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Super Systems

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Heat Treat News

Nickel charts on InfoMine.comMolybdenum charts on


Bodycote Financial Results. Worldwide heat treating giant Bodycote has just released their first half 2014 financial results all of which can be found at More on Monday after we digest the results and we will also give you the market reaction but bottom line is revenues down slightly, profits up. August 1/2014.

"INTERIM MANAGEMENT REPORT OVERVIEW Bodycote made encouraging progress in the first half of 2014. Revenues increased by 4.6% at constant exchange rates although adverse foreign exchange movements led reported revenues to decline by 1.3%. Headline operating profit grew by 7.1% to £56.1m and operating profit grew by 7.8% to £54.2m, despite a £3.2m impact due to the effect of adverse exchange movements. The new technologies of S3P (Specialty Stainless Steel Processes) and HIP PF (Hot Isostatic Pressing Product Fabrication) both performed strongly. Together with mix improvements particularly in emerging markets these factors led to a further headline operating margin1 expansion of 140 basis points to 18.0% (2013: 16.6%). There were no acquisitions completed in the period, but the Group continues to seek to acquire value-adding business to add to its portfolio. In oil & gas, and in particular subsea, market changes are moving in our favour and our investment programmes over the past few years are enabling the Group to realise significant growth, with HIP PF in particular benefiting from these changes. In the aerospace market, a combination of OEM supply chain structural changes, inventory adjustments ahead of platform changeovers, and reduced defence spending are offsetting the underlying secular growth of this segment. Work to expand the Group’s footprint in the aerospace OEMs’ supply chains has been stepped up in order to secure more of the latent growth available though this will take some time to come through. Growth in the automotive segment continues its upward trajectory. Bodycote is increasingly becoming the preferred supplier of thermal processing services for many customers, particularly for car and light truck production. The Group’s emphasis on very high service levels and technical proficiency is driving considerable differentiation and value accretion in what in most other respects is a difficult environment to thrive. Success in this business will be enhanced by further network development as our customers expand in the lower cost economies. Net capital expenditure of £31.5m represents an expenditure to depreciation ratio of 1.2 times (2013: 1.0 times), as the Group increased the pace of investment over that seen in the last few years. Much of this capital expenditure is being invested in the new high growth technologies and the greenfield expansion plan for the emerging markets, with four new plants in progress during the first half. Headline operating cash flow conversion was 78%2 (2013: 89%) yielding a headline operating cash flow of £44.0m. The Group finished the half with a net cash position of £5.5m after the payment of the 2013 final and special dividends. The Group’s strategy of focusing on services that are highly valued by our customers; targeted customer engagement; increasing our emerging market footprint; growth in selected new technologies; and the drive for operational excellence continues to deliver good results, notwithstanding the mixed macroeconomic backdrop. 1 Headline operating profit as a percentage of sales 2 Headline operating cash flow divided by headline operating profit."

Business Opportunities. "The Monty" has never had so many top notch positions available in the heat treating industry which indicates both the shortage of good people available and also the fact that we get results for our advertisers. A small sampling of recent offerings include these; a Graduate Metallurgical Engineer looking for a position, an Experienced Salesman is required for a West Coast Heat Treater, a Mechanical Field Service Technician is needed at the JL Becker Company, 2 Plants Managers Required in CA and a Quality Engineer is desired in CA.

Do you want results when it comes to filling a position within the heat treating industry? "The Monty" is the most economical, fastest way to fill that position. Looking for a job? Send us your ad and we will put it on the site free of charge for as long as you would like. When it comes to filling positions within the heat treating industry "The Monty" can't be beat! With a readership of over 20,000 heat treaters/month we will help you fill your position or help you find a job. Just contact August 1/2014.


Solar Manufacturing/Press Release. "Souderton, PA. 07/31/14 – Approximately one year ago, William R. Jones, CEO of the Solar Group of Companies, decided to donate a small horizontal vacuum furnace for use as a teaching tool in the ASM International training facility in Materials Park, Ohio.  This furnace was given the name “The Mentor” as it would serve to teach and guide students seeking to advance in the metals processing world.  At the same time that this furnace was engineered and manufactured, a second unit was built for the Solar Atmospheres Plant in Hermitage, PA.  Because this furnace proved to be very useful, Solar Manufacturing elected to offer it to the general marketplace.  Several companies realized that such a unit could be a very useful piece of equipment and to-date, seven Mentor furnaces have been sold.The Furnace is a Solar Manufacturing Horizontal Model HFL-2018-2IQ and is mounted on a single, portable platform for easy shipment and maneuverability.  The Mentor’s work zone measures 12” wide by 12” high by 18” deep which allows heat treaters the convenience of running smaller workloads more economically.  The hot zone design incorporates a graphite foil hot face backed by four (4) layers of ½” thick, highly efficient Rayon graphite felt supported in a stainless steel ring structure.  It is rated to a maximum operating temperature of 3000oF and is AMS 2750 E compliant with a temperature uniformity of +/- 10oF between 800oF and 2400oF.  The furnace hearth is capable of supporting loads up to 250 pounds at 2150oF. 

The vacuum pumping system includes an Alcatel 33 CFM mechanical pump and a Varian VHS-6 diffusion pump for ultimate vacuum in the 10-6 torr range. The internal gas cooling system is capable of cooling at 2 bar pressure utilizing a 7-1/2 HP motor and a low resistance, straight through, all copper water cooled heat exchanger. Pete Reh, vice president of sales, when asked to comment on the popularity of The Mentor, answered that “Even though The Mentor is compact, it is by no means short on capability.  It is loaded with standard production furnace features just like all of our other vacuum furnaces including SolarVac® interactive controls consisting of an Allen-Bradley MicroLogix PLC, Allen-Bradley PanelView HMI touchscreen interface, and a Eurotherm Graphic Video Recorder with data acquisition.”

ABOUT SOLAR MANUFACTURING; Solar Manufacturing designs and manufactures all types of vacuum heat treating, brazing, sintering, carburizing, and nitriding furnaces, as well as offers replacement hot zones and spare parts for various vacuum furnace brands.  To learn more about Solar Manufacturing’s diverse product line and services, contact Pete Reh, Vice President of Sales, at 267-384-5040 or  For more information on Solar Manufacturing visit" August 1/2014.

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Happy Birthday Jill Ciszewski! While we believe that Jill's official title at furnace builder AFC-Holcroft is Administrative Assistant in our opinion Jill basically runs the company. We can think of few more well organized, professional individuals that gets things done with as little fuss nor muss as Jill. Happy 30th birthday Jill. July 31/2014.

New Orders.  Atmosphere Engineering in Milwaukee, WI recently installed a N2/H2 flow panel to control 5 furnaces at GKN/Hoeganaes.  "GKN/Hoeganaes Commission AEC to Design One System to Control Five Lab Furnaces. Last year, Atmosphere Engineering was commissioned by GKN/Hoeganaes to design and build an N2/H2 panel to control five furnaces in their quality control test lab for sintering and annealing processes. Hoeganaes Corporation is the largest producer of Atomized Steel and Iron Powders in the world, used across a variety of applications including welding, brazing, photocopy, chemical, electromagnetic and metallurgical processes. The customized control panel includes data logging, temperature control, gas metering for each of the five furnaces and an additional remote panel interface. As with all AEC furnace control systems, this panel was designed to meet current NFPA safety guidelines".

Alphametric Vacuum Inc., of Willow Springs NC was recently awarded an order by the Department of the Navy in Cherry Point, NC for a replacement Hot Zone Assembly for an Abar Model HR-66x60 Vacuum Furnace. The contract was awarded June 9/2014 and according to the US Federal website that announces orders placed the value of the contract was $134,825.00 USD. As Alphametric is a long standing rep organization for Ipsen we would assume that the vendor was actually Ipsen rather than Alphametric and that this was a mistake on the US government website. July 31/2014.


Accurate Steel Treating/Southgate, CA. We have this press release from commercial heat treater Accurate Steel Treating out in California. Accurate is one of the larger commercial shops on the US West Coast and they are very justifiably proud of their Nadcap accreditation. While this is necessary to run aerospace work it does take a great deal of effort and money to achieve this.

"Announcing that Accurate Steel Treating has acquired a NADCAP accreditation.  We have structured the company combining the best of two worlds. For over 50 years Accurate has been a commercial processer running a high level of tool steel and general heat treating. This will still be the core of the company maintaining the high level of service our customer base requires. Within this structure we have been able to create a section specific to NADCAP processing.  Now we are able to present both commercial and NADCAP heat treating to better serve the manufacturing industry. Mike Bastian, Accurate Steel Treating." July 31/2014.

Cosma International/Battle Creek, MI. If my memory is correct the third largest auto parts supplier in the world is Canadian based Magna of which Cosma is one of their divisions. Early last year the company issued this press release; "Cosma International has announced plans to open an automotive casting components and systems operation in Battle Creek. The company is refurbishing an existing facility at 10 N. Clark Road in the Fort Custer Industrial Park. The building should be completed by the end of 2013. It will be known as Cosma Casting Michigan and is expected to create up to 572 new jobs based on investment of up to $162 million". The building is completed, most of the equipment installed and the Can Eng T7 and T5 equipment is very close to entering production. July 30/2014.

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Ipsen Press Release. "CHERRY VALLEY, IL – Ipsen recently shipped a horizontal TurboTreater® thermal processing vacuum system to an international company’s plant in Mexico, where it will function as a substitute for another Ipsen furnace, substantially modernizing their operations. This company is part of the Metal-Casting industry, and they will use this TurboTreater to process stainless steel parts for a French car manufacturer and, eventually, a German car manufacturer as well. In both cases, the cars are assembled in Mexico and exported all over the world. The company has a long history with Ipsen, having purchased multiple Ipsen furnaces over the last few decades. In 2013, they contracted Ipsen for a critical relocation of a large heat-treating furnace from one of their plants in Mexico to the same plant where this new TurboTreater will be installed – all to best support their customers in the Automotive industry. Overall, the order and shipment went smoothly – the various milestones were met either ahead of schedule or on time, and the Factory Acceptance Test was seamless. This specific TurboTreater features a 24” x 24” x 36” (610 mm x 610 mm x 914 mm) all-graphite hot zone with a 2,000-pound (907 kg) load capacity. It utilizes gas cooling to 2-bar absolute pressure and operates at temperatures of 1,000 °F to 2,400 °F (538 °C to 1,316 °C). The furnace is also equipped with a 20-inch Varian diffusion pump and Ipsen’s CompuVac® control system.

