. The ALD DualTherm® furnace in combination with an oil quench bath offers latest technology in low pressure (8 -20 mbar) carburization (LPC) with subsequent oil quench that gives precise and consistent results. It is possible to use various vacuum quench oils for a quench process especially suited to the parts.

The furnace has effective hot zone size 600x750x1000 mm (24”x30”x40”) & load capacity of 1000 Kgs. (2200 lbs) The furnace has operation temperature range from 150°C (300°F) to 1050°C (1922°F) and advanced PLC/HMI control system.  Performance of this furnace has been found very good suiting Indian Market requirement  for heat treatment of various critical parts ” Mr. S. Gnanavel , quoted  after completing the initial trials.

In the picture from the right are Mr. S Gnanavel (Owner of JATA Auto), Mr. Hans-Juergen Hoehn ( ALD Vacuum Technologies) , Mr. S V Naik (ALD Dynatech Furnaces)

About JATA Auto Ancillarys: Jata Auto Ancillarys’ was started in the year 2000, offers a wide array of services including, induction hardening and vacuum hardening. Jata Auto Ancillarys’ are the pioneers in Induction Hardening (aided by Indo-Spanish technology) and the first to introduce low pressure vacuum carburlzing (aided by the German technology from ALD Dynatech) to the automobile segment of Chennai, India

About ALD Dynatech: ALD Dynatech is India’s largest manufacturer of vacuum heat treatment furnace systems. ALD Dynatech is a part of world renowned Vacuum furnace manufacturer “ALD Vacuum Technologies, Germany”. The company manufactures turn-key vacuum heat treatment systems for applications including commercial heat treating, carburizing, nitriding, sintering, tempering processes for bearings, automotive, aerospace, mining and military, commercial heat treatment, gear manufacturing, fastener manufacturing, and alternative energy industries." September 25/2014

Worldwide Heat Treatment Pricing. Now this is very cool. Janusz Kowalewski, Managing Director & CEO of ALD Dynatech Furnaces in India has put together this chart of pricing of heat treating around the world. Now being a very experienced guy in the world of heat treating he has also offered a couple of what we would call disclaimers; "The costs were given (in range if possible) and doesn’t taken into consideration job lot sizes, services provided such as transportation, or quality of heat treatment. Another example in question is the cost of heat treatment for vacuum carburizing in China. The cost of vacuum carburizing is the same as vacuum heat treatment. The data confirms extremely competitive prices in the US, despite much higher labor cost compare to Asian countries. Prices were gathered from commercial heat treating shops between May and September, 2014". In spite of this disclaimer we are impressed as we have never seen such a comparison of pricing around the world. One point which we have emphasized over the past couple of years is that heat treating in North America enjoys much lower energy costs than the rest of the world which should lead to lower pricing. Brazil puzzles us though-the market is not great for heat treaters there and we were rather surprised to see such high pricing. We can only assume that this is a combination of high energy and high import costs making all heat treating related equipment from outside of Brazil amazingly expensive. September 25/2014

Safety Issues. This being a potentially dangerous industry safety is always an issue. Yesterday we had an article about gas safety issues in North America, today we are very pleased to have these comments from Mr. John Hubbard, former CEO of heat treating giant Bodycote. Knowing John as we do we know these thoughts are from the heart and based upon a lifetime of experience in the heat treating industry. September 24/2014

"I read the Salazar article on safety and could not agree with him more on training; however, he fails to address as big an issue as lack of training - SAFETY CULTURE. When I speak about safety I finish the discussion by addressing the culture side with the analogy of traffic safety. Virtually everyone understands driving distracted, impaired, faster than conditions permit etc.

Yet virtually everyone breaks the rules (law) at some time thinking they are "skilled" enough to cheat the system. Most of the time we get away with this cheating resulting in future transgressions feeling more safe. Read the paper, daily in our communities we read the tragic results of failure to abide by the rules. Enter law enforcement. If you are not actively monitoring safety compliance and delivering citations (progressive consequences) then YOU are complicit in causing injury and death. You have created a culture that does not value employee safety.

The worst experience of my career in thermal processing was to have fatalities occur on my watch, especially when we focused hard on training, compliance, personal safety equipment and systems. We thought we had safe work places when in reality safety came behind production."  Respectfully, John D Hubbard

Kevin McCurdy. The heat treat industry is a sadder place today with the passing this morning of long time heat treater Kevin McCurdy an experienced and high ranking Bodycote employee based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Kevin was an easy to get along with fellow who had spent his life in the heat treating industry and who along with his brother Dan McCurdy, President of Bodycote AGI Group in North America made some real, substantial changes to heat treating in North America. Kevin you will be missed and you made a real mark on the heat treating industry in North America. I will have fond memories of you as I am sure most in the industry will. Sincerely Gord. September 23/2014

TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority). Heat Treating can be a dangerous business and most areas around the world (if not all) have created a vast network of rules and regulations to make sure that safety is enforced. In Ontario and indeed most parts of Canada the regulatory body for these safely issues is TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority) with the US equivalent being NFPA (National Fire Prevention Association). While these standards are important it would be unlikely to find a heat treater who at one point or another has not taken to profanity at some of the regulations which are covered. Greg Salazar of Salazar Industrial Training has spent 35 years involved in the fuels industry with 16 being involved in training on these issues. Greg has provided this with this summary very aptly named TSSA, Friend or Foe. To add a bit more background to this story this is what TSSA is responsible for;

"TSSA's Fuels Safety Program regulates the transportation, storage, handling and use of fuels as to ensure conformance to the Technical Standards and Safety Act, 2000, and applicable regulations, codes and standards. These fuels include natural gas, propane, butane, hydrogen, digester gas, landfill gas, fuel oil, gasoline, and diesel. TSSA licenses fuel facilities, registers contractors and certifies tradespersons who install and service equipment. Additionally, TSSA reviews and approves facility plans for sites licensed by TSSA, and performs custom equipment approvals and inspection services to ensure fuel is handled and used safely".

"TSSA Friend or Foe? Many in the Heat Treat industry have had a run-in with TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Authority) at some point during their careers. TSSA has been the dominant force in the Fuels industry in North America for quite some time and is the force that upholds the law regarding fuel safety and operation of gas fired equipment in Ontario. The Technical Standards and Safety Act is a set of laws set out by the legislature that govern the gas industry and the Regulations 212/215/235 etc, are the regulations pertaining to the safe operation of gas fired equipment in Ontario. These are all legal requirements. Everyone who works on, services, maintains or installs equipment that burns a gaseous fuel in Ontario is required to be licensed to do so. The codes B149-1 -2 -3 -4 -5 etc, provide general requirements and directions on what can be used and how to use it.  These codes are National codes with regulations specific to Ontario as represented by the Regulation 212/215/211 etc,. Each province has their own regulations to abide by, some are the same as Ontario's and some may differ slightly. In the USA the regulatory body that upholds the code is NFPA ( National Fire Prevention Association). Their rules and regulations are similar to Ontario's but are not routinely upheld to our standards. When a piece of equipment is manufactured in another country, such as the USA or Germany, or wherever and is purchased for use in Ontario it MUST meet certain standards and must have been approved and certified for use in Ontario / Canada by the authority having jurisdiction i.e. TSSA and the local gas supplier such as Enbridge Gas or Union Gas. Recently I have seen heat treat products brought into Ontario that had to be refitted to meet our standards and codes and also get field approval from TSSA and CSA. (Canadian Standards Association)" Continue Reading September 23/2014

Monday Morning Briefing. We are going to start off with a press release from AFC-Holcroft referencing a new Batch IQ order the company received. If you cast your mind back to last week you will remember that commercial heat treater Advanced Heat Treat Corp. based in Waterloo, Iowa sent us a press release about a number of large investment the company was making. We now know that the Batch IQ Advanced mentioned was being provided by AFC-Holcroft. “September, 2014: Advanced Heat Treat in Waterloo, Iowa, USA, has completed the purchase of a UBQ (Universal Batch Quench) furnace line for their increased production requirements. The new line is designed to integrate with Advanced Heat Treat’s existing Holcroft brand batch furnace line. The recent order consists of a family of AFC-Holcroft’s integrated UBQ (Universal Batch Quench) products, and is comprised of an integral quench furnace sized 36-48-36 with top cool, a UBT Temper furnace, UBW Washer, UBTC double-ended Transfer Car and EZ Series 4500 endothermic gas generator. The double-ended charge car will service both the new line as well as the existing equipment. “Advanced Heat Treat Corp. is pleased to meet customer demand and invest in the future with the addition of this new equipment. This furnace will allow us increased capacity of carburizing, carbonitriding and quench and temper projects” stated Gary Sharp, President and CEO”. Since we are on the topic of new furnace orders let’s mention that Bodycote, Arlington, Texas is pretty pleased with a Surface Endothermic generator they recently received. In the photo below we have from left to right; Michael Keca, GM, Shawna Hooper, Customer Service Manager, David Bailey, Induction Supervisor, Rosalio Rodriguez, Production Supervisor Joeseph Streubel, Planner and Jack Stevens, Plant Manager. The Arlington location is most likely the largest single location that Bodycote has in North America. Since we’re mentioning Endo Generators we might as well add that 95% of heat treaters in North America use an atmosphere generated by an Endothermic unit as opposed to a Nitrogen/Methanol for the simple reason that it is one heck of a lot cheaper.

