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Williams Industrial Services


Heat Treat News

Nickel charts on InfoMine.comMolybdenum charts on

Heat Treating in Australia. In our quest to see every single commercial and captive heat treater in the world (we do realize this is unobtainable of course) our latest stop is Australia with our first stop being  Ace Metal Treating Services (AMTS to you and I). The background to the company is probably best provided from the company website "Ace Metal Treatment Services, AMTS, is the amalgamation of three of Melbourne's leading heat treatment companies: Metal Treatment Services, Ace-Heat Treaters &  Heat Treatment. With a combined industry experience of over 100 years and the latest equipment and practices, all under the one roof". And what a roof it is-over 1 acre in total! The firm offers it all, batch IQ processing, mesh belt lines, Induction, Press Quenching, rotary retort furnace with salt quenching, fluidized bed processing and coatings-almost the only thing missing is vacuum. One thing we knew before we got to Australia is that volumes are relatively low compared to many areas of North America and Germany so capacities tend to be smaller although what you see in the one very poor photo below is a batch IQ with working dimensions of 72" X 36" X 36" which is a big batch IQ anywhere in the world. Below you will also see David Karney, the General Manager and Gord Montgomery in front of a SECO/WARWICK rotary retort furnace with a salt quench. Based on the friendly easy going nature of the fellows at this our first heat treatment plant in Australia we look forward to future visits at a number of other commercial and captive heat treaters along with a couple of furnace manufacturers. August 31/2015

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Used Equipment Available. Our list of the best priced used furnace equipment in the industry keep changing. All of these listings are very new; there's a HF/CODEP system, a Pacific Scientific Rotary Retort Furnace, an Ipsen Vacuum Temper furnace in great shape, a multi-bottle 6,000 CFH Surface Combustion Endo Generator, a very large Sunbeam Mesh Belt temper and a big SBS Quench Oil Cooler. Remember if you don't see what you are looking for please let us know and we will try to find it for you. August 31/2015

A few examples include:

Paul Dobson/ Industrial Millwrighting and Maintenance. Many years ago a very experienced vacuum fellow by the name of Paul Dobson struck out on this own and formed  Industrial Millwrighting and Maintenance a company dedicated to rebuilding, maintaining and installing vacuum furnaces. Since that time Paul has prospered and done furnace installations around the world however a one man company means an awful lot of long days. Paul recently starting working with Wade Maloney a long time and very experienced vacuum individual and the two will be forming a new company by the name of the IVAC Group again entirely dedicated to the vacuum furnace industry. August 31/2015


Business Opportunities. "The Monty" has many top notch positions available in the heat treating industry which indicates both the shortage of good people available and also the fact that we get results for our advertisers. A small sampling of recent offerings include these; a General Manager is needed for a top notch commercial heat treat in the US Northwest, Rockford Heat Treaters is looking for a Maintenance Technician, an experienced fellow is looking for work as a Combustion Engineer and McLaughlin Services LLC in Indiana is looking for an Electrician and a Maintenance Technician. August 31/2015

Do you want results when it comes to filling a position within the heat treating industry? "The Monty" is the most economical, fastest way to fill that position. Looking for a job? Send us your ad and we will put it on the site free of charge for as long as you would like. When it comes to filling positions within the heat treating industry "The Monty" can't be beat. With a readership of over 20,000 heat treaters/month we will help you fill your position or help you find a job. Just contact

Ipsen Press Release. "The TITAN® H8 vacuum furnace continues to expand its presence with Ipsen’s recent shipment to a facility in Saudi Arabia the first TITAN H8 shipped outside of the United States. This furnace will be used to process parts for companies in the Energy industry. Capable of meeting most global industry standards, the TITAN H8 delivers speed, reliability and versatility of process capabilities. This horizontal-loading furnace utilizes 2-bar gas quenching and features a 48” x 80” x 48” (1,220 mm x 2,030 mm x 1,220 mm) graphite work zone with a 6,000-pound (2,700 kg) load capacity. This TITAN H8 furnace also operates at temperatures up to 2,500 °F (1,370 °C) with ±10 °F (±6 °C) temperature uniformity and includes a dual diffusion-pump system for high pumping performance. Equipped with optional center elements that can be removed, this furnace offers six trim zones and provides greater temperature uniformity throughout the load while heating up. The company also took advantage of several optional features, including a variable-speed cooling motor, a positive pressure natural convection system, a control cabinet air conditioner designed for humid, high-temperature environments and an upgraded VacuProf ® control system that monitors and records 18 thermocouples. Ipsen’s TITAN® vacuum furnaces can be found at facilities around the world, thanks to their ability to operate in most languages and offer various sizes and configurations, all within a small footprint. In addition, Ipsen’s 360° support offers solutions for customers’ diverse needs through all stages of the furnace’s life cycle, no matter the location – whether it is facilitating on-site installation, providing expert training and start-up assistance or delivering responsive field support and spare parts. To learn more about the Ipsen TITAN vacuum furnace, visit

About Ipsen                                                                    
Ipsen designs and manufactures industrial vacuum furnaces, atmosphere furnaces and supervisory control systems for a wide variety of thermal processing industries, including: Aerospace, Automotive, Commercial Heat Treating, Energy and Medical. With production locations in Europe, America and Asia, along with representation in 34 countries, Ipsen is committed to providing support for customers worldwide. Choosing Ipsen means choosing a partner in success."
August 28/2015

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Successful Heat Treaters. A friend recently posed to us the question “who are the most successful individuals in the heat treating industry”? We liked the idea and asked for suggestions with the basic criteria being that it could be either heat treaters (by their nature commercial as opposed to captive) or industry suppliers. Additionally it was assumed that all of these individuals were “self made” in other words they pretty much started from scratch. I have to say this was fun and some of the suggestions surprised us. So based on suggestions from our readers we ended up with this list of the most successful individuals in the heat treating industry.

John L. Becker formerly of the JL Becker Company of Michigan a supplier of new and used furnaces. John sold the company to Gasbarre a couple of years back.
Hugo Burgmayer of SHU in Ulm, Germany. We have no doubt but that this is the largest single location commercial heat treat in the world with a remarkable 550 employees in one area and the credit goes to Mr. Burgmayer.
Dick Chalet. This was an interesting suggestion, Dick founded AlconIndustries, of Cleveland a supplier of high temperature alloy components a number of years ago and yes he has grown it into a very successful business.
John Hubbard former CEO of Bodycote who from modest beginnings came to run the largest commercial heat treat company in the world.
Bill Jones of Solar Atmospheres and Solar Manufacturing of Pennsylvania who probably needs no introduction. Bill is another individual who started from scratch and has built up an extremely successful business.

Michael Korwin. No list like this would be complete without the founder of Nitrex and UPC being included.
Konrad Seehafer of commercial heat treater Hanomag in Hanover, Germany. Another enormous commercial operation.
Gary Sharpe Founder and President of Advanced Heat Treat Corp., of Waterloo, Iowa. Gary took an idea namely Ion Nitriding and turned that idea into one of the largest commercial heat treats in North America.
Carlos Torres founder and President of Mattsa/Crio a furnace builder and commercial heat treater in Mexico.
Kent Zuo of Shanghai Heat Treatment who claim to be the largest commercial heat treater in China with 6 or 7 plants-again completely from scratch. August 28/2015

Heat Treating Services Unlimited. The President of HTSU, Mr. Kyle Favors is a fellow we have known for many years and we can well remember when HTSU started in business a number of years ago. With 5 locations and 26 employees the company has come a long way in a relatively short period of time.

“GREENVILLE, S.C. – Heat Treating Services Unlimited Inc., a global field services and accredited testing and calibration laboratory, specializing in the Thermal Processing Industry, announced today the expansion of refractory and burner services with the addition of several key experienced personnel.  The investment in equipment and personnel bolsters HTSU’s comprehensive portfolio of maintenance, calibration, repair and testing services in North America. This division will operate as a new division of HTSU under the direction of Kevin Ruff, Vice President with Project Managers Mike Purser & Tim Smith.  “With the addition of Mike Purser then Tim Smith along with the other experienced personnel, HTSU can now offer a complete turn-key solution to our clients,” said HTSU President Kyle Favors. “Mike and Tim bring a combined 45 years’ experience in refractory and burner services which allow us to maintain the quality of work that HTSU is known for.  This is an exciting time for us, as we continue to expand our position in the Thermal Processing Industry offering additional solutions to customers.”  Along with the expanded services, this division will be selling and promoting refractory materials and combustion products.  HTSU currently is a distributor of Eclipse Combustion, Karl Dungs, CeraMaterials, and various refractory materials companies. With 26 employees over 5 locations, HTSU offers customers the ability to single source their equipment needs.  Pyrometry, Repairs, Burners, Consulting and Refractory in one place! About Heat Treating Services Unlimited (HTSU). Heat Treating Services Unlimited Inc. provides pyrometry, refractory, burner tuning and energy management services. HTSU testing and calibration activities are in compliance with ISO/IEC: 17025:2005. The privately held company is headquartered in Simpsonville, S.C., and has offices in Detroit, Asheville, N.C., Wichita, Kan., and Venice, Fla. Visit”. August 27/2015

Corner Stone

Braddock Metallurgical/Charlotte, North Carolina. We mentioned last week about commercial heat treater Braddock in the US Southeast had purchased the Alfe heat treating facility in Charlotte, NC. Here is the official press release from Braddock.

As part of our continuing effort to bring quality heat treat services to our growing customer base, we are adding a facility in Charlotte, NC. Under the continued leadership of Mark Yost and John Gabel, our Charlotte facility will provide the same level of excellent service that you have come to expect. Braddock is an AS9100 C and NADCAP certified company that has extensive experience in the automotive and aerospace industries.Our Mission is to provide our customers with an ongoing exceptional level of heat-treating quality and service. We accomplish this by having the proper FOCUS on our customers and PRIDE among our employees.We will be offering pick up & delivery service. In addition, positive pressure bright vacuum hardening, carburizing and neutral hardening, FNC, nitriding, continuous belt hardening, stress relieving and other thermal processing capabilities. August 27/2015

Custom Electric

Successful Heat Treaters. Cast your eyes back to last Friday to see an ongoing series we have about the most successful heat treaters in the industry. You will see that we have a number of suggestions and we continue to receive more. I have to say it is a very interesting list with a few names that never would have occurred to me. Our latest suggestions include these;

-Norm Tucker of commercial heat treater Heat Treatment Australia who along with his sister runs this very successful heat treat.

-Stephen Harris, CEO of Bodycote. As the man in charge at the world’s largest commercial heat treat Stephen is an obvious suggestion. In our humble opinion we believe he has done a good job during trying times.

-Dick Chalet. This was an interesting suggestion, Dick founded Alcon Industries a supplier of high temperature alloy components a number of years ago and yes he has been very successful.

-Ben Rassieur of Paulo Products the second largest commercial heat treater in North America.

-Carlos Torres founder and President of Mattsa/Crio a furnace builder and commercial heat treater in Mexico.

-Dave Ederer, Stack Metallurgical certainly the largest commercial shop in the US Northwest.

-Kent Zuo of Shanghai Heat Treatment who claim to be the largest commercial heat treater in China.

-John L. Becker formerly of the JL Becker Company a supplier of new and used furnaces.

-Chip Keough of Applied Process (I would also suggest Bill Keough of AFC-Holcroft).

-Bill Bernard, CEO of furnace supplier Surface Combustion. August 26/2015


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Solar Atmospheres Press Release. "Greenville, SC August 24, 2015 - Solar Atmospheres Southeast announces that Mike Harper has accepted the position of Regional Sales Manager. Mike will maintain and promote sales for Solar in the Southeastern United States.  We are confident Mike will provide our customers with exceptional support with over 23 years of experience and knowledge to draw upon in metal processing. Solar Atmospheres Southeast President, Steve Prout says, “We are excited to have Mike as a part of the Solar Atmospheres team and believe he is uniquely qualified for this position and to assist our customers in identifying the best processing solutions.” Prior to accepting this position, Mike’s career included positions in plant operations, business development and sales, serving a broad spectrum of metal working industries and emerging markets in the US Southeast. For more information about Solar Atmospheres Southeast, please contact Mike at 864-387-9392, or via email, and visit us at August 26/2015

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Marty Keylon-the interview. Out in California Marty is a long time heat treater who has seen both sides of the fence-one side being commercial heat treating and the other side being a manufacturers rep selling heat treating products. We had a chance to pose a few questions to Marty and this is the result. August 25/2015

1) First off Marty could you share some background with us, the obvious things being how you got into the business and what your experiences have been over the years.

"Long story short, In 1975 I started as a 17 yr old sand blaster for Orange Empire heat treating because it paid $1.65 an hour which was $0.30 more than working at the Shell Gas Station! I also worked as a truck driver, inspector, furnace operator and got into maintenance. Found something I was pretty good at so I stayed there for 15 years. At one time I had 6 maintenance guys under me and 2 plants as a maintenance supervisor.  I moved into the plant superintendent position and eventually plant manager, general manager and was the senior general manager running 2 Bodycote plants. I have been through many changes staying with the same company for 30 years. We were bought and sold many times. In this list I either moved to another facility or it was bought and sold. I started at Orange Empire HT, National HT, Downey HT, HinderTec, Hinderliter and finally Bodycote,  I retired in 2004.  I had a Ebay business my wife was running when I was working and after I retired I went at t full time for a while. It was very profitable for the first few years until the market got saturated with companies selling the same product for little margin and over charging for shipping as the profit center! I have over 7,000 positive feedbacks! After living in Orange County for 47 years we picked up and moved into the high sierras. That was a culture shock for sure! It was fun and exciting but I got restless so I started working at North American Cronite as a senior sales manager traveling 3 weeks out of every month. I started Keylon Thermal Consulting in 2006 after working with a lot of customers in the industry and seeing a need for additional talent and aftermarket support."

2) As a manufacturers rep what lines do you rep for?

"SAFE Cronite, South-Tek Systems, JL Becker, Conrad Kacsik, CeraMaterials, Phoenix TM. These vendors I sell through or for Alcon, Qual-Fab, Geo-Corp, Cambridge Wire Products, I.P.S. Stanwood, Super Systems, Roto-Jet of America. I also buy and sell new and used equipment. I have partnered with Champion Furnace Company “Rick Apodaca” installing furnaces. We work closely together. I also sell him Moly and other insulation for his Vacuum Hot Zone rebuilds." Continued

SECO/WARWICK Press Release. "SECO/WARWICK Allied (India) recently commissioned two 60 Metric Ton Melting and Holding furnaces for Hindalco Industries Ltd., Aditya Aluminum, Lapanga project, Orissa. The furnace design was prepared in conjunction with SECO/WARWICK Corp. (USA). This is an integrated greenfield aluminum complex. The furnaces are electrically heated with a hydraulic mechanism for tilting. The furnaces are designed for a melting rate of 1.3 Metric Tons per hour (minimum) each. The furnaces have been provided with doors for charging of solid metal or for skimming, and a door for charging of liquid metal by overhead crane. The scope of supply includes the furnace with heating, hydraulic system, PLC and SCADA with launders to feed an ingot casting machine. The launders lids have been designed for operation through a pneumatic cylinder arrangement.

