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Heat Treat News

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Somebody Is In Trouble! We have no idea who the guilty party in this story is or even whether it is a captive or commericial heat teater but some heat treater made a real big mistake as you can read in this story.. June 30/2015

"Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is telling owners of 65 new 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokees and Dodge Durangos to immediately stop driving the vehicles and is recalling a total of 7,690 SUVs. The automaker said it is taking the unusual step of telling owners to stop driving the vehicles because suspension components were installed that were not correctly treated by a supplier for high temperatures. That condition could cause the component to break or could rear-end instability and/or reduced braking power. The other 7,625 Jeep Grand Cherokees and Dodge Durangos have not been sold. They are either on dealer lots or are on their way to dealers. The automaker said a "supplier discovered a potential problem during an internal quality review. FCA US was alerted, launched an investigation to determine if any vehicles were affected and, out of an abundance of caution, halted vehicle shipments from its assembly plant."

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Kanthal Press Release. Kanthal (you know Kanthal-the heating elements people) has issued this press release. June 30/2015

"The first ever Kanthal Award 2015 goes to Arcelor Mittal for their innovative use of Kanthal APMT™ rollers. By excluding water cooling in the process Arcelor Mittal has managed to significantly reduce energy consumption, thereby contributing to a sustainable reduction in energy use. The prize was presented at the Thermprocess Exhibition in Dusseldorf. The Kanthal Award includes a prize sum of 5000 euros, a statuette and a diploma. The prize sum is, however, not for the winner to keep but is to be donated to a charitable organization which supports the same criteria the Kanthal Award is based on – sustainability, health and safety. Arcelor Mittal will donate their award to the French bone-marrow organization France Greffe de Moelle. The annual Kanthal Award will be open for nominations in the autumn of 2015. A jury will present the award to the nominee who has found an innovative and sustainable way to use products or services related to thermal processing and improvements to health and safety.

“The world is facing new challenges and perhaps the major ones are to support the world’s growing population with food, water and energy in order to make the world a better place for everyone. We want to be a part of solving this challenge and we would like to invite our customers and partners to be a part of that challenge”, says Nicklas Nilsson, Vice President Sandvik Materials Technology and Head of Product Area Strip, Wire and Heating Technology. “Innovations are part of the DNA of both Sandvik and Kanthal and a successful innovation often results from sharing ideas and combining them into new ones to create win-win solutions. Sharing is therefore also one of the basic features of the Kanthal Award”, Nicklas Nilsson continues. "The aim of the Kanthal Award, innovation, justifies the acceptance of the award by Arcelor Mittal. We also saw that the Sandvik culture was similar to our own in prioritizing safety. As explained by the guest speaker Fredrik Härén we focus on tomorrow challenges where energy savings is one of them. The event was friendly, allowed an exchange of ideas between people and was well organized", says Laurent Mondy from Arcelor Mittal.

Fredrik Härén was one of the guest speakers at the Kanthal Award and he talked about business creativity and how combining ideas can lead to new, important solutions. Professor Bo Jönsson, talked about that everyone in the value chain has to work together  in order to improve tomorrows thermal processes regarding technique, productivity, energy efficiency and use of limited resources. Professor Jönsson is an adjunct professor at Chalmers Technical University and also serves as chairman of HTC, the High Temperature Corrosion Competence Centre. He is also a Senior Technical Specialist at Sandvik Materials Technology. Part of Sandvik Materials Technology, Kanthal® is a global brand in heating technology with access to Sandvik world-class resources, including research and development and advanced processing technologies. The company has a strong tradition in innovation and makes extensive investments in R&D."


Mercer Press Release. "The Mercer Group is proud to announce its association with two wonderful charities: The Muscular Dystrophy Association and Junior Diabetes Research Foundation. The Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) and The Mercer Group have been working together for a great 8 years. This year we were able to send two more local children to summer camp. The Mercer group takes great pride in being able to help local children attend camp, as well as supplying other services to them. Although it's The Mercer Group's first year with the Junior. Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF), we plan to continue our relationship for many years to come. This year we were able sponsor a hole at a golf tournament that benefited the JDRF." June 30/2015


Monday Morning Briefing. Hansen-Balk Steel Treating Companyof Grand Rapids, MI is probably one of the two largest commercial vacuum heat treaters in North America the other being Solar Atmospheres. So the place is obviously large and now we know getting larger. The company has plans in place for a $3.21 million USD expansion of which $929,589 is slated for real property improvements and nearly $2.28 million for equipment. Currently the plant has 90,000 square feet under roof and has been around since 1955. Good for them we always like to see heat treaters growing and investing. On the other end of the spectrum we see that a commercial heat treater recently closed one of it’s locations. Alfe Heat Treating is one of the largest in North America and certainly the largest when it comes to aluminum heat treating. June 1 their plant in Charlotte, SC was closed. This plant was always rather unusual for Alfe in that most of the plants focused on aluminum heat treating whereas this location offered aluminum, carburizing and vacuum capabilities. A recent fire at the plant might have prompted the closure of this location. Don’t like to see plant closures but Alfe remains one of the largest and most established commercial heat treaters in North America. This photo shows the Charlotte plant.

Lucifer Furnaces say they have supplied a dual-chamber furnace to Laboratory Testing Inc. (LTI), a full-service materials testing lab based in Hatfield, Pa. LTI will use the furnace to perform capability heat treating to various specifications for ASTM, AMS, GE, ASME and other customer requirements, including solution treatment cycles, aging cycles, post-weld heat treat, normalizing, hardening and tempering. LTI specializes in performing metals testing through destructive and nondestructive testing methods. Northland Heat Treating was a small commercial shop in Antigo, WI which closed down a few months back. A number of people speculated about what was happening to the equipment-as it turns out it is going to auction July 30th. The equipment consists of a Holcroft batch IQ furnace with working dimensions of 36 X 48 X 30 and associated tempers, washers, endo generators and charge car. From the photos we have seen it all looks in decent shape and will most likely sell for a respectable price.

Metal Finishing Company. "The Boeing Company has granted Metal Finishing Company, Inc. Heat Treat Division, Wichita Kansas interim approval to process Stainless Steel, Titanium and related Vacuum Heat Treatment services based on a NADCAP audit that is scheduled for later this year. This was accomplished under the direction of Gene Westphal, Manager Heat Treat Operations, Duane Heinrich, Special Projects / Steel Heat Treat Manager and Keith Kastner Quality Manager Heat Treat Operations and their respective teams. Congratulations on completing a monumental milestone in the 70 year history of Metal Finishing Company Inc. headquartered in Wichita Kansas. This addition complements the NADCAP approved Aluminum Heat Treatment, Non-Destructive Testing, Finishing and Plating of Aerospace parts and assemblies".