It’s almost a year ago since German auto parts supplier ZF Transmissions Gray Court, LLC, located in Laurens County, SC announced it was adding a mammoth addition to their plant an addition which included a heck of a lot more heat treating capacity. The company certainly followed through and now has Ipsen pusher furnaces and one of the largest vacuum carburizing installitons on the continent. All of this capacity  is dedicated  to the production of an 8-speed automatic transmission (8HP), as well as the world’s first 9-speed automatic transmission (9HP).  We now move on to a press release from vacuum “guys” AlphaTek down in Houston, Texas. “Alphatek of Texas, Inc. built and installed an electric drying oven for an anodizing operation in Chicago, IL.  The modular design incorporated Steel and Aluminum Modular components both to minimize shipping cost and provide for ease of expansion, has a top temperature rating(for this application) of 300 degrees F, and a fully accessible load zone of 72”W X 72”H X 36” D, to meet the customer’s requirement.  The customer has been utilizing the oven for several months, and reports notable increased productivity and reliable operation, since the installation".

When we think of Oerlikon Metco we think more surface treatment than heat treating but according to this press release the company is strongly pushing Plasma Nitriding in China, "Oerlikon Metaplas, as part of Oerlikon Metco, meets these demands and expands its global presence for nitriding technologies. The IONIT treatment service is now offered to customers in China. With roughly a half century of Heat Treatment technology experience Oerlikon Metaplas is the technology leader. The plasma-supported IONIT process, combining plasma nitriding and plasma nitrocarburizing, is environmentally friendly and already used for many automotive components. In China, the international operating automotive  industry can benefit from the exact same processes as in Europe. Current and future developments of state-of-the-art engines and gearboxes will increase the need for heat-treated components. The most common applications are automotive gear transmission components, like synchronizing disks and bodies, disk carriers, clutch disks, differential pinion shafts and selector shafts. Gearboxes convert engine speed and torque along the drivetrain, thus putting the available engine performance literally on the road. The latest engine developments, for example, work with more powerful or multiple turbochargers. The goal is to combine the demand for more torque and power, once considered complementary, with reduced fuel consumption and emissions. Due to this reason, a surface solutions partner outside of Europe is required to guarantee the same component quality and reliability".  In people news we see that our friend Fabien Marquis is now the International Business Development Director for GH Induction Group, we will have to congratulate him at the upcoming heat treat show in Cologne Germany in a couple of months.  In where are they now news we ran across Randy Bal recently. Randy for years was very high up in General Motors when it came to heat treating. He retired a couple of years ago and and since then has been teaching a few hours a week at Michigan Technological University.

Heat Treating in North America is booming these days but of course there are always exception and we are being told that a shop in Wisconsin will be closing at the end of the month. We will give you more details when the doors are actually shut. Furnace Builder Codere in Switzerland sent us this press release; "Codere Switzerland has successfully completed our customised training workshop with our ASEAN agents Peer Energy Singapore Pte Ltd. In the below photo is (left to right)  David Howard (Sales Manager Codere SA), Mr. Francis Jeanbourquin (Sales Manager Codere SA), Ralf Giebmanns (Managing Director Peer Energy group) and Jeffrey Yeoh H C (General Manager for Peer Energy Singapore Pte Ltd) During this training programme Peer Energy visited our jampacked workshop with various multi quenching options (Oil, salt & gas cooling) for European and Asian customers learning of Codere's competitive advantages for our System 250. The objectives of this workshop was product training and implementing a mutual strategy in place to promote our product range and especially our System 250 modular batch installations. For further information on Peer Energy's product range, please contact their website on www.peerenergy.de Finally Codere want to invite all readers to visit our stand at the upcoming heat treatment congress HK 2014 taking place in Cologne. We will be present in Hall 4.1 G-030. If readers are interested to learn more about our product range or activities, please don't hesitate to contact David Howard from the Sales department either via www.codere.ch or by telephone 0041 32 4651010"

And last but not least fairly recently it was announced that Applied Process had taken on High Street Capital as a majority partner. This press release recently came out and it gives a couple of more details not available in the first press release. "LIVONIA, Mich. Sept. 17, 2014—Applied Process Inc. (AP) has taken on High Street Capital (HSC), Chicago, Ill., as a majority interest equity partner. This move adds essential resources that will not only expand the company’s capabilities, but will also continue to improve their industry-leading service and allow them to expand even more geographically. High Street Capital is a private equity firm that has been partnering with and growing successful companies since 1997. High Street finds differentiated companies and provides equity and experience to build winning businesses with strong growth prospects. Dick McClain, an HSC principal, explained that they are investing in Applied Process because they believe in the management, the people and the business. “The High Street Capital partners are looking forward to working with the world-class leadership team and employees at AP and to continue ‘growing the pie for Austempering,’” he said. John Keough, AP’s founder, stated, “We are pleased to have a strong partner in High Street Capital going forward. I plan, as always, to be actively engaged in the growth of the business and the profitable conversion of components from one material/process combination to a better, faster and cheaper one.” Applied Process Inc. was incorporated in 1984 as a stand-alone division of Atmosphere Group in Wixom, Mich., before President John (Chip) R. Keough moved them to their current address in Livonia. In 1993, Keough transitioned out of Atmosphere Group, and he, along with his wife and kids, became 100 percent owners. Because of the demand for AP’s Austemper-focused technologies, the company expanded to AP Westshore in Oshkosh, Wisc. Recently they have added a Monster Parts™ plant in Oshkosh.  Applied Process President John Wagner said, “Austempering offers our customers a cost effective way to obtain stronger, lighter and less expensive parts. We have been able to offer this practical and vendible experience in many different countries as we keep expanding our international network to places like Australia, England, Canada, China and India.” Applied Process’s extensive global network of industrial and technical contacts and resources are the backbone to AP’s reputation as a worldwide leader in Austempering technology". September 22/2014

Aichelin Pit Carburizing Furnaces. A very interesting heat treat system on the used equipment market these days are several very large electrically heated pit carburizing furnaces made by Aichelin. Granted these have a limited market but if you require large pit carburizing furnaces probably these are the deal of the century. For more details click on the Hilco banner ad on this page. We can say that these have a Max Temperature: 1800ºF, Working Temperature Range: 1400º to 1750ºF, Max Gross Load per Tray: 33,000-Lbs., Effective Load Size: 78"D x 98"H, (4) Heating Zones, (12) Heaters, Rod Over Bend Heating, Connected Heating Load: 400-kW, Load Height (Above Floor): 24" (620mm), Overall Dimensions: 148"D x 210"H, with Retort, Cover Lifting and Swiveling Unit, Gas Recirculation Fan, Rapid Cooling System for Internal Cooling of Retort and Load, Sample/Flush/Pressure Probes, Pressure Regulator, Buhler EGK12 Sample Gas Cooler, Buhler Gas Extraction Sensor, MMI Carbonseer Zirconia Carbon Sensor, Digital Pressure Gauge, Carbomaster Process Technology Controls with Siemens PLC's, Process-Technology Protherm 500 Furnace Control with Full Color Graphics, 480V / 60Hz " September 19/2014

FloMet LLC/Centorr Vacuum Indusries. "Centorr Vacuum Industries announces it will be building a new MIM-Vac M900 debind and sintering furnace in 2014 expanding its customer base for the Metal Injection Molding market for FloMet LLC, an ARCMIM Company.  ARCMIM is the metal injection molding division of its parent company, ARC Group Worldwide, Inc. ARCMIM encompassing the pioneers of MIM: Flomet LLC, Advanced Forming Technology Colorado, AFT Hungary and Injectamax. ARCMIM is now one of the largest MIM producers in the world. ARC Group Worldwide, Inc., founded in 1987, manages a compelling portfolio of advanced manufacturing technologies and cutting-edge capabilities to improve the efficiency of traditional manufacturing processes and accelerate time to market. In addition to being a world leader in metal injection molding, ARC has significant expertise in 3D printing and imaging, advanced tooling, automation, machining, plastic injection molding, lean manufacturing and robotics.