About Hindalco; Hindalco Industries Ltd, the flagship company of the Aditya Vikram Birla Group, is looking to be the growth engine of the group in the non-ferrous metals business. A US $41 billion (Rs. 2,50,000 crore) corporation, the Aditya Birla Group is in the League of Fortune 500.

About SECO/WARWICK; The SECO/WARWICK Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heat treatment furnaces and a technology leader.  With our fully equipped research and development facility and cooperation with the leading academic centers in Europe, we are able to provide innovative solutions not offered anywhere else in the world.  The Group is made up of companies located in five countries on three continents, and we sell our products in 68 countries around the world. We supply furnaces to customers involved with steel, titanium and aluminum production as well as aluminum recycling, forging, automotive, aerospace, commercial heat treating, HVAC/R, electronics, wind energy, medical equipment and nuclear industries."  August 25/2015


Monday Morning Briefing. Lets start off at Dowa Thermotech Co., Ltd and their new location in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Dowa Thermotech is one of the largest commercial heat treaters and furnace builders in Japan and currently has operations in Japan, USA, Thailand, China, India and Indonesia. With the enormous investments in the auto industry in Mexico (which certainly includes the Japanese auto makers) Dowa made the decision some time back that they needs a strong presence in the area. It is our understanding that the plant is not up and running yet but will be in the near future. We at “The Monty” had the opportunity to visit Dowa in Japan last year and were extremely impressed with their heat treating operations-a photo of which can be seen below. This press release gives a few more details. “DOWA THERMOTECH MEXICO S.A. de C.V. (“NewCo”) in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, where he automobile industry has been fast‐growing.  A number of overseas automobile manufacturers and auto parts makers have been building new factories in Mexico, positioned as a manufacturing and exporting base for North America and the growing Central & South American automobile market. Because of this expanding automobile production, further growth of heat treatment demand is expected. NewCo will construct a new factory beginning with a sales and maintenance business of industrial furnaces targeting automobile manufacturers and auto parts makers operating in Mexico. Furthermore, NewCo will enter into heat treatment processing with a focus on vacuum heat treatment”.

Rod Kennedy who was QMS Manager at auto parts supplier and captive heat treater Sona BLW Precision Forge in Selma, NC has moved down the road a little bit to Reidsville, SC to be exact where he has just started as QC Manager for commercial heat treater Bodycote. Sona by the way was in the news some time back after they suffered a very substantial fire in their heat treating department. Allcast LLC, a custom aluminum die-casting manufacturer in Allentown, WI is adding some more heat treating capacity. While this is more foundry “stuff” as opposed to real heat treating it is still of interest to us. The company is adding a 29,000-square-foot addition to its current facility in the Town of Addison as it expands its casting capabilities to meet increased customer demand. Construction of the first phase, a 14,420-square-foot expansion of the company’s foundry, is expected to be completed by October. We have been told that commercial heat treater East Carolina Heat Treat has added another location in Lynchburg, Virginia called Virginia Heat Treating. East Carolina is a nice, larger than average commercial shop. We keep hearing that the world’s largest commercial heat treater, Bodycote is going through some organizational changes at the management level in Europe. There is a lot of speculation about what form these changes will take-time will tell.

We do need to put one story to rest about commercial heat treater Vancouver Heat Treat in Vancouver, Canada. Their parent company Vangear Gear Works ceased operations earlier this year and is currently in Receivership however this has not effected Vancouver Heat Treat which remains a healthy ongoing entity. Nutec Group of Monterrey a large furnace manufacturer is planning to hire 61 workers as it establishes a $19.2 million industrial insulation manufacturing plant in Huntersville, NC, USA. "Nutec Group of Monterrey, Mexico, will construct a 62,500-square-foot building on Mount Holly-Huntersville Road to house the operation. Nutec, which has operations in 50 countries, will make insulation materials at the site for petrochemical, ceramic, power generation, glass and heat-treating processes". And to round things out for today we leave you with this press release from Throughput.

"THROUGHPUT I BLUESTREAK™, a leading provider of Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software, is pleased to announce that Bluestreak I iTAR/EAR™ is available as an add-on license to Advanced Specification Library™ compliance software. “Because it is the responsibility of the manufacturer to ensure their supply chain is ITAR certified or ITAR compliant, our clients in the metals and surface finishing industries, who provide a service to parts such as heat treating, plating and powder coating, are also required to abide by ITAR.  Noncompliance could result in substantial penalties, both civil and criminal.  Bluestreak™ was designed for the unique needs of a service-based environment to manage this complex regulatory program,” states Todd Wenzel, CEO of Throughput IBluestreak™.  Bluestreak I iTAR/EAR™ has the depth and breadth to implement and manage all aspects of a compliance program such as:  Easy-to-access audit trails, manage and control sensitive information such as processing instructions, quality specifications, quality test results, media part drawings, customer procedures, and limit distribution to safe recipients (traceable communication). Advanced Specification Library™ also supports AIAG, API, AMS, AS, ASME, ASTM, ISO, NADCA, NADCAP, SAE, TS, etc., plus any internal and Prime's specifications. This innovative solution enables businesses to conform to specification requirements every time while automatically creating and maintaining a fully documented audit trail containing specification documents, requirements, and media. BLUESTREAK™ Suite is designed exclusively for a service-based manufacturing environment, where the primary focus Find out more at or" . August 24/2015


Graphite Materials GmbH. We welcome our newest advertiser graphite supplier Graphite Materials GmbH of Germany whose banner ad can be found on the left side of this page. We will in the near future be offering you an interview with the President of the company Mr. Rolf Terjung who will tell us all about graphite products for the heat treating industry. Rolf can be seen in the photo below second from the left. August 24/2015

Successful Heat Treaters. Wednesday of this week we mentioned how we are putting together a list of the most successful heat treaters in the world. Now success can be measured in many ways but for the purpose of this list we are going to consider individuals in the industry (either actual heat treaters or industries suppliers) who through hard work, a better idea, pure luck or most likely a combination of all of these have grown their businesses to become very successful. We have a few thoughts of our own and when combined with suggestions we have received over the past two days we have a beginning of a list. We anticipate that after two weeks we will have a list of the most successful individuals in the industry. To start off we have these suggestions in no particular order; August 21/2015

-Gary Sharpe Founder and President of Advanced Heat Treat Corp., of Waterloo, Iowa. Gary took an idea namely Ion Nitriding and turned that idea into one of the largest commercial heat treats in North America.
-Hugo Burgmayer of SHU in Ulm, Germany. We have no doubt but that this is the largest single location commercial heat treat in the world with a remarkable 550 employees in one area.
-John Hubbard former CEO of Bodycote who from modest beginnings came to run the largest commercial heat treat company in the world.
-Michael Korwin. No list like this would be complete without the founder of Nitrex being included.
-Konrad Seehafer of commercial heat treater Hanomag in Hanover, Germany. Another enormous commercial operation.
-Surjit Bawa of Metex Heat Treat in Mississauga, Canada. This is a personal favorite of ours as we remember when Surjit started from almost nothing 30 years ago and turned Metex into a multi-plant operation.
-Terry Woodworth of RMT Woodworth in Michigan. Terry continued what his father had started with the result that RMT Woodworth is one of the fastest growing commercials in the US.
-John Chesworth. At least two people suggested the former CEO of Bodycote Mr. John Chesworth.
-Bill Jones of Solar Atmospheres and Solar Manufacturing who probably needs no introduction. Bill is another individual who started from scratch and has built up a very successful business.

Feel free to send us your suggestions as to the most successful heat treaters of all time, we still have lots of time before we put our final list is put together.


Proton OnSite. We welcome our newest advertiser Proton OnSite of Connecticut who offer some very impressive gas generation systems for producing hydrogen, nitrogen and zero air systems on site. It's pretty cool stuff and their ad can be found on this site. August 21/2015


Braddock Metallurgical. Far and away the most dominant heat treater in the US Southeast is family owned Braddock Metallurgical with seven plants in Florida, Georgia, NJ and Puerto Rico. We have always considered them a very progressive company who has no problem investing in new state of the art equipment   Did we say seven plants? Better make that eight plants. Braddock has just purchased the ALFE plant in Charlotte, North Carolina which closed down in June of this year after suffering a fire earlier in the year (ALFE is one of the largest commercial heat treaters in North America and the largest commercial aluminum processor The plant offered most processes including aluminum drop bottom ovens, vacuum heat treating and pit furnaces all housed in a pretty good sized building. While this photo is getting a little dated this is what the vacuum department looked like a few years back. August 20/2015

European Used Equipment Available. For 16 years “The Monty” has been very successful at putting buyers and sellers of used heat treating equipment together and we now bring this model to Europe. If you have surplus heat treating equipment we would be very happy to help you find a buyer on a non-exclusive small commission basis. Please let us know what questions you have and we will be happy to answer them. If you are a buyer looking for a particular item please let us know and we should be able to find it for you. August 20/2015

A few examples include:

David Pye. Heat treat consultant David Pye has probably worked on most continents in various heat treat capacities and as such he is a rather well known fellow. So we read with interest this (now condensed) story about how he got his start at DeHavilland Propellers many years ago. August 20/2015

WHEN major local employer DeHavilland Propellers was featured in Looking Back it prompted former employee David Pye to get in touch. His memories will, no doubt, be of interest to any other DeHavilland employees who shared in the success of this local business. It was a massive venture, with thousands of employees, including David. During World War Two DeHavilland Propellers made (as the name would suggest) propellers and in just six weeks in 1940, the site made 1,051 constant speed conversion kits for Spitfires and Hurricane fighters in urgent preparation for the Battle of Britain. David would join this famous local employer after the end of World War Two of course. He was in the 1955 apprentice intake and ended up working in the heat treat department under the mentor Walter Simms, who was a foreman. "DeHappyland, as we all called it, was a business of Sir Geoffrey DeHavilland at Hatfield. We all thought it would live forever but it didn't," he says. David, who is still involved in heat treatment and metallurgy at the age of 75, says it has given him an "amazing career". "In 1958 my other friend (Jack Chadwick from the YMCA and Bolton Junior Technical College) were asked if we would like to specialise in heat treatment of steels and other metals. "We were the first two apprentices to go into heat treatment under the tuition of Walter Simms who was a foreman," he explains. David says the training was completed in 1960 (apprenticeships were five years in those days) with a final apprenticeship programme to develop the process of nitriding (heating steel in the presence of ammonia or other nitrogenous material and increasing hardness and corrosion resistance).

This was a new and very successful venture. "We did this out of any scrap equipment that we could find and the project was a success. DeHavilland Lostock then started the process of nitriding," explains David. David would remain with the company until 1966 when he left to join The Prestige Group in Burnley. In 1970 David left Prestige and Burnley to emigrate to South Africa where he ran a heat treatment department for a gear cutting manufacturing company. He moved companies, and eventually became general manager of a large international company. "During this time I began to recognise that there was a singular lack of education for heat treatment and metallurgy so I then approached the South African Institute of Foundry Men to start what I called the heat treatment specialist division with the objective of promoting, organising and presenting educational courses in the many different fields of heat treatment and metallurgy." In 1981 David was elected President of the Institute of Foundry Men — the second person from Bolton to hold this coveted post. David's career would take him to America and there he would start his own company called Pye Metallurgical Consulting. He has made various videos on different aspects of heat treating, published 15 books and writes monthly articles for magazines in the USA and India on the subject of heat treating. In November 2014 he returned to live in England."

Successful Heat Treaters. In our rather small close knit industry a few heat treaters stand out as having started from nothing and have ended up achieving a great deal either as commercial heat treaters, captive heat treaters or industry suppliers. Many names come to mind but we are looking for your suggestions as to who are the most successful. So over the course of the next two weeks we will be putting together a list of the most successful heat treaters in terms of having started commercial heat treats, making the most money or growing the companies they work for on the largest scale. As always we appreciate your suggestions. Now this will be fun! August 19/2015

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Bodycote DFW Press Release. "DFW area’s premier aerospace-accredited heat treating facility renewed NADCAP. Bodycote Fort Worth committed to serve the area’s aerospace industry Bodycote’s Fort Worth facility has once again earned its NADCAP accreditation from the Performance Review Institute (PRI) for demonstrating ongoing commitment to quality and satisfying aerospace industry’s specific requirements and standards. Eric Whitman, Bodycote’s VP of Operations North America, comments, “The accreditation’s renewal reaffirms our continuous effort to remain focused on improving operational efficiency and service quality”. Bodycote has been serving the aerospace, defense and energy market in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth area for more than 75 years. The Fort Worth facility is well equipped to provide heat treating processes such as annealing, brazing, carbonitriding, carburizing, hardening, tempering and normalizing. Bodycote Fort Worth also maintains ISO-9100:2008, AS 9100 Rev. C and ISO-14001:2004 accreditations, along with many customer specific approvals including BAE Systems, Bell Helicopter, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Pratt & Whitney, Raytheon and others. Bodycote is the premier aerospace industry accredited heat treating facility in the DFW area. For more information, please visit Bodycote DallasFortWorth." August 19/2015

CeraMaterials Press Release. "CeraMaterials (Port Jervis, New York) have signed on Metal Pro Resources ( ) as their representatives for the mid-west states including Ohio, West Virginia, Western Pennsyvania, Kentucky & Indiana. Metal Pro Resources is a full service supplier to the heat treat industry, founded by Jim Senne & Steve Maus. Jim Senne has 32 years of experience in the field of heat treating and metallurgy, specializing in atmosphere heat treatment in the heavy industrial environment. Combining his educational background in chemistry and metallurgy, with his long term experience as manager of a large captive heat treating shop, Jim brings a unique perspective to any job; one that combines the heat treater’s and the metallurgist’s point of view. Steve Maus is an expert in the field of heat treating and thermal processing, specializing in the optimization of equipment and processes for manufacturing and R&D operations. Drawing on a degree in Metallurgical Engineering and extensive experience in manufacturing, project management, and quality systems development, he has led efforts ranging from process control system upgrades, new facility design, construction, and commissioning, to implementation of NUCAP/Nadcap accredited systems and procedures.