In India commercial heat treater Hightemp (the countries largest) is certainly in expansion mode with plans to expand four locations by adding a total of 8 more furnaces. Land has been acquired at the Bangalore location (4 acres), Ahmedabad (8.4 acres) and Pune (3.4 acres). This capacity will be dedicated to the auto industry and will be completed by 2017. On the new furnace side the company has received orders for 15 batch IQ furnaces from Indian customers working in the auto components field. Also the company is delivering an automated continuous carburizing line to a Swedish-Italian customer which will be in operation August of this year. The line is designed to handle ring gears and shafts and will feature press quenching. Furnace builder SECO WARWICK has this to say today; "At the beginning of May, Seco/Warwick Europe has signed a contract with RUSAL Krasnoyarsk, Russia, for delivery, installation, and commissioning of a billet continuous homogenizing line. The line includes: continuous homogenizing furnace with walking beam conveyor system, turbo air cooler, water tank, control system, as well as related equipment i.e. ultrasonic station, saw stations, stacking, strapping and wrapping system for horizontal and vertical packages of the logs. The furnace allows processing logs with diameters varying from 8’’ to 18’’ (203,2 mm to 457,2 mm) without having to change its performance parameters. Thanks to its multi-zone design, vertical airflow furnace technology is inherently flexible. Owing to the unique design the furnace can process batches of different alloys and diameters without necessity to empty the heating zones. The system is completely automated and ensures better energy efficiency. In a typical production solution, the whole technological line is ended with a device which cuts the logs for required length and a unit for packing prior dispatch. The completion of the project is planned for January 2017". Carbolite Gero Press Release; "Carbolite Gero is pleased to announce a new line of batch furnaces for sale in North America.  The new Serie 3000 furnaces are offered with volumes ranging from 1.5-80 liters. Serie 3000 systems are cold wall, graphite chamber furnaces and allow operation up to 3000oC in a modified atmosphere. Due to the versatility of the Serie 3000, applications can be found in laboratory research to industrial batch production. The new Serie 3000 units were on display for the first time this month at THERMPROCESS 2015. THERMPROCESS is one of the largest international heat treatment trade shows and symposiums. The show was a resounding success with 305 exhibitors from 30 countries. Carbolite Gero offers Serie 3000 systems as complete solutions, with options including: afterburners, Precisely controlled vessel evacuation for powder samples, data recording with PC connectivity, vacuum pumping systems, fully automatic operation, remote diagnostics, over-temperature protection, water cooling systems and more". June 29/2015

Corner Stone

Used Equipment Available. Our list of the best priced used furnace equipment in the industry keep changing. All of these listings are real new; how about a lot of FREE Salt-doesn't get much better than FREE! Not free is a Recirculating Walk-In Oven, a large Sunbeam Mesh Belt Temper, a great condition Ipsen Vacuum Temper Furnace or a 2009 SECO/WARWICK Roller Hearth Furnace. Remember if you don't see what you are looking for please let us know and we will try to find it for you. June 25/2015

A few examples include:

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Surface Combustion Inc. Today is the day that furnace builder Surface Combustion of Maumee, Ohio celebrates their 100th anniversary-a milestone reached by very few furnace builders anywhere in the world. Surface rates as one of the 5 largest furnace builders in the US in terms of annual sales and their Allcase line of batch IQ furnaces is almost undoubtedly the most common furnace in North America. June 26/2015

"In its 100-year history, Surface Combustion Inc. has manufactured furnaces used for everything from building cymbals to burning warheads. The Maumee firm, incorporated June 22, 1915, celebrates its centennial Friday. “Everybody always wondered, ‘What’s this weird name?’ ” said Chief Executive William Bernard, Jr., who has been with the firm since 1969. “Actually, surface combustion is a patented technology.” The company produces a variety of industrial furnaces and heat processing equipment and has 675 patents. Although the firm started in the Bronx, N.Y., financier and oilman Henry L. Doherty bought and moved the company to Toledo’s Dorr Street in 1928. He favored the manufacturing center of the Midwest along with the area’s universities that educated engineers, according to Mr. Bernard.

Surface Combustion moved to Maumee in 1988 and has its headquarters at 1700 Indian Wood Circle in Arrowhead Park. The company’s factory is in Waterville, opened there in 1991. It has about 100 employees and has annual sales of about $40 million to $50 million, said Jeffrey Valuck, administration and sales director.

The company’s various furnaces are used to harden, dry, or otherwise strengthen materials. Engineers draft proposals for specific heat-treating needs, then manufacture and transport the equipment, sometimes building it on-site, depending on the size. “We do a lot of work in the energy equipment field, automotive, off road vehicles, farming, mining industry — wherever you have a need for a value added part,” Mr. Bernard said. Surface Combustion has made furnaces used to heat treat cymbals so that they produce the right sound. Its furnaces have helped dry grains and cereal for food companies. Other equipment heat treats silicon used in computers. Mr. Bernard says that perhaps the most “noble” use of his company’s equipment has been to destroy chemical weapons. “It’s not our primary business, but it shows what technology can do,” he said. The firm has had such equipment since the early 1970s, and some of its furnaces have been used in Russia to destroy former Soviet weapons. Mr. Bernard estimates that the “little company in Maumee” has equipment installed in 40 to 50 countries."

Sandvik Press Release. Sandvik's line of heating elements marketed under the name "Kanthal" is an industry standard. We now hear about some new products the company is offering. June 26/2015

"Three new, highly innovative heating products were launched by Sandvik Materials Technology at the Thermprocess exhibition in Dusseldorf.  The first ever Kanthal Award was also presented in connection with the exhibition. “We are facing an exciting period of growth for our entire product portfolio, delivering solutions ranging from traditional Kanthal products to complex heating systems,” said Martin McIver, acting Marketing Manager. “We think successful innovations often come from sharing ideas. This creates win-win solutions, and that is why we have initiated the Kanthal Award. The world faces new challenges in the future and a major one is using the planet’s limited resources to support a continuously growing population.” “We think we can be part of solving this challenge and making the world a better place for everyone by supporting innovations that develop environmentally friendly energy sources or use energy in an efficient way,” says Nicklas Nilsson, Vice President Sandvik Materials Technology and Head of Product Area Strip, Wire and Heating Technology. Part of Sandvik Materials Technology, Kanthal® is a global brand in heating technology with access to Sandvik’s world-class resources, including research and development and advanced processing technologies. The company has a strong tradition in innovation and makes extensive investments in R&D. Three new products have been added to the extensive program of heating products:

Kanthal® Flow Heater with an air/gas heat output of up to 1200°C (2190°F).

Fibrothal™ GSO, developed for use in really tough conditions but also with great flexibility in power voltage, size and installation.

Superthal™ X heating panel, which is even more reliable and easy to use. Thanks to its new design the elements are stable during operation, thus prolonging the service life of the product even further."


Therm Process 2015. Wrapping it up now but we have a few more photos of the recent HT show in Germany. We will soon be moving on to our Monday morning briefing which will have a bunch of really cool news items about the US heat treating market. June 25/2015

Sandvik. Dr. Markus Mann and Onintze Achutegui of Sandvik. The company released several new products at the show (more details to come).

Systherms. Exhibiting at the show was vacuum furnace manufacturer Systherms based in Germany. In this photo we see the GM Mr. Gunter Reuss, Karol Forycki  and Gord Montgomery. In addition to providing new vacuum furnaces Gunter also has a commercial vacuum heat treating location in India by the name of Indo-German Vacu Treat Pvt.