The mission statement of ARC Group Worldwide is to bring innovation and technology to manufacturing. To support this message and to continue to provide outstanding quality components to our customers, FloMet has selected the Centorr Vacuum Industries MIM-Vac furnace design to process new materials that will be manufactured in their Deland, Florida facility. The FloMet group manufacturers a wide range of products for industries including orthodontics, firearms, medical, automotive, and aerospace. For more information please visit http://www.arcmim.com/

CVI has over 30 years of successful MIM furnace building experience and the new MIM-Vac M (modular design) has a number of new design improvements including advanced Molybdenum hot zones with “wide-flow” gas-plenum retorts using Sweepgas™ technology for consistent debinding. Founded in 1954, Centorr Vacuum Industries is a high temperature vacuum and controlled atmosphere furnace manufacturer with an installed base of over 6500 units worldwide. They are located in Nashua, NH with a fully staffed Aftermarket Field Service group, and Applied Technology Center offering R&D support and toll production service. For more information please visit www.centorr.comSeptember 19/2014

Ipsen Press Release. "CHERRY VALLEY, IL When it comes to the safety of your employees, nothing is more important than ensuring they have the necessary information to make safe, sound decisions. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), for every 300,000 cases of at-risk behavior, there are approximately 300 recordable shock injuries. In addition, when performing maintenance in and around your vacuum heat treatment furnace, working with the hot zone elements and the Variable Reactance Transformer (VRT) can be tricky. One of the hazards that comes with such work is the risk of getting shocked, which is why it is essential to know how to utilize safe electrical practices when performing equipment maintenance. In the spirit of safety, Ipsen has provided a short video titled “The VRT and Safe Electrical Practices” that can be viewed on Ipsen’s new blog, www.IpsenHarold.com. From explaining the function of the VRT to discussing the multiple benefits of installing resistors, this video outlines valuable tips for ensuring safe electrical and VRT practices. It also covers a few things to consider and check before performing maintenance on your hot zone – all so you can safely do the work without getting shocked. Regardless of the industry you are in or the processes you run, Ipsen is committed to providing the most pertinent, up-to-date thermal-processing materials and resources. Whether you like your information in short, easy-to-understand blurbs or lengthy, in-depth technical papers, Ipsen has the answers you need in the format you prefer. Make sure to check out Ipsen’s other posts and how-to videos with tips for performing a leak check and optimizing your brazing process on their blog The Ipsen, Harold, www.IpsenHarold.com, as well as their various articles and technical resources at www.IpsenUSA.com. Don’t hesitate, visit today and see how Ipsen can help you." September 19/2014

"Norma Jean Texas Dove Hunt". We have today our final batch of photos from the Norma Jean Texas Dove Hunt one of the largest gatherings of heat treaters in North America in 2014. In spite of the rather rough and ready appearance of everybody you are looking at some of the most successful and experienced heat treaters in North America, including quite possibly the most successful of all the past CEO of Bodycote Mr. John Hubbard. September 18/2014

John Hubbard (ex CEO of Bodycote), Dianne McWilliams, Holly Moshier

Left to Right; Ron Baldus, T.J. Wright, Scott Michael (Wirco), Danny McWilliams our host, John Dodson, Dennis Wright, Chad Haines (Wirco)

Front and centre Mr. Brad Luce of Modern Heat Treat who has quickly become one of the largest shops in Texas. Currently Modern is in the midst of another expansions.

Mr. Jim Wilbur of Wright & Associates of Chicago. Jim is one of the most established Heat Treat Reps in North America

Ryan "King" Fussell holding court. Ryan is owner of Southwest Metal Treating in Fort Worth, Texas.

Heat Treating Services Unlimited Press Release. "We are pleased to announce the addition of Mike Purser  and Richard Tanner to our team. Mr. Mike Purser is responsible for handling various services and projects for HTSU. This includes burner tuning and retrofits, furnace repairs, instrumentation troubleshooting and upgrades, and much more. With Mike's 15+ years’ experience within the furnace rebuild and repair business, he brings extensive knowledge of industry equipment and specifications to HTSU. Mr. Richard Tanner comes to us with many years’ experience within the Pyrometry Industry and has extensive knowledge of industry specifications (AMS, CQI-9, etc.). Richard will be responsible for handling full Pyrometry programs for large automotive customers within the Southeast.  We are looking forward to what Richard can bring to our existing team as well to our customers. Both Mike and Richard will be based out of the Greenville, SC office.  In addition Heat Treating Services Unlimited, Inc. is opening a new location in Asheville, NC location. Due to high demand in Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee, we have opened a new location in Arden, NC a suburb of Asheville. The office will serve as a hub for our Service Engineers as well as Randy Hall will be handling all service scheduling and customer support from this office. Locations: Greenville, SC (HQ) | Detroit, MI | Wichita, KS | Asheville, NC

About Heat Treating Services Unlimited, Inc…. Heat Treating Services Unlimited, Inc. (HTSU) is a service company that provides maintenance, calibration, repair and testing services for process control systems and equipment within the thermal processing industry. HTSU is proud to be doing business with some of the top End Users and Manufacturers within the industry. Beginning in 1998, HTSU has maintained 97% of our initial customers as well as continued to expand our customer list throughout the world. HTSU maintains accreditation to ISO/IEC 17025:2005 in the field of Calibration and Temperature Uniformity Surveys through the Laboratory Accreditation Bureau (LAB), for our In-house Laboratory and On-Site Services. With Customers in United States, Canada, Mexico and Germany, we pride ourselves on providing a level of service that is second to none. www.HTSU.com" September 18/2014

Texas Heat Treating Inc. Damn we love to see heat treaters doing well, investing and growing. Such is the case with the Fort Worth, Texas plant of Texas Heat Treating Inc. which is based in Round Rock, Texas. The last time we visited this plant was just over 2 years ago at which point it  was a brand new operation with 4 Surface Combustion 36 X 72 X 36 batch IQ’s and a vacuum furnace some of which were in operation  with others till being installed. Fast forward to September of 2014 and what we now see are two vacuum furnaces, 6 Surface 36 X 72 X 36 batch IQ’s (with another one rolling in the door in January), two large pit furnaces and a large Nitrex gas nitriding system. In addition the company is taking over the building next door which will put total square footage under roof at a little under 50,000 square feet. We have three photos to show you today; two show Rick Fleming and Daryl Hoisager of Texas Heat Treating as it looks now. The third photo shows the facility two years ago and includes the President of the company, Mr. Buster Crossley and Gord Montgomery. September 17/2014

Advanced Heat Treat Corp./Waterloo, Iowa. There is a very interesting story behind Advanced Heat Treat. It was founded by Mr. Gary Sharp many years ago and based upon a technology which at the time was relatively unknown in North America-Plasma or Ion Nitriding. Gary started off on this basis of this technology and almost single handedly turned Plasma Nitriding into a recognized and respected heat treating process in North America. Since that time Advanced has turned into far and away the largest Plasma Nitrider in North America and quietly become one of the larger commercial heat treaters on the continent. While the company was formed on this basis as you can see they also offer most heat treating processes available.  

"Advanced Heat Treat Corp. Investing in Future; Advanced Heat Treat Corp. (AHT) has purchased and plans to install several pieces of equipment in the near future, increasing the surface treatment capabilities at each of its four US locations.

The Burton facility located in Waterloo, IA will be installing two new batch integral quench furnaces, along with support equipment such as temper units, washers, transfer carts and endogenerator within the next couple of months. These acquisitions will allow AHT to increase capacity of its carburizing, carbonitriding and quench & temper projects by over 40%.

The Corporate Headquarters at the MidPort Blvd. location in Waterloo, IA, will expand its nitriding capabilities when its high temperature ion unit is completed later this fall. Over 30 years ago, the company started with just two ion nitriding units and has grown to over 50!

A new, large, state-of-the-art gas nitride/high temperature stress relief unit will be added to Cullman, AL late winter, increasing the surface treatment offerings at that location by adding gas nitride/nitrocarburize, stress relief and UltraOx® capabilities. The Cullman location currently offers ion/plasma nitriding and nitrocarburizing in addition to others.

Finally, a new R&D gas nitride unit will be added to the Monroe, MI plant early spring 2015, allowing for an expanded offering of research and development projects. Advanced Heat Treat Corp. has been at the forefront of new developments in surface treatment and remains unparalleled in the industry."

“Advanced Heat Treat Corp. is pleased to meet customer demand and invest in the future with the addition of this new equipment. Our commitment to quality and service has allowed us the growth that has led to making these improvements possible, and we are truly thankful for that.” Stated Gary Sharp, President and CEO.