CeraMaterials president, Dr. Jerry Weinstein issued a statement, "We are very excited to have Jim Senne & Steve Maus on board representing CeraMaterials. Both men bring wealth of experiences and expertise to our key market areas of heat treating & manufacturing. They have already brought to us some good opportunities. We look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Metal Pro Resources.”Ceramaterials ( is an international supplier of graphite & ceramic Insulation, carbon composites, machined graphite, ceramics and Moly products mainly for vacuum & process furnace applications. CeraMaterials has warehouse facilities in New York, New Jersey, Texas, Arizona, California, Oregon, Michigan & Asia to expedite delivery of materials" August 19/2015

Rockford Heat Treaters/Rockford, IL. Commercial heat treater Rockford Heat Treaters in Rockford, Illinois has been making some major investments of late. Founded in 1967 the company had 50,000 square feet however recently Rockford purchased the adjacent lot and   constructed a 12,500 sq./ft. building with the option to expand another 17,500 square feet if needed down the road. The vacuum department which consists of 5 vacuum furnaces, one vacuum temper and 12 tempering units has now moved into the new facility. The smallest vacuum is the first Titan Furnace that Ipsen built and the largest is a VFS 50 x 62 x 40 high.  By moving this equipment to the new building, it has allowed the company to install another 2 row pusher furnace and expand the shipping and receiving department in the main facility. The photos below show the addition as it now stands. August 18/2015

Stackpole. Just a week ago we had a news item about auto parts supplier and captive heat treater Stackpole making a major investment into one of their plants, so it is rather a coincidence that we have a second news item about the company now being sold. Stackpole is an interesting company in that they were the first auto parts company to jump into vacuum carburizing in a big way and at one point they had probably the largest vacuum carburizing department in the world with 5 large continuous Ipsen systems  and two CI Hayes continuous systems. As far as this sale goes we would imagine nothing will change with the company. August 17/2015

Johnson Electric Holdings Limited, a global leader in electric motors and motion subsystems headquartered in Hong Kong, has agreed to acquire the Stackpole International group of companies, a leading supplier of engine and transmission pumps and Powder Metallurgy components, in a transaction valued at C$800 million (US$608 million). Stackpole, headquartered in Ontario, Canada, has a 109-year history as a supplier of highly-engineered components to the automotive industry and employs over 2,000 people globally. Its blue-chip customer base is comprised mainly of the world’s leading automotive original equipment manufacturers and their Tier 1 suppliers. “We identified pumps and highly-engineered components as strategic priorities for Johnson Electric to strengthen our position as a supplier to key engine and transmission applications that contribute to improved fuel economy and reduced emissions. Acquiring Stackpole’s oil pump technology and powder metal expertise is an excellent fit that will enable us to provide integrated motorised pump solutions to customers in a rapidly growing market segment within the automotive industry,” stated Dr Patrick Wang, Johnson Electric’s Chairman and Chief Executive”.

Vac Aero/Dan Herring/Edwards Vacuum. This is an interesting collaboration between some very well known names in the vacuum heat treating industry, furnace builder Vac Aero, vacuum pump supplier Edwards and one of our favorite guys in the industry the Heat Treat Doctor himself Mr. Dan Herring. August 17/2015

VAC AERO Launches a New Vacuum Pump Technology Column with Dan Herring in collaboration with Edwards Vacuum to be entitled “Practical Vacuum Pump Practice with Dan Herring!Burlington, Ontario, August 17, 2015 - A new column, written by vacuum heat treating expert Dan Herring “The Heat Treat Doctor”® in collaboration with Edwards Vacuum will be published monthly and offer helpful tips and techniques on vacuum pumping systems to a worldwide audience of individuals using all types of vacuum equipment. The first article will appear in the September 15th “What’s Hot!” newsletter. This VAC AERO exclusive publication launched  back in September 2007 and contains hundreds of archived articles can now be found in the “Resources” section of the VAC AERO website where anyone can sign up for the monthly newsletter. VAC AERO takes pride in its continued support of the metal treating community by helping to promote, collaborate and assist others in their search for solutions on important issues in the practice and application of vacuum processing”.

Heat Treat Index/Metals Market. From Bill Jones, CEO of Solar Atmospheres we have these thoughts about the relationship (or perhaps lack of) between the Heat Treat Index from Metal Treating Institute and base metals Pricing. August 17/2015

“Here is a busy chart our R&D group has prepared for possible business projection purpose. The data is from off the line internet metal publications for the last 20 years. The Heat Treat Index is from the Metal Treating Institute, MTI, published data. What has triggered my attention to these index’s is your published data for Nickel and Molybdenum every day. Exactly why you publish Moly alludes me as only those in vacuum processing really are concerned. Note the Heat Treating index is far more stable than the metals market and particularly since 2010 where all metals have continued down, the commercial heat treating market has continued to rise, this is hard to explain except the HT index is for North America where the metals market is a reflection of worldwide markets. The most volatile metals are Titanium, Nickel, and to a lesser extent Moly, with surprise Copper the most stable. Although Gold, not plotted, shows a similar plot to Nickel, Gold is often touted as a hedge against inflation or deflation, this does not appear to follow. So what can be gained from this exercise: Metal prices, like oil, may be at a near 5 year low. The commercial heat treating business, here in North America, tends to buck base metal prices for reasons not explained here. William R. Jones, CEO, FASM, Solar Atmospheres Inc., Souderton, Pa. “         

Aalbert Industries Financials. "Dutch conglomerate Aalbert Industries is one of the larger commercial heat treaters in the world operating under names such as the TTI Group in the UK and Hauck in Germany and Poland. The company just released their annual financial report for the first six months of 2015 which shows a healthy company although as usual it is hard to figure out where the heat treat divisions stand.

·         Revenue EUR 1,244 million, increase +18% (organic +2%)
·         Operating profit (EBITA) +16% to EUR 135 million; EBITA-margin 10.8%
·         Net profit before amortisation +15% to EUR 92 million
·         Earnings per share +15% to EUR 0.83
·         Cash flow from operations +130% to EUR 47 million
·         Integration and optimisation of the 2014 acquisitions is proceeding well"
August 17/2015

Utitec/Ipsen Press Release. It would appear that captive heat treater Utitec a manufacturer of stamped products has purchased their second Ipsen "Titan" vacuum furnace. August 14/2015

"Whether companies are expanding their processing capabilities, updating their equipment or increasing their ability to serve multiple industries, Ipsen works directly with them to provide the necessary tools for success. As part of that commitment, Ipsen recently shipped a TITAN® vacuum furnace to Utitec’s facility in Watertown, Connecticut. There, it will become their facility’s second TITAN, thus allowing them to increase their heat-treating capacities and meet the high demand for heat-treated work. Utitec is a manufacturer of deep drawn and stamped components for various industries – including Medical, Automotive and Electronics – and manufactures more than 25 million parts per month, the majority of which require heat treating both during and after the forming processes. In 2013, Utitec made the decision to purchase an Ipsen TITAN vacuum furnace and bring their heat-treating in-house. Utitec received their first TITAN furnace in December 2013 – just eight weeks after ordering the furnace. This purchase allowed Utitec to improve part quality, shorten delivery times and reduce costs for their customers. According to Sam Oakes, Director of Engineering at Utitec, “The Ipsen TITAN H2 2-bar vacuum furnace was selected based upon the quality, price and quick delivery made possible by Ipsen. Utitec, as a company, had no prior production heat-treating experience, and only one person had production heat-treating experience at the time of the purchase. However, in spite of this limited experience, we were running production just two months after delivery and heat treated over five million pieces within the first three months of operation. We have found the furnace to be extremely reliable and user-friendly, even for non-technical furnace users.”

Both of Utitec’s TITAN furnaces feature 18” x 18” x 24” all-graphite hot zones – one with a 2,000-pound load capacity and the other a 1,000-pound load capacity. They utilize gas cooling to 2-bar absolute pressure and operate at temperatures of 1,000 °F to 2,400 °F. These furnaces are also equipped with 10-inch diffusion pumps and Ipsen’s VacuProf ® controls systems. Designed for ease of use, the TITAN is perfect for first-time heat treaters and experts alike. The TITAN furnace’s standardized, simple-to-master control system operates in 20-plus languages, meets global industry standards, switches easily between units of measure and stores up to 1,000 recipes. To learn more about Ipsen’s TITAN vacuum furnace, visit About Utitec. Headquartered in Watertown, Connecticut, Utitec is a privately owned world leader in the design and manufacturing of miniature, ultra-high precision tubular and flat stamped components. In business for more than 30 years and certified to ISO 13485:2003 and ISO 9001:2008, Utitec supports customers through ongoing collaboration and is capable of providing critical product tolerances, meeting specific part specifications or manufacturing under the medical quality system requirements of ISO 12485. Visit to find out more."

George Bodeen. We regret that we missed mentioning the passing of George Bodeen when it actually happened as George was one of the true pioneers of the heat treating industry.

"George Harwood Bodeen, 91, beloved husband of Nancy Bodeen (née Lindberg) with whom he shared 64 years of marriage, passed away on May 21, 2015. George was born in Chicago on March 31, 1924. He is the son of the late George Herman Bodeen and the late Alva Bodeen (née Larson). His sister, Helen Brockington Richardson (née Bodeen), preceded him in death. As a young man, George achieved the rank of Eagle Scout. He graduated from Amundsen High School in June of 1941, and was then accepted to The School of Engineering at Northwestern University. After his father’s sudden passing on October 31, 1941, George, 17 years old, became the primary provider for his family. He then went to the Dean to notify him that he had to withdraw from school in order to support his mother and sister. The Dean said, “You are coming back someday, and I’ll keep your file here and have it ready for your return.” George then took a position with Teletype Corporation. Although George was initially granted a deferment in order to continue to care for his family, in 1943 he enlisted in the U.S. Army Air Corps. He served as a Navigator/Bombardier as well as a Radar Operator on B-17s and B-24s. He also played the clarinet and the tenor saxophone in the Army Air Corps band.

Following the war, he contacted the Dean and was again accepted to the School of Engineering on the G.I. Bill. He graduated with a B.S. in 1949. As an alum, he returned to campus with a friend and went to a Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority Open House to welcome the new pledges. It was there he met Nancy Lindberg. After a whirlwind romance, they were married on June 30, 1951. George began his career as a salesperson with Neenah Foundry and made a lasting impression on the company president. He encouraged George to speak with his father-in-law, Roy Lindberg, president of Lindberg Steel Treating Company in Chicago, about joining the company. In 1952, George began work at Lindberg as a maintenance department worker on the third shift. As his career progressed, George went to night school at Northwestern to attain his Masters Degree in Materials Science (1970). He succeeded in becoming President, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer, shepherding the company’s growth from a regional heat treating company to the largest commercial heat treater in North America, with operations in the United States, Mexico, Brazil, and Canada. Lindberg served more than 10,000 customers in a range of industries including: aerospace, automotive, oil field equipment, consumer products, agricultural equipment, heavy truck, construction, defense and machine tool markets. A major achievement by George while at Lindberg was the successful processing of solid rocket fuel motor cases for the Minuteman and other missile programs.

He is a Past President of the Metal Treating Institute (1973-74) and ASM International (1983) (formerly known as American Society for Metals). At ASM, he is a Distinguished Life Member, Fellow, and Honorary Member. In addition, the George H. Bodeen Heat Treating Achievement Award was established in his honor in 1997. He was also the Founding President of the ASM Heat Treating Society. Other honors he has received include two Northwestern Alumni Awards; one for Merit and one for Service; Significant Sig from Sigma Chi Fraternity; Who’s Who of Engineering; Legend and Heritage Award, Metal Treating Institute; SpaceWalk of Honor at Kennedy Space Center in recognition of support of the American Space Program; and Honorary Vice President of the International Federation for Heat Treatment and Surface Engineering. He has served on many boards including The Hadley School for the Blind (Chairman 1991-1993, Life Trustee), the North Suburban YMCA (Co-Founder), DICKEY-john, The Pepper Companies, Trustmark, Old Kent-Fifth Third Bank, Clevite Industries, George Williams College, Pfingsten Partners, the Swedish American Museum, and Presbyterian Homes (Life Director). He was also a member of the McCormick Advisory Council at Northwestern.

George was a member of The Commercial Club (Life), The Chicago Club, and The Economic Club. He was a member of Loblolly Club, and served on the Architectural Review Committee. He was also a member of Castle Park Association. He is a past President of Skokie Country Club (1974), and was a member of Old Elm Club, where he loved to golf. He also loved to fly fish, and was an enthusiastic member of Coleman Lake Club. He was a member of the Glencoe Union Church, contributing in several significant ways. He was General Chairman of the Centennial Fund Drive (1970-74), involved in the Second Century Fund (2013), and led the high school Youth Fellowship group from 1971-75 with his wife Nancy. George Bodeen was a humble, affable, compassionate, and energetic man who made everyone smile when they saw him. He was welcoming to all, and even those who didn’t know him could feel his warmth. He made time to listen and help problem-solve, no matter who you were. He was a mentor to many and helped guide and foster a sense of confidence in those he helped. He will be missed by his many friends, colleagues, and acquaintances and, of course, his family. He is survived by his loving wife, Nancy, and his four children; Debbie (Jeff Calhoun), Michael, Julie (Andy Phelps), and Susan; and his eight grandchildren." August 14/2015

Banner Medical. Well we have never heard of Banner Medical before but since they are going to be investing in more heat treating equipment we are interested. According to this press release and what we have heard from other sources the company will be investing in new vacuum furnace (s) for this new location. Warsaw, Indiana is often referred to as the Orthopedics capital of North America with companies such as Depuy  and Zimmer both manufacturing in the area (and all of course having in house vacuum heat treating which is what gets us excited). August 13/2015

“Banner Medical, a privately held supplier and processor of medical-grade raw materials, plans to locate its first Indiana plant in Warsaw, creating up to 76 new jobs by 2019, officials announced Monday. The company, a subsidiary of Banner Service Corp. in Carol Stream, Illinois, will invest $6.3 million to construct a state-of-the-art, 43,000-square-foot material processing center at the Warsaw Technology Park, according to a news release. Dave Simak, Banner Medical’s marketing manager, said the company works with materials including titanium, cobalt chrome and stainless steel. It supplies manufacturers that make products such as fracture plates and spine rods for the device industry. Construction on the Warsaw site, at Polk Drive and Silveus Crossing off U.S. 30, will start Sept. 1 and may accommodate future expansions up to 110,000 square feet. Banner plans to begin Indiana operations by early 2016. Banner Service currently employs 150 full time with its Illinois operations and two manufacturing sites in Strongsville, Ohio, and Charlotte, North Carolina. For Warsaw, the company plans to begin hiring for machine operators, quality/compliance, sales and general administrative positions for its Indiana facility this fall. Simak declined to be specific but said pay will be competitive. Warsaw is often dubbed the Orthopedics Capital, based on the manufacturing companies there”.