The Schunk Graphite Technology Team included reps from the USA, Germany and the UK. Note the fixture in the vacuum furnace.

Graphite Materials. From the left; Karol Forycki, Rolf Terjung, Gord Mongomery, Roland Weeske, Eddy Lassel

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"Wall Colmonoy Announces Spring Sessions of Modern Furnace Brazing School in USA. October 27-29, 2015 Take Part in the Only Hands-On Brazing Seminar!

Preserving the tradition originated by the late Robert Peaslee, a brazing pioneer who invented the first nickel- based brazing filler metal, Wall Colmonoy offers a spring session of Modern Furnace Brazing School on October 27-29, 2015 at Aerobraze Engineered Technologies’ Brazing Engineering Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. Engineers, technicians, quality managers, production managers, and others will participate in “hands-on” practical applications while learning about brazing technology from the industry’s leading brazing engineers. For over 60 years, Wall Colmonoy engineers have been gaining practical experience on actual problems in brazing plants around the world. This three-day seminar offers knowledge and practical application on:
• Brazing Design
• Metallurgical Aspects / Brazing Operation
• Brazing Atmosphere and Furnace Equipment
• Brazing Material Selection and Applications
• Quality Control

Unlike other classroom-only seminars, Brazing School attendees will tour the facility and see the actual brazing application on the shop floor. They will also have the opportunity to apply different forms of filler metal to supplied samples, have them vacuum brazed and discuss the outcomes. Wall Colmonoy’s Leading Brazing Engineers have the technical know-how and practical experience to guide attendees through the brazing process from beginning to end production. Modern Furnace Brazing School instructors are:

• Lydia Lee, BSE, M. Eng, MBA, Director of Brazing Engineering, Alloy Products Group, USA
• Russ Wilcox, BME, MBA, Sales Manager, Alloy Products Group, USA
• Eric Krosche, Senior Applications Developer, Alloy Products Group, USA
• Bob Pfouts, BSME, Senior Engineer, Aerobraze Engineered Technologies, USA
• Ron Yarnall, Sales Manager, Aerobraze Engineered Technologies, USA

For seminar details and registration information, contact Jim Nicoll, Marketing Associate, at or 248.585.6400, ext. 233. The Facility Tour"
June 25/2015


ThermProcess 2015. This show which is held every four years is absolutely fascinating and a source of a great deal of really interesting information about the industry. However all things come to an end and we are pretty close to wrapping up our coverage of the show. However enjoy these pictures. June 24/2015

Eurotherm. From the left; Jens Bruchmueller, Michael Riehm, Sabine Mandel, Thomas Ruecker, Peter Sherwin,  Dick van der Geest

Dry Coolers. From Left;  Fang Li (General Manager of DCMC Thermal Technologies) , Margy Russell CFO of Dry Coolers, Lurch, Dale, and Brian Russell (President of Dry Coolers). (Photo by Matt Reed of Dry Coolers)

NICRO. One of the larger alloy suppliers of alloy components in Europe is NICRO based in Italy. We see in this photo the owner Mr. Angelo Soliveri and his wife along with Dale and Gord Montgomery

Phoenix TM with their new "hot box" that can go into an oil quench tank

German Ion Nitriding supplier Plateg

The annual meeting of the Global Heat Treatment Network took this year place in Düsseldorf during the Thermprocess Fair. We are lucky to present to you one of the members: Hans Veltrop former MD of Bodycote and Hauzer,  and a well known fellow in the heat treating industry.

Sistem Teknik. Turkey's largest new furnace builder Sistem Teknik had a large booth at the show. Recently the company has landed vacuum furnace orders for the aerospace industry and has doubled the size of the plant. In this photo from the left we see Cetin Guler (Sistem Teknik), Peter Schmetz, Sarkay Sasi (Sistem Teknik), Wieslaw Dzieciol, Mehmet Ozdeslik (Chairman Sistem Teknik) and Gord Montgomery.

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Ajax TOCCO/Bonney Forge. Bonney Forge out in PA is a large captive heat treater who has added a lot of new heat treaing equikpment over the past few years. June 24/2015

"Ajax TOCCO Supplies Induction Billet Heating System at Bonney Forge. Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic recently shipped a 1300 kW PowerForge billet heating system to Bonney Forge Corporation, located in Mt. Union, PA. The 1300kW, 1.3 – 3.3 kHz system is designed to heat carbon steel billets to forging temperatures. The system includes a coil shuttle table for automatic changing of the coils and frequency for differing billet sizes. A PLC with touch screen display featuring ForgeView Plus Software is also included. The unit is loaded by a vibratory bowl feeder. Bonney Forge’s decision was based on several factors, including:

• Ajax TOCCO’s total package fit their requirements.
• Prior experience with Ajax TOCCO equipment has been good.
• Ajax TOCCO Service, when required, is expedient.
• PowerForge provided versatility, multi-frequency as well as the ability to easily run a wide variety of parts.

Bonney Forge is an industry leader in marketing and manufacturing forged steel fittings and unions, branch connections, forged steel valves, cast steel valves and specialty products. Shown here are John Cutshall and Megan Zauzig from Bonney Forge Corporation with PowerForge machine displayed at the 2015 FIA Forge Fair, held April 2015 in Cleveland, OH. Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic®, a subsidiary of ParkOhio Holdings Corp.®, designs and manufactures world-class induction heating and melting equipment for various industries and applications throughout the world. In addition, the Company provides a range of services including laboratory process development, preventive maintenance, equipment repair, and parts, coil repair facilities and installation services through its locations in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. "


Business Opportunities. "The Monty" has many top notch positions available in the heat treating industry which indicates both the shortage of good people available and also the fact that we get results for our advertisers. A small sampling of recent offerings include these; a Heat Treat Operator wanted for a captive heat treater, a General Manager for Certified Heat Treating, a Quality Manager is needed in the US North East, Winston Heat Treat needs a Maintenance Technician and Vac Aero International has an opening for a Production Manager.June 24/2015

Do you want results when it comes to filling a position within the heat treating industry? "The Monty" is the most economical, fastest way to fill that position. Looking for a job? Send us your ad and we will put it on the site free of charge for as long as you would like. When it comes to filling positions within the heat treating industry "The Monty" can't be beat. With a readership of over 20,000 heat treaters/month we will help you fill your position or help you find a job. Just contact

Super Systems

European Used Equipment Available. For 16 years “The Monty” has been very successful at putting buyers and sellers of used heat treating equipment together and we now bring this model to Europe. If you have surplus heat treating equipment we would be very happy to help you find a buyer on a non-exclusive small commission basis. Please let us know what questions you have and we will be happy to answer them. If you are a buyer looking for a particular item please let us know and we should be able to find it for you. June 24/2015

A few examples include:


ThermProcess 2015/Dusseldorf, Germany. We continue with our photos from the recent heat treat show in Germany-the world's largest heat treat show. June 23/2015

AFC-Holcroft. Everybody at furnace builder AFC-Holcroft is celebrating something we are just not sure what.

Rubig. Gord Montgomery, Peter Buchegger (Area Manager), Marcel Beinbner (Key Account Manager).