"Advanced Heat Treat Corp. (AHT) is a recognized leader in providing heat treat services and superior metallurgical solutions to companies across the globe. Established in 1981, AHT has developed into a multi-service heat treat company that takes pride in fitting the ideal solution to any application. AHT’s UltraGlow® family of processes includes Plasma Ion Nitriding, Ferritic Nitrocarburizing (FNC), Gas Nitriding, UltraOx®, Through Hardening (i.e. Quench & Temper), Carburizing, Carbonitriding, Induction Hardening, and many more services. The company’s unsurpassed customer service, high quality standards, prompt turnaround, commitment to research and development, and state-of-the-art equipment and technology have led AHT to where it is today. To learn more about AHT’s capabilities, contact Mr. Mikel Woods (Sales / Marketing) at 319-232-5221 or woodsm@ion-nitriding.com. Or visit AHT online at www.ahtweb.com." September 16/2014

Norma Jean Dove Hunt. Yesterday we told you about one of the largest gathering of heat treaters in North America in 2014, the famous Norma Jean Dove Hunt in Goldthwaite, Texas. As promised here are a few more photos from the hunt with more to come this week. September 16/2014

Carlos Torres, Mattsa Crio, Mexico, Jordan Montgomery, "The Monty", Canada

Mr. Chris Dankert, Wirco, Avilla, Indiana

Steve Cargill, Cargill Heat Treat, Oklahoma City. Newly founded Cargill Heat Treat is growing at a torrid rate. Employees are nicknamed Cargillians.

Gene Lark, Lark Heat Treat, Houston, Ryan Fussell, Southwest Metal Treating Corp., Fort Worth Texas

Our host Danny McWilliams, Jerry Luce, former owner of Metroplex Heat Treat (now Bodycote, Arlington, Texas)

ZF/TRW. This news item is only of interest to us because ZF and TRW are a couple of the largest captive heat treaters in the world. Both incorporate virtually every form of heat treating known to man including Vacuum Carburizing,  Pusher furnaces, Vacuum, Induction and so on and so forth. Again as we mentioned the other in connection to another TRW story probably the only thing that will change is the name on the front door.

“ZF Friedrichshafen AG agreed to buy TRW Automotive Holdings Corp. for $11.7 billion, creating a company big enough to push back against pricing pressure from the largest automakers. With the deal, ZF is in position to leap ahead of Japans Denso Corp and Germany Continental AG to become the world’s second-largest maker of auto parts, trailing only Robert Bosch GmbH. The deal will combine ZF’s transmissions with TRW’s electronics, allowing the group to offer automakers larger packages of components. “The combined companies are clearly going to have a lot of scale and depth,” Joseph Spak, an analyst for RBC Capital Markets in New York., said in an interview. “They’re combining a number of key technologies as the world is moving toward autonomous driving.” The transaction gives the Friedrichshafen, Germany-based manufacturer access to TRW’s technology -- from air bags to collision sensors -- that keeps drivers secure and helps them avoid crashes. Consumer demand and government regulations are spreading the adoption of such features to prevent accidents and protect passengers and pedestrians. Scale and a wide-ranging product offering are vital to compete in the car-parts industry as suppliers need to be “big and powerful,” ZF Chief Executive Officer Stefan Sommer said today on a conference call with reporters”. September 16/2014

Monday Morning Briefing.  To start off we see that Bluewater Thermal one of the largest heat treaters in North American has a new CEO by the name of Jeff Hemmer. We have personally known Jeff for sometime and we will see he is a good very experienced heat treater. This is the official announcement; On behalf of the Board of Managers of BWT LLC, I am thrilled to announce that Jeff Hemmer is being promoted to the position of President and Chief Operating Officer of Bluewater Thermal. In this role, Jeff will be directly responsible for all aspects of the Company’s strategic growth initiatives as well as daily execution. Consequently, his responsibility set will include actively managing and leading the critical functional areas of the business including operations, commercial, finance, engineering, safety and technical, among others. Each of the Directors of those functional areas as well as the plant General Managers will report to Jeff. Jeff will in turn report directly to me and the other members of the Board of Managers of BWT LLC. As you are aware, Jeff was recently promoted to Chief Operating Officer in March of this year. It is uncommon, and a testament to Jeff’s integrity, leadership and tireless efforts to ensure the success of Bluewater and its employees, to subsequently be promoted again to the highest levels of the organization in just six months. I have learned much about Jeff from working closely with him these last eight months, most of which you likely already understand about him. Jeff is trustworthy and earns the trust of those he works with closely, both internal and external to Bluewater. He is thoughtful about company resources, both our human as well as our capital resources. He is respected by employees, customers, suppliers and others broadly in the industry. He has an unfailing drive to win and has the confidence and experience to act decisively in order to take us where we need to go. He is passionate about our Company, its bright future and the people who work for it. Please join me in congratulating Jeff as he takes on this new role as President of Bluewater. He has earned it and I look forward to working closely with him and all of you as Bluewater continues to capitalize on the tremendous momentum we have generated as a team in these last eight months.
Sincerely, Brandon Bethea President, Board of Managers BWT LLC.

Continuing on with “people news” we see a couple of promotions at commercial heat treat giant Bodycote. The first is long time employee Paul Dymond who was formerly Technical Manager at Bodycote in Empalme, Mexico is now Account Manager at Bodycote in Arlington, Texas (this was Metroplex Heat Treat until it was acquired by Bodycote a number of years back). We also see that Josh Longenette recently became the General Manager at the Rancho Dominguez location after having been Plant Manager and Manager. In the world of captive heat treating it would appear that Lambert Havelka who is in charge of heat treating at fastener manufacturer Alcoa Fastening Systems in Waco, Texas is retiring next February. We ran across Lambert and his son James this past weekend on a hunting expedition and the chance to take this photo of Lambert. Sounds like he will be building airplanes in his retirement. Nice guy who we are going to miss.

One of the largest commercial heat treaters in Michigan, Heat Treating Services suffered a small fire last week. “An employee at Heat Treating Service Corporation was hurt while working to extinguish a fire that broke out in an oil tank at the plant on Pontiac’s southeast side Monday afternoon, but is expected to recover. The flash fire started in what’s known as a quench tank, which is usually full of oil but had been emptied for cleaning or maintenance, said general manager Sunil Jain. The cause of the fire is unknown. The injured employee was using a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher when the chemicals blew back in his face. He was taken to St. Joseph Mercy Oakland and was expected to be released, Jain said. The plant, which treats mostly automotive parts, suffered limited damage and was expected to reopen in the morning, Jain said. The quench tanks used as part of the heat treating process hold 5,000 to 6,000 gallons of oil. The fire started at 5 p.m. Monday and generated thick, black smoke. Firefighters used foam to smother the oil vapors and were able to put out the blaze in about a half-hour, said Fire Marshal Matt Covey”. Of mild interest to a number of industry suppliers is the fact that Federal-Mogul Holdings Corporation of Southfield, Michigan, USA, has announced that its Powertrain division has entered into a definitive purchase agreement to acquire TRW's engine valve business. We say of mild interest because while both have very large in house heat treating departments in a number of different plants around the world at the end of the day probably the only thing that will change is the name on the outside of the buildings.

We have this press release from vacuum furnace manufacturer and commercial heat treater Vac Aero; “VAC AERO will complete installation and commissioning over the next few weeks of a large 2-bar external gas quench horizontal vacuum furnace at an Aerospace manufacturing facility in Mexico. The unit has a work area of 48" x 48" x 60" with a 4,000-pound gross loading capacity. The furnace is equipped with a Honeywell's HC900 computer control system. The customer, which is primarily engaged in providing services to the aerospace industry, chose VAC AERO because of its focus and expertise in that industry, from product design, and on-site expert operator training through all stages of the furnace's life cycle including preventative maintenance and responsive field support throughout all of North America. About VAC AERO International Inc.; Founded in 1959, VAC AERO International provides vacuum heat treating and thermal & paint coating services as well as vacuum furnace systems and controls to aerospace and high-tech industries worldwide. VAC AERO operates 6 production facilities near Toronto, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec, Canada as well as in 2 production facilities in Poland. More information can also be found at: www.vacaero.com

And what do heat treaters in North America do for fun? Why go hunting in Texas of course. As mentioned last week this past weekend was the final bi annual “Norma Jean” Dove Hunt in Goldthwaite, Texas organized by long time heat treat rep Danny McWilliams. Roughly 100 captive and commercial heat treaters as well as industry suppliers were in attendance and this gives you an idea about what happens when heat treaters get together. A few more photos to come this week.September 15/2014

Norma Jean Dove Hunt. This weekend marks the last of the bi annual Norman Jean Dove Hunts organized by long time Texas heat treat rep Danny McWilliams. This year the gathering will include well over 100 heat treaters both commercial and captive and a number of industry suppliers. As a prelude to this event heat supplier Wirco (heat resistant alloy furnace components) arranged a small event which includes Carlos Torres of Mattsa (Mexico), Bill Akre of Diamond Heat Treat (Rockford) and Ryan Fussell of Southwest Metal Treating in Fort Worth to name a few. The photo below gives you an idea of the gathering and shows you most of the "Wirco Team". September 12/2014