Endothermic Generators, Whose is Largest?  Never for a second do we think we have heard all the questions out there and this is a perfect example of a question we have never run across before-a reader today asked us this question: “what is the largest endothermic generator produced and who offers it”?  Well we have no idea quite frankly. Off the top of our head we would say a unit capable of 13,500 CFH is the largest we run across regularly but is this the biggest available as a standard unit or the largest ever built? We welcome your comments. August 13/2015

Oerlikon Leybold Press Release. "Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum is pleased to announce the launch of the Vacuum Online Shop, the all-new online store for our vacuum technological products and accessories. After running the Vacuum Shop in the US successfully, the Online Store is now open and ready for operation in twelve additional countries in six languages to shop for products and after sales services. With high-tech products and innovative vacuum solutions, Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum supports its customers in making full use of their potential. Convenient purchasing access and quick delivery enhances their production processes.

Broad Range of Products; Logging into the Online Shop opens the chance to discover an exciting array of products, spare parts and accessories. The Vacuum Shop is built around a friendly, easy to use interface. Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum is dedicated to providing products and services to the customers that will assure a professional experience when shopping with us. More than ever, value is important, and having an easy access to original spare parts, standardized maintenance kits, small items such as flanges, fittings, valves, or measuring instruments will help to save money and time. Therefore, the Online-Shop focusses on all items, which can be sold without any consultancy - but it also offers vacuum pumps, which are easy to install and represent state-of-the-art components. The shop offers state-of-the art options for payment: advanced payment, secure payment with credit cards or by invoice. Furthermore, there is a discount on all order effected through the shop, even with free shipping for orders exceeding a certain amount. This will also be the forum to check for special offers and sales promotions. For other items requiring specific consultation, the shop still offers the option to place a request for an offer. Then, highly experienced experts will get back to you to clarify your needs and requirements – from standardized systems to fully customized solutions.

After Sales Services on the Road; With this easy online shopping access, Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum is electronically improving on the already excellent personal customer proximity through the widespread sales and service network. In order to execute on the new global service concept, Oerlikon Leybold Vacuum is investing in the enhancement of the field service network with highly experience and trained service staff. These service technicians will now be equipped with new field service vans containing all items needed to perform high quality maintenance or servicing task directly at the customers’ site."  August 13/2015

Precision Castparts Corp. The big news on financial markets yesterday was the proposed acquisition of PCC by Bershire Hathaway Inc. It made such a stir in the markets that another website dedicated to the heat treating industry carried the news item however with all due respect to them they didn’t say what this had to do with heat treating hence we have taken it upon ourselves to tell you. While PCC does some heat treating in house (more on this in a second) they also just happen to outsource an enormous amount of heat treating (literally millions and millions of dollars worth every year) to commercial heat treaters around the world. We mentioned that PCC does some heat treating in house but this expanded substantially back in May of 2012 when PCC acquired commercial heat treater Aerocraft Heat Treating Company, Inc., in Paramount, CA in a move which many felt signaled to their heat treat suppliers that they were not wedded to outsourcing the work. So there you have the heat treat connection although we can’t imagine for a second that anything will change for the company when it comes to heat treating.

“Berkshire Hathaway Inc.’s proposed $37.2 billion acquisition of Precision Castparts Corp. will see some 30 Southern California Precision subsidiaries land in Warren Buffett’s portfolio. Among the businesses included in the deal, announced Saturday, are Valencia’s Aerospace Dynamics International Inc., which employs about 625 people; Gardena’s Permaswage Co.; Dickson Testing Co. Inc. in South Gate; Aerocraft Heat Treating Co. Inc. in Paramount; and Klune Industries in North Hollywood. Joe Hixson, a spokesman for Precision, said it was unlikely the subsidiaries and their employees would feel an impact from the deal. “One of the benefits to Berkshire Hathaway is that it’s a partner, and has been a shareholder a long time and likes the way we work,” he said. “Employees can expect business as usual.” According to Hixson, Berkshire Hathaway owned 4.2 million Precision shares, just over 3 percent, as of March 13, making it the seventh-largest shareholder. Buffett has been a shareholder since 2012, he added. Precision Castparts has a market cap of $31.8 billion and employs more than 30,000 people. The company, founded in 1949, makes complex metal parts for the aerospace, power and industrial industries. It also provides melted and milled metals for several industries”. August 12/2015

Lindberg Press Release. "Lindberg/MPH announced the shipment of two (2) Car Bottom Industrial furnaces used for curing aircraft engine hardware consisting of ceramic-metallic composite shapes. Both furnaces heat a maximum 5,000lbs load.  One unit heats from 200°F to a maximum temperature of 2100°F.  The second unit heats to 2800°F. The electrically powered furnaces utilize two heating systems; an auxiliary preheater and an air recirculation system to achieve uniform temperature at low temperatures, as well as radiant heating elements for uniform high temperature operation. The customer required temperature uniformity of ± 20°F for an optimal cure. The workloads are manually placed on a self-driven car and driven into the industrial furnaces. The car bottom furnaces also feature fast cooling technology. The re-circulating blower pulls air from the pre-heater, re-circulates it through the furnace and then back through the pre-heater again.  A butterfly valve allows the pre-heater air piping to be by-passed and cool ambient room air to be pushed into the furnace chamber for fast cooling. Roof mounted exhaust flues with air cylinder operated coves open during the low temp curing process to vent fumes from the product as well as during the fast cooling process.

“Because of the consistent reliability and performance of their existing 25+ year old Lindberg car bottom furnaces, our customer was compelled to select Lindberg for their new plant expansion for their heat treating needs.”  Tim Josephs-Heat Treat Sales Manager 
Unique features of these industrial furnaces include:

  • Furnace heating element input is 300 kW (2100°F Unit), 478 kW (2800°F Unit)
  • Moldatherm® embedded heating elements in the 2100°F furnace.
  • Globar heating elements for the Pre Heater and 2800°F furnace including tapped variable reactance transformers for 2800°F furnace.
  • Honeywell HC900 PLC with 15" Honeywell Model 900CS15 HMI for temperature control, data logging and process control
  • Furnace heat chamber is controlled by three (3) independent zones in the 2100°F furnace and two (2) independent zones in the 2800°F furnace
  • Provisions to connect up to twelve (12) additional profile thermocouples are available in a box located on the side of the control cabinets
  • Air powered seals thermally seal the car bottom and door to the main furnace chamber.

About Lindberg/MPH
Lindberg/MPH is a leading manufacturer of standard and custom industrial heat treat furnaces, including pit, box, IQ, and belt type for the ferrous and non-ferrous markets.  Lindberg customers cover a wide range of industries including aerospace/military, automotive, commercial heat treating, energy/oil, electronics and the forging markets.   Founded in 1917, the company has more than 75,000 industrial furnace installations worldwide and their equipment is backed by a full range of customer support services and the most extensive replacement parts inventory in the industry.  Lindberg is a proven leader in the thermal processing industry, with a long track record of proven policies and management practices. 
Lindberg/MPH is owned by Thermal Product Solutions (“TPS”), a leading American manufacturer of custom industrial ovens used for heat treating, finishing, drying, curing, manufacturing automation and process control. TPS is a global leader in thermal processing products and test solutions with brands including BlueM, Gruenberg, Tenney, Lindberg, MPH and Wisconsin Oven. For more information on equipment solutions from TPS visit the website at"
August 11/2015

Ajax TOCCO Press Release. "Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic recently delivered 5 / 10 kW TOCCOtron AC induction heating systems to an international on-site heat treating firm. These systems are designed for portable / on-site preheat prior to welding applications. The customer chose these systems over larger 35 kW induction heating systems due to significantly less equipment costs. At 5 kW continuous output, the customer stated the 5 / 10kW TOCCOtron AC systems satisfied the majority of their small to medium preheat prior to welding applications and was capable of heating 50 kg of steel to 200°C in 30 minutes. The customer also cited a simple, robust design in addition to the light weight (hand carried), 100% aircooled design including quick setup and broad application capabilities as other factors in their decision. Ajax TOCCO air-cooled induction weld preheat systems offer many advantages including:
• Controlled Cooling Rates
• Increased Penetration
• Increased Feed Rates
• Improved Quality
• Reduced Consumables
High-frequency induction heating cables can be configured for round, flat or irregular surfaces. No tools are required for installation and use. All electrical connections are made with quick disconnects and circular military style connectors. Other applications include bearing / sleeve shrink fitting, coatings curing, coatings removal, die heating and bulk heating applications. Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic®, a subsidiary of ParkOhio Holdings Corp.®, designs and manufactures world-class induction heating and melting equipment for various industries and applications throughout the world. In addition, the Company provides a range of services including laboratory process development, preventive maintenance, equipment repair, and parts, coil repair facilities and installation services through its locations in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia."
August 11/2015

Monday Morning Briefing. Greg McFee is a long time heat treater who at one point many years ago was with commercial heat treater Lindberg. Greg ended up running a commercial heat treat in Phoenix, Arizona by the name of Desert Fire (which is still my favorite name ever for a heat treat). Greg recently left the company and has moved back to Ohio where he will be a consultant. Auto parts supplier Stackpole is a major producer of powdered metal parts for the auto industry. It was recently announced that the company would be adding additional capacity as we can see in this news report. The company currently has a number of heat treating systems in house at their various locations including vacuum carburizing and quite a few sintering furnaces from various suppliers. “Just two years after a major 80,000 ft2 expansion of one of its two manufacturing facilities in the Ancaster Business Park, Ontario, Canada, Stackpole International is adding another 60,000 ft2 to its other existing manufacturing facility. It is reported that the $9 million building expansion will accommodate the new components various auto-makers, including General Motors and Ford, have used in their vehicles. It was indicated that additional funds will be invested in production equipment in 2016. Headquartered in Ancaster, Stackpole International has twelve manufacturing facilities and technical centres in North America, Europe, Asia, and Turkey employing over 2,000 people globally. These facilities produce a range of engine and transmission pumps and other Powder Metallurgy components to the global automotive marketplace”. From Canada we move to Mexico for this news item from furnace controls company SSi. SSI Mexico hosted a Technical Seminar in Querétaro Mexico last week.  As with all of SSI’s technical seminars, we focus on educating attendees on heat treating applications and industry specifications so everyone walks away with information that they can use immediately in their work place.  A couple of pictures are attached.  The 2nd one is the SSi Mexico team during the end of seminar reception. Jim Oakes, VP Business Development”

Out in Carol Stream, Illinois commercial heat treater Metals Technology Corporation is justifiably proud of the fact that the company recently received re-certification to AMS 2750, AMS 2759, AMS 2759/1 and 9P050000Code 9003 - Stress Relief from Lockheed-Martin - Missiles & Fire Control Division. Along the same lines heat treater East Carolina Metal Treating Inc., in Raleigh, NC is pretty pleased that they are now Nadcap. “With a great deal of pleasure and pride, we announce that East Carolina Metal Treating, Inc., was awarded a Nadcap accreditation for heat treating. Along with that, we have become a participating member of ITAR/EAR group. With Nadcap accreditation we are able to pursue the ADE (AEROSPACE, DEFENSE, and ENERGY) Sector of the market and hope to support all your needs in the near future”. Jane LaGoy, Technical Services Manager at Bodycote in Andover, Massachusetts, USA, has received the 2015 ASTM International President’s Leadership Award in recognition of her work for ASTM’s Metal Powders Committee. The President’s Leadership Award recognises individuals early in their ASTM career who have significantly advanced our mission through extraordinary accomplishment, example and vision. It is presented annually to two deserving ASTM members. This year’s other recipient is Kent Lowry, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon at Northland Orthopedic Associates in Rhinelander, Wisconsin.

One of the largest heat treaters in the US Northwest has this to tell us; Stack Metallurgical is adding to capacity with the order of a McLaughlin Temper Furnace. This unit will be 48x48x48 with a temperature range of 350F to 1400F +/- 10F. We expect to take delivery in October with the furnace being operational in November. A & M Heat Treating in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada is almost finished installation of a really nice Ipsen horizontal vacuum furnace. A & M over the years has become one of the largest commercial vacuum heat treaters in Canada, probably second after Vac Aero. In Europe we see that after almost 30 years Willem de Baaker of Bodycote has parted ways with the company. Willem was most recently Vice President over Germany South, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

It’s an uncertain world as it always is but as long as vehicles keep selling most heat treaters are happy so if you read this summary of auto production around the world heat treaters should be real happy unless of course you are in Canada, Russia or Brazil. “In the first half of 2015 global growth in the automotive sector was still supported the three large automotive markets in Western Europe, North America, and China. Car sales in Europe (EU28+EFTA) have increased by 8.2% to exceed 7.4 million with growth in nearly every region. However, the Russian car market continues to collapse with first half light vehicles sales down by 36% to 782,100 units. Light vehicle sales in the US were up 4.4% in the first 6 months of 2015 to 8.485 million units whilst total light vehicle production increased by 2.7% to 5.956 million. Mexico continues to expand its production of cars and light vehicles with a half year increase of 8.6% to 1.723 million units, whilst Canada showed an 8.1% deterioration in production to 1.091 million. Total North American light vehicle production was up by 2.3% in the first half to 8.770 million. The China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) reports that production and sales of passenger cars reached 10.3 million and 10.09 million units respectively in the first six months of 2015, up 6.4% and 4.8% year-on-year. Continued growth has come from the increased demand for SUVs, which gained by 48%, and for MPVs which enjoyed production growth of 16.4%”. August 10/2015

Aichelin/Bosch Transmission. From one of the largest furnace builders in the world Aichelin, we have this very interesting press release. August 7/2015

"Aichelin introduces a new generation of roller hearth furnaces with several technical innovations to heat treat metal components. The equipment was developed for Bosch Transmission Technology – a subsidiary of Germany’s Robert Bosch GmbH group – which uses the technology to heat treat push belts. These belts are used by car manufacturers worldwide in continuously variable transmissions. Aichelin Ges.m.b.H. in Mödling, Lower Austria a technology leader in the manufacturing of high-value industrial equipment and systems for thermal and thermochemical heat treatment of metal components worked on the development of this new generation of furnaces for two and a half years. Aichelin has already delivered several furnace lines to Bosch, each of which comprises one or two annealing furnaces and one nitriding furnace. The German group will use the furnaces at its production facilities in the Netherlands and Vietnam.

Several innovations were incorporated into Aichelin’s heat treatment furnaces. The conveyor rollers used in the annealing furnaces are 100 percent ceramic, which presents something of a challenge in terms of precision, when it comes to carrying the light belts. One of the key advantages of ceramic is that the rollers will not distort and become unusable if the plant shuts down due to a power cut or any other unforeseen circumstance. Another important improvement is the elimination of the “hump” previously built into heat treatment furnaces. Under the old technology, components would first be conveyed upwards, then sideways before moving downwards. The new system is not only less expensive, it is also more reliable as level changes inside the furnace are removed. Now on a single level, the furnace’s rollers can be driven by a single electric motor, foregoing the need for a complex process of synchronising several electric drives and thus making maintenance cheaper and less complex. Conveying workpieces on a single level also reduces the risk of items snagging, which might lead to a furnace shut-down.