Nutec Bickley. Rumor has it that furnace builder Nutec Bickley recently received orders for two large car bottom furnaces for forgings and metal fabrications, one from a company in Ontario and from a company in Quebec, Canada. In this photo from the left we see Gord Montgomery, Arturo Arechavaleta (VP), Francois Desjardins (USA/Canada Sales Manager), Joe Martin (Business Development Manager)  and Daniel Llaguno (President).

A show without Nitrex? Not likely! Paul Oleszkiewicz (who is more a UPC guy) and Andrzej Czelusniak.

No heat treat show is complete without our friends from controls company UPC. In this photo on the right we also see Mr. Karl Heinz Grosse of ALD.

ABP Induction. It never ceases to amaze us the size of the booths at German Heat Treat Shows. ABP had one of the largest and we were told total cost for the company to attend the show was close to 1 million Euro.

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Ceramaterials Press Release. "Ceramaterials (Port Jervis, New York) has hired Sean McFeely as a application engineer working out of the Port Jervis facility.  Sean is a Mechanical Engineer with a Masters in Organizational Leadership.  He began his engineering career in the automotive industry as a Product Design Engineer for Masland Industries (now a part of Lear Corporation)working in heat & sound insulating materials, textiles, design, FMEA and quality control methods.  Sean most recently worked in a product & market development engineering at Clarion Safety Systems, a leading designer and manufacturer of ANSI Z535 and ISO 3864 standards compliant products.     Ceramaterials president, Dr. Jerry Weinstein issued a statement, "We are very excited to have Sean on board working with Ceramaterials.   Sean brings a wealth of experience, leadership and expertise to our in-house engineering, CAD & market development capabilities as well as a very upbeat attitude.  Sean has already contributed to helping our process flow, warehouse inventory organization & on-line exposure, updating our web site & establishing an Ebay store."   Ceramaterials ( is an international supplier & distributor of graphite & ceramic insulation, carbon composites, machined graphite, ceramics and Moly products focused on heat treat furnace supplies.  Ceramaterials has warehouse facilities around the country to expedite delivery of materials." June 23/2015


"Roger Jones Receives 2015 HTS George H. Bodeen Heat Treating Achievement AwardSouderton, PA.  May 28, 2015 – Roger Jones, Corporate president of Solar Atmospheres, Inc., Souderton, PA, is the recipient of the 2015 George H. Bodeen Heat Treating Achievement Award.  Established in 1996, the award recognizes distinguished and significant contributions to the field of heat treating through leadership, management, or engineering development of substantial commercial impact.  Roger is recognized “for advancing the thermal processing industry through technological developments in fixturing materials, methods, and the application of partial pressure atmospheres in vacuum furnaces for ferrous, stainless steels, and brass alloys.” After graduating from Hocking Technical College, Roger joined ABAR Corp. in 1975.  In 1978, he joined Vacuum Furnace Systems Corp., founded by his father William R. Jones, FASM.  In 1983, he helped found Solar Atmospheres, Inc., serving as vice president, became president in 1993, and became corporate president in 2001.  He has been a member of the Metal Treating Institute since 1983, serving on the Board of Trustees (1998-2004, and 2009-present), and as president (2004-2005). Roger has been a member of the ASM Philadelphia Liberty Bell Chapter since 1983, and served as chapter chair from 1993-1994.  He was chair of the ASM Heat Treating Society (HTS) Immediate Needs Committee and the HTS Education Committee, served on the Nominating Committee for two terms, and is a member of the HTS Technology & Programming Committee.  He was elected to the HTS Board in 2005, served as vice president (2011-2013) and is the current president of HTS.  He received the chapter’s William Hunt Eisenman Award in 2001 and Distinguished Service Award in 2004.  Under his leadership, Solar Atmospheres received the chapter’s “Outstanding Company Support Award” in 1996 and 2006. The Bodeen award will be presented at the HTS General Membership Meeting on Wednesday, October 21, at the ASM Heat Treating Society Conference and Exposition in Detroit." June 23/2015

Monday Morning Briefing. With the ThermProcess show in Dusseldorf, Germany just concluded we will start off with a couple of news items concerning the European heat treating market. Italian furnace builder CIEFFE just landed an enormous order from commercial heat treater SHU in Ulm, Germany. The order is for a number of furnaces and more importantly a number of completely different styles of furnaces-unfortunately we are not at liberty to tell you how many furnaces or the types. This is the most recent development between CIEFFE and SHU a relationship which goes back over 20 years. SHU in our opinion is the largest single location commercial heat treater in the world. Doksan Heat Treatment of Ankara, Turkey will shortly be one of the few commercial heat treaters in the country able to offer vacuum carburizing capabilities. This if a fairly new company which currently has batch IQ, Induction and Vacuum equipment but it has been a goal of the owner Mr. Gurkan Genkler for some time to also be able to have vacuum carburizing capacity. His dream has come true and shortly he will have two systems in house. Speaking of ThermProcess we are not nearly finished our coverage and over the next few days we will have a number of more photos and news items about the show.

Koyo Bearings/Telford, TN. This press release is very interesting but we don’t know exactly what Koyo Bearings is adding to their heat treating department, just that it is something big. "A well-established Washington County maker of vehicle parts is expanding again, with some help from the county’s Industrial Development Board. On Wednesday, the board unanimously approved an amendment to the lease agreement with Japan-based Koyo to provide a 10-year tax abatement for $8 million worth of equipment, including a larger heat treatment furnace, new to the Telford plant. The new equipment will allow Koyo to add 11 jobs to its current workforce of 154, Washington County Economic Development Council Business Development Director Alicia Summers told the members of the board. Koyo chose to bring its tapered roller bearing production plant to the Telford park in 2006, and officially opened the facility two years later. The 2010 expansion increased the plant’s floorspace to 139,000 square feet. In 2007, Nakatetsu Machining Technologies, Koyo’s sister company and parts supplier, built a 71,000-square-foot facility next door in the park, later adding 21,000 square feet". Furnace builder Surface Combustion has received another order for a large batch IQ line from the largest commercial heat treater in Wisconsin-we have lost track of how many furnaces Surface has sold to this one particular customer.