Birth of a Heat Treat/Doksan Heat Treatment. Over the past 2 weeks we have shown you photos of the birth of a "greenfield" commercial heat treat firm starting with an empty building and progressing to the equipment being delivered and gradually installed. We are now up to the stage where some of the equipment such as the batch IQ furnaces and the induction lines are producing parts. This must be a joy to the owner’s heart to be producing revenue as opposed to an endless investment. September 12/2014

Service Heat Treating. Earlier this week we had a rumor that a large commercial heat treater in the Milwaukee, WI area was in the process of adding 2 gas nitriding systems. We can now confirm that long established heat treater Service Heat Treating http://serviceheattreatingmilwaukeewi.com/index.html  is indeed making a large investment in the form of 2 Nitrex gas nitriding systems. The 2 nitriders are 1000mm diameter x 1500mm deep with an expected delivery date of late October 2014 with startup by mid November of this year. Our understanding is that the company already has a great deal of work lined up for these furnaces. In addition to gas nitriding Service also offers Vacuum heat treating, Vacuum Carburizing, Batch IQ processing and  Nitrocarburizing to name a few. All in all we know that the President of the company Mr. Paul Armitage is pretty excited about this large addition to his capabilities (as he should be). September 11/2014

ALD-Dynatech Press Release. "ALD-Dynatech installed a vacuum furnace with oil quench and Low Pressure Carburizing (LPC) system for Akademi Metalurji Sanayi for their Manufacturing plant in Gabze, near Istanbul.  The furnace was manufactured by ALD  Dynatech India with effective hot zone size 600x750x1000 mm & load Capacity of 1000 Kgs. The oil quench furnace with operation temperature range of 150° to 1050°C has advanced PLC/SCADA control system.   The furnace uniformity is better than 6°C according AMS 2750E temperature uniformity class 2 specifications. The furnace has facilities for vacuum carburising, convective heating, partial pressure, etc. for better results. This is the first LPC with Oil quench type of Vacuum furnace to be installed in the country.  In the picture from the rigth are Janusz Kowalewski (ALD –Dynatech), Kushal Mahajan (ALD-Dynatech), Ramazan Combaş (Production Manager/Gebze), Bayram Türk (Managing Director)Gökay Kuşcu (Board Member),Shashi Bhat (ALD-Dynatech), Ergin Akyüz (Technical Consultant)

About Akademi Metalurji Sanayi:
Akademi Metalurji Tic. Ltd. Şti is one of the largest commercial heat treatment company in Turkey.  Akademi Metalurji performes broad range of  treatments in  vacuum and atmopheric furnaces and provides metalurgical analyzes.    In 2012 Akademi facilitated the Gebze Factory with furnaces from a world-leader in vacuum technology ALD Vacuum Technologies GmbH. The Gas Nitriding furnace has the ability to process stainless steel with a high level of control potential for surface hardness. 

About ALD Dynatech:
ALD Dynatech is India’s largest manufacturer of vacuum heat treatment furnace systems. ALD Dynatech is a part of world renowned Vacuum furnace manufacturer “ALD Vacuum Technologies, Germany”. The legacy companies that comprise ALD Dynatech have a combined 200+ years of Vacuum technology experience. The company manufactures turn-key vacuum heat treatment systems for applications including commercial heat treating, Carburising processes, sintering processes, tempering processes, bearings, automotive, aerospace, mining and military, aluminium heat treatment, gear manufacturing, fastener manufacturing, and alternative energy industries."
September 11/2014

Mr. Sumida/DOWA Thermotech. We have a really fascinating interview today with Mr. Sumida, President of Japan based Dowa Thermotech. Fascinating because Dowa is by any measure one of the largest commercial heat treaters in the world as well as being one of the world's largest new furnace builders with over 2,700 furnaces delivered worldwide over the years. Mr. Sumida gives us a great deal of detail about the size of the company, where their heat treat plants are, a breakdown of where their furnaces have been delivered and a peak at where the company is going. September 10/2014    

1) The history of Dowa is a long (well over 100 years) and interesting story. Would you be able to give us a brief history of the company?

"Our foundation date was 1884 Sep 18th when our founder Denzaburo Fujita bought Kosaka mining from Meiji government. We have a number of big and small excellent companies in Japan, but there are few companies which have survived more than 130 years. These prestige companies such as Mitsui, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Furukawa etc all started in metal mining or coal mining.

DOWA holdings Co., Ltd. which is the main stream of Fujita group, has not became as big as groups such as Mitsui, Mitsubishi and Sumitomo group etc., but has gone through a rapidly changing social situation and currently consists of 5 businesses such as Environment and recycle, Metal process and Heat treatment etc.

Dowa Thermotech was founded in 1958 as Tokyo Heat treatment Co., Ltd which was the pioneers of the heat treatment industry in Japan. DOWA Thermotech actively developed its business based on the automotive industry and has 8 plants in Japan and has developed overseas business in India, Southeast Asia, China and USA.

1997  Dowa THT America, Inc. established.
2006  Holding company system implemented.
Dowa Mining Co., Ltd. changes its name to Dowa Holdings Co., Ltd.
Dowa Thermotech established
CEMM Co., Ltd. integrated.
2007  Dowa Thermotech (Thailand) Co., Ltd. established.
2010  Kunshan Dowa Thermo Furnace Co., Ltd. established
2011  Dowa Thermotech acquired most of ownership of Hightemp Furnaces Co., Ltd
2012  PT. Dowa Thermotech Indonesia established" Continue Reading

Mr. Sumida second from the left, Gord and Dale Montgomery

Andrew Bassett/Aerospace Testing & Pyrometry, Inc. Since the ALS Ice Bucket challenge went viral on the web, it was a matter of time that someone would put me up to the challenge. So being one not to back down from a challenge, I went ahead with the dosing of the ice water and then nominated all the employees of ATP and their spouses to participate. With doing so, ATP will donate $100.00 per employee, spouse and child that accepts the challenge to ALS Foundation. Thought you might enjoy a little bit of the lighter side of ATP with also spreading awareness about this terrible disease. Regards, Andrew Bassett, President, Aerospace Testing & Pyrometry, Inc. September 10/2014

Click Here: ATP Ice Bucket Challenge

United Process Controls/Press Release. "United Process Controls introduced today its online store in the USA (http://store.group-upc.com). The shopping site offers customers an extensive inventory of key UPC process control products including carbon/oxygen probes, controllers, analyzers, accessories and much more. It’s also home to leading brands such as AccuCarb, Carbonseer, FurnaceDoctor, H2Smart, NitroCarb, Protherm, and QuickSilver. The store’s user-friendly interface allows customers to quickly learn about each product’s features, appearance, and price, and to easily complete their purchase. “We are thrilled to open our online store in the USA. Our ultimate goal is to bring a new level of expedient service to current and future customers by making UPC products available for immediate purchase. The store supplements the activities of our existing channel of representatives, and on the support side, customers can be assured that products are backed by UPC’s dedicated US-based technical and support services. We’ve even included a probe selector app to make choosing your next probe purchase easier.” said Pat Torok, Vice President of Heat Treat Sales and Marketing."

ABOUT UNITED PROCESS CONTROLS; UNITED PROCESS CONTROLS provides process control, flow control, and automation solutions to furnace OEMs and customers with thermal processing equipment and operations. The company is comprised of 4 brands - Furnace Control Corp, Marathon Monitors, Process-Electronic, and Waukee Engineering - with products ranging from probes, analyzers, flow meters, programmable controllers, generator mixing control systems, SCADA to complete turnkey systems. September 9/2014

SSI/Diversified Services Press Release.  "Diversified Services—the heat treating division of the Metal Finishing Company—recently completed installation of SSi controls on all of its equipment. By using SSi’s 9130 controller and SuperDATA software, Diversified achieves accurate control of soak times, guarantees of part temperature, and complete historical traceability, all of which are critical given Diversified’s focus on the aerospace industry. From the beginning, Diversified set the foundation for electronic data acquisition and process control with Super Systems Inc. control solutions.

“The SSI instrumentation and software have provided us all the functionality to meet our specs and give our customers exactly what they need,” says Duane Heinrich of Diversified Services.  “We have recently expanded our capabilities by adding vacuum furnaces and are using the SSi 9220 controller for temperature control with all the recipe management features that we have experienced on our ovens.”