Locations in five countries; The Aichelin Group, being part of the Berndorf Group, specialises in manufacturing industrial furnaces and providing after sales service for a range of industries. Its other lines of business include induction hardening and industrial gas burner systems. The group has production facilities in Austria, the USA, China, India and Brazil. The Aichelin Group is the world’s largest manufacturer of heat treatment systems. Aichelin Ges.m.b.H. in Mödling, Lower Austria employees 85 people. More than 90 percent of its products are earmarked for export. Its core markets are France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden and also China, Taiwan and Vietnam."

AICHELIN Rollerhearth Furnace for oxynitriding of loops

AICHELIN Rollerhearth Furnace for annealing of loops

Metlab Press Release. While this is rather a long winded press release we have to say that Mark Podob of Metlab in the Philadelphia area is worth mentioning as the company has the largest commercial pit carburizing capacity in the US at least as far as we know (mind you Bodycote, Melrose Park, IL must be right up there also). August 6/2015

"Mark Podob, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, and co-owner of Metlab in Wyndmoor, PA, has been selected by the ASM Philadelphia (Liberty Bell) Chapter as the 2015 recipient of the William Hunt Eisenman Award. This prestigious award is given each year by the Chapter in recognition of dedicated service to the Society, foresight, dynamic management, leadership, and promotion of the metals industry and metallurgical education. Previous award winners have included industry giants such as Tinius Olsen II, former president and grandson of the founder of the mechanical testing company, Allan Ray Putnam, long time president of ASM, Quentin D. Merkham, former President of Ajax Electric Furnace Company, Ed. J. Dulis, retired President of Crucible Steel Research Center, George Bodeen, past president of Lindberg Heat Treating, John W. Rex, Bill and Roger Jones, founders and Presidents of Philadelphia based heat treat companies, Horace and Conrad Knerr, founder and past Presidents of Metlab, and James G. Conybear, Director of Operations and co-owner of Metlab. Mark Podob is currently Vice President and co-owner of Metlab, a sustaining member of the ASM Liberty Bell Chapter and one of the largest heat treating companies in the Greater Philadelphia Region. A member of ASM since 1967, he will present a lecture entitled "A Unique Career in Heat Treating and Surface Finishing – Finding Exceptional Solutions to Heat Treating Projects."

Metlab, which was established in downtown Philadelphia in 1928, is among the oldest continuing operating commercial heat treatment companies in the United States. The company was acquired from the founding family in 1998 by Mark Podob and James G. Conybear (FASM). Employing 18 people at the time of the acquisition and faced with significant financial and operational challenges, the company today has a staff of over 40 and has seen tremendous growth in customer base, markets served, sales volume and profitability. Spurred by the acquisition of two additional companies, John V. Potero in 2001 and Black Ox, in 2004 Metlab offers the broadest array of thermal and surface treatments in the area, and services an international marketplace. While Metlab focused on heat treating large parts, Potero’s area of expertise in heat treating small parts and black oxide treatment. Potero also offered pick-up and delivery in its own vehicles. Black Ox was able to bring a customer base of over 1,000 companies and offered black oxide coating on ferrous, non-ferrous and brass machined parts and passivation in accordance with military specifications. These acquisitions plus product focus by Metlab, resulted in the success and growth of the newly, merged companies.

With a BE and MS in Metallurgical Engineering and Materials Science from New York University, School of Engineering, in the Bronx, NY, Mark has held positions in the metals and materials field throughout his career, including metallurgist, technical director, product manager, sales manager and ultimately company owner. Some of the more interesting components heat treated by Metlab have included gears as large as 10 feet in diameter weighing more than 40,000 pounds, 3.0 to 4.0 meter windmill bearing rings, tank turret races, down hole oil drilling components, and complex machined parts requiring just in time processing of large quantities of parts. Mark will share highlights from his career, tracing his path as an entry level metallurgist with Pratt & Whitney Aircraft in East Hartford, Connecticut, to ultimately the owner of Metlab, and discuss some of the more unique heat treating and manufacturing projects that Metlab has worked on during his tenure with the company."

Bodycote/Houston Texas. Currently worldwide heat treating firm Bodycote has three locations around Houston, Texas but this is becoming two with the facility on Robertson St., now closed down with the equipment being removed as we speak. According to Bodycote the equipment at the Robertson St. plant (or at least some of it) will be moved to the relatively new Bodycote location in North Houston on World Houston Parkway which will now offer nitriding, vacuum heat treating and vacuum brazing as well as coating services. It was announced in May of this year that Bodycote would be making investments in the North Houston facility as well as the Hays Street location in Houston. August 5/2015

PMF/Williamsport, PA. As part of our Monday morning briefing this week we mentioned a company by the name of PMF who announced with great fanfare that they had just installed a large bottom loading vacuum furnace. Their press release did not mention the manufacturers name but we speculated that it was made by Solar Manufacturing because of the bright yellow color-a color we generally associate with Solar. Well it turns out we were wrong on two counts which was pointed out to us by at least a dozen readers. First in spite of the fact that the press release was issued very recently the furnace has actually been in use for almost a year. Second although the color of the furnace was yellow it was actually made by Ipsen which makes it the first yellow Ipsen vacuum furnace we have seen. The company has horizontal vacuum furnaces from both Ipsen and Solar Manufacturing. August 5/2015

Rohde/Germany. We welcome our newest advertiser German furnace builder Rohde based in Bruchköbel, Germany (their ad can be found on this page). Rohde is a second generation company which has built a wide range of furnaces over the years including what we would consider is the largest pit carburizing furnace in the world which is located at commercial heat treater Reese in Bochum, Germany. We have this photo of part of the Rohde team which was taken two years ago, since that time the company has announced that they will be moving into a much larger facility. August 5/2015

Northland Heat Treating Auction Update. This news item was posted by us July 30th and we now have an update for you; “Tomorrow July 30th the equipment at defunct commercial heat treater Northland Heat Treating in Antigo, WI will be auctioned off. If you recall this operation closed down a few months ago (which is rather odd as it takes a real talent to run a commercial heat treat in North America into the ground especially when the economy is good) and everything in the plant will be on the auction block tomorrow. Included are a few nice items such as two AFC-Holcroft batch IQ Furnaces and a very nice VFS Vacuum. I would expect that most of the equipment will sell fairly quickly and for reasonable prices”.

As expected either all or most of the equipment was sold and sold for top notch prices. For instance the VFS vacuum furnace sold for $195,000, the 36 X 48 X 36 Holcroft batch IQ line went for $260,000, the small batch IQ line was sold to commercial heat treater GFI for $95,000 and two carbottoms (which were described to us as “rough”) sold for $75,000 each. We knew the equipment would sell but these prices are far higher than we expected. August 4/2015

Monday Morning Briefing. For a change lets start off with a news item from the UK where we see that commercial heat treater Wallwork is making some major investments. "A major programme of expansion is underway in the vacuum brazing department at heat treatment specialist, theWallwork Group. The project is being managed by Peter Cookson, a veteran in the vacuum brazing industry, with more than twenty years of experience. To complement an existing department at Cambridge that is to double in size, new, state-of-the-art vacuum brazing workshops are to be established at Manchester and Birmingham. All sites have a range of vacuum furnaces for economic production at differing component volume levels. Under the current investment programme the company has committed to £2 million over the three operating sites to enhance production capacity and research and development capability, reinforcing its position as a leading process developer and component processor. Peter explained, “Wallwork directors have launched this investment programme to capture a larger slice of the premium vacuum brazing market. We have the capability to meet the demanding needs of clients in aerospace, motorsport, nuclear, scientific equipment and the oil and gas industries. In addition to new facilities, the company has put money into specialised equipment, bespoke jigs and tooling.”

Wallwork is well known throughout the engineering sector for a comprehensive range of heat treatment and hard coatings services that improve the performance of wear parts and other critical components. Already Nadcap approved for heat treatment at Manchester, Wallwork plans to gain accelerated Nadcap approval for heat treatment and vacuum brazing at Cambridge by early 2016. Ian Griffin, Bury site director, concluded, “Our vacuum brazing capability is well known and we have a number of prestige accounts in aerospace and motorsport. Peter’s appointment brings further depth of expertise to the operation. We are confident that with the expanded and upgraded facilities we will build on the exceptional level of service our customers demand. This can range from prototype and development work through to volume processing, all under stringent quality control and backed by our nationwide commitment to rapid order turnaround.”

Since we are talking about investments lets have a look at a large investment in Williamsport, PA where captive heat treater PMF recently installed a new bottom load vacuum furnace. While there is no mention of the supplier with the bright yellow paint job it has to be a Solar Manufacturing furnace. This is what the official press release says; "To expand its range of capabilities in the aerospace, energy, and commercial food and beverage markets, PMF Industries has added a new, vertical-loading vacuum furnace that is able to heat treat flowformed shafts and other metal parts up to 80 inches in length. PMF also is using the new vertical-loading furnace to heat treat other aerospace engine parts such as combuster cases, diffusers, seals and bearing sets. In addition, PMF will be using its new furnace capability for heat treating components for the energy sector, such as combustor cases and diffusers used in ground-based turbine systems and cylinders used in the commercial food and beverage industry. PMF’s new vacuum heat treatment system provides a clean manufacturing environment that offers uniform cooling and features a 46” x 80”, all-graphite hot zone with a 6,000-lb load capacity. It provides gas cooling to 2-bar, absolute pressure and operates at temperatures of 1,000° to 2400° F (538 °C to 1,316 °C)".

Darn it’s fun mentioning new furnace orders lets add another one. Exotic Metals Forming Co. LLC, of Kent, Washington announced over a year ago that they would be building a new 150,000 square foot plant in the Spokane, Washington area. Well this did happen and as part of this new facility the company installed a new Ipsen bottom loading vacuum furnace with a 60” diameter work zone. Let’s provide a bit of background of the firm. "The company makes machined sheet metal parts for commercial aviation globally. Among its more than 100 customers are Boeing Co. and United Technologies, said Doug Gines, company vice president and chief operating officer. The company was formed in 1966 and is family-owned and privately held with 900 employees. Gines said the company spent six years searching internationally for a site before settling on the Spokane region. Ultimately, the company decided it preferred a U.S. site for expansion, he said".

From new furnaces we will move to people stuff. As far as we can tell Charlie Bailey spent pretty much his whole working life at Blount a manufacturer of chain saw components with two locations, one in Guelph, Ontario and one in Portland, Oregon. Both have large captive heat treat departments and Charlie as part of the engineering group was very involved in all the changes and additions at both locations. He very recently retired and his experience will be missed. Mike Lifshits has had a long career in the heat treating industry but this appears to be at an end. He was with Linamar Gear for quite some time (Linamar has the largest batch IQ department in North America by the way) before he moved to commercial heat treater ALD in Port Huron, Michigan where he was Director of R&D, Metallurgical Engineer. Mike has picked up and left the heat treat business although we are not sure what his future plans are. In Europe we hear that Paul Clough who was Vice President of Bodycote and responsible for the UK, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe will now also be taking over Gemany and Austria.  If we understand correctly Eric Denisse, the other Bodycote European VP will be handling France, Belgium, Italy, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and the Netherlands. Speaking of Bodycote in the US we hear that Paul Dymond was recently named as a Regional Manager overseeing Southern CA and Mexico. He is a good man and deserves to move up the ladder in our humble opinion.

And to round things out we have this press release from Premier Furnace in Michigan. "An existing customer purchased its third BeaverMatic Box Furnace, a duplicate of previous units manufactured in the past several years. The furnace will be used for stress relieving components, used oil, and aerospace. It is capable of processing 6.5 feet (1.98 meters) wide by 6.5 feet (1.98 meters) long by 4 feet (1.22 meters) high, workloads that weigh up to 7,000 pounds (3175 kg). The load is electrically heated by rod overbend heating elements (150kw) and features a Tip-Away door. The internal hearth supports are 304 stainless steel. A forced convection system results in ±15°F with temperature capabilities of up to 1650°F. A Watlow F4S stores up to 256 segments programmed into as many as 40 profiles (recipes). Recording is by Honeywell mini trend with capabilities of recording furnace temperature as well as four (4) additional load thermocouples. The case is lined with energy efficient ceramic fiber insulation. Premier Furnace/BeaverMatic manufactures standard and custom, batch and continuous equipment used worldwide in the commercial heat treating, aerospace, automotive, fastener, gear, tool, mining, military and power generation industries. Premier Furnace/ Beavermatic has recently manufactured a wide range of gas fired and electrically heated carbottom furnaces of various sizes. Premier Furnace/Beavermatic offers world-class furnace capabilities with simplified yet sophisticated designs. For more information, please contact: Don Selmi at 248-596-9000 Ext. 229, Email: or Kary Peterson at 248-596-9000 Ext. 237, Email:" August 3/2015

Bodycote Financial Results. On June 30th, 2015 worldwide heat treating giant Bodycote released their 2015 Interim results for the six months ended 30 June 2015 (the full results can be found at Below we have a brief summary extracted from the Bodycote report. To cut a long story short revenue for the company was down a little based upon the downturn in the oil and gas industries however it doesn’t seem to have bothered the financial world who promptly voted the stock up by a fair bit. July 31/2015

Statutory results
Operating profit £32.1m £54.2m
Profit before taxation £30.6m £52.6m
Basic earnings per share 10.6p 21.1p

· Revenues down 1.1% at constant exchange rates
· Business improvements mitigated sharp reduction in oil and gas activities
· Headline operating margin maintained at 18.0%
· Continued growth in specialist technologies
· Exceptional restructuring charge of £19.9m – Brazil exit and further business improvements in AGI
· Net debt of £7.0m
· Interim dividend of 4.8p, up 4.3%

Ipsen Press Release. "Ipsen recently shipped an ATLAS atmosphere furnace, two temper furnaces, a washer, a loader and a storage table to a commercial heat treater in the Midwest. This single-chain, batch atmosphere furnace will be used to process parts for the Aftermarket Automotive and Oil & Gas industries. The single-chain ATLAS features a 36” x 48” x 38” (915 mm x 1,220 mm x 965 mm) load size with a 3,500-pound (1,600 kg) load capacity. It also operates at temperatures of 1,450 °F – 1,800 °F (788 °C – 985 °C) and has a quench oil capacity of 3,500 gallons (13,250 L). The ATLAS furnace offers some of Ipsen’s newest design features and innovations, including: • Carb-o-Prof ® controls software with predictive process capabilities

• An efficient heating combustion system, which provides energy and cost savings

• Cartridge-type heat fan assembly

•Variable-speed quench agitation, which allows users to achieve and maintain better quenching control

• Shelf-mounted quench oil heaters and oil circulation pump

• Safety catwalks for safety and better ease of maintenance When it comes to quality atmosphere heat-treating equipment, Ipsen is your partner in success.