GKN Aerospace/Columbia, SC. No surprise to anybody-the south is rising again. "CGKN Aerospace announced that it will open a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to produce inlet lip skins for the Boeing 737 MAX and 777X. The company is investing more than $20 million in the new facility, generating more than 75 new jobs in Orangeburg County. Located adjacent to GKN's existing Orangeburg, S.C. facility at 348 Millennium Drive, this new 126,000-square-foot facility will be set up to produce the one piece 737 MAX and two piece 777X lip skins, the leading edge of the nacelle - the pod-like structure that houses the aircraft's engine". Bottom line is that GKN is adding a bunch of stuff in Columbia, SC and this includes new heat treating capacity. DMP CryoSystems which offers some "funky" heat treating systems including cryo/temper furnaces recently booked an order from a precision ball and roller bearing manufacturer in the northeast U.S. "This brings the number online at this facility to eight. The first two CryoFurnaces were purchased to help reduce handling costs associated with multiple temper cycles. The ramp and soak capabilities of the programmable controller coupled with the heating and cooling ability of the equipment allow for double and triple temper cycles from a single recipe. The first temper is performed, and the chamber cools to an ambient temperature and then soaks. The second temper is simply a function of the next segment in the recipe"

PhoenixTM now have a “hot box” system for monitoring part temperatures through a carburizing cycle including in the oil quench. "Carburizing in an integrated quench (IQ) furnace is a common heat treatment process for the manufacture of gears, etc., and oil is the most frequently used quench media. During the oil quench, products in the batch can sometimes experience distortion problems which may have several causes including oil flow patterns, temperature variations, etc. Monitoring the temperature profile throughout the complete cycle at various depths within the product and locations around the batch can generate valuable problem solving data. However monitoring part temperature from a data logger external to the furnace is not possible, so the PhoenixTM Oil Quench system, which is able to travel throughout the process with the products, can provide the solution. The PhoenixTM TS12 Series Oil Quench System (Patent Pending GB1509136.6) uses a multi-channel, high temperature data logger protected by a thermal barrier which has a two part insulation system. The inner thermal barrier is completely sealed to prevent oil reaching the data logger. The outer insulation layer provides additional heat protection in the furnace, but is sacrificed during the oil quench. The system is designed with enough thermal capacity to go through the complete heat treatment cycle including the oil quench and subsequent wash process.  The PhoenixTM ‘Hot Box’ system underwent multiple trials in the test center of IWT (Germany) where the data collected has been incorporated in an upcoming research project. To see a video of the system in action go to" June 22/2015

Bluestreak Press Release. “The new Statistical Process Control module from THROUGHPUT I Bluestreak™ allows users to spot trends before processes are out of control.

THROUGHPUT I Bluestreak™, a Manufacturing Execution System, for service-based manufactures, has developed Bluestreak™ I SPC , a browser-based application that integrates with Bluestreak I Production Pathway™ to produce charts from data provided by SCADA or electronic data logging systems. Any control plan characteristic can be configured for Bluestreak™ I SPC. When test results are added, the SPC chart is updated in real-time allowing users to see and be notified at time of test entry if there are issues with a process. Bluestreak™ I SPC has extensible support for statistical rules to spot trends before a process is out of control. Upper and Lower Control Limits are auto calculated, but users determine when to tighten control limits. “The Bluestreak™ I SPC module is a critical component of our quality system because the instant feedback enables all personnel to actively participate in the development and improvement of our equipment, processes and procedures. The run rule function allows for easy interpretation and really simplifies the training process. The key is the instantaneous feedback to operators and inspection personnel,” said Tim Komar, Quality Manager, ThermTech, WI. To learn about key features, visit:    June 22/2015 

Rohde GmbH/Germany. Furnace builder Rohde of Germany sent us this press release. "Rohde GmbH located near Frankfurt in Germany has been busy in the past months and has sold a lot of equipment recently. New orders for a total of 7 salt recovery units have been received which will be delivered to Germany, India, Mexico, Slovakia and China. Furthermore the company has sold a pit furnace for annealing and a chamber furnace for nitriding and nitrocarburizing which will be delivered to China and Mexico. Rohde as a company is becoming more and more international and over the past few years the focus has switched from just the European market to the global market. Rhode has outgrown their current location in Bruchkoebel and will shortly start construction on a new, larger location in Hanau. As of today the land has been acquired, the plans drawn up and construction will begin by the end of this summer".  June 22/2015


ThermProcess/Dusseldorf, Germany. We continue with our news from the ongoing ThermProcess show in Germany with some more photos and more importantly some very interesting news and gossip-we would expect to have a few more updates over the next few days. June 19/2015

Custom Electric

IVA/A Tenova Company. In this photo we see on the left Mr. Peter Lankes, CEO, Mr. Peter Haase, Technical Director and Gord Montgomery. The company recently received an order for 13 FNC furnaces from Daimler Corp. of Germany and another very large automotive company. The order is valued at over 7.5 million Euro and the furnaces will be going to both Germany and China with the first units shipping as we speak and the others by September. By anybody's standards this is a very impressive order!

Triad Engineers/India.  ThermProcesss is truly an international show with furnace manufacturers from around the world. In this photo we see Sri and Harendra Babu of furnace builder Triad Engineers of Bangalore, India.

SECO/WARWICK. Furnace builder SECO/WARWICK is presenting at the show the UniCase Master system, a revolutionary system for in line case hardening of automotive, transmission and bearing components with 4D Quenching. We understand this is the first time SECO/WARWCICK has presented this concept.

SSI/Avion. Furnace controls company SSI based in the US and sales rep company Avion shared a booth as you can see in this picture. From left to right we see Bob Fincken (SSI), James Cross (SSI UK), Andrea (Avion), Rolland Wirth (Avion) and Damian Bratcher (SSI).

SOLO. Swiss furnace builder SOLO as always had a large booth at this this which included this very memorable display.

PRIKNER/Czech Republic. In this photo we see Petra and Otakar Prikner of successful family owned commercial heat treater PRIKNER in the Czech Republic.

Winston Heat Treating/Dayton, Ohio. Over the years we have been accused of overusing the  term “nice guy” but in this case we make no apologies and offer no explanations, the owner of Winston Heat Treating, Mr. John Reger is one of the nicest people we have ever met. With that out of the way we move on to the fact that the company is investing big dollars into an expansion and new equipment. June 19/2015

“Winston Heat Treating, Inc. is completing a $1.5 million addition and refurbishing project at its facility in downtown Dayton, company officials announced Thursday. The new 15,320-square-foot building expansion at 711 E. Second St. provides space for additional equipment, while a recently acquired, adjacent 8,000-square-foot building offers storage space and parking for its truck fleet, officials said. Founded in 1967, Winston has provided heat treating service of metal parts to the tool & die, automotive, aerospace, and medical industries. Primarily a regional company, Winston also has an active customer base of 1,200 nationally. Winston was one of the first heat treating companies in the country to achieve both its ISO and NADCAP (National Aerospace & Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) accreditations. In two separate recent audits, Winston received zero findings in ISO and coveted Merit Status from NADCAP, officials said. “Our customers deserve consistently superior quality and service from us with state-of-the-art equipment, and our expansion enables that,” said John Reger, Winston president, in a statement”.