The Ipsen TurboTreater line operates as a “build-your-own” furnace, allowing customers to order heat treatment furnace systems specified to their unique needs. Possible modifications include variations on features such as the hot zone insulation package, heating elements, pumping systems and control system. In addition, this multi-purpose vacuum furnace leads the industry through the use of patented mechanical features, such as Ipsen’s unique quarter-twist graphite heating element support hanger, which provides metallic support for ceramics; the flare locking rim for molybdenum cooling gas nozzles, which secures them in place into a rounded extrusion in the plenum wall; and the cooling system design, which generates the highest heat transfer coefficient of any vacuum furnace on the market. To learn more about the unique features of the Ipsen TurboTreater, visit July 30/2014.


Seco Tools/Lenoir City, TN. Going back to early 2013 we had a brief news item about custom tooling manufacturer Seco Tools in TN closing down this plant and relocating to Troy, Michigan. The plant is now closed and the remaining equipment will be auctioned off August of this year. While this location did not have a large heat treat department there does appear to be a few Lindberg furnaces and ancillary items included in the auction. July 29/2014.

"Seco Relocates Custom Tooling Division to US Headquarters, Closes Lenoir City Facility. TROY, Mich., March 29, 2013 – Seco Tools recently announced that it will relocate its Custom Tooling unit to its North American headquarters in Troy, MI.  This will allow the company to develop a center of excellence in engineered customer solutions by bringing custom tooling manufacturing together with engineering and design.  At the same time, Seco will close its Lenoir City, Tennessee, standard tooling facility due to changes in demand and production capacity.  The transition will begin in July 2013, and is expected to be complete by the second half of 2014. "The decision to close the Lenoir City production operation was a difficult one for the company because of the extremely positive experience we've had in the area and the talented and dedicated team of people we work with there,” said Kurt Nordlund, president of Seco Tools, Inc. "The global market has not developed according to plans made seven years ago, which has resulted in excess capacity. Because of this, we need to modify our production model to accommodate actual market requirements and ensure we’re offering the best solutions to our customers. As Seco proceeds through this transition, we will do our best to assist our Lenoir City employees in finding new opportunities.”  

Corner Stone

Used Equipment Available. We have turned over a lot of used equipment recently and what you will see now in our list of used equipment available is quite a bit different than just a month ago, have a look and tell us what questions you have. Recent additions include a 10' Diameter Rotary Hearth Furnace with two Gleason Press Quench Units, two Ipsen Vacuum Brazing Furnaces, an almost new Atmosphere Box Furnace only two years old, a Despatch Continuous Oven, two Surface Combustion 36 X 72 X 36 1400F gas fired gas tempers, and a very nice Williams 5600 CFH Endo Generator. If you don't see what you are looking for please let us know and we will try to find it for you. July 29/2014.

A few examples include:


ROHDE Schutzgasöfen GmbH. We welcome our newest advertiser German furnace builder ROHDE Schutzgasöfen GmbH. This family owned company has been around for quite some time and the photo below gives you an idea about what the company is capable of. What you are looking at is probably the largest Pit Carburizing furnace in the world, a furnace which ROHDE built and installed at commercial heat treater REESE in Bochum, Germany just a few years ago. Their banner ad can be found on this page. July 29/2014.


European Used Equipment Available. Surplus Heat Treating Equipment. For 15 years “The Monty” has been very successful at putting buyers and sellers of used heat treating equipment together and we now bring this model to Europe. If you have surplus heat treating equipment we would be very happy to help you find a buyer on a non-exclusive small commission basis. Please let us know what questions you have and we will be happy to answer them. If you are a buyer looking for a particular item please let us know and we should be able to find it for you. July 29/2014.

A few examples include:


Throughput Bluestreak Press Release. "THROUGHPUT I Bluestreak™ Launches iMaintain™, the First Preventive Maintenance Software Designed Exclusively for the Service-Based Manufacturing Environment

iMaintain™ is 100% browser-based and can run on nearly any device or operating system—PC, Mac, tablets, eReaders and Smartphones. Throughput Consulting, a leading provider of Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software, announces its new module release, iMaintain™ to its existing BLUESTREAK™ suite of products.
iMaintain™ as well as BLUESTREAK’S™ full suite of products run on the Apple iPad, iPhone, Android tablets, phones and Windows phones, tablets, Nook and Kindle eReaders.
iMaintain™ can be installed stand-alone or be connected to BLUESTREAK™ and ties directly into production and scheduling. Operators can issue a new maintenance request during load setup and be prevented from using an out-of-service piece of equipment or one scheduled for maintenance.
iMaintain™ supports flexible maintenance processes with unlimited trackable steps, unlimited electronic document media such as photos, drawings, schematics, PDF’s, spreadsheets, videos and unlimited data collection, specifications and complete searchable history.
Other Functionality Includes
• Schedule recurring PM tasks or one-off Maintenance Orders
• Track equipment up/down time, labor hours, repair costs
• Includes an internal “iMail” module for communications with everyone in the company
• Full inventory, vendors, suppliers, locations and purchase orders
• BLUESTREAK’S™ exclusive Global Notification System delivers real-time messages via
iMail, eMail and text messages

“BLUESTREAK™ is huge in providing information at point of use. Wherever we need it, in the plant or out on the road, if we have access to a computer, tablet or smartphone, we have access to all information from quote to invoice,” states Cale McGraw of Pinson Valley Heat Treating. About Throughput I Bluestreak™; BLUESTREAK™ Suite is designed exclusively for a service-based manufacturing environment, where the primary focus is processing and not inventory management. Any service-based manufacturing company can easily customize BLUESTREAK™ to mirror unique business workflows. Find out more at, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube" Contact: Robert Boginski 262.966.1082 1805 Sunset View Drive Delafield, WI 53018 July 29/2014.


Monday Morning Briefing. Today is largely going to be a “people” day and we start off with two new additions at Paulo Products the third largest commercial heat treater in North America. "Paulo Products Company is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Kyle Moore as corporate quality manager. Kyle joined Paulo at the beginning of June. As corporate quality manager, Kyle will work with each of Paulo’s five locations to improve and develop their overall quality systems, auditing procedures and bench-marking practices. Kyle’s understanding of ISO based quality management systems provides him with the experience and expertise to be successful in his role at Paulo. Prior to joining Paulo, Kyle had a three and half year career at Lewis Pump. There he held a variety of roles in engineering, quality, materials and production scheduling. Kyle graduated from Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly the University of Missouri – Rolla) with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. As the third largest heat treat company in North America, Paulo Products Company has five locations throughout the mid-west, great lakes and southeast regions of the United States. Paulo provides solutions to a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, agriculture, defense, and medical. Paulo’s facilities are certified to a variety of quality management systems including ISO/TS 16949, AS 9100 and ISO 9001.

Paulo Products Company offers a wide variety of heat treating, brazing, and metal finishing solutions as well as providing a broad range of metallurgical and engineering services. Paulo’s capabilities include batch and continuous heat treating, vacuum heat treating, cryogenics, blasting, plating and black oxide solutions. Paulo was founded in 1943 in St. Louis, Mo. and operates additional plants in Cleveland, Ohio, Kansas City, Mo., Murfreesboro, Tenn. and Nashville, Tenn.

Paulo Products Company is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Mark Affolter as quality manager. Mark joined Paulo at the beginning of June. As quality manager, Mark will oversee and manage the ISO quality systems in place for Paulo – Kansas City. Mark brings experience and expertise in the Nadcap arena. His training in pyrometry and experience and knowledge of AMS 2750 and AMS 2759 specifications for the aerospace industry will be valuable in his role. Paulo is confident he will provide excellent quality and service to our customers.  Prior to joining Paulo, Mark was with O&F Machine Products. There he served nine and a half years as heat treat manager. Mark is a graduate of Pittsburgh State University, holding a bachelor’s degree in automotive technology. He also holds masters’ degrees in business administration and engineering technology. Mark resides in Greenwood, Mo. with his wife, Stormy, and their daughter.

From Paulo Products we move to furnace builder SECO/WARWICK who has just hired a new rep in the US. "Piotr Zawistowski, Sales/Product Manager, has appointed the Summit Products, Inc. to the SECO/WARWICK group of Independent Sales Representatives. About Summit Products, Inc; Summit Products, Inc. is a company located in Grand Island, NY that provides new and used vacuum and atmosphere heat treating equipment worldwide for annealing, carburizing, carbonitriding and through hardening applications. They provide the industry with industrial ovens, atmosphere and vacuum furnaces, cooling systems, and polymer quenchants as well as alloy baskets/cast trays and graphite/CFC fixtures. Summit Products, Inc. has provided equipment to the U.S., Canada and worldwide. Projects over the years have included aluminum heat treating, vacuum carburizing, high pressure gas quenching, copper and nickel brazing, bright through-hardening, metal injection molding, FNC, nitriding and annealing. Summit Products is owned and run by Mr. Kevin Brennan". Moving to the Induction world we see that a top notch fellow by the name of Fred Specht (also known as the scanner man) has just joined Induction supplier Interpower. "Gary Gariglio President & founder of Interpower Induction are pleased to announce the appointment of Fred R. Specht as National Sales Manager - Heat Treating Products. Interpower Induction is the fastest growing company in the induction heating industry. Headquartered in Almont, MI, Interpower Induction has averaged triple digit growth since the company was founded in 1995. Mr. Specht brings 40 plus years of hands-on induction heat treating experience, troubleshooting, manufacturing, engineering and sales experience to our company and will assist in our continued growth in the induction heat treating field say Mr. Gariglio. Well known as “the scanner man”, Specht started his career as a commercial induction heat treater at Induction Heat Treat Corp., Lindberg (Bodycote) and Chicago Induction Heat Treating all in the Chicagoland area. He has managed sales with major clients in the agricultural, aerospace, military, construction, automotive, oil & gas and off-highway industries with such suppliers as TOCCO, Inc., Pillar and Ajax Magnethermic. Fred is a past ASM Heat Treat Society founder (1985) and two time past HTS board member. He will continue in his current role as ASM HTS Technical Programming Sub- Committee Chair of the Applied Energy committee.  Mr. Specht is also a member of AFS (1989) and SME (1998). Fred Specht can be reached @, or 312-342-8799".