Ipsen has one of the largest install bases of atmosphere furnaces in the United States (several thousand since being founded in 1948), and their experience allows them to continue providing full-scale solutions that meet a range of customer needs. To learn more about Ipsen’s ATLAS single-chain atmosphere furnace, visit ### About Ipsen Ipsen designs and manufactures industrial vacuum furnaces, atmosphere furnaces and supervisory control systems for a wide variety of thermal processing markets, including: Aerospace, Commercial Heat Treating, Medical, Energy and Automotive. With production locations in Europe, America and Asia, along with representation in 34 countries, Ipsen is committed to providing support for customers worldwide. Choosing Ipsen means choosing a partner in success." July 31/2015

Don Gaydosh/Ohio Metallurgical. It is with regret that we learned of the passing of Mr. Don Gaydosh owner of Ohio Metallurgical. While we at “The Monty” only met Don a few times we have to say that he was a very friendly and easy to get along with fellow who was obviously a good businessman. A good man in our opinion. July 30/2015

"Donald S. Gaydosh 77, of Elyria passed away Monday July 27, 2015 at Lakewood Hospital following a brief illness.  He was born February 11, 1938 in Detroit, MI.  Donald was a 1956 Richmond Senior High School graduate.  He was the owner and operator of Ohio Metallurgical, and was a member of St. Mary Church, Elyria Elks, Elyria Country Club, and  The Knights of Columbus.  Donald loved his wife, children and grandchildren, he enjoyed golf, bowling, playing "66", trips to Las Vegas with family, and was a Cleveland area sports fan.  Survivors include his wife of fifty five years; Sherrill A. (nee: Ashley), two daughters; Lisa A. Albright (Bill) of Elyria, Linda E. Tilberg (Todd) of Sheffield Village, three sons; James D. of Cleveland, John M. (Tara) of Grafton, Keith A. (Jennifer) of Broadview Heights.  Additional survivors include fifteen grandchildren, a sister; Patricia Skinner (Tim) of East Amherst, NY, a brother; Jack (Carol) of Richmond, IN.  Donald was preceded in death by a son; Christopher D., his parents; John and Theresa (nee: Gnizak) Gaydosh, a sister; Maryann Howey, and a brother; Lawrence.  The family will receive friends from 4-8 PM Wednesday July 29, 2015 at The Laubenthal-Mercado Funeral Home and Cremation Services 38475 Chestnut Ridge Rd. (at State Rt. 57) Elyria (440)322-4626.  Mass of Christian Burial will be 11:00 AM Thursday July 30, 2015 at St. Mary Church 320 Middle Ave. Elyria , where Rev. Fr. Charles Diedrick, Pastor will be the Celebrant.  (PLEASE MEET AT CHRUCH) Burial will be private.  The family suggests that memorial contributions in Donald's memory be sent to the charity of the donor's choice.  Online condolences can be expressed at"

Auctions. Tomorrow July 30th the equipment at defunct commercial heat treater Northland Heat Treating in Antigo, WI will be auctioned off. If you recall this operation closed down a few months ago (which is rather odd as it takes a real talent to run a commercial heat treat in North America into the ground especially when the economy is good) and everything in the plant will be on the auction block tomorrow. Included are a few nice items such as two AFC-Holcroft batch IQ Furnaces and a very nice VFS Vacuum  Furnace which for some reason is at another location. I would expect that most of the equipment will sell fairly quickly and for reasonable prices. And speaking of auctions you remember the really nice AICHELIN pit carburizing furnaces and associated equipment available in Elgin, Illinois? Sure you do, this was all the equipment installed for a manufacturer of gears for windmills that became available must be a year ago now. Well it’s still available and we now see asking prices are included. As an example the pit carburizers have an asking price of $150,000 USD each which is a fraction of what these things cost when new. Real nice equipment but it is so specialized that we would put odds of it ever selling at 50/50 and we are always optimists. July 30/2015

Lindberg/MPH Press Release. "Lindberg/MPH announced the shipment of an electrically heated gas nitriding pit furnace for a leading aerospace supplier. The pit furnace system performs a two stage nitriding process to achieve high surface hardness on A11 and H13 steel parts. To achieve optimal part quality the two stage nitriding process requires a state of the art operator interface for controlling process parameters and observing/archiving historical data. The experienced staff at Lindberg/MPH designed a furnace solution that provides this precise control over the nitriding process and complies with AMS2750E specifications. After shipment, the service team provided the customer with installation and start-up support to ensure that the instruments and furnace were operating correctly with the atmosphere that is provided from the Ammonia Dissociator. The pit furnace has a maximum temperature rating of 1250°F and a work chamber is 28” in diameter and 36” deep.

The furnace was constructed with low iron brick insulation to prevent reactivity with the furnace atmosphere. The advanced system monitors and controls furnace temperature, fan speed, atmosphere flow/composition, and cooling throughout the entire cycle.  The nitriding gas flow control system has full automatic recipe control for each stage of the two stage nitriding process. The heating system utilizes heater coils designed with low surface watt density which extends service life of the coils. A thermocartridge fan increases heat and atmosphere recirculation. An ammonia dissociator is included to provide dissociated ammonia during the second stage of the nitriding cycle and an incinerator ignites exiting combustible gases.

About Lindberg/MPH; Lindberg/MPH is a leading manufacturer of standard and custom industrial heat treat furnaces, including pit, box, IQ, and belt type for the ferrous and non-ferrous markets.  Lindberg customers cover a wide range of industries including aerospace/military, automotive, commercial heat treating, energy/oil, electronics and the forging markets.   Founded in 1917, the company has more than 75,000 industrial furnace installations worldwide and their equipment is backed by a full range of customer support services and the most extensive replacement parts inventory in the industry.  Lindberg is a proven leader in the thermal processing industry, with a long track record of proven policies and management practices.  Lindberg/MPH is owned by Thermal Product Solutions (“TPS”), a leading American manufacturer of custom industrial ovens used for heat treating, finishing, drying, curing, manufacturing automation and process control. TPS is a global leader in thermal processing products and test solutions with brands including BlueM, Gruenberg, Tenney, Lindberg, MPH and Wisconsin Oven. For more information on equipment solutions from TPS visit the website at July 29/2015

Marco Möser/SAFE Cronite. Last week we mentioned how Mr. Marco Möser, Vice President of Sales for SAFE Cronite one of the largest worldwide suppliers of high temperature alloy components had parted ways with the company. While we did not speculate on why it would appear that Marco started with SAFE Cronite in 1999 firstly in Europe and later in North America. However as always things change and when the company made a change in strategy and organization in the Americas the position of Vice President became redundant. July 29/2015

Surface Engineering & Heat Treatment Industry Conference/UK. Earlier this year the Contract Heat Treatment Association of the UK announce an upcoming conference called the Surface Engineering & Heat Treatment Industry Conference  to be staged in Stratford-upon-Avon, UK, on 16 October this year. The programme has now been announced and details of this first national conference/exhibition encompassing heat treatment in England for over twelve years can be found at July 29/2015

Seco/Warwick News Release. "AISIN Light Metals increases plant capabilities with the addition of a Traveling Log Homogenizing Furnace. AISIN Light Metals is increasing their plant capabilities as part of an expansion project. The addition of a travelling homogenizing furnace as part of their green field project in Marion, IL will help to provide more capacity to produce lightweight aluminum products to the automotive industry.  The custom designed furnace has the capability to homogenize a wide variety of aluminum logs to meet changing production specifications, with consistent quality and equipment reliability. 

About AISIN Light Metals; Aisin Light Metals, LLC (ALM) which recently celebrated 10 years of operation in the United States was the second of the three Aisin plants located in the Aisin Industrial Park in Marion, IL.  ALM along with their sister company Aisin Keikinzoku (AK) provide aluminum solutions to the automotive industry worldwide and are members of the Aisin Group family of manufacturers. Aisin Group is a global organization that is celebrating 50 years of quality & excellence in the automotive industry this year.  Learn more about ALM and Aisin Group at aisinillin and

About Log Homogenizing Furnaces; SECO/WARWICK manufactures custom engineered aluminum log and billet homogenizing furnaces for most process applications. Equipment designs include batch types (both car and tray designs), traveling styles and continuous styles, complete with material handling systems and load cooling equipment. Unique reversing airflow designs and temperature control systems produce fast heating rates with close temperature uniformity throughout the entire load.

SECO/WARWICK Corp. is a proud member of the SECO/WARWICK Group; The SECO/WARWICK Group provides industrial metal heat treatment furnaces used in a variety of processes for material finishing and component manufacturing applications.  We supply furnaces to customers involved with steel, titanium and aluminium production as well as aluminium recycling, forging, automotive, aerospace, commercial heat treating, HVAC/R, electronics, wind energy, medical equipment and nuclear industries. The globally integrated organization includes the manufacturing sites SECO/WARWICK Corp. (USA), Retech Systems LLC (USA), SECO/WARWICK S.A. (Poland), SECO WARWICK Allied Pvt. Ltd. (India), SECO/WARWICK RETECH Thermal Equipment Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (China) and SECO/WARWICK do Brasil ltda (Brazil). Sales and service offices in Russia, Belarus and Germany complete the customer care network."

Bodycote Press Release. MACCLESFIELD (U.K.) — Bodycote, the world’s largest thermal processing services provider, continues to advance in the area of specialist technologies by investing significantly in new S3P (Specialty Stainless Steel Processes) facilities. In response to exponentially growing customer demand, the company’s S3P subdivision recently opened a new Greenfield facility in France and completed another round of expansion in its Ohio, North America site. Further to the company’s expansion program, another Greenfield plant in the centre of Germany will open in 2016.   

Stainless steel applications present specific technical challenges to the engineer. Bodycote’s S3P technologies are proven solutions dedicated to the treatment of stainless steel, nickel-based and cobalt chromium alloys (including martensitic and precipitation hardened stainless steel materials) to improve resistance against surface wear such as galling, cavitation erosion and abrasive wear. Bodycote’s S3P processes are a unique proven solution for a challenging problem – galling is a huge issue with stainless steel. Essentially, S3P makes stainless steel fit for purpose. It offers customers a significant competitive advantage.

Many surface treatments, when applied to stainless steel, will negatively affect the metal’s inherent corrosion resistance. Uniquely, Bodycote’s S³P process imparts increased mechanical and wear properties without adversely affecting corrosion resistance, presenting engineering benefits for industries such as medical /pharmaceutical, automotive and chemical engineering.

About Bodycote; With more than 190 accredited facilities in 26 countries, Bodycote is the world’s largest provider of thermal processing services. Through heat treatment, metal joining, surface technology and Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP), Bodycote improves the properties of metals and alloys, extending the life of vital components for a wide range of industries, including aerospace, defence, automotive, power generation, oil & gas, construction, medical and transportation. Customers in all of these industries have entrusted their products to Bodycote’s care for more than 30 years. For more information, visit

For further information, please contact: Tel: +44 (0)1625 505300 | Email:" July 28/2015

Josh Parslow/Sinterite. "Sinterite, a Gasbarre Furnace Group company, is pleased to announce the hiring of Josh Parslow as Sales Engineer. Since earning his Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Pittsburgh-Bradford, Josh has worked in the powder metal industry, gaining knowledge and real world experience at all levels of the manufacturing process. His working knowledge of lean manufacturing and process improvement has afforded Josh useful insights to serve Sinterite’s growing customer base. Sinterite is proud to welcome Josh to the team. Sinterite designs, manufactures and services custom continuous belt and batch furnaces for sintering, brazing, annealing, steam treating, drying and heat treating applications. Sinterite’s quality design includes alloy and ceramic muffles, powder-handling equipment, custom fabrications, and the exclusively-manufactured HyperCooler, sinter-hardening system. Sinterite is located in St. Marys, Pennsylvania. For more information on how Sinterite can provide custom-engineered solutions for your specific thermal heating requirements and manufactured heat treating equipment, contact Josh Parslow at (814) 771-7109 or You can also visit our websites at and for additional information." July 28/2015

North American Vacuum Furnace Market. Last week we had a news item about the size of the vacuum furnace market in North America. As a result of that news item we have these comments from Mr. Bill Jones, CEO of Solar Atmospheres Manufacturing one of the larger vacuum furnace builders in North America. July 27/2015

"Reference North American vacuum furnace market. We have estimated the current market at $200 million per year split over 20 manufactures. If you assume an average sale price of $500 thousand per furnace this places the annual build rate at 400 per year, considerably above your projection of 150. There is a great spread in the individual furnace sale price, some as low as $200 thousand, and some at nearly $5 million, so it is hard to state the exact number per year. For many years the market has been a buyer’s market with sharp competition between manufacturers. Why we cannot achieve higher margin $’s for a complex high technology product is hard to explain to owners / investors who point to other high technology business and ask “why can’t you do better”. Part of the answer is purchasing managers and the intense bidding practice for high $ product. For our company we refuse to get into reverse auction bids."  William R. Jones, CEO, Solar Atmospheres Manufacturing, Inc.        

Ohio Metallurgical/Elyria, Ohio. Family owned commercial heat treater Ohio Metallurgical in Elyria, Ohio, USA is growing again with a 12,000 square foot addition and some more furnaces. John Gaydosh, president of Ohio Metallurgical said the company has been in Elyria since 1947 with no plans to leave. With 80 employees Ohio Metallurgical is a very good sized commercial operation and far larger than the average which we would estimate at roughly 25 employees in North America. July 27/2015

Greg Salazar press release. MARKHAM, ONT — The heat-treating industry has the opportunity to learn from one of the most experienced trainers in the industry. Greg Salazar, President of Salazar Industrial Training has been training trades personnel for 18 years throughout North America. Customers benefit from the knowledge the accredited and TSSA certified instructor has shared with over 2300 clients within their own facilities. The next seminar will be available to all industry members and staff on Wednesday September 16, 2015 from 8 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST at the Southfield Hilton Garden Inn in Southfield, Michigan. Norm McDonald III, Heat Treat Specialist with Dokka Fasteners USA says, “Combustion safety expert, Greg Salazar, provided an excellent, eye opening training about the seriousness of combustion safety. Greg took time to point out many different areas that we were lacking the appropriate safety requirements for the heat treat industry. We now have a better understanding of the general operating functions of our many different types of combustion equipment. I recommend Salazar Combustion Safety Training to anyone who has combustion applications at their facilities.”