Ipsen Press Release. "In the complex world of thermal processing, nothing is more important than validating one’s equipment to ensure uniformity, reliability and repeatability. One of the first steps in the validation process is tuning the proportional-integral-derivative (PID) settings in the controller to ensure that the temperature of the furnace is stable, responsive and minimizes overshooting during a heating cycle. By successfully utilizing PID tuning, users can ensure the furnace reaches and maintains the desired set point temperature, thus achieving optimal results and completing a vital step for the performance of Temperature Uniformity Surveys (TUS) and System Accuracy Tests (SAT). In a recent blog post, PID Tuning as First Step for Preparing for TUS and SAT, Ipsen experts discuss several key steps for tuning the PID settings, as well as examine how these three settings – proportional, integral and derivative – relate to each other and impact the desired outcome. Find out how to tune the PID controller at Ipsen’s blog, The Ipsen, Harold, also features informative videos, expert tips, throwback photos and useful resources, such as A Daily Checklist for Preventive Maintenance and their ongoing series, Finding Leaks in Your Vacuum Furnace. Focused on sharing tips of the trade, as well as breaking down technical and complex material, this blog provides readers with valuable, up-to-date thermal processing information. Make sure to check out Ipsen’s other posts and how-to videos on their blog, The Ipsen, Harold, as well as their various articles and technical resources at When it comes to valuable resources, Ipsen is your partner in success. About Ipsen; Ipsen designs and manufactures industrial vacuum furnaces, atmosphere furnaces and supervisory control systems for a wide variety of thermal processing industries, including: Aerospace, Automotive, Commercial Heat Treating, Energy and Medical. With production locations in Europe, America and Asia, along with representation in 34 countries, Ipsen is committed to providing support for customers worldwide. Choosing Ipsen means choosing a partner in success." June 19/2015

ThermProcess. As we speak the world’s largest heat treat show ThermProcess is being held in Dusseldorf, Germany. This event which is held every four years is generally a success and this year is no exception with excellent if not record breaking attendance. Local-meaning European exhibitors are obviously in the majority but there is a very strong representation from North American and Asian industry suppliers. Rumors and news about the industry are of course flowing and we have a few to mention today with many more to come over the next few days. June 18/2015

Aichelin. As one of the world's largest builders of new furnaces Aichelin based in Austria is always present at trade shows around the world. While the company is always cautious about releasing too much information we do understand that business is very good for them and that their backlog stretches out to next summer a full year in the future. In this photo we see on the left Mr. Harald Berger and Dr. Thomas Dopler, CEO.

AFC-Holcroft. As the largest North American furnace builder AFC-Holcroft has a very strong presence at the show which includes the President, Mr. Bill Disler along with some of their partners such as Marek Kedzierzynski of Remix and Carlos Torres of Mattsa, Mexico.

Rhode Furnaces/Germany. At least for the past two years the youngest attendee at any of the worldwide heat treat shows is Mr. Vincent Rohde of Rhode Furnaces, Germany. We see him with Dale Montgomery, Natasha and Jorn Rohde.

Codere. Swiss furnace manufacturer Codere is rumored to have recently installed a salt quench line at an INA Bearings facility in Europe. In the photo below we see on the right Mr. David Howard, Sales Manager.

REMIX/Poland. Rumor has it that furnace builder REMIX of Poland (and AFC-Holcroft partner) recently landed a very nice order for a large rotary hearth furnace. In this photo we see from the left Mr.  Marek Kedzierzynski, Ms. Patrycja Dzierzanowska and Mr. Mariusz Szymanski.

Heat Treating/US Southeast. These are the good times for heat treaters in North America largely buoyed by the automotive, aerospace and general industrial industries-the only cloud is the oil and gas sector. The dramatic drop in oil prices has certainly hurt the sector which is largely concentrated in the us southwest. Marty Benegalia a rep who has spent his working career in his area provides us with this summary. June 17/2015

"The impact of the oil/gas slowdown in drilling and fracking activity is being felt immensely throughout the southwest region.  This are relies greatly on energy production and the oil/gas sector is a major portion of this sector.  The trickle down effect impacts not only the OEM manufacturers of oil/gas equipment, but many other sectors of the economy are affected such as reduced overflow work for commercial heat treaters, hotel vacancies, fewer housing sales, lower restaurant traffic, overall consumer spending. Oilfield services companies are seeing a large reduction in workforce and are calling in their trucks and other field equipment due to inactivity.  The opinion out their is that the return to drilling and production will be a slow, eventual event over the next year or two.

There are positive sectors in the area such as aerospace and consumer goods such as sporting goods and personal use hand tools and electric power tools.  There seems to be more emphasis on the upgrade of existing equipment or used equipment compared to a large uptick in new equipment.  Plans for expansion or relocation of several heat treat departments or facilities are in the works across the region and that is exciting. Broadly, it appears that capital spending is in infrastructure such as highways and bridges.  Due to the massive flooding in the region throughout May, this spending may continue to increase.  Heat treating related purchases in capital equipment for the remainder of 2015 appear to be at a moderate level with the energy sector tending to be on a very slow recovery pace.   Marty Benegalia, Southern Thermal Systems, Inc.,"

NOVATHERM Seminar. "The full seminar program for NOVATHERM 2 is now available at and includes 17 presentations ranging fromnitriding/nitrocarburizing, carbonitriding, industrial gases, magnetron sputtering technology, temperature profiling, and flow control. This year at Novatherm 2, Nitrex Metal will honor Dr. Dieter Liedtke with the Hephaestus Award, in recognition of his exceptional work at Bosch and lifetime service to the AWT (German Association for Heat Treatment and Materials Engineering), as well as his positive guidance in the classroom. We congratulate him for his 50 years of dedication to the practical development of heat treating and most importantly for helping to develop the careers of students and fellows in this field. The Hephaestus Award recognizes contributions made by academic and industrial researchers to the field of heat treating that have had an impact on surface engineering, materials science, and industrial processes or production techniques. Past recipients of the Hephaestus Award include Prof. Jan Tacikowski of the Institute of Precision Mechanics (2005), Dr. Kiyoshi Funatani (2010), and Dr. George Totten (2013)." June 16/2015

Amazing vacuum furnaces part 5. Janusz kowalewski of ald-dynatech continues with his series about vacuum furnaces with this article talking about leaks in vacuum furnaces. 

"Until now, I have presented how important the vacuum furnaces are to the heat treatment industry.   Today, we will discuss one of common event that is influencing negatively a vacuum furnace performance: air and water leaks into a vacuum chamber.Leaks to vacuum chambers (air / water leaks) cost thousands of dollars, creates countless technical problems for the furnace operators. There are two leaks that coexists in any vacuum system: the real and virtual leak.   Real Leak is any path through the wall of a vacuum chamber that allows the air/gas to pass through.   The Virtual leak is a source of gas in vacuum system that acts like a leak in that gas is trapped in a tight crevice, blind holes, porous welds and leaks out over a long period of time. (Source: AMS2769B) The root cause of these leaks is usually a manufacturing defect within the material or a lack of complying with good vacuum practice.

The below graph is presenting a both leaks.  On the Internet there are thousands of articles regarding leak rates measure technique and suggestion how to find a vacuum leaks.    Ones of the most difficult to find leaks are:

  1. Cracks on casting gas valves that leaks only in open position.
  2. Water leaks through welds.
  3. Power feedthrous leaking only under high temperature
  4. Gas piping for cooling or process gases under high pressure. (Venturi effect)
  5. Pneumatic actuators leaks only in specific positions
  6. Thermocouples shield leaks (ceramic or moly covers connection).

The furnace insulation, heating element and almost all other components within the furnace will be negatively influence by excessive leak rate. The most effective method to find leak is the Helium Mass Spectrometer.  Leak test should be only performed after burn out cycle is performed and furnace is cold, clean, degassed, and empty. To learn more read AMS 2769 B. Paragraph leak checking procedure.