In extremely tragic news a reader sent us this newspaper article. Eltro is a German  company with an operation in Michigan offering plasma nitriding. "A 46-year-old Livonia man was killed Wednesday evening after he was attacked by two dogs while jogging in Metamora. Metamora Township Police say that Craig Sytsma was running on Thomas Road just south of Brauer when the two 3-year-old Cane Corsos mauled him. Metamora Chief David Mallett said the dogs severed an artery in Sytsma's arm. He died from his wounds at McLaren Lapeer Region Hospital. The attack happened on a dirt road approximately 100 yards from the dog owner's home. Metamora Police Chief David Mallet says a neighbor shot at the two dogs to scare them off, and one of the dogs was struck. Police say another jogger was previously bit in the leg by dogs from the same home.  The Lapeer County Prosecutor is reviewing the Metamora police report. It will be the Prosecutor's call to determine if charges will be filed against the owner.  The dogs are quarantined for observation. The Lapeer County Prosecutor is recommending euthanasia for both dogs. Sytsma lived in Livonia and operated Eltro Metal Services in Oxford. He was a divorced father of three children". 

On a final note we recently had a brief article about cast link vs; mesh belt furnaces. Bill Disler, President of AFC-Holcroft sent us these thoughts. "I saw the notes on Cast Links and wanted to comment. Cast Link belts are still common and for good reasons, however I agree that many just look to mesh belts instead of considering cast. Many of the most successful players in the global fastener business (not for small self-tapping fasteners) still favor cast belts. Other industries do the same. The thermal efficiency of a cast link belt far exceeds a mesh belt.   Loading on cast link belts, providing the product being run supports it, makes production density much more favorable as well.   Mesh belts run at 10-20 pounds per square foot where a cast belt can run 50 pounds+ per square foot. That allows the same production to be run on a belt 1/3 the size.  Mesh belts are a great solution for parts that could get damaged on a cast link and in cases where external loading is required. Beyond that I think that the market often misses the benefits that the cast link offers. The belt stays hot, hence no energy goes to reheating the belt and no thermal cycling of the belt alloy. Easier to seal the furnace, hence less gas usage.  You do not have to replace the belt annually, hence less downtime and lower long term cost. In many cases the premium cost of the furnace (mainly due to the heavy alloy belt) is offset by the smaller size that results from heavier loading per square foot on the belt. Those looking for low cost per piece of quality production should not neglect considering a cast link belt if your product is compatible. Of course, AFC-Holcroft builds both mesh belts and cast link belts.  I just thought it was worth reminding folks of the often missed benefits of the cast link belt furnace. Some customers that moved to mesh belts years ago have come full circle back to the Cast Link belt production workhorses. It just depends on the parts being run"July 28/2014.


THROUGHPUT I Bluestreak™ Press Release. "THROUGHPUT I Bluestreak™, the leader in service-based manufacturing solutions for the Metals Treating Industry, is pleased to announce that Todd Wenzel, CEO of Throughput I Bluestreak™, will deliver a technical session entitled “E-Chaos: How Rapid Technology Change is Dramatically Affecting Your Company” during the Furnace North America (FNA), Conference in Nashville, TN, October 6-8, 2014. “Technological change is not only rapid, it is accelerating with no end in sight. Businesses simply cannot keep their company’s “technological head in the sand” any longer by ignoring this reality. Those who do not embrace technology will find their business strategies obsolete causing high uncertainty for long-term planning,” explains Todd Wenzel. Presentation Date: October 8, 2014 Time: 10:15 am – 10:45 am CDT

About FNA FNA is the leading conference and trade show event for the commercial and captive Heat Treating Industry, providing a world-class, high-level technical forum attracting industry experts and suppliers from 30+ states and over 15 countries. FNA Conference Track Topics Include:
 Aerospace
 Automotive
 Business
 Vacuum
 Emerging Technologies
 Pipe & Tube
 Controls & Induction
 Alloy and Fixture
 Surface Treatments
About Throughput I Bluestreak™ BLUESTREAK™ Suite is designed exclusively for a service-based manufacturing environment, where the primary focus is processing and not inventory management. Any service-based manufacturing company can easily customize BLUESTREAK™ to mirror unique business workflows. Find out more at, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube. Contact: Robert Boginski, 262.966.1082"
July 28/2014.

Custom Electric

Ipsen Press Release. "CHERRY VALLEY, IL – When working with vacuum heat-treating systems, a number of maintenance questions can arise. One of Ipsen’s most common Ask an Expert questions ( concerns finding leaks and their effect on the process and furnace. Ipsen’s general response is to first perform a conventional leak check with a helium mass spectrometer to determine the cause. However, in an effort to continually provide customers with useful tools and resources, Ipsen created a video titled “How to Perform a Leak Check with a Mass Spectrometer” that can be viewed at for those who want further, step-by-step instructions on how to correctly perform a leak check. From calibrating your helium mass spectrometer to determining what part of the furnace is the source of the leak, Ipsen’s newest video provides indispensable tips for keeping your furnace running at peak performance – and this video is just one of many that are soon to come. The video is the first post on Ipsen’s new blog, The Ipsen, Harold, which launched on Wednesday, July 16, 2014. The Ipsen, Harold was created as an outlet for Ipsen to provide customers and those in relevant industries with valuable heat-treating information. Focusing on breaking down technical and complex material, as well as revealing tips of the trade, this blog is intended to establish an open dialogue between readers and Ipsen experts. Weekly blog entries will be posted on The Ipsen, Harold and will cover topics ranging from preventative maintenance and the top five things you should know about thwarting downtime to tips on becoming a brazing superhero and optimizing your processes. Readers are also granted the opportunity to subscribe to The Ipsen, Harold and receive weekly emails with the newest blog entries and expert advice delivered straight into their inbox. Regardless of the industry you are in or the processes you run, Ipsen is committed to providing the most pertinent, up-to-date thermal-processing materials and resources. Whether you like your information in short, easy-to-understand blurbs or lengthy, in-depth technical papers, Ipsen has the answers you need in the format you prefer – from new blog entries on The Ipsen, Harold,, to various papers and technical resources on their website, Don’t hesitate; visit today and see how Ipsen can help you with your pressing questions and concerns.

About Ipsen; Ipsen designs and manufactures industrial vacuum furnaces, atmosphere furnaces and supervisory control systems for a wide variety of thermal processing markets, including: Aerospace, Commercial Heat Treating, Medical, Energy and Automotive. With production locations in Europe, America and Asia, along with representation in 34 countries, Ipsen is committed to providing support for customers worldwide. Choosing Ipsen means choosing a partner in success." July 18/2014.

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CCPI Press Release. "CCPI/Metal Treating Institute. Temperature Sensing company CCPI sends us this press release about their acceptance as a member of MTI. While MTI primarily consists of commercial heat treaters in North America they do accept Associate Members who are suppliers to the industry.

Blanchester, OH – July 8th, 2014: CCPI Inc. is pleased to announce it’s membership acceptance to the Metal Treating Institute (MTI), an organization committed to improving heat treatment worldwide. In order to be accepted, MTI members must indicate how their company can make technical contributions to advance the interests of the Metal Treating Institute and the heat treating industry. CCPI received unanimous approval from MTI’s board of directors based upon the information that was submitted for acceptance. MTI is a non-profit association established in 1933 to represent the heat treating industry. It positions itself as having the largest network of heat treaters in the world encompassing 38 states  and 8 countries.  MTI also represents suppliers who provide technical expertise to members so they can maximize productivity, quality, and safety.  As explained by Mike Brausch, CCPI North America Business Unit Manager, “We’re excited to offer our temperature measurement expertise and products to MTI heat treaters. It’s a natural fit between our two organizations. MTI members are generally recognized as being some of the highest quality heat treaters in the world and CCPI has some of the highest quality temperature sensing products and precise laboratories in the world”. CCPI is heavily involved with temperature measurement research at its’ laboratories in the USA and the UK. These labs are NVLAP and UKAS accredited respectively. Mr. Brausch further explains, “CCPI looks to partner with companies and organizations committed to improving the technical standards of heat treating and other industries.  Knowing that MTI members are actively involved with AMEC and working to NADCAP and CQI-9 standards further validates our commitment to membership”.  CCPI will begin attending MTI national and regional meetings helping to benefit and further advance the heat treating industry. CCPI can be found on the worldwide web at

About CCPI Inc. Headquartered in Blanchester, OH, CCPI Inc. operates manufacturing facilities in the U.S., the U.K., and the Middle East.  Focused on precision temperature sensing products and high quality refractory materials, CCPI is uniquely positioned to serve the needs of industry worldwide. For more information regarding CCPI’s divisions and product offerings, please visit:, contact, or call 937-783-2476."


Global Heat Treatment Network. Several times over the course of this year we have mentioned the Global Heat Treatment Network an organization of heat treaters and industry suppliers putting the industry together around the world. The organizations website is now up and running although some of the functions are not yet enabled. “The Monty” is working in partnership with this new organization. July 17/2014.