Developed for the heat treating industry, SSi’s 9000 Series instruments give operators the ability to run sophisticated or simple recipes controlling cycles for many different thermal treatments.    The instruments—used for vacuum, atmosphere, temperature, and nitriding applications—are designed to help minimize operator error and allow the instrument to control based on setpoints for those cycles.  With SuperDATA acting as the SCADA system, centralized recipe management, load tracking and data recording are seamlessly integrated to deliver a plant-wide solution that provides visibility to current and historical information.

Super Systems Inc., based in Cincinnati, Ohio, has been developing and manufacturing products for the thermal processing industry since 1995. SSi’s products include probes, analyzers, controllers, software solutions and engineered systems. With over 100 years of combined experience, SSi continues to satisfy industry demands with innovative technology, enabling customers to be more efficient and to produce higher quality products. For more information on SSi’s capabilities, visit www.supersystems.com.

Diversified Services, located in Wellington, Kansas, serves customers with heat treating needs, especially in the aerospace industry. Diversified is highly regarded for its unique ability to process aluminum parts up to 80 feet long. The Wellington facility performs Penetrant Inspection, Shot Peening, Chem Film Coating, and Chromic Acid Anodizing. As with all Metal Finishing Company plants, it is also NADCAP and AS9100 certified. For more information on Diversified Services, visit www.metalfinishingco.com/dsi.html." September 9/2014

Caitlin Tara Montgomery. On a very personal note Caitlin Montgomery, daughter of Dale and Gordon Montgomery was recently engaged to marry Mr. Andrew Parkes. Caity has worked at WG Montgomery Ltd. in the past and attended several heat treat shows around the world so her name might be familiar to you. September 9/2014

NOLZEN INDUSTRIEOFENBAU Press Release.  "Since 1919 fourth generation NOLZEN INDUSTRIEOFENBAU has been producing “Made in Germany” industrial furnaces and heat treatment plants for annealing and hardening of metals. With our own casing and insulating construction, retort manufacturing as well as switchgear production Nolzen is a partner for optimum quality of industrial furnaces. The company located in Wuppertal, Germany offers competence in consultation, construction and manufacturing solutions for economically and individually designed heat treatment processes. Nolzen delivers energy-efficient standard furnaces and customised solutions in electric- and gas-heated versions for temperatures up to 1300°C. Pit type furnaces, boogie hearth and chamber furnaces are amongst our offerings for large-volume components and heavy load weights. Pit type furnaces for nitriding, case hardening and annealing have already been realised up to a diameter of 4,500 mm and a depth of 11,000 mm. Boogie hearth and chamber furnaces are designed in all dimensions, up to 50 m ³ volumes and load weights of more than 100 tons. NOLZEN has delivered more than 1000 pit type furnaces worldwide and is one of the leading suppliers for nitriding and carburizing processes. NOLZEN Industrial furnaces will be at the Härterei Congress 2014 in Köln as an exhibitor." September 9/2014

Monday Morning Briefing. If you are in Cleveland, Ohio there is a new heat treat in town by the name of Ohio Vertical Heat Treat (or O.V.H.T to you). We’ve never heard of this place before but the company claims that can vertically handle parts up to 72” in diameter and 16’ long and processes include Stress relieving, heat treating, normalizing, tempering, annealing & aging. While the company website is brief the contact is an individual by the name of Britt Morrow again a name which doesn’t mean anything to us. Our guess would be that this is the old BFG Aircraft facility which had a large heat treat department but which has been closed for some time. Our personal opinion is that there is a shortage of commercial available pit furnaces capable of handling parts up to 16’ long so this might work out very well. And speaking of new heat treats lets move on to the largest US based commercial heat treater, Bluewater Thermal who has a brand new plant in Ridgway, PA. "Bluewater Thermal Solutions has expanded its solutions service offerings once again and opened a new Induction facility in Ridgway, PA.   The 12,000 square foot facility has been renovated to support their full-service induction operation as well as a state of the art metallurgical laboratory.  The Saint Marys facility has been providing induction services to Bluewater customers since 2010.  The relocation of the Three Ajax Tocco 2 spindle stations from Saint Marys and the addition of a fully automated 5 spindle Taylor-Winfield unit have allowed Bluewater to provide dedicated induction services to their customers.   Production started at the Ridgway facility in February 2014 and it is located at 337 North Broad Street in Ridgway, PA.  “We are very excited about the expanded capacity and capability that the Ridgway facility is providing Bluewater Thermal Solutions customers.  The dedicated facility has room for growth which we anticipate will be needed as we continue to provide our current and new customers with the induction solutions they are looking for.”  - Jeff Hemmer, Chief Operating Officer"  

In people news a very well respected individual by the name of Gajen Dubal just retired after a remarkable 45 years in the industry. "Gajen Dubal first started working for Park Chemical back in June 1969.  During that time he worked as a “Special Project Engineer” with his main function being working as a customer service engineer, but also worked on the technical aspects of “No-Cy®” which is a carburizing salt that doesn’t contain sodium cyanide.  He had direct input in three different patents involving salt reclamation systems, and was mentioned in “Who’s Who” Engineering Magazine in 1975. After leaving Park 1978 and returning in 1997, Gajen was hired back as a “Quenchant Specialist” in June.  Gajen’s responsibilities included offering customers technical support in using Park’s oil, polymer, and salt quenchants. Customer visits included traveling to Canada, Mexico, China, and the United States.  Other accomplishments included giving numerous technical talks at Furnaces North America and ASM Heat Treat shows, publishing quenching papers in heat treating related magazines, and developed Heatbath / Park Metallurgical’s Enviroquench® which is an environmentally friendly quenchant to replace fast oils. Gajen’s retirement was on September 1st of this year, and he plans to travel with his wife Hema of47 years to visit grandchildren, sight see, and visit India on occasion". In other people related news we see that John Levensky has been promoted to Vice President of Sales at Delta Heat Treating / Mil Spec Heat Treating out in CA. John has been in this industry for some time with companies such as Bodycote, Solar Atmospheres and Phoenix Heat Treat. In the Induction world supplier Ambrell has a new CEO by the name of Tom Giglia. "Ambrell, a leading manufacturer of induction heating solutions, has promoted Tom Giglia to President and Chief Executive Officer. Richard Rosenbloom, former CEO and co-founder of Ambrell, is retiring but will become a Senior Advisor to the company and remain on the board of directors. Mr. Giglia was voted in unanimously by the company’s board of directors. Tom Giglia joined Ambrell in 1994. He has held an array of leadership positions, most recently President and Chief Operating Officer of Ambrell. He was promoted to that position in 2007. Throughout his tenure at the company, he has used his operations, engineering and business expertise to drive growth, manufacturing excellence and customer responsiveness. Ambrell has continually expanded its global footprint and its product line to meet the needs of a growing array of customer applications around the world. He holds a Masters in Business Administration in Manufacturing Management from Rochester Institute of Technology, and a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University".

It looks like Lucifer Furnaces (we have always loved the name of this furnace manufacturer) has sold a new box furnace to Quantum Machine Works Ltd. in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada. Quantum Machine Works is a manufacturer of core drilling machines and components for the mineral exploration industry. The furnace has working chamber dimensions of 12 inches high x 18 inches wide x 24 inches long and heats to 2100°F. Did you notice where Quantum is located? Whitehorse is one of the most god forsaken places in Canada and located not far from the Arctic Circle. Wonder if a sale call was necessary? August 21 Seco Tools in Lenoir City, TN auctioned off their remaining equipment due to the closure of this facility. Included was a number of heat treat items mainly consisting of Lindberg batch IQ equipment. The auction was reasonably successful with all of the heat treat furnaces. The buyers were a mix of used equipment dealers (who paid less than market value) and end users (who paid reasonable market value). It is a sign of the health of our industry that most heat treat equipment which comes up at auction is bought at reasonable prices. We were disappointed to hear that Bodycote Istas Isil Islem in Ankara, Turkey recently closed down. Disappointed because we visited this plant earlier this year. While very modest compared to most Bodycote plants the employees were super nice people and very hospitable.   In India there is a new commercial heat treater by the name of Modern Metals India Pvt Ltd., in Haryana. Modern Metals is owned by Metals India one of the larger commercial heat treaters in the country. The new plant has a very large Seco Warwick vacuum furnace and a Plateg Plasma nitrder which Modern Metals claims is the largest in the country. The two rather poor quality photos below gives you an idea about the new plant. September 8/2014

Global Heat Treatment Network (www.global-heat-treatment-network.com ) is creating a pan-European platform that supports regular meetings on developments and trends in the heat treatment industry and organizes next month (October 8-9th) the first comprehensive conference on nitriding in Europe: European Nitriding Summit. The first edition will take place in Wroclaw (Poland) and will become a biennial event alternating between different cities in Central Europe (www.nitriding-summit.com ). This premium meeting with top speakers from major global players and technology leaders will be followed by another important event: European Vacuum Carburizing Summit which will follow in December (4-5th). It is planned to start with Asian and American issues of both events in 2015/2016. September 8/2014