Below is a graph presenting water leak into vacuum chamber through thermocouple port weld in the vessel chamber." June 16/2015      

Monday Morning Briefing. We will start off in Cleveland where we see that commercial heat treater KoAlwalski Heat Treating (which by the way is celebrating 40 years in business) recently added  3 large N2 tempering systems with the largest being 60 x 48 x 96". The 3 will add a combined additional  daily capacity of 150,000 #'s of controlled atmosphere heat set flattening / stress relieve / tempering.  In Kendalville, Indiana Dependable Metal Treating who specializes in batch II processing is pretty close to finishing their addition of some more Surface Combustion Super 30 Allcase furnaces. Speaking of adding batch IQ capacity Metex Heat Treat in Brampton, Canada is also adding some more batch IQ capacity. Metex recently ordered a 6,000 pound/hour mesh belt furnace line, a very elaborate Induction Hardening system and a bunch of other equipment-we lose track sometime with this company. Out in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho there is a small furnace builder rebuilder by the name of Pathways Thermal Technology owned by Ron Ross. Ron has spent his entire career since leaving Rolock building small special high temperature furnaces. However Ron has decided enough is enough and with his upcoming retirement the company will shut down. The big event for this week will be the world's largest heat treat show, ThermProcess which is as always being held in Dusseldorf, Germany. This is held every four years and is certainly the largest show we have ever seen. "The Monty" will be there and over the course of this week we will have a number of photos. The picture below shows the Nitrex booth at the 2011 show.

Oven builder Wisconsin Oven issued this press release recently. We have to say that not many companies are selling equipment to the oil and gas industries these days. Wisconsin Oven shipped a multi-zone conveyor oven for melting high-temperature polymer into a steel ring that houses electronic components. Steel rings are loaded on the conveyor belt two rows wide for a heating time of 48 minutes. The oven, which is destined for a company in the oil and gas industry, features four independent heating zones that allow the customer to rearrange the oven in various configurations to obtain their desired heating zone lengths. It is capable of processing 25 parts per hour and has a maximum temperature rating of 450°C (842°F). Aren't you glad you aren't Brazilian these days? We're actually being faceitious as Brazil is one of our favorite countries in the world but if you are a heat treater in Brazil these days things aren't good with very few  furnaces being sold and commercial heat treating being very, very slow. We know of several commercial heat treaters and furnace builders in the country who are laying people off these days. Things might be rough down in Texas because of the downturn in the oil and gas industries but not everybody is sitting back and waiting for things to get better. National Heat Treat in Houston is planning on adding some more batch IQ capacity.

Fairly recently the Bodycote plant in Conyers, Georgia had a fairly serious fire which started in a quench tank which had water in it. Sounds like the fire was so serious that the plant will be closed for several months until it can be rebuilt-while we have no figures to back this up our belief is that quench oil tanks are the number one cause of fires in heat treats. Speaking of Bodycote the company continues to do very well with the stock currently trading at roughly 742 pence with most stock analysts recommending the company as a hold or a buy. June 15/2015

Practical Induction Heat Treating. "Last month ASM held a training class on “Practical Induction Heat Treating” at Materials Park, OH for Induction Heat Treaters from Toyota, RBC Bearings, Timken, Kingsburg, Mubea, Groschopp, & GM.  Richard Haimbaugh known as “The Induction Wizard” & Fred Specht (Interpower Induction) conducted the training during the three day class. Pictured are Kelly Cox, Joe Fitzgerald, Phil Millay, Brandon Powell, Scott Dreger, Ben Kasa, Luis Pompa, Gary Zack, John Feldhacker, & Roy Darmstra. The class covered 15 chapters on maintenance, metallurgy, coil design, SPC, tempering and many other subjects all related to induction heat treating. Each attendee received a one year membership in the ASM and a signed hardback copy of the 2001 printing of “Practical Induction Heat Treating” by Richard Haimbaugh. The next class on “Practical Induction Heat Treating” is scheduled for October 2015 Materials Park, OH. Customized on-site training is also available from the ASM. Inquiries: please contact the ASM - or" June 12/2015

Vacuum History. Janusz Kowalewski Managing Director/CEO at ALD-Dynatech Furnaces in India is always a “good read”. June 12/2015

"Vacuum word come from the Latin adjective vacuus for vacant and describes an empty physical space. The 2,500 years ago the Greek philosopher Demokrit thought the first time about and empty space (vacuum), but the famous Aristoteles denied such an idea and he thought about a special matter, what he called Ether. In the middle of the 17th century Torricelli made the first vacuum with mercury filled bended glass tube. Later Pascale prove of the possibility of vacuum with his famous test “vide dans le vide”, what means empty in the empty. Otto von Guerike made a test with two hemispheres with a diameter of 42cm. The sealing was made of leather soaked with turpentine and wax. The evacuation was done by an air pump, developed by Otto von Guericke. The air pressure within the ball was ~ 100 mbar (75 Torr). In total 16 horses try to pull the both hemisphere, but they could not succeed, as they could not overcome the 13,850 N.

Vacuum Levels at: Deep Space ≈ 10-17 Torr § Mars ≈ 5 Torr § Lunar Surface ≈ 10-11 Torr § Geosynchronous Satellites ≈ 10-11 Torr § Space Station (ISS) ≈ 10-9 Torr § >264,000 Feet (80.5 km) = U.S. definition of space flight ≈ 10-3 Torr § > 105,000 Feet (32 km) turbojets no longer function ≈ 8 Torr § < 40,000 Feet (12.1 km) cargo & passenger airline flights ≈ 141 Torr   Source:

Fig. 1 Vacuum pumps and the vacuum level.

Fig. 2 Vacuum Gages for the Different Vacuum Requirements.

Fig. 3 Influence of vacuum level (Oxygen level) on metal parts discoloration.

For more information regarding vacuum level requirements for steel and alloys check AMS 2769B Specification, Table 1." 

Solar Atmospheres Press Release. Well the press release below says a lot but to this we just have to add a file photo we have showing one of the existing carbottom vacuum furnaces at Solar Atmospheres of Western Pennsylvania which was taken a few years back. June 11/2015

"Solar Atmospheres of Western Pennsylvania announces that it will be installing the largest horizontal high vacuum furnace ever constructed at their Hermitage facility.  The furnace will be engineered and manufactured by their sister company, Solar Manufacturing, Inc. The entire investment for Solar Atmospheres will be in the order of $8,000,000 including the cost of this large furnace, a new 20,000 square foot building addition, and utilities to operate this large system. Robert Hill, President of Solar Atmospheres Western Pennsylvania, states “We will all be very busy over the next year, not only preparing a site to expand our current facility by another 20,000 square feet to house this newest piece of equipment, but also assembling and building the new equipment on-site. All of our employees are eagerly anticipating the day that we commission one of the most unique vacuum furnaces in the world.” This car-bottom type furnace Model HCB-84576-2EQ will have a work-zone that measures seven feet in diameter x forty-eight feet long and will be capable of handling loads up to 150,000 pounds at 2400oF.  Dual US patented loading cars are provided for loading/unloading from both ends of this furnace with its 48 foot long hot zone. The vacuum chamber is being manufactured by Youngberg Industries, Inc. of Rockford, IL and will incorporate three 48” diameter vacuum ports as well as six 24” diameter ports for gas cooling inlet and outlet. Autoclave type locking doors are included at both ends of the furnace.  Tom Larson, CEO of Youngberg Industries indicates “this is the largest horizontal high vacuum chamber they have ever manufactured.”