Cast Link Belt Lines. Once upon a time the furnace style of choice for heat treaters processing fasteners was a cast link belt furnace. For good or for bad cast link belt furnaces have largely been pushed to the sidelines replaced by a mesh belt furnace design introduced to North America by Can-Eng many years ago. These days cast link lines are+++ generally either older furnaces or seen in applications where furnace loading is too heavy for a mesh belt. The fate of many of these older cast link lines can be seen below-the scrap heap. What you see below is what is left of 2 3,000 pound/hour Surface Combustion cast link furnace lines. On a personal note we always find it upsetting to see what was once a state of the art furnace being relegated to the garbage dump. July 17/2014.

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Edwards Press Release. "CRAWLEY, WEST SUSSEX, UK. (15 July, 2014)— Edwards, together with its distributor in Russia, Intech Analytics JSC is proud to announce that the GXS dry screw vacuum pump won the Product Innovation Award at Vacuum TechExpo 2014 in Moscow. Franck Merieux, Market Sector Manager at Edwards, commented, “We are extremely proud to receive this award together with our partners in Russia, Intech, for our innovative GXS vacuum pump. This award reflects not only on Edwards’ technology leadership, but it also highlights all the hard work carried out by Intech in introducing our GXS pump to the Russian market, a key growth area for Edwards.”

The GXS range, with its unique screw technology, enables users to optimise their processes with a low cost of ownership and a reduced footprint.  The GXS provides robust and reliable operation even in harsh industrial applications, and has an on-board controller enabling extensive communication and automated control capabilities. The GXS has a long pump service life and is virtually maintenance free for up to five years, which together with reduced gas and power consumption make it the most economical vacuum pump for industrial applications. “Existing customers of the GXS vacuum pump give very positive feedback about the many benefits they get from using this technology,” commented Dmitry Lovtsyus, Deputy Director at Intech. “We are thrilled that the GXS met the stringent criteria for this award and that the specialist judging panel at Vacuum TechExpo decided to give the Innovation Award to Edwards’ GXS.”

About Intech; Intech Analytics JSC is Edwards’ distributor in Russia and is also an authorised service provider. They have offices in Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk and Kiev. The large distances involved in Russia mean servicing can be a challenge, so their local presence is a significant benefit to customers." Further information about Edwards can be found at Further information about Intech can be found at July 17/2014.

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Are You Paying More for Base Trays and Baskets? If not you are certainly going to be in the near future and here is why. Nickel has surged 41 percent this year after Indonesia, one of the world’s largest exporters of nickel banned ore exports to spur investment in domestic smelters. This combined with the fact that nickel customers are stocking up in the event of a shortage has meant a large jump in the price of the material meaning that all nickel based alloys such as 330 SS, HU, HT are also seeing a large increase in costing. We have run across very contradictory stories about how much of the cost of these alloys is dependant upon nickel pricing but one story we ran across states that nickel accounts for half the cost of SS. Whatever the exact percentage is it means one thing-you will be paying more for alloy furnace components and fixturing and this is immediate. Forget the days of a base tray quote being good for 6 months, we are back to the bad old days of 2007 and 2008 when alloy quotes were good for a week or two at most. July 16/2014.

Paulo Products/Michael Jussila. From probably the second largest commercial heat treater in North America, Paulo Products we have this press release about how the company has a new plant manager at their flagship facility in St. Louis. July 16/2014.

"Paulo Products Company is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Michael Jussila as Plant Manager. One of the largest and best equipped heat treating plants in the Midwest, Paulo, St. Louis offers production heat treating in batch and continuous belt as well as vacuum heat treating to NADCA requirements. In addition to NADCA, Paulo-St. Louis is registered to ISO/TS 16949. The St. Louis facility also provides Cryogenics, Blasting and Black Oxide services. Mike is a graduate of the Virginia Military Institute where he received a B.S. in Physics and he is a graduate of the United States Navy’s Naval Nuclear Power School. Mike also went on to earn his Master of Science in Engineering Management from George Washington University. Mike formally worked at Unimim Corporation where he held the position of Plant Manager for the past 10 years. Prior to that Mike served in various Operations Management roles with General Chemical Corporation. Mike also served as an Officer in the United States Navy. “Mike brings extensive hands-on plant manager and production experience to Paulo. I believe Mike will provide the leadership to help the St. Louis Facility continue its efforts to improve the services we provide to each of our customers” states Greg Grei, Vice President of Operations, Paulo Products Company. Paulo Products Company offers a wide variety of heat treating, brazing and metal finishing solutions as well as a broad range of metallurgical and engineering services. In addition to the St. Louis facility, Paulo operates plants in Kansas City, MO, Nashville and Murfreesboro, TN, and Cleveland, OH."

Solar Atmospheres Press Release. Don Jordan, V.P. and Corporate Metallurgist of Commercial Heat Treater Solar Atmospheres recently presented this paper on “Improving Titanium Friction and Wear Properties.”July 16/2014.

"Improving Titanium Friction and Wear Properties; Souderton, PA.  July 15, 2014 – An experiment with Oak Ridge National Lab, published as “Surface Engineering to Improve the Durability and Lubricity of Ti–6Al–4V Alloy”; Bansal, Eryilmaz, Blau, evaluated titanium for weight reduction in heavy truck diesel engines.  A wide variety of surface treatments were evaluated for friction and wear including: “diffusion treatments, hard coatings (TiN and CrN [PVD]), a soft coating (Cu–Ni–In), titanium-matrix TiB2 in situ-formed composite, and shot peening”. Two conclusions from the study are:

  • “(b) CrN coated Ti64 specimens had the least amount of wear, followed closely by DLC (diamond-like-carbon) coated Ti64 specimens. 
  • (c) Nitrided…specimens yielded the lowest COF, and their wear is also comparable to those of CrN and DLC coated specimens.”

Titanium solution nitriding provided the lowest coefficient of friction (COF) and high wear resistance. The process was performed by Solar Atmospheres in a vacuum furnace using partial pressure nitrogen at temperatures in the annealing range. Solution nitriding is a diffusion process where nascent nitrogen is adsorbed and diffused into the titanium matrix.   Like other diffusion processes, the depth of the diffusion zone is dependent on the time of the treatment. Using Ti-6Al-4V with a core hardness of 30 HRC as the base metal, Solar Atmospheres has achieved hardness readings in the mid-60’s to upper-60’s HRC at a depth of 0.0076mm (0.0003”) followed by a gradual decrease in hardness to the core over a distance of 0.25mm (0.01”).  Shorter cycle times have produced hardness in the mid-50’s to high-50’s HRC and shallower total case depths.

Solution nitriding is not a coating like CrN or DLC. It is a thermochemical treatment where nitrogen becomes an integral part of the titanium matrix.  Unlike a coating, it does not have to initially bond well to work and it will not spall away from the base metal. That’s because it is the base metal at the surface; it’s a metallurgical case that significantly strengthens the base metal just as conventional carburizing and nitriding of steel does, allowing for increased service loads along with friction and wear performance properties.  Titanium has many beneficial applications from the medical, aerospace, and automotive industries. Unfortunately, titanium also has poor tribological properties, that is, it has a high COF when in moving contact with structural metals. The result is poor sliding and adhesive wear resistance often resulting in failure by galling (cold welding).  In order to provide adequate serviceability for metal-to-metal applications where friction and wear are a concern, some type of surface treatment is typically required.

Solution nitriding of titanium opens new markets for titanium in friction and wear applications. Oak Ridge Laboratory chose Solar Atmospheres to conduct the solution nitriding portion of the test due to the expertise, previous work with the process, and technical reputation of the company. Other companies interested in running titanium solution nitriding tests should contact Don Jordan, vice president and corporate metallurgist for Solar Atmospheres at

ABOUT SOLAR ATMOSPHERES; Solar Atmospheres is one of the world’s largest providers of commercial vacuum heat treating services. Through unmatched technical expertise, equipment, and quality assurance, Solar's thermal processing produces bright, scale-free parts with minimal distortion. For clients requiring an "out-of-the ordinary" application, an in-house R&D team of metallurgists and scientists develop innovative, custom process solutions. Serving over 18 markets, Solar's state-of-the art services include vacuum brazing, carburizing, nitriding and advanced processing of raw materials such as Titanium, Tantalum, and nano powders.  With over 50 furnaces ranging from lab sized to the world’s largest commercial vacuum furnaces, Solar can efficiently handle any size job. Headquartered in Souderton, near Philadelphia, Solar also operates plants in Hermitage, near Pittsburgh and in Fontana, California, near Los Angeles. Please visit for more information."

Vac Aero Press Release. "Kalisz, Poland, July 14, 2014 - VAC AERO’s Kalisz, Poland division has recently been awarded a Nadcap coatings certificate in accordance with SAE Aerospace standard AS7003. Scope of Accreditation: In recognition of the successful completion of the PRI evaluation process the accreditation was granted to the Kalisz, Poland facility to perform the following: AC7108/1 Rev B – Nadcap  Audit Criteria for Painting and Dry Film Lubricant Coatings when performed with AC7109/1, /2 or /3 – Ceramic/metallic Spray & Thermal Coatings; AC7109 Rev D – Nadcap Audit Criteria for Coatings; AC7109/1 Rev C - Nadcap Audit Criteria for Thermal Spray – High Velocity Oxy Fuel (HVOF) / High Velocity Air Fuel (HVAF) Plasma Thermal Spray; AC7109/4 Rev C - Nadcap Audit Criteria for Stripping – Chemical; AC7109/5 Rev E - Nadcap Audit Criteria for Coating Evaluations – Bond Strength, Hardness, Metallography/Microstructure and Microindentation Hardness.