California Brazing Press Release. "California Brazing announces that it has been awarded Nadcap Merit status for Heat Treating & Brazing. "Being Nadcap accredited means that you are compliant with and have been audited to the most stringent quality standards in our industry and are capable of processing aerospace components." Jeff Ager, General Manager, California Brazing www.californiabrazing.com

California Brazing has held Nadcap accreditation since 2011. Having demonstrated their ongoing commitment to quality by satisfying customer requirements and industry specifications, the Nadcap Task Group has determined that California Brazing has earned special recognition. This means that, instead of having their next Nadcap audit in twelve months, California Brazing has been granted an accreditation that lasts 18 months. “Achieving Nadcap accreditation is not easy: it is one of the ways in which the aerospace industry identifies those who excel at manufacturing quality product through superior special processes. Companies such as California Brazing go above and beyond achieving Nadcap accreditation to obtain Merit status and they should be justifiably proud of it,” said Joe Pinto, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at the Performance Review Institute. “Benefitting from a less frequent audit schedule reduces audit costs and associated pressures and demonstrates the trust that the aerospace industry has in California Brazing, based on their past performance in Nadcap audits. PRI is proud to support continual improvement in the aerospace industry by helping companies such as California Brazing be successful and we look forward to continuing to assist the industry moving forward.”  About Nadcap; Created in 1990 by SAE Inc., Nadcap is administered by the not-for-profit Performance Review Institute. PRI exists to advance the interests of the mobility and related industries through development of performance standards and administration of quality assurance, accreditation, and certification programs as well as related activities for the benefit of industry, government, and the general public. PRI works closely with industry to understand their emerging needs and offers customized solutions in response. Learn more at www.pri-network.org or contact PRI at PRINadcap@sae.org" September 8/2014

Ipsen Press Release. "CHERRY VALLEY, IL – Companies all have unique needs and situations; in the case of Mercedes-Benz, they not only needed a furnace for the thermal processing of gearbox parts, crown wheels and drive pinion wheels, but they also needed the entire system to be installed in a limited space. In an effort to solve this challenge, Ipsen created and delivered a special atmosphere heat-treating three-row Pusher system that required comparatively less floor space and power consumption. Ipsen continued to provide solutions during this installation, utilizing the available space by carefully linking the high- and low-temperature furnaces, cleaning systems and quenching equipment – all of which provided flexibility for the various types of parts and minimized the space needed. In the end, Ipsen used a highly integrated transfer machine to service the entire system and required components in the compact area.

The Pusher furnace utilizes three rows in all of its main operating zones and is the first continuous heat treatment furnace from Ipsen to feature the new, patented Lock up system. This system incorporates an entrance vestibule and an oil bath, both of which are separated from the Pusher furnace’s heat treatment chamber by gas-tight doors. The furnace atmosphere thus fluctuates less in terms of temperature and carbon potential, resulting in precise, steady characteristics which are easy to monitor and can be adjusted accurately. The Pusher system also employs time-tested, durable Ipsen masonry consisting of refractory bricks for hot face insulation and microporous material for backup insulation. Compared to conventional designs, this results in up to a 30 percent reduction of waste heat, as demonstrated by comparatively lower process costs. No matter your challenges or needs, Ipsen is a source you can rely on to produce particularly demanding solutions, as well as reduce the running costs of these systems. To read the entire article on this Pusher system installed at Mercedes-Benz, the challenges Ipsen solved and the features this special heat-treating furnace offers, visit http://bit.ly/3RowPusher." September 5/2014

Equipment Wanted. We have a large captive heat treater that has an immediate very urgent requirement for a used Gleason 537 Press Quench system in at least reasonable condition. If you have such a unit we are confident that we could sell it for you very quickly. gord@themonty.com September 5/2014

SECO/WARWICK Press Release. From furnace builder SECO/WARWICK this press release is rather interesting in that our understanding is that most vacuum furnace builders outsource their pressure vessels. September 5/2014

SECO/WARWICK Corp. was awarded ASME pressure vessel certification earning both an “R” and “U” stamp, enabling the facility to produce vacuum furnace shells along with a wide variety of pressure vessel manufacturing services.  According to Andrew Paris, COO,ASME certification is a confirmation of the quality and capability of our team here in Meadville.  We have some of the most talented fabricators and welders in the industry and this certification gives SECO/WARWICK the opportunity to provide our customers more workmanship that showcases that talent.” SECO/WARWICK’s Meadville manufacturing plant, an ISO 9001 certified facility since 1994, is a fully equipped, 110,000 square foot facility.  The shop is staffed with experienced technicians, including AWS certified welders. Allison Gabriel, Quality Manager/Project Manager, commented, “Obtaining our ASME ‘U’ and ‘R’ Stamps can open up new opportunities for SECO/WARWICK Corporation.  With this certification, we can now manufacture complete ASME stamped vacuum furnaces in-house – this ensures that we can effectively monitor quality throughout the entire fabrication and assembly process.”

Birth of a Heat Treat/Doksan Heat Treatment. Over the past 2 weeks we have shown you photos of the birth of a "greenfield" commercial heat treat firm starting with an empty building and progressing to the equipment being delivered and gradually installed. Today we have an interview with the owner Mr. Gurkan Gencler and several additional photos. As with most commercial operations Doksan is starting with a mix of new and used equipment. What you see below is a used Ipsen triple chamber vacuum furnace with oil cooling and preheat (this is the second vacuum for the company), a brand new Inductoheat Induction system and a new storage facility being constructed. September 4/2014

1) Gurkan I know you to be a successful businessman involved in at least one venture completely unrelated to heat treating. What made you decide to get involved in the commercial heat treating industry?

"Gord, as you know, Heat treatment was my very first business venture. At the age of 21 I left my small heat treating facility to one of my operators as a “Trustee” in 1998 and only visited them 2-3 times a year until 2013. At that point the Trustee retired and I had to make a decision at that point of time-go or not go. So I decided to invest time and money in April 2013 to improve and grow the facility. Not only for induction heat treating but also for IQ's and Vacuum."

2) When did you start the planning for this venture and how long do you expect it will take from the planning stages until you have a completed plant running full production?

"Exact decision date was April 2013, the first furnace started production in March 2014 and full production will be March 2015."

3) To date you have batch IQ furnaces, Induction and vacuum capabilities either in place or soon to be. Will this be it or are you already thinking about other technologies to add?

"Already thinking about nitriding and Vacuum carburizing."

4) I was quite impressed with the level of captive and commercial heat treating in Turkey when I was there last year, obviously this is a growing area. Would you care to hazard a guess as to what the growth rate for heat treating in Turkey is in terms of % increases per year?

"My Hope is 15% annually."

5) When you are in full production you will have what anybody would consider a large commercial heat treat. Have you worried that there is already enough capacity in Turkey or are you very confident that another commercial shop can easily be filled with work?

"Let me say that yes I do worry about filling all of the furnaces".

6) You might not want to answer this question but would you care to give us an idea about how large an investment this represents for you?

"No problem about it, in total with everything 3.8 mio tl ($1.8 mio usd)."

7) What do you see in the future for heat treating in Turkey?

"I think Heat treat will grow like as double as Turkey’s grow rate."

 8)What is your investment effect in the region?

"We think some of our regional competitors will leave the game, 2 of them are already out, one was working with salt and the other you know about. We will keep on playing on the game table..."