At a typical training session, each client will learn how to improve equipment reliability, preventative maintenance procedures, implement operational procedures, fuel economy, and most importantly the safety of each and every employee working within the industry. The prevention of such dangers as fuel related fires, explosions and bringing awareness of potential hazards would be the main focus of these informative sessions. Mr. Salazar has been consistently informing electricians, pipe fitters, millwrights and department managers for companies like, General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Dofasco Steel, Ontario Power Generation, Dokka Fasteners, Linamar Gear and the City of Toronto discussing topics such as, fundamentals of combustion, valve trains, flame safeguard controls and fire and explosion prevention. July 27/2015

ALD-Dynatech Furnaces Ltd Press Release. "ALD-Dynatech will be moving to new a location that will double the current manufacturing space.   The large assembly area will allow ALD-Dynatech to manufacture 8 to 12 single chamber furnaces at the same time.     The facility is equipped with cranes that have a capacity of up to 35 tons and the workshop is designed to handle constructing even the largest vacuum systems. The official document was signed and finger stamped by Janusz Kowalewski, Managing Director and CEO of ALD-Dynatech Furnaces.    The grand opening of the new facility is planned for the fall of this year.   According to Kowalewski, the new facility will allow ALD-Dynatech to expand its production capability and better serve Indian and international customers' growing demand for single and double chamber furnaces. 

About ALD-Dynatech Furnaces Pvt Ltd; ALD Dynatech is India’s largest manufacturer of vacuum heat treatment furnace systems. ALD Dynatech is a part of a world-renowned vacuum furnace manufacturer - ALD Vacuum Technologies, Germany. The legacy companies that comprise the ALD Group have a combined 200+ years of Vacuum technology experience. The company manufactures turn-key vacuum heat treatment systems for applications include Low Pressure Carburizing, sintering, brazing, hardening and tempering processes for automotive, aerospace, mining, military, gear, fasteners, and alternative energy industries."  The ALD-Dynatech Company is part of the Indian Government’s “Make in India – Affordable and Excellent” initiative." July 27/2015

Vacuum Furnace Sales. So how many vacuum furnaces are actually built and sold in any given year? Janusz Kowalewski, Managing Director of ALD-Dynatech is going to tell us. Now if you extrapolate from Janusz's figures you get roughly (very roughly) 150 vacuum furnaces a year sold in the US. Sound right? Probably not but a bit of a starting point. July 24/2015

"Around 500 to 525 single chamber vacuum furnaces are manufactured annually worldwide.   Approximately 15 multi-chamber systems are sold annually with ±90 chambers, plus 35 custom-made vacuum chambers, such as double chambers and special purpose furnaces. Most, if not all, vacuum furnaces are manufactured in these 12 countries: China, U.S., Germany, France, Japan, Poland, India, Italy, the U.K. Turkey, Taiwan and Canada.   Some of the largest vacuum furnace builders are ALD Group-Germany, Ipsen-Germany/USA, IHI-Japan, Chugai Ro-Japan, ECM-France, Seco/Warwick-Poland, GM-USA, Tenova Group –Italy/France/Germany, Fendong-China, SIMUWU-China, Beijing Hua, - China, Solar Mfg.-USA, Centorr-US, and Vac Aero-Canada.   For the full list, please go to Furnace Manufacturers page on this Global Heat Treatment Network website. The table below describes the 30 biggest manufacturing countries with the most attractive markets for vacuum furnaces".

Premier Furnace/BeaverMatic Press Release. With this press release we see that Kary Peterson, formerly of BeaverMatic is now Sales Manager of Premier Furnace of Michigan.

"Premier Furnace/BeaverMatic is pleased to announce the hiring of Kary Peterson as Sales Manager. Kary holds a BS degree from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville. He has over 30 years of sales experience, which includes applications engineering and product management, with excellent heat processing equipment design and product knowledge. Kary’s father (Mark Peterson P.E. 1931 – 2013) was his mentor. Kary and Kathy, his wife of 35 years, have 2 children and reside in Rockford, Illinois. Kary will support Premier Furnace/BeaverMatic sales effort with his broad range of professional and practical experience. Premier Furnace/BeaverMatic is proud to announce Kary Peterson as an employee and fellow team member.

Located in Farmington Hills, Michigan, Premier Furnace/BeaverMatic has manufactured a full line of heat treating equipment for a combined 65 years, providing excellence in design, construction and service. The equipment includes both batch and continuous systems and specializes in Integral Quench (IQ), Tip Up, Box and Car Bottom Furnaces,  Brazing/Annealing Furnaces and Spray and Dunk Washers as well as a full line of replacement parts and auxiliary equipment, including atmosphere generators, quench tanks and charge cars. For more information on how Premier Furnace/BeaverMatic can provide custom-engineered solutions for your specific thermal heating requirements and manufactured heat treating equipment, please contact Kary Peterson at 248-596-9000 Ext. 237 or email: You can also visit our website:" July 23/2015

Marco Moser/Safe Cronite. Safe Cronite is one of the larger suppliers of high temperature components for thermal processing and has several locations around the world (their banner ad can be found at the top of this page). The face of the company at least at most of the North American heat treat shows has for some time been the Vice President of Sales, Mr. Marco Moser. Unfortunately things change and just a week ago Marco parted ways with the company. July 22/2015

SpaceX Rocket Explosion. Three weeks ago, on its seventh scheduled launch to resupply the International Space Station, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket inexplicably burst into flames less than three minutes into its flight. Today it was announced that an “initial assessment suggested that a broken strut—a two-foot-long piece of steel, an inch wide at its thickest point—was responsible for the rocket’s explosion" (a quick Internet search will give you all the details). According to news reports: "By design, the faulty strut should have been able to take 10,000 pounds of force—well above the 3,500 pounds that the struts actually experience during a launch. But after screening “some enormous number” of them, SpaceX found that some could only withstand 2,000 pounds. The struts were made by an outside supplier". We mention this because it was suggested to us that this could possibly be the result of a heat treating error. We are not going to speculate but certainly it emphasizes what only heat treaters know-heat treating is a crucial part of the manufacturing process although to most people it is a foreign term. On a final note SpaceX does some vacuum heat treating in house but a fairly small amount. July 22/2015

J.L. Becker Company/Keith Lloyd. Well Keith is a long time rep in Houston who works closely with Mr. Marty Benegalia another long time rep in Texas.

"J.L. Becker, a Gasbarre Furnace Group Company, is pleased to announce the appointment of Keith Lloyd as Sales Representative for the Southern United States, including the States of Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana. Keith holds a Bachelor of Science Degree with 32 years of experience in the metallurgical and heat processing equipment industry. He began his career in 1983 selling metallurgical and failure analysis equipment. Then, in 2000, he started his own company, Southern Star Systems, in Houston, TX, where he serves as a consultant and manufacturer’s representative of thermal processing equipment and metallography equipment and supplies. As it continues to expand its sales force, J.L. Becker Co. is excited to welcome this well-established individual and plans to continue this growth with experienced and knowledgeable personnel. Located in Plymouth, MI, J. L. Becker has manufactured industrial heat treating equipment for over 40 years, providing excellence in design, construction and service. The company custom designs and manufactures heat-treating equipment for the specific needs of our customers. For more information on how J.L. Becker can provide custom-engineered solutions for your specific thermal heating requirements and manufactured heat treating equipment, contact Keith Lloyd at (713) 253-3474 or You can also visit" July 21/2015

PhoenixTM LLC Press Release. "PhoenixTM LLC. has received an order from a major Detroit based auto manufacturer for a “hot box” system for carrying out furnace surveys to AMS2750E in a multi chamber low pressure carburizing furnace. The hardware of the system will be a ‘Hot Box’ thermal barrier which has been engineered to occupy less than one third of the volume of the product basket maximizing the accuracy of the survey, and quench deflectors allowing product profiling through the gas quench. The thermal barrier protects the 20 channel data logger from the heat of the furnace. A 20 channel logger was chosen to cover the 9 point surveys plus additional thermocouple channels for product profiling. The data logger will also be equipped with RF telemetry so surveys can be managed from outside the furnace. The PhoenixTM ‘Thermal View Survey’ software, which is fully compliant to AMS2750E, completes the package. For more information visit or email"  July 21/2015

Manuel Granillo/Bodycote. We regret to say that Mr. Manuel Granillo a long time Bodycote employee and most recently General Manager of the Bodycote Romandale facility in Santa Fe Springs, CA recently passed away. We understand that Manuel was a good guy (in the words of at least 2 co employees) and that he was a good golfer who passed away at a relatively young age from cancer. July 21/2015

BeaverMatic. Recently we had a news item about a former employee of furnace builder BeaverMatic in which we referred to the company as “defunct”. It was pointed out to us that this is incorrect and that BeaverMatic is alive and manufacturing furnaces and spare parts after the intellectual property of the company was purchased by Premier Furnace Specialists of Farmington Hills, Michigan earlier this year. July 20/2015

VAC AERO International Inc. Press Release. "Burlington, Ontario, July 20, 2015 - VAC AERO has sold a VAV6648 HV-2 vertical vacuum furnace to an international airline company. The furnace is designed to have rapid heating rates while maintaining tight uniformity at high vacuum levels. The furnace features a 66” diameter x 48” high hot zone using metal elements in a graphite hot zone and a heavy duty hearth designed to support a uniformly distributed load of 4400 lbs. The furnace, which is capable of meeting applicable AMS 2750E requirements, is also equipped with VAC AERO’s advanced Honeywell HC900 interactive hybrid control package with SCADA and complete network integration capabilities and remote monitoring and control. VAC AERO’s 50-plus years of experience operating its own heat treating facilities allows them to provide turnkey solutions to customers such as technology transfers as well as training, hands-on instruction and collaboration.

About VAC AERO International Inc. Founded in 1959, VAC AERO International designs and builds vacuum heat treating furnace systems and controls for aerospace and high-tech industries worldwide in its Burlington, Ontario-based facility. VAC AERO also operates seven production plants worldwide that provide vacuum heat treating, carburizing and brazing services as well as thermal and paint coating services; three in Oakville, Ontario, two in Montreal, Quebec as well as two in Kalisz and Rzeszow Poland. More information can also be found at:" July 20/2015

Ipsen Press Release. "Ipsen recently installed a TITAN® V6 thermal processing vacuum system at a company’s facility in South Korea, where it will be used to process production tools for the Petrochemical industry. Easily fitting into a single 40-foot shipping container, this standard vacuum furnace was able to traverse the globe with ease, thus helping maintain cost-effective delivery. This vertical, bottom-loading furnace utilizes 2-bar gas quenching and features a 60” x 60” (1,525 mm x 1,525 mm) graphite hot zone with a 3,000-pound (1,350 kg) load capacity. It is also equipped with a 35-inch diffusion pump and Ipsen’s VacuProf ® control system. The company also took a proactive approach to maintenance, ordering one of Ipsen’s many spare parts kits, which consist of consumable and preventative maintenance items to help ensure equipment uptime and keep the furnace running smoothly. Ipsen’s TITAN® vacuum furnaces can be found at facilities around the world, thanks to their ability to operate in most languages and meet global industry standards, as well as offer various sizes and configurations, all within a small footprint. In addition, Ipsen supports customers’ diverse needs through all stages of the furnace’s life cycle, no matter the location; whether it is facilitating on-site installation, providing expert training and start-up assistance or delivering responsive field support and spare parts. To learn more about the Ipsen TITAN vacuum furnace, visit" July 20/2015

Sinterite Press Release. "Sinterite, a Gasbarre Furnace Group Company, is pleased to announce the recent installation of a 12-zone Continuous Belt Humpback Brazing Furnace, the third furnace supplied to the customer by Gasbarre Furnace Group in the past three years. This newest furnace is a humpback muffle-channel heating chamber design that includes a Sinterite HyperCooler rapid cooling system and 100% hydrogen atmosphere system. The furnace is utilized for continuous copper brazing of stainless steel materials, and the rapid cooling capability of the HyperCooler provides for desensitization and control of copper braze flow arresting in the 304 stainless steel component assemblies. The furnace is equipped with 24” mesh belt conveyor system, 1-zone inclined entrance section, 4-zone two chamber heating section (2100oF/1149oC capability), 7-zone exit cooling system, multiple zone atmosphere control system and HMI control system.

In addition, the project included installation of a second HyperCooler system, retrofitted to an existing furnace, also to reduce sensitization of brazed 304 stainless steel. Sinterite designs, manufactures and services custom continuous belt and batch furnaces for sintering, brazing, annealing, steam treating, drying and heat treating applications. The installed base of equipment is in excess of 1,300 units in more than 47 countries. Sinterite’s quality design includes alloy and ceramic muffle systems, powder-handling equipment, custom fabrications, and the exclusively-manufactured HyperCooler sinter-hardening and rapid cooling system. The Sinterite manufacturing facility is located in St. Marys, Pennsylvania. For more information on how Sinterite can provide custom-engineered solutions for your specific thermal heating requirements and manufactured heat treating equipment today, contact Bill Gasbarre at 814.590.6282 or Visit our websites at or for additional information." July 20/2015

Friday July 10th/2015. In the middle of summer in the Northern Hemisphere we at WG Montgomery Ltd., are closing for a week for a summer break which means no news updates until Monday July 20th. Best regards, Gord July 10/2015

SECO/WARWICK Allied Pvt. Ltd. Press Release. "SECO/WARWICK Allied Pvt. Ltd., India commissioned the installation of Hydrogen Bell Type Annealing Furnace (H2HiCTM) comprising of 2 annealing bases for cold rolled strip coils at Ahmedabad Strips Pvt. Ltd, Ahmedabad, India. ASPL is a repeat customer, operating a Bell furnace previously supplied by SECO/WARWICK Allied (India).  With this new installation, the company expanded their production capacity entering into the elite league of cold rolled steel strip producers with a Hydrogen Bell Annealing facility in India. This furnace installation supplied is rated for a batch capacity of approx. 80 MT, equipped with pulse firing type control of combustion system for better fuel efficiency and close temperature control and advanced instrumentation platform. Natural gas is being used as fuel.  Click here to learn more about industrial furnaces for steel 

About Ahmedabad Strips Pvt. LtdAA; Ahmedabad Strips Pvt. Ltd. (ASPL) is an ISO 9001:2000 company manufacturing hot rolled & cold rolled carbon steel products as well as providing various processing services like pickling, cold reduction, annealing, skin passing, slitting & shearing  to many companies. ASPL is supplying to TS 16949 & ISO 9001 companies in India as well as abroad." July 10/2015

Pyradia. In St. Hubert, Quebec, Canada we see that oven and furnace builder Pyradia is now in a new building having moved from Longueuil roughly a year ago. Pyradia Pyradia was started back in the 1970’s and since that time has shown very impressive growth so much so that the new 40,000 square foot building was required for new projects. While Pyradia is well known for  their ovens and lower temperate thermal systems, their relationship with Swiss  furnace builder Codere has given the company the chance to become more involved in higher temperature applications. These photos should give you an idea about what the new location means. July 9/2015

Jordan Montgomery, Alex Gorton

Patrick Weymer/J. L. Becker Company. Now this is a lesson in why you should always be nice to everybody in the heat treat industry-basically because you never know when a competitor will become your next employer. Patrick worked for BeaverMatic Furnaces until the company's intellectual property was sold to Premier Furnace of Michigan. Now Patrick is working at the JL Becker Company who up until recently would have been a strong competitor. Anyway we mentioned this story some time ago but this is the official press release. July 7/2015

"J. L. Becker Company is pleased to announce the hiring of Patrick Weymer as Sales & Applications Engineer. Patrick holds an M.B.A. Degree from Cardinal Stritch University and a B.S. Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Milwaukee School of Engineering. He has over 20 years of sales experience, which includes applications engineering and product management with excellent heat processing equipment design and process knowledge. Patrick was previously employed at BeaverMatic, Ipsen and Lindberg. Patrick and Jean, his wife of 19 years, have 3 children and reside near Rockford, Illinois. Patrick will support J.L. Becker’s sales efforts with his broad range of professional and practical experience. He will be the Midwest Regional Sales Manager for Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota. In addition, he will support sales efforts in the Southeastern, Southern, and Northwestern United States. J.L. Becker is proud to announce him as an employee and fellow team member.