About VAC AERO International Inc. Founded in 1959, VAC AERO International provides vacuum heat treating and thermal & paint coating services as well as vacuum furnace systems and controls to aerospace and high-tech industries worldwide. VAC AERO operates 6 production facilities near Toronto, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec, Canada as well as in 2 production facilities in Poland. More information can also be found at:" July 15/2014.

Wallwork UK Press Release. "Wallwork Re-Brand of Cambridge Coatings Division Takes Off at Farnborough Airshow. Thermal processing and specialist coatings company, Wallwork, chose Farnborough to announce the new identity for their Tecvac division. Re-branded as Wallwork Cambridge, the company will continue to be a centre of excellence for research, development and application of advanced coatings for aerospace, motorsport, medical devices and other demanding industries. Sales and marketing director, Simeon Collins explained, “We acquired Tecvac 18 years ago to give the group capability in this growing field. Relocating to new, purpose built premises the following year, we began a programme to create a skilled team of scientists and engineers working with the most advanced surface coating technology. The rebranding recognises that the company is a core part of the Wallwork Group, serving aerospace and other technologically pioneering industries.”

In addition to the application of specialist coatings to improve the hardness, lubricity and other critical properties of metal components, Wallwork Cambridge also builds the PVD machines used in this process. These bespoke machines are chosen around the world by university material science departments, metallurgical laboratories and manufacturers for their advanced research and development programmes. Machine building will continue at Cambridge. Recognising the value of the Tecvac brand to this important customer base, the PVD machines will continue to bear the Tecvac name. A recent addition to facilities at Cambridge has been the creation of a specialised manufacturing unit for brazed components. This has a complete capability from development work and batch production to large scale volume production. In addition to offering their own unique coating services, Wallwork Cambridge is the official UK partner of the German coating specialist CemeCon. As such they are the only accredited supplier in the UK for their patent processes."
July 15/2014.

Gas Composition/ California. Steve Thompson of controls company SSI of Cincinnati has run across a rather interesting possible change in gas composition in the gas market in parts of California. He felt that because of the potential effects on CA heat treaters that it was worthwhile to mention. We agree. What you see below are Steve's comments followed by a note from gas supplier SoCal where they outline the potential changes. July 15/2014.

"Gord, We have had a number of customer's contact us this week about a potential future gas mix change from SoCal in the LA area.    We are looking at what impact this will have with regard to endothermic mix and how to correct for any changes in the CO levels ultimately impacting case depth. We plan to have more details in the coming weeks with regard to the CO, H2, N2 mix as influenced by this change". Steve Thompson

"SoCal Gas is studying the possibility of using a future natural gas blend of 95% normal gas mixed with 5% hydrogen Assuming the hydrogen is obtained from renewable sources this would lower the GHG level of the gas. Per the chart below, the blend would have a slightly lower heating value 985 btu/cf versus the current typical standard of 1020 btu/hr (about 3.4% lower).  However the amount of heat input to a burner per unit of time, Wobbe number,  would only be slightly lower (1.2% lower) 1332 Wobbe current versus 1316 Wobbe projected.  The below document from our engineering analysis center.  I have been asked to discuss this with some customers, specifically the metal customers, to see if this would cause a problem with your operation and/or your end product?  Right now we are just considering it and would like to get some feedback if possible.  Thanks".


Will hydrogen impact on end users that use gas as feedstock or for manufacturing?
For example if 5% hydrogen is added to pipeline gas that is 1020 Btu/cf the following changes will occur:



Future with 5% Hydrogen










High Heating Value

1020 Btu/cf

985 Btu/cf

Relative Density



Monday Morning Briefing. We’re going to start off in Europe for our first news items. Remember how we told you a couple of months back that German furnace builder Elino was having a difficult time? Well the company is trying to overcome it’s issues and to this end laid off 50 of their employees last week which leaves Elino with roughly 70 people. Unfortunately one of the casualties was Greg Matula who a few years back did a report for us on heat treating in Poland. Luckily he has found a job with the same group. While a number of other furnace companies were interested in acquiring Elino we have been lead to believe that most if not all have backed out. From Nakal Industrial Furnaces in Russia we have this press release. We will add that Nakal offers a catalytic Nitriding furnaces which claims tremendous advantages over conventional gas Nitriding. Richter Precision Inc. has three locations in the US offering coating and heat treating services. "Furnace start-up in the United States of America.  In autumn 2013 Nakal – Industrial Furnaces Company signed a contract with Richter Precision Inc (USA) for delivery of a catalytic gas nitriding furnace Model CGS 10.20/7 with a maximum operating temperature of 700C, a weight capacity of 2000 kg and working dimensions of 1000 X 2000 mm. In June 2014 the president of Richter Precision Inc personally arrived to thank Nakal – Industrial Furnaces JSC representative for the work done and to congratulate the company on the successful commissioning of electric furnace CGN 10.20/7. Catalytic gas nitriding furnaces have been installed at hundreds of enterprises in the Russian Federation and this amount increases each year. Nakal Company is not satisfied with what has already been achieved and is arduously promoting its products abroad. Presently the company has operating furnaces in Spain, Poland, Italy, Germany, UAE, Kuwait and USA".

In the US furnace builder AFC-Holcroft reports recently receiving an order for a 2,000 pound/hour, gas fired mesh belt austemper line from an automotive supplier. AFC-Holcroft currently has a number of similar furnaces installed around the world. Speaking of new furnace orders SECO/WARWICK recently landed an order for a gas fired vacuum temper/nitrder from a commercial heat treater in North America. In 35 years in the heat treating industry we have seen a grand total of 2 gas fired vacuum furnaces. Not sure whether the technology is not quite there or there just is little demand. Speaking of SECO/WARWICK we have two press releases from SECO about reps they have just hired; "Piotr Zawistowski, Sales/Product Manager, has announced the addition of Carrasco, Carrasco y Asociados, S.C. to the SECO/WARWICK group of Independent Sales Representatives. According to owner/manager Carlos Carrasco, “For nearly 50 years, Carrasco, Carrasco y Asociados has been a leader in sales of heat treating furnaces in Mexico. They sell a variety of industrial furnaces (and related equipment) to the heat treating industry, and offer aftermarket service and parts. Carrasco currently represents a number of furnace manufacturers who sell to companies worldwide, including Mexico. Unlike other sales organizations, Carrasco focuses solely on furnaces used for heat treating. They are experts in the field, having garnered vast experience through hands-on experience and formal training offered by U.S, European and Canadian furnace manufacturers. Customers look to Carrasco to provide advice on heat treatment as well as serve as a sales channel through which they can order needed equipment. As of July 2014, Carrasco has been involved in over 400 successful installations throughout Mexico.” Along with Carlos Carrasco in Mexico City, Carrasco, Carrasco y Asociados, S.C. has a sales engineer and a service technician based in the city of Queretaro. Their Queretaro sales engineer is Adriana Michaca and she can be reached at"

And here is the second rep recently hired by SECO/WARWICK; "Piotr Zawistowski, Sales/Product Manager, has announced the addition of Texas T&M Instruments to the SECO/WARWICK group of Independent Sales Representatives including Jace and Kendra Curtis  (Central and West Texas), Chris Vinson (South Texas and Louisiana), and Jason Lott (North Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas). About T&M Instruments; T&M Instruments is dedicated to supporting the engineers, scientists, and technicians who need not only the equipment, but the equipment expertise to get their jobs done. Located within Lakeway, Texas, this area thrives with research, innovation and industry. Today, the area processes over half of the country’s oil and gas, and is instrumental in both military and aerospace applications. Jace Curtis: Dedicated career to the sales and marketing of instrumentation and test services for mechanical measurements including vibration, acoustics, pressure, and force. Specialties include: PC-based analyzers, sensor technology for temperature, strain, and sound/vibration, and 4-20mA transmitters for industrial machine health monitoring. Chris Vinson: Designed and manufactured power electronics/magnetics for the automotive, consumer electronics, solar/wind energy, and telecommunications industries up to 5kW. Strong attributes related to test and measurement industry include hands on experience with programmable power supplies, thermal chambers, 3 axis vibration testing, network analyzers, data acquisition for thermal/current/voltage, oscilloscopes, hipot testers, and THD analyzers. Jason Lott: Extensive experience in experimental test and evaluation in the Aerospace and Defense industry, as well as dynamic and acoustic troubleshooting for both military and commercial customers".

According to MTI (Metal Treating Institute) sales for commercial heat treaters in the US and Canada are pretty good these days. "Year-to-date sales through May for the Metal Treating Institute (MTI) were $381 million, an increase of 1.9% from 2013. Sales in May 2014 totaled $77.4 million, a slight increase from May 2013. Six out of nine districts are ahead of 2013 sales through May, with the South Central district (western Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky) experiencing the largest increase (5.8%)". And to round things out for today we have this press release from ASM; "ASM International and the ASM Heat Treating Society recently released Version 2 of the free mobile app, the Heat Treater's Guide Companion, downloadable from the Apple and Google App stores. The new version provides ready reference data on more than 330 steel alloys, nearly doubling the number of alloys in the previous release.  In addition to carbon and alloy steels, the app now includes stainless, tool, and ultrahigh-strength steel alloys, as well as enhanced searching. Content includes chemical composition, similar steels, characteristics, and recommended heat treating practices. The app can be used by itself or as a companion to the ASM Heat Treater’s Guide print and online database products, which provide additional heat treating data such as representative micrographs, isothermal transformation diagrams, cooling transformation diagrams, tempering curves and data on dimensional change". July 14/2014.

Wirco Press Release. "Wirco is pleased to announce a new sales partnership with Jason Whitmore of West Coast Thermal for representation of our cast and fabricated alloy products. Jason will be servicing our West Coast (CA, OR, WA) customers and has been contacting customers on our behalf the last six months. Jason has a long history of commercial and industrial sales and is a welcome addition to the Wirco sales team. He can be reached at  or Mobile (619) 602-3016" July 11/2014.