Heat Treating Quebec. A recent visit to a number of captive and commercial heat treaters in Quebec produced a few interesting photos of which two are included below. The first concerns commercial heat treater Metcor in St. Eustache the largest commercial operation in the province. The photo shows one of the co-owners Mr. Yves Lachambre standing in front of an Ipsen Titan vacuum furnace the company purchased about a year back. The second photo shows commercial heat treater Les Trempes L.D. Inc., a small family owned operation in Granby, Quebec. We have always had a soft spot for family owned companies and this certainly fits the bill. What impressed us about the plant was that while small it was absolutely impeccable-seldom do we see a shop this clean and well organized. We can tell you that this company is expanding and that they will shortly be installing a 36 X 48 X 30 batch IQ furnace the first of several hopefully. September 3/2014

ALD-Dynatech Press Release. "ALD-Dynatech receives four orders for broad range of applications. Three orders are for High Pressure Quench vacuum furnaces and one order is for a vacuum brazing application with high vacuum requirements. Janusz Kowalewski - Managing Director and CEO of ALD-Dynatech stated that after May’s parliament election and the new government’s pro-business policy, the Indian economy is on a roll. Each furnace was sold to a different section of the economy – tool and die, steel, powder metal and automobile industries. The broad range is solid testimony of the general optimism among private companies across India’s economy. Additionally, India’s economy is domestic-oriented and its internal growth generates the most need for new equipment. Each furnace’s hot zone is a different size, from 16”x16”x24”, 24”x24”x36” to 36”x36”x48” for the High Pressure Quench furnaces. For a brazing application, the hot zone is 36x36x48 with a 30,000 L/s diffusion pumping speed and 2 bar cooling pressure with Argon. The High Pressure quench furnaces have 10 to 12 bar cooling pressures. High Pressure Quench furnaces will perform according to NADCA’s cooling speed requirements and ASM 2750E Class 2 temperature uniformity. The brazing vacuum furnace will conform to NADCAP’s process requirements. All four furnaces control systems are equipped with the latest PLC/SCADA with communication and diagnostic systems. Attached are pictures of 16”x16”x16” high vacuum furnace with all metal hot zones with 6 bar Argon cooling pressure and high vacuum brazing vacuum furnace with 36”x36”x48” graphite hot zone. " September 3/2014

Tuesday Morning Briefing. We will start off today in the US where we recently heard a very interesting rumor. Basically it says that a large commercial heat treater in the Milwaukee, WI area is in the process of placing an order for 2 brand new gas nitriding systems. We believe it to be true and will give you an update when we hear more. Another interesting story has furnace manufacturer Surface Combustion accepting an order within the past couple of weeks for 2 new 36 X 72 gas fired batch IQ furnaces from one of the largest commercial heat treaters in WI. Delivery we expect will be about 26 weeks. Metal Treating Institute (MTI to you and I) says commercial heat treaters in North America are doing well these days.  “Ytd sales for the Metal Treating Industry for July 2014 were $548.3 million, an increase of 3 7% from 2013 when sales for January July equaled $528 7 million. Sales for the Metal Treating Industry for July 2014 totaled $78.1 million, an increase from 2013 when sales for July equaled $71.5 million. Eight out of the nine MTI districts reported higher sales in July 2014 compared to the previous year”. In Upstate NY it looks like one of the largest commercial heat treaters in the region, Jasco Heat Treatment recently suffered a fairly serious fire. Firefighters say a furnace malfunction is to blame for a fire at a metal facility in Fairport. Crews were called to the scene at a Jasco Heat Treatment Plant on Macedon Center Road just after midnight Friday. Extra crews were called to help battle the flames after concerns of them possibly spreading to other parts of the building. News10NBC has learned there were people working at the plant when the fire broke out, but they were able to evacuate safely. Investigators say the building was not badly damaged. In April 2013, firefighters were called to the building for another fire caused by a furnace malfunction. No one was injured”.

In India our friends at furnace builder Hightemp (which is largely owned by Japanese furnace builder Dowa) are pretty pleased about an order they just received. The order comes from Graziano Transmissions India Pvt. Ltd, (part of the Oerlikon Group). The order valued at approximately $3million USD is for two single row pusher carburizing lines one with a press quench and one with conventional quenching. According to Hightemp the order was received after stiff competition against well-known and reputable furnace suppliers and in the end what tilted the scales in their favour was life cycle cost, technology and Hightemp Dowa’s reputation. Last week Oven builder Pyradia in Montreal, Quebec had a press release about a drop bottom oven order they had just received. At the time we promised that we would show you a couple of photos of the company. In the pictures below taken last Friday you see from left to right; Alexandre Gorton, Pyradia Co-owner Mario Bouthillier, Pyradia, Jordan and Gord Montgomery.

From the UK we have this press release. Wolfson Heat Treatment Centre's well established three day 'Understanding Heat Treatment Course', designed to impart a general insight into the metallurgical/technological background to heat treatment processing, is taking place again this year from the 14th to 16th October.  It provides an ideal basic training in heat treatment for all involved with the industry without requiring any prior formal scientific or metallurgical knowledge.  Each delegate will be provided with a comprehensive set of notes for future referral along with a certificate of attendance, quoting the contact hours and specific topics covered.  Should you require any of your employees to attend this course, which hopefully would be a long-term benefit to both them and your company, please complete the attached registration form and return it to the Wolfson Heat Treatment Centre by post, fax or email.  Please note that if you miss this course the next one will not be taking place until October 2015! Should you require any further information or have any other specific training needs relating to heat treatment, which might possibly be carried out on a consultancy basis, please contact me at the Centre. Derek Close Metallurgical Consultant, Wolfson Heat Treatment Centre”. And to round things out the markets still seem to be pretty impressed by UK based commercial heat treater Bodycote. Equities researchers at Berenberg Bank increased their price target on shares of Bodycote PLC (LON:BOY) from GBX 776 ($12.84) to GBX 795 ($13.16) in a research report issued on Tuesday. The firm currently has a “buy” rating on the stock. Berenberg Bank’s price target suggests a potential upside of 10.42% from the company’s current price. Bodycote PLC (LON:BOY) opened at 724.00 on Tuesday. Bodycote PLC has a 1-year low of GBX 595.00 and a 1-year high of GBX 832.00. The stock has a 50-day moving average of GBX 687.7 and a 200-day moving average of GBX 728.8. The company’s market cap is £1.377 billion. The company also recently announced a dividend, which is scheduled for Friday, November 7th. Shareholders of record on Wednesday, October 1st will be paid a dividend of GBX 4.60 ($0.08) per share. This represents a dividend yield of 0.66%. The ex-dividend date is Wednesday, October 1st”. September 2/2014

Advanced Heat Treat Corp. Press Release. "WATERLOO, IA — Advanced Heat Treat Corp. (AHT) would like to announce the promotion of Jeff Thompson to the position of Vice President – Corporate Operations. Jeff has been an active and integral leader at AHT for more than 26 years and has most recently assumed the role of VP, Manufacturing at the Burton facility in Waterloo IA. In assuming his new duties as VP – Corporate Operations, Jeff will oversee operations at the four AHT locations located in Iowa, Alabama and Michigan. He will work closely with each of the plant leaders to ensure customer throughput, streamline processes, manage equipment/project launches and continue to coach/develop/praise current and future AHT leaders. “Jeff’s commitment to customer service and passion were key for this leadership position. We’re excited to have him spread his wealth of operational knowledge now across all four facilities.” Stated Mikel Woods, Sr. VP, Sales and Marketing. Advanced Heat Treat Corp. (AHT) is a recognized leader in providing heat treat services and superior metallurgical solutions to companies across the globe. Established in 1981, AHT has developed into a multi-service heat treat company that takes pride in fitting the ideal solution to any application.

AHT’s UltraGlow® family of processes includes Plasma Ion Nitriding, Ferritic Nitrocarburizing (FNC), Gas Nitriding, UltraOx®, Through Hardening (i.e. Quench & Temper), Carburizing, Carbonitriding, Induction Hardening, and many more services. The company’s unsurpassed customer service, high quality standards, prompt turnaround, commitment to research and development, and state-of-the-art equipment and technology have led AHT to where it is today. To learn more about AHT’s capabilities, contact Mr. Mikel Woods (Sr. VP, Sales / Marketing) at 319-232-5221 or woodsm@ion-nitriding.com. Or visit AHT online at www.ahtweb.com." September 2/2014

Bodycote Press Release. "The Germany, Netherlands and the Alps (GNA) Division of Bodycote, today announced that it has acquired Menzing Warmtebehandeling BV in the Netherlands, located in Haaksbergen. The business was acquired from Michel Menzing. Menzing Warmtebehandeling BV was founded in 1989 by brothers, Harrie and Johan Menzing and over the years has succeeded in building an enviable reputation as one of the finest independent heat treatment companies in the Netherlands.  Menzing is known for its outstanding customer service in the market.  The acquisition reflects the importance of the Dutch and Northern German markets to Bodycote.  Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.  The financial impact is not expected to be material to Bodycote plc. For further information, please contact: Peter Selbach, President, Automotive & General Industrial – Germany, Netherlands, Alps (AGI GNA), Tel. +49 211 73278 0, eMail peter.selbach@bodycote.com, Bodycote European Holdings GmbH Deutschland, Schiessstraße 68, 40549 Düsseldorf, Germany

About Bodycote; With more than 190 locations in 26 countries, Bodycote is the world’s largest provider of thermal processing services. Through heat treatment, metal joining, surface technology and Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP), Bodycote improves the properties of metals and alloys, extending the life of vital components for a wide range of industries, including aerospace, defence, automotive, power generation, oil & gas, construction, medical and transportation. Customers in all of these industries have entrusted their products to Bodycote’s care for more than 30 years. For more information, visit www.bodycote.com." September 2/2014

Labor Day Weekend. While we are not sure about the rest of the world in North America Monday September 1st is a holiday for all Canadians and Americans. Consequently there will be no news updates until Tuesday September 2/2014

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