Located in Plymouth, MI, J. L. Becker, a Gasbarre Furnace Group company, has manufactured a full line of industrial heat treating equipment for over 40 years, providing excellence in design, construction and service. The equipment includes both batch and continuous systems and specializes in Integral Quench (IQ), Tip Up, Box and Car Bottom Furnaces, as well as a full line of replacement parts and auxiliary equipment, including atmosphere generators, quench tanks and charge cars. For more information on how J.L. Becker can provide custom-engineered solutions for your specific thermal heating requirements and manufactured heat treating equipment, contact Patrick Weymer at (815) 721-6467 or email at You can also visit our websites at and"

ACE Furnaces Pvt. Inc. Furnace Manufacturer ACE Furnaces of India certainly seems to like their press releases (which we have always thought was an effective and cost effective way of advertising by the way). Anyway this is what ACE has to tell us today about new furnace orders in India. To start off the company recently received an order from Vidhyut Steel Tubes Industries for a conversion of their existing electrical-heated Roller Hearth Furnace into single-ended gas-fired system. Other orders include an order from  Vardhman Group of Industries for rebuilding  a walking beam  furnace and a rebuild of an existing Rotary Hearth Furnace imported from Germany for Bebitz Group of Industries. Also included in new orders is modification of a roller heart hearth furnace at Tube Investment Group and an order from Kuwait Pipe for Curing Ovens.

Monday Morning Briefing. We will start off with a little people news. First off you can escape from the heat treating industry (although it is unusual). Al Hutwagner has spent 29 years in the industry with companies such as Bluewater Thermal and more recently Aremac Heat Treating Inc., however he recently left to become Senior Corporate Quality Systems Leader for bearings supplier JTEKT North America in Greenville, SC. He will be missed. Marcio Torres Boragini for quite some time was Metallurgist for commercial heat treater Maxitrate in Brazil (also a small shareholder by the way). Due to some changes in the company (more on that later) Marcio parted ways with Maxitrate and is now selling full time for Atmosphere Engineering of Milwaukee, USA in the Brazilian market. Joan Killingsworth who spent a number of years with vacuum furnace manufacturer Centorr Vacuum Industries in NH recently left the company.  We didn’t realize that Josh Longenette was no longer with commercial heat treater Bodycote. Josh started in the industry at a young age and spent a number of years at the Bodycote location in Santa Fe Springs most recently as GM. However is sounds as though he moved just a few months ago to the Exova Group in Santa Fe Springs, CA.

This past Friday we had rather shocking news that commercial heat treater Bodycote was exiting the Brazilian market and the reason stated was the very poor business conditions in the country. Well they are certainly not alone. One of the largest commercial heat treaters in the country is Maxitrate and they recently made a number of changes. There are now only two remaining plants Araraquara and Ipiranga and one of the co owners Mr. Wagner Ribas parted ways with the company and now owns a much smaller location by the name of Indução & Tratamento Térmico Eireli in Osasco, Brazil. So how are we doing in North America these days? According to the Metal Treating Institute of Florida  things are down a bit. “The MTI index of billings for the first quarter of 2015 totaled 352.4 (index number based on 2007 = 1200) compared to the fourth quarter total of 386.0. When adjusted for seasonal variations* this is a loss of 6.1%. The first quarter was 4.1% above the year-ago first quarter and the 12-month total was 5.9% above the previous 12 months. This will be the current cyclical high for the yr/yr growth curve. *We base seasonality variations on the annual share per quarter over a span of years, currently from 2008-2014. For MTI, calculations lead us to expect 24.4% of billings in the 1st quarter, then 25.3%, 25.2%, and 25.1%”.

Furnace rebuilder Graphite Furnace Systems of Gardner, Mass., shipped and installed a rebuilt vacuum furnace to an aerospace manufacturer located in the southern U.S. The furnace will add to the company’s existing capacity and support continued operations for engine manufacture. The rebuilt furnace included a new vessel and hot zone, rebuilt pumps and valves along with a new PLC-based control system with a web server built in. It also includes remote diagnostic capability. Commercial heat treat Accuphase in Dayton, Ohio is celebrating their 8th year in business. I have to say I am impressed by somebody like Randy Benson, the owner who started off on a shoestring and a lot of 18 hour days and had turned this into a small but impressive and profitable operation. From Switzerland we have this press release from furnace builder Solo. "It’s a major company milestone for SOLO Swiss SA: 70 years of leadership in the market of Industrial Furnace manufacturing but also 70 years of innovation and industrial challenges, 70 years to acquire unique expertise, international development and 70 years of partnerships. Founded by Mr. Spérisen and Mr. Käsermann in 1945, it still is a family business, managed by the third generation.  SOLO Swiss offers atmosphere furnaces, batch furnaces, and continuous furnaces used in variety of heat treatment processes. SOLO Swiss has sold over 10’000 furnaces around the world covering many industrial areas, counting many renowned names amongst its clients".

And to round things out we have this photo from a good friend, Mr. Bob Grammer of Grammer Vacuum Technologies in Idaho, USA. Bob has for years been supplying molybdenum products and over the past few years supplying more and more fabricated moly fixtures. The one in this photo is one of the larger he has provided with overall dimensions of 65" wide X 87" long X 49.5" high with 3 layers and a net product load weight of 8,000 pounds total. All we can tell you about the end user is that it is a major aerospace supplier. July 6/2015

BODYCOTE PLANS TO EXIT BRAZIL MACCLESFIELD (U.K.). Just a few short weeks ago as part of a Monday Morning Briefing we mentioned in passing how the heat treating market in Brazil was very depressed. This press release from commercial heat treating giant Bodycote who has several plants in the country tells you just how depressed the market is. We at "The Monty" had the chance a few years back to tour the Bodycote locations in Brazil and we were very impressed. It was obvious that the company had invested a great deal of time and money into their Brazilian locations but at the end of the day it is apparent that the Brazilian economy is not a healthy one. The photos further down show two of the soon to be closed plants. July 3/2015

"Bodycote, the world’s largest thermal processing services provider, announced its intention to exit all of its operations in Brazil on or before September 30, 2015 after more than 50 years serving customers in this territory. The difficult decision to exit operations was carefully considered and all alternatives were explored. The conclusion was that there was insufficient business volume to keep operations viable. Bodycote is assisting its customers in order to smoothly transition their heat treatment and PVD requirements to alternate suppliers. Bodycote recognizes its employees for their service and professionalism, and will be supporting them through this difficult time.

About Bodycote; With more than 180 accredited facilities in 26 countries, Bodycote is the world’s largest provider of thermal processing services. Through heat treatment, metal joining, surface technology and Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP), Bodycote improves the properties of metals and alloys, extending the life of vital components for a wide range of industries, including aerospace, defense, automotive, power generation, oil & gas, construction, medical and transportation. Customers in all of these industries have entrusted their products to Bodycote’s care for more than 50 years. For more information, visit".

C.I. Hayes Press Release. "C.I. Hayes, a Gasbarre Furnace Group Company, is pleased to announce the recent installation of a Humpback Conveyor Belt Furnace for bright annealing of stainless steel materials. The furnace operates with hydrogen atmosphere at a low dewpoint (-60°F/-76°C range) and has a maximum operating temperature of 2,100°F (1,149°C). Located in Cranston, Rhode Island, C.I. Hayes designs, manufactures and services industrial vacuum and atmosphere furnaces while delivering custom solutions to the heat treating industry for 100 years. For more information on how C.I. Hayes can provide custom-engineered solutions for your specific thermal heating requirements and manufactured heat treating equipment today, contact Matt Marzullo at 401.467.5200 or Visit our websites at and for additional information." July 2/2015

Advanced Heat Treat Corp. Press Release. Should we mention that Advanced more than any other company in North America is responsible for the fact that Ion (Plasma) Nitriding is a relatively "mainstream" form of heat treating in North America? Guess we did. Ion is still a tiny portion of the North American market but it is certainly respectable now. July 2/2015

"Advanced Heat Treat Corp has been selected for the 2015 Iowa Excellence Award amongst all its peers and competitors by the US Commerce & Trade Research Institute (USCTRI). Each year the USCTRI conducts business surveys and industry research to identify companies that have achieved demonstrable success in their local business environment and industry category. They are recognized as having enhanced the commitment and contribution of small businesses through service to their customers and community. Small businesses of this caliber enhance the consumer driven stature that Iowa is renowned for. Advanced Heat Treat Corp has consistently demonstrated a high regard for upholding business ethics and company values. This recognition by USCTRI marks a significant achievement as an emerging leader within various competitors and is setting benchmarks that the industry should follow. As part of the industry research and business surveys, various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the selected companies in each category. This research is part of an exhaustive process that encapsulates a year long immersion in the business climate of Iowa.

About USCTRI; The USCTRI is a leading authority on researching, evaluating and recognizing companies across a wide spectrum of industries that meet its stringent standards of excellence. It has spearheaded the idea of independent enterprise and entrepreneurial growth allowing businesses of all sizes to be recognized locally and encouraged globally. Particular emphasis is given to meeting and exceeding industry benchmarks for customer service, product quality and ethical practices. Industry leading standards and practices have been developed and implementation of the same has been pioneered by the dedicated efforts of the business community and commerce leadership. More information on USCTRI can be found at

About Advanced Heat Treat Corp; Advanced Heat Treat Corp. (AHT) is a recognized leader in providing heat treat services and superior metallurgical solutions to companies across the globe.  Their UltraGlow® family of processes includes Plasma Ion Nitriding, Ferritic Nitrocarburizing (FNC), Gas Nitriding, UltraOx®, Through Hardening, Carburizing, Carbonitriding, Induction Hardening, and many more. Established in 1981, AHT is committed to exceeding customer expectations with “UltraGlowing” results. Treating your parts like they are their first born, understanding when your customer needs their parts back ‘yesterday’ and the ‘AHT family’ feel—from the person who answers the phone to ‘Dr. Glow’, is what makes them truly unique. Advanced Heat Treat’s commitment to research and development, high quality standards and state-of-the-art equipment and technology have allowed them to grow into the successful company they are today. More information on Advanced Heat Treat Corp. can be found at"

ASM Detroit Heat Treat Show. We welcome our newest advertiser the American Society of Metals (ASM) who are promoting the upcoming show in Detroit, Michigan being held October 20-22nd 2015. This is the largest and best North American heat treat show of 2015 and while Detroit might not be everybody's first choice this should not be missed. If memory serves us correctly the last time this show was held in Detroit was 2007 and we dug out some photos from that show. July 1/2015

Gord Montgomery, Bob and Chip Keough.
While Bob is no longer with us his legacy certainly lives on in the form of furnace builder AFC-Holcroft and commercial heat treater Applied Process.

Clif Coleman of Mid South Metallurgical. At the time of this show Clif was brand new to the heat treating industry but he is a perfect example that working hard and having common sense will take you a long way as he now has a very successful commercial heat treating operation.

Thom Coughlin with Mark Podob of commercial heat treater Metlab.

 Lisa Hill of Ipsen. We don't believe that Lisa is with Ipsen any longer which is a shame.

ALD Dynatech Press Release. "ALD Dynatech has refurbished the hot zone of large high Vacuum Brazing furnaces along with the vacuum pumping system to increase the equipment's overall efficiency. The hot zone is shipped to an aerospace customer base in Hyderabad.  The Hot Zone has an effective 1600 mm (64”)ID and length of 2050 mm (82”), and is made from two solid graphite rolls with a curved CFC hot face that are packed against a stainless steel structure.  This new and advanced hot zone structure will help minimize heat loss.  Heating elements are made of MoLa material. In addition to the new hot zone, the existing vacuum system has been upgraded with a highly efficient high vacuum pumping system to work vacuum levels of 10-5 mbar range. 


With the new two-piece insulation and vacuum pumping system efficiency of the vacuum furnace will increase by 25% and shorten the cycle time by 15%.   ALD-Dynatech specializes in rebuilding hot zones for all major OEM for the worldwide market.     The average cost saving to the customer is between 30 to 40% from the original OEM price.  

About ALD-Dynatech Furnaces Pvt Ltd. ALD Dynatech is India’s largest manufacturer of vacuum heat treatment furnace systems. ALD Dynatech is a part of a world-renowned vacuum furnace manufacturer - ALD Vacuum Technologies, Germany. The legacy companies that comprise the ALD Group have a combined 100+ years of Vacuum technology experience. The company manufactures turn-key vacuum heat treatment systems for applications include Low Pressure Carburizing, sintering, brazing, hardening and tempering processes for automotive, aerospace, mining, military, gear, fasteners, and alternative energy industries."  ALD-Dynatech Company is part of the Indian Government’s “Make in India – Affordable and Excellent” initiative. Visit our website for a great cost saving tips :" July 1/2015

Somebody Is In Trouble! We have no idea who the guilty party in this story is or even whether it is a captive or commercial heat treater but some heat treater made a real big mistake as you can read in this story. June 30/2015

"Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is telling owners of 65 new 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokees and Dodge Durangos to immediately stop driving the vehicles and is recalling a total of 7,690 SUVs. The automaker said it is taking the unusual step of telling owners to stop driving the vehicles because suspension components were installed that were not correctly treated by a supplier for high temperatures. That condition could cause the component to break or could rear-end instability and/or reduced braking power. The other 7,625 Jeep Grand Cherokees and Dodge Durangos have not been sold. They are either on dealer lots or are on their way to dealers. The automaker said a "supplier discovered a potential problem during an internal quality review. FCA US was alerted, launched an investigation to determine if any vehicles were affected and, out of an abundance of caution, halted vehicle shipments from its assembly plant."


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