UPC Press Release. Interesting press release and what most caught our attention is the fact that the company claims to have an oxygen probe that does not need 30 minutes to insert into a furnace but rather 1 minute-great idea. Their banner ad can be found on this page. July 11/2014.

"United Process Controls has partnered with the National Breast Cancer Foundation ( to raise money for research with the “Hot for the Cause” campaign. UPC is offering its Quicksilver oxygen sensor for use in carburizing atmospheres with a specially marked sensor. With every purchase of this Quicksilver, a donation will be made to the NBCF. All donations go to fund research for a cure and programs for patients and their families. The special-edition QuickSilver uses UPC’s new “M series” electrode design that makes thermal shock a thing of the past. The new design allows the user to changeover a probe in less than a minute instead of the old “inch a minute” recommendations. The rugged design is ideal for heavy carburizing applications where soot burn-off can be risky with traditional sensors. For more info, visit

ABOUT UNITED PROCESS CONTROLS; UNITED PROCESS CONTROLS provides process control, flow control, and automation solutions to furnace OEMs and customers with thermal processing equipment and operations. The company is comprised of 4 brands - Furnace Control Corp, Marathon Monitors, Process-Electronic, and Waukee Engineering - with products ranging from probes, analyzers, flow meters, programmable controllers, generator mixing control systems, SCADA to complete turnkey systems."

AFC Press Release. "(July, 2014) Fastenal Company, North America’s largest distributor of industrial and construction materials such as screws, bolts, and fasteners, has purchased a complete UBQ (Universal Batch Quench) furnace line from AFC-Holcroft. The equipment will be installed in one of the customer’s plants in Winona, Minnesota, USA. As is typical for a complete batch furnace production cell, this order consists of a UBQ batch furnace sized 36-48-36, two UBT temper furnaces, a spray/dunk washer, a double-ended transfer car, and a 4500 cfh E-Z series endothermic gas generator. Fastenal requested customization to the stock equipment to meet their specific requirements. This is the first installation of heat treat equipment at Fastenal’s Winona location. The equipment is expected to be delivered and installed in the 3rd quarter 2014.

About Fastenal: Fastenal [NASDAQ: FAST] is North America’s largest fastener distributor and an efficient single source for a vast range of industrial and construction supplies. The company’s distribution system is designed to provide local product and service at more than 2,500 stores, each offering tailored inventory to provide a high rate of same-day service. Fastenal supports its product offering with a lineup of services and solutions, including Fastenal Automated Supply Technology, custom manufacturing, engineering support, and wide-ranging industrial services. Learn more at

About AFC-Holcroft: AFC-Holcroft is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of heat treating furnaces. The legacy companies that comprise AFC-Holcroft have a combined 225+ years of thermal processing experience. The company manufactures turn-key heat treating systems for applications including commercial heat treating, bearings, automotive, aerospace, mining, military, aluminum heat treatment, gear manufacturing, fastener manufacturing, and alternative energy industries.

AFC-Holcroft, headquartered in the United States, has a global reach with direct sales coverage in North America and worldwide, while AFC-Holcroft Europe serves major industrial markets in Germany, France, and other European locations. AFC-Holcroft’s Asian Operations manages partners in China, India, South Korea, and other countries in the region, and the company also extends into markets in Australia, Brazil, Mexico, Poland, Russia, and Spain, through relationships with partners, many of whom have manufacturing capability. For more information, contact" July 11/2014.

Flender/Elgin, IL. While the Flender name is perhaps not the most up to date one for the purposes of this news item it will work just fine. The press below gives you the basic background but to this we will add a couple of details. This manufacturing location produced large gears mainly for the wind energy sector and over the years an enormous amount of money was invested in the heat treating department which consists mainly of large Aichelin pit carburizing furnaces. To cut a long story short the plant closed at the end of 2013 and the equipment will be going to auction September of this year. Knowing the Aichelin name (top notch when it comes to pit furnaces) and the amount of money invested in the furnaces I would expect them to be in excellent condition and reasonably desirable (we say reasonably only because there is not an enormous demand for pit carburizing furnaces these days). While we certainly hate to see any manufacturing facility closing this sorry tale has been repeated many times when it comes to the renewable energy sector-so much for wind power being a boom for the heat treating industry. July 10/2014.

“A leading global manufacturer of gear reducers, gearboxes, couplings, drivetrains, and open gearing has ceased operations at their Elgin, IL facility. The facility was formerly owned and operated by Flender Corp. and Winergy before it was sold to a major international manufacturer which recently decided to cease operations there. This well-known company produced components for many industrial applications, including mining, rail and transportation, power generation, wind, water/wastewater, cement, minerals and marine. As a result of this closure, all the machinery, equipment and real estate from the facility located at 950 Tollgate Road in Elgin, IL are available for sale. There are also (2) complete heat treat systems.  Most of the newest system was installed and brought online in 2009 and 2010.  This system, manufactured by Aichelin, consists of a washer, (2) quench tanks, (7) pit furnaces, (3) tempering ovens, and is operated with Siemens controls.  The second system was orginally built in 1981, however it underwent several upgrades in 2007.  This system is made up of a (2) washers (tank new in 2007), (2) Nolzen pit furnaces, (2) quench tanks (new 2007), a tempering oven, and controls which were upgraded in 2007”.

Aalberts Industries/Impreglon. It would appear according to the abbreviated press release below that Netherlands based Aalberts Industries one of the largest commercial heat treaters and Surface Treatment companies in the world (concentrating on the European Market) is looking to buy Impreglon. Impreglon based in Germany is mainly a surface treatment company although they also offer vacuum heat treating, low pressure carburizing and Nitriding. This is the first major planned acquisition we have seen from Aalberts in the surface treatment/heat treating arena for some time and strengthens our belief that the company is most interested in expanding in the European market as opposed to Asia or the Americas. July 10/2014.

“Aalberts Industries has reached an agreement on 7 July 2014 with the major shareholders of Impreglon SE (“Impreglon”), a public listed company in Germany and has decided to make a public offer on all outstanding shares. The shareholders of Impreglon are offered a consideration of EUR 14.00 in cash per share, which equals a total consideration of approximately EUR 119 million for all outstanding shares. This results in a premium of more than 21% compared to the closing price of EUR 11.55 of the Impreglon share on the XETRA stock exchange on 7 July 2014. The offer price is around 57% higher than the closing share price as at 31 December 2013 (EUR 8.93). In addition, it is decided to make a public offer in cash of EUR 132.33 plus accrued interest to the holders of convertible bonds issued by Impreglon.

Impreglon, with head office based in Lüneburg, Germany, is founded in 1983 and listed on the stock market since 2006. Impreglon is expecting annual revenues of approximately EUR 140 million in 2014 and is active worldwide in surface treatment via 31 owned production locations and 4 franchise operations in 15 countries in Europe, Eastern Europe, North America and Asia. Impreglon is mainly active in the market segments machine building, repair and revision after sales markets and to some extent in automotive. The high grade technologies used by Impreglon for surface treatment are almost completely supplemental to Aalberts Industries. Impreglon has a strong position in especially surface treatments combined with polymer which improves the resistance to wear and the sliding characteristics of components. The company also excels in thermal spray technologies, a high grade service market for the performance of partial surface treatments. Aalberts Industries, already active in surface treatment with 26 production locations in Europe, Eastern Europe and China, and Impreglon are able to offer a more complete portfolio of surface treatment technologies to worldwide active key accounts and local customers. Both companies will benefit from the combined global service network of in total 57 worldwide production locations. The current management of Impreglon will continue to lead the company and will closely cooperate with the surface treatment activities of Aalberts Industries. If the public offer is successful, the results of Impreglon will contribute directly to the earnings per share of Aalberts Industries”.

Commercial Heat Treat Shops for Sale. Over the years WG Montgomery Ltd. has successfully put buyers and sellers of commercial heat treat plants together. Currently we have a very interesting opportunity in the form of a profitable operation for sale located on the US East Coast. Details can be found at; July 10/2014.

Heat Treat Case Study. Down in the Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma area there is a manufacturer of components for the oil and gas industry who has always sent his heat treating to commercial operations. On the basis of poor service and the belief that this company could save money on their heat treating the decision was made to install a carburizing furnace. Sure enough a used batch carburizing furnace was purchased, completely rebuilt at a significant cost, an addition added to the building just to house it and shortly before the whole project was completed the manufacturer found a commercial heat treater more to his liking and the entire project was scrapped. I can certainly understand this company deciding to bring the work in house due to dissatisfaction with his heat treating source however at the end of the day it very, very seldom makes sense for a manufacturer to heat treat in house when the volumes are this small. July 9/2014.

Tejas Tubular Products/New Carlisle, Indiana. For the Induction guys we have this press release about Tejas Tubular Products down in New Carlisle, Indiana.  I say Induction because a quick look at the photos of this operation shows a horizontal Induction Scanner processing casings and tubing.  "Tejas Tubular Products, a Houston-based company that processes casings and tubing for the oil and gas industries, bought the former Scott Brass property in 2013 and started an overhaul and expansion of the plant in September. Ryan Banks, the plant's manager, said the building was "an empty shell" when Tejas bought it last year. Since then, he said, the company has invested about $18 million on construction and equipment there. "This whole facility is state of the art and takes into account everything Tejas has learned since its inception in 1990," Banks said. Production began in May, and about 65 people are already working there, Banks said. He was looking to hire 20 more workers late last month as the company prepared to add a second shift. He said the plant will employ 120 to 150 people when it's running three shifts. The New Carlisle plant is a heat-treating facility for casings, which are tube-like structures used to support a hole, prevent water contamination, cave-ins and blowouts, and provide a smooth entry for the tubes that extract oil or gas. Steel casings that arrive at the plant are strengthened by heating them to 1,800 degrees, then cooling them quickly. It's a very clean process, Banks said -- all it involves is electricity to heat the casing and water to cool it." July 9/2014.

Chris Johnson/Bodycote. We see that Mr. Chris Johnson, General Manager of Bodycote (commercial heat treating) in Greenville, SC recently retired. Chris was a long time heat treater who had been with various Bodycote locations for a number of years. We don’t know whether it is our imagination or not that a lot of heat treaters are retiring these days. Certainly there is a real shortage of experienced heat treaters with few younger people rising through the ranks to replace them. July 8/2014.

Monday Morning Briefing. Since 2009 a year we would all like to forget heat treaters in North American have surged with most making substantial investments in more capacity. One that is typical (perhaps not so typical as it is a very large operation and dominates the area that it is in) is Stack Metallurgical in Portland, Oregon. In the past 2 1/2 years this commercial heat treater has invested more than 4 million dollars in new equipment and equipment upgrades. This includes 2 new Solar Manufacturing vacuum furnaces, 2 new temper from Mclaughlin Services, a new Surface Allcase furnaces, a very large new temper, 2 very good used vacuum furnaces, two very nice aluminum furnaces, a new endo generator which is on the way, all new SSI furnace controllers and a new operating systems which is in progress which represents an investment of a quarter of a million USD. All in all a very impressive list and one which reflects the owner’s (Dave Ederer) commitment to investing back in the business. And speaking of commercial heat treaters adding equipment another example is Parker Trutec in Springfield, Ohio. We mentioned this company a couple of weeks ago along with their expansion plans but since that time we have been lead to believe that the company is also planning on adding 2 or 3 pusher style furnaces from Japanese furnace builder Dowa.

We see that Induction supplier Ambrell has sold a system to a carbide tooling manufacturer. "Ambrell sold an EASYHEAT induction heating system to a carbide tooling manufacturer. The client will use the system for brazing PCD (polycrystalline diamond) inserts to carbide for manufacturing cutting tools. The company was developing a new process to braze cutting tools ranging from 1/8 inch (3.2 mm) to over 1 inch (25.4 mm) in diameter. Induction was chosen because it can heat the parts to temperature in less than the targeted time of 20 seconds, and it's highly controllable so there's no risk of overheating the carbide. This system will allow the manufacturer to heat parts with different diameters and lengths". Vacuum Carburizing systems are being sold in North America at a very impressive rate but from a news standpoint it can be rather frustrating. The vast bulk of the systems are being sold to either the auto companies directly or to the Tier One Suppliers both of whom have no desire that this be announced or even become common knowledge. We at “The Monty” hear about these orders regularly however we have absolutely no desire to tangle with the legal department of a large auto company.

 From the US we move to Chile of all places which is not exactly known as a significant area for heat treating. "Codere would like to update readers of their first installation in Chile. This modular installation was purchased by Orecal who have set up their own contract heat treating workshop in the region of Concepcion in the South of Chile. Orecal see big potential with this flexible line, for case hardening processes. In the photo below is Marco Orellana (Owner) with sons Cesar and Felipe and David Howard (Sales manager Codere) at the commissioning of this line at Orecal last week. For further details of our product range, please check our product information at"  July 7/2014.

July 4th/US Independence Day. We wish all of our friends, customers and relations in the US a tremendous July 4th Independence Day. July 4/2014.

H-D Manufacturing/Sungear Inc.  This announcement caught our eye for several  reasons the obvious one being the heat treating element. H-D owns Overton Chicago Gear long known as a reasonably large captive heat treater and they also own Leading Edge Heat Treating Services Ltd. ,  in  Edmonton, Alberta a commercial heat treater whose processes include gas nitriding (we have a strong suspicion that this is Nitrex equipment). The other point of interest is the fact that H-D is a management company which means venture capitalists and this is another sign that investment companies came to the realization some time ago that the heat treating industry can be a very good investment. July 3/2014.

"PITTSBURGH, July 1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- H-D Advanced Manufacturing Company (H-D) has acquired Sungear, Inc. (Sungear), a leading manufacturer of high precision gears and assemblies for the aerospace industry. Sungear is the fourth acquisition completed under the H-D platform, joining Overton Chicago Gear Corporation, a manufacturer of large, high-precision gears and gearboxes, Innovative Mechanical Solutions (iMECH), a manufacturer of highly engineered, custom bearings for the directional drilling motor industry and Leading Edge Heat Treating Services Ltd., a provider of superior heat treating solutions. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Sungear manufactures complex, high quality, precision gear components for many of the world's leading aerospace suppliers. The company's loose gearing and gear assembly products perform critical functions in engine starters, auxiliary power units and other applications. Sungear manufactures products for both OEM and aftermarket applications across a broad range of commercial and defense platforms. Sungear's current President, Roger Gizicki, will continue to lead Sungear within H-D's gearing division."

Heat Treating a Family Business? Recently we had a rather lightweight (but we hope interesting) news item about how so many heat treaters are in the business because their family was in the business. We mentioned a number of examples but due to a shortage of time and space we quite obviously missed quite a few. Well we certainly heard about it from a few people. Two that we will mention now are commercial heat treater Euclid Heat Treat in Euclid, Ohio and Furnace Manufacturer ROHDE Schutzgasöfen GmbH in Germany.

"Gord, I read your article about generations of commercial heat treaters. Euclid Heat Treating is a third generation heat treater. We were founded by my father John J. Vanas(a degreed metallurgist from Case University of Cleveland), John H. Vanas (myself a business major B.G.S.U), my youngest daughter Deidra Minerd( a degreed metallurgist from Ohio State University) my son John E. Vanas (a finance major from Ohio State University) and my oldest daughter Claudine Dobbins ( with a finance/accounting degree form Lakeland College). All of my kids worked elsewhere before coming to E.H.T, and make major contributions to the company." John H. Vanas.

ROHDE Schutzgasöfen GmbH. While the current owners of Rohde are Jörn and Natasha Rohde the company was founded by Jörn’s father a number of years ago. However both Natasha and Jörn are confidently looking forward to the third generation in the form of Vincent, their son. As Vincent is only 2 years old at this point we know he attended his first heat treat show last year in Wiesbaden, Germany so we will have to wait at least a few years until we know whether he will be taking over the family business. July 3/2014.

Ammonia Detection. We posed this question two weeks ago and we did not (until now) receive any good suggestions about how you detect ammonia in a furnace. “Ammonia. CQI-9 specifications say that in a furnace capable of running both nitro carburizing and carburizing processes that before a carburizing cycle can be run there can be no trace of ammonia in the furnace left over from the nitro carburizing process. The question is how do you ensure that there is no ammonia still present? Is there a simple device that can be used to check for any trace of ammonia? Time will of course remove all traces of ammonia but since time is money how can you tell exactly when the ammonia has all disappeared? Our suggestion-sniffing was not well received by the way”.

This suggestion came from a very experienced fellow in the heat treating industry;Gordon, please inform the fellow with w the question about ammonia presence when converting his equipment from Nitrocarburizing to Carburizing. He should investigate the use of Sulfur Sticks. We used these very frequently to identify ammonia leaks. Hope this helps! These can be purchased from Tanner Industries 215-322-1238, contact is Jim Selby. Two minutes research took us to Wikipedia which came us these facts; “Sulfur sticks are used in industrial ammonia refrigeration systems to detect minor ammonia leaks. A sulfur stick is made from a wick which contains particles of sulfur. The sulfur stick is lit and smolders, something like the taper that is used to light fireworks. The color of the sulfur smoke is used to find the leak. When there is no ammonia the smoke is colorless but when ammonia is present the combined sulfur and ammonia vapors produce a white smoke. Sulfur sticks have been used to find ammonia leaks for at least 100 years”.
So there you have it, there does appear to be an easy way to check for ammonia in a heat furnace and if this cuts down on the time between a carburizing and a nitro carburizing cycle we would suggest it is well worthwhile. You do indeed learn something every day. July 2/2014.

Wall Colmonoy Press Release. “Wall Colmonoy announces the appointment of Mike Thompson as General Sales Manager for its European Headquarters. He reports to the Commercial Director, John Lapping. Mike brings to Wall Colmonoy over 25 years’ experience in the surface engineering industry. His experience covers wear resistant coatings, castings, refractory metals, thermal spray powders and coating services for aerospace, oil and steel industries. He has participated in the strategic sales planning for Wall Colmonoy's European Headquarters for Alloy Products, Precision Components and Aerobraze divisions. He leads a team of Key Account and Channel Managers covering various regions of the UK and Europe. Mike is directly responsible for Alloy Products and Precision Components accounts in Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Japan, Lithuania, Norway, Republic of Moldova, Sweden and UK (North). Prior to joining Wall Colmonoy, Mike worked for British Steel and Rolls-Royce as a Senior Technologist. Mike has worked as a Technical Sales Professional for over 20 years after finding his vocation in coatings. Mike, a qualified Metallurgist, has a B.S. Honours Degree in Metallurgy from the University of Aston in Birmingham. About Wall ColmonoyWall Colmonoy is a global materials engineering group of companies engaged in the manufacturing of surfacing and brazing products, castings, and engineered components across aerospace, automotive, oil & gas, mining, energy and other industrial sectors”. July 2/2014.

Monday Morning Briefing. Tuesday July 1st 2014 is a national holiday in Canada and consequently the offices of WG Montgomery Ltd. will be closed. News updates will resume Wednesday July 2. Now that that is out of the way let’s get to our Monday Morning Briefing. To start off we have this press release from AFC-Holcroft. "Specialty Steel Treating, a commercial heat treater with locations in Michigan and Connecticut, is adding a new AFC-Holcroft UBQ (Universal Batch Quench) integral quench furnace to their Fraser, Michigan, USA operation. The UBQ batch furnace, size 36-48-36, is equipped with a top cool chamber, which offers additional cooling capacity for a variety of processes. The new furnace will be serviced by a new, double-ended UBTC (Universal Batch Transfer Car), which will be delivered in the same timeframe; both pieces will be integrated with furnace equipment already in production. As a supplier of both standard and custom equipment, AFC-Holcroft customized their standard equipment designs to meet several specific requests from Specialty Steel Treating. The new UBQ furnace will meet all of the requirements established in AMS2750E for a Class 2, Instrument Type C furnace system. At Specialty Steel Treating’s request, both nitrogen and endothermic gas will be delivered to the top cool system on the UBQ. The rail spacing was also adjusted on both the UBQ and the UBTC to accommodate the customer’s existing tray designs. Specialty Steel Treating has had a long relationship with AFC-Holcroft, and uses several different varieties of AFC-Holcroft furnaces in their production facilities. They also recently ordered a new AFC-Holcroft multi-row pusher furnace designed for high capacity output, as well as some large capacity 36-72-38 UBQ batch equipment".

From Specialty Steel Treating we move on to another commercial heat treater, Cincinnati Steel Treating who has also been busy upgrading their equipment. We have this from the General Manager of the facility; "Probably the briefest description I can come up with is that we will be adding a fully engineered FNC / Nitride Control System consisting of a free standing NEMA 12 Control Panel with a micro-logic PLC controller.  The FNC/Nitride controller is a multi-loop fully programmable instrument that controls either DA or Kn, along with temperature and furnace pressure. Purchase orders have been issued to install these controls on two of our larger furnaces.  These both measure 55” diameter by 107” deep. Incidentally in January we christened another deep furnace (55” x 107” deep) outfitted with an SSi FNC / Nitride control system and have just won PPAP approval from our primary automotive.  This adds to our capacity leaving us with (3) large FNC / Nitride furnaces".

According to MTI (Metal Treating Institute) commercial heat treaters in North America continue to do well; "Ytd sales for the Metal Treating Industry for May 2014 were $381 million USD an increase of 1.0% from 2013 when sales for January-May equaled $374.1 million. Sales for the Metal Treating Industry for May 2014 totaled $77.4 million an increase from 2013 when sales for May equaled $76.2 million. Three out of the nine MTI districts reported higher sales in May 2014 compared to the previous year". We ran across a news item the other day on another heat treat news website; "Alcoa signed a definitive agreement to acquire Firth Rixson, a global leader in aerospace jet-engine components, from Oak Hill Capital Partners for $2.85 billion in cash and stock". Not quite sure what the heck this has to do with heat treating except for the fact that Firth Rixson has a pretty cool heat treat department at their facility in Rochester, NY. It sounds like there are a few personnel changes at furnace builder Ipsen in Kleve, Germany the only one that we know of for sure is that Ludger Oiman recently parted ways with the company.

In our Monday Morning Briefing a week ago we told you how Texas Heat Treating in Forth Worth, Texas had just finished up this location (the company has a second location in Round Rock, Texas). As it turns out the company is just getting started with their 6th 36 X 72 X 36 Batch IQ furnace just about to come on line with a 7th on the way, we would assume that both of these are again from Surface Combustion. We stand corrected. We welcome our newest advertisor new furnace builder ECM whose ad can be found at the top of this page. When we think of ECM we think of Vacuum Carburizing. And to round things out we have this photo from the recent heat treat show in Shanghai. It is courtesy of Byron Stewart an Australian fellow who is part owner of furnace builder HHZY in China. June 30/2014.

Names in The News. Commercial heat treater Bodycote in Oklahoma City, OK has a new General Manager in the form of Barry Dunham. Barry sounds like an experienced guy who was General Manager at Wall Colmonoy in Oklahoma City for a while and before that he was with Bodycote, Arlington TX amongst other positions. Obviously an experienced guy that deserves the position. Today is the last day for David Fisher who was Director, New Programs at Northstar Aerospace in Milton, Ontario, Canada. Northstar is a premier gear manufacturer with locations in the Chicago area and Canada who produces gears for the aerospace industry primarily for the Boeing Apache helicopter and under his direction Apache helicopters are able to produce far more results than before. His experience will be missed. Enrique Cruz is now Quality Manager at Wyman Gordon. Enrique has worked with companies such as HTG Aero, Expert Brazing and Bodycote. From everything we have heard a good man. June 27/2014.

The Future of Heat Treating (will we be following the Japanese model)? Over the years we have asked a number of very experienced heat treaters what they expect the industry to look like in the future. While we have heard a number of ideas none of them (with all due respect) were very definite or “earth shattering” for the obvious fact that none has a crystal ball to the best of our knowledge. A fellow the other day though did have a very definite opinion, an opinion which we didn’t particularly like but one which we feel is quite possible-furnace emissions. The current almost cult like, fanaticism about green house gas emissions causing global warming (or global change or whatever it seems to change daily) shows no sign of abating in the near future and the recent decision by the US to work towards closing down coal fired power plants is a perfect example of this (we do agree that reducing pollution is a very worthwhile cause but greenhouse gases are another story in our humble opinion). A recent visit to Japan showed that heat treaters there are constantly trying to reduce all forms of furnace emissions and energy usage with the result that most of the atmosphere furnaces we saw have vacuum purge chambers on both the load and unload stations specifically to trap all emissions. While Japan has taken the largest steps towards this non issue parts of Europe appear to be going this direction also leaving North and South America as the outsiders. All of this takes us to this point; will North Americans be forced within the next few years to be equally as concerned with reducing green house gas emissions? Far fetched as it might sound our understanding is that one of the largest captive heat treaters in North America has already mandated that all atmosphere furnaces will be shut down within 5 years to be replaced by vacuum carburizing units. We at “The Monty” believe that the only way emissions can be reduced are by switching to vacuum furnaces, expensive modifications to atmosphere furnaces or by converting all gas fired furnaces to electric which of course only pushes the issue down the road to the electrical suppliers. Perhaps it might be far fetched but it is also possible that within a few short years this will become a major issue and we in North and South America will all be looking towards Japan and Europe for suggestions. While we would find this an incredible waste of time and money stranger things have certainly happened. The future? Perhaps. June 26/2014.

Dana Corp./Lima Ohio. Auto parts supplier and captive heat treater Dana in Lima, Ohio recently suffered a small fire in the heat treating department. The fire started above one of three rotary retort furnaces and while the fire was extinguished quickly there was fairly extensive damage due to the water used to put out the fire. June 25/2014.

"The Bath Township Fire Department was alerted of a fire at 10:05 a.m. Friday at Dana Corporation, 777 Bible Road, Lima. When firefighters arrived four minutes later, heavy smoke was seen coming from the building, both at ground level and from the roof. The plant was evacuated of all personnel prior to the arrival of fire crews. Bath firefighters, along with the Lima Fire Department and Dana maintenance employees, were able to get the fire under control within 30 minutes. The buildings’s sprinkler system was activated during the fire. No employees or firefighters were injured. The fire began above a furnace and extended to the roof. No damage estimates were available Friday afternoon, pending an investigation by Dana officials. The cause of the fire was ruled accidental, and the investigation into the blaze is ongoing."

Alloy Heat Treatment/UK. In the UK commercial heat treater Alloy Heat Treatment in Dudley recently made a major investment into their aluminum heat treating equipment as you can see below. June 25/2014.

"The company on Grazebrook Industrial Park, off Peartree Lane, has installed a drop bottom solution treating oven designed for intensive use up to 550C. It will be used to apply heat treatment to semi-finished aero parts to increase their strength, endurance and life span. The investment of more than £250,000 has also involved adding a new line as well as installing the second oven on an existing line. It has been driven firstly, to ensure that the company boasts the latest equipment and technology to provide continued and required excellent service the aerospace industry and secondly following a general return to confidence across the board in manufacturing. Quality manager Steve Roberts said: “Industry has emerged from a very tough period but we have survived by staying true to our ethos throughout. This is the pride we take in the relationships with our customers and our dedication to providing the very best service for them, coupled with investing in our people through the development of staff at all levels. “This ethos has helped AHT to safeguard jobs and the investment will further reduce lead times for our customers and bring growth to our company.” Staff have been trained in-house to use the new oven and it will be operational this month. Some of the 50-strong staff employed on the commercial side, where there was spare capacity, have moved over to the aerospace side rather then there being fresh recruitment. The new installation also means that AHT will move from one shift, to two as it continues to grow. The company can process components up to five metres long and three tonnes in weight. In recent years it has been winning increasing levels of export orders from customers in France, Germany, Italy, Poland and South Korea. The company has National Aerospace and Defence Contractors Accreditation Programme merit status to work in aerospace, defence and related industries. It also has preferred supplier status to several aerospace primes including Rolls Royce, BAe and Airbus. It has had a NADCAP accreditation since 2004 and has on site specialists who can give advice on materials, treatments and surface engineering."

CIEFFE Press Release. "CIEFFE has completed the start up of a heat treatment line for hardening, case hardening, carbonitriding and annealing. The line also includes tempering and washing capabilities. The line was installed in Medina, OH, USA for one of CIEFFE's largest customers which has plants around the world." The photos below show the completed installation and one which appears to be completely automated. June 24/2014.

Aichelin Press Release. "Dr.-Ing. Matthias Barz assumed his new role as CEO of EMA Indutec GmbH in Meckesheim, Germany on May 5th, 2014.The previous CEO, Dipl.-VW Philip Bartzsch will continue to advise the company and his successor for a transitional period. "We would like to express our sincere thanks to Mr. Bartzsch for his long-term engagement at EMA Indutec GmbH. During this time he developed the company in many aspects as well as the subsidiary in China was founded.", says Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Peter Schobesberger, president of EMA Indutec owner AICHELIN Holding GmbH.

After finalizing his studies in mechanical engineering with a PhD, Mr. Barz started his career as a sales engineer at Johann A. Krause Maschinenfabrik GmbH. Subsequently, he changed over to Thyssenkrupp Krause S.A. Barcelona/ Spain and managed in his function as general manager the company's development over the next years to a fully productive site. Recently, Mr. Barz has been working as CEO for the Group AFT Industries in Germany and was responsible for the respective sites in Europe and China." June 24/2014.

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