The programs for the engineering and construction phases have been initiated with key orders placed for major system components. The ultimate goal is to have installation and testing completed by the first quarter of 2016. Solar Atmospheres and Solar Manufacturing are part of the Solar Group of companies.  Solar Atmospheres provides commercial heat treating and brazing services to a wide array of industries with four facilities located in Eastern and Western Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and California. For additional information about Solar Atmospheres, visit  For Solar Manufacturing, contact Pete Reh at

Pictured is a view of a 36’ furnace currently at the Western PA facility.

SSI Sales Meeting. Controls company SSI based in Cincinnati, Ohio who is celebrating their 20 year in business is currently in the midst of a two day sales meeting which includes all of their reps from North America. As a participant we at “the Monty” have these photos. The first photo below shows reps and employees in front of the new SSI building which brings their total space to 26,000 square feet. A frequent topic in the heat treating industry is the fact that good, qualified heat treaters are very hard to find and this is reflected in the fact that a large percentage of people in the industry are in it because fathers, mothers or grandparents were heat treaters before them-SSI is reasonably typical of this. In one of these pictures you see the new generation from left to right; Will Thompson, Sean Duffy, Matt Benegalia, Jordan Montgomery and Eddie Fincken. Below that picture you see again from the left; Steve and Will Thompson (SSI), Kevin and Sean Duffy (Duffy Company), Marty and Matt Benegalia (Southern Thermal Systems), Jordan and Gord Montgomery (WG Montgomery Ltd., Eddie and Bob Fincken (SSI) and Dennis and John Hansen (Metpro). In the background of two of these photos you see a new gas nitriding furnace which will be part of SSI’s expanded R & D department. The writing is on the wall that a new generation is taking over the heat treating industry. June 10/2015

McLaughlin Services/Avilla, Indiana, USA. Rapidly growing furnace builder/rebuilder Mclaughlin Services in Avilla, Indiana has recently added two more employees to keep up with surging demand. June 10/2015

“We are proud to announce the addition of Victor Grazian to the team at McLaughlin Services, LLC. Victor will be responsible for nationwide sales and will also assist in design engineering. Victor Grazian has over twenty five years of combustion experience.  Victor started his career in R&D at Eclipse Combustion. During his eleven year tenure at Eclipse, Victor moved in to sales, and eventually became the Manager of the Chicago sales office. He furthered his career at Siemens as National Account Manager, selling combustion controls to commercial boiler OEMs across North America. During his seven year tenure at Siemens, Victor received the President's Circle Award for three of the seven years. Victor then moved back into the industrial combustion market as Midwest Regional Sales Manager for Hauck Manufacturing. Victor has also provided his expertise to the Illinois Department of Energy as well as 3M Corporation. Victor Grazian has a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign. Please welcome Victor in his new role at McLaughlin Services. In addition McLaughlin Services is pleased to announce that Mr. James Prendergast has joined the company. Jim is a very experienced electrical engineer with many qualifications including plant engineering and management, field service and process instrumentation. Jim has worked with companies such as UNI Engineering, ABP Induction and Andritz Hydro. We are very proud to welcome Jim to the McLaughlin team”.

Marty Keylon/JL Becker Company. J.L. Becker, a Gasbarre Furnace Group Company, is pleased to announce the appointment of Marty Keylon as its Northwest Sales Representative, including the States of California, Nevada, Arizona, Washington, Oregon, Colorado and Utah.
Marty has over 40 years of experience in the heat treat industry with direct experience in the commercial heat treating environment in maintenance and general management. He has also served in technical and sales support roles as the owner of Keylon Thermal Consulting and a manufacturer’s representative of BeaverMatic, Inc. Residing in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Marty is an avid outdoorsman and family man. He and his wife of over 30 years, Susan, share three daughters together. He also enjoys his Jeep and serving as an Eldorado County Sherriff’s STAR Officer. Marty’s hands-on and enthusiastic approach is a welcome addition to the J.L. Becker team. Located in Plymouth, MI, J. L. Becker has manufactured industrial heat treating equipment for over 40 years, providing excellence in design, construction and service. The company custom designs and manufactures heat-treating equipment for the specific needs of our customers. For more information on how J.L. Becker can provide custom engineered solutions for your specific thermal heating requirements and manufactured heat treating equipment, contact Marty Keylon at (530) 788-8566 or You can also visit"
June 9/2015

Federal Screw Works/Big Rapids, Michigan. Federal Screw Works based in Michigan operates four plants in the state producing cold formed and machined parts mainly for the automotive industry. It appears to be a long established well run company that includes heat treating at at least one of their locations in Big Rapids, MI. However for reasons unknown to us the company is either completely or largely exiting the heat treating business with the sale of their main furnace a large two row AFC-Holcroft pusher furnace which is only 15 years old. The sale is actually nothing to do with “The Monty” we just find it rather interesting that the company would decide to sell such a large piece of equipment and presumably outsource the heat treating. June 8/2015

Phil Patterson/Applied Process. Phil Patterson has joined the technical sales group at commercial heat treater Applied Process based in Livonia, Michigan. "Effective May 11, 2015, Phil Patterson has assumed the role of Technical Sales Engineer for the Applied Process companies.  His efforts will be focused on Growing the Pie in the American Midwest. Phil joins Applied Process with solid experience as a product manager with Dotson Iron Castings in Mankato, MN.  Phil also has experience in lead generation, tooling design and sales. Phil also brings a background in LEAN Manufacturing, Value Stream Mapping and Front Line Leadership.  We expect Phil will hit the ground running with his Sales efforts.  He will be based out of Mankato, MN where he will connect in person with OEMs, foundries, and machine shops. The AP team intends to Grow the Pie to new levels, and Phil will be a critical part of that enterprise" June 8/2015

Aerojet Rocketdyne. SECO/WARWICK Press Release. "Aerojet Rocketdyne has updated their West Palm Beach, FL facility with the turnkey installation of a custom engineered box furnace for brazing and heat-treating rocket parts and assemblies. The various rocket engines sealed within Aerojet Rocketdyne’s retort can weigh up to 5,000 pounds per load, including the retort. This unit replaces an older furnace, improving the overall operation with new technology that makes the furnace easier to control with economical operation, and improved temperature uniformity. June 5/2015

About Aerojet Rocketdyne; Aerojet Rocketdyne is a diversified company delivering innovative solutions that create value for its customers in the aerospace and defense, and real estate markets. The company is a world-recognized aerospace and defense leader that provides propulsion and energetics to the space, missile defense and strategic systems, tactical systems and armaments areas, in support of domestic and international markets. Additional information about Aerojet Rocketdyne can be obtained by visiting our websites at and Media Contact, Beth Ryan, Communications Director, 814.332.8575. Figure 1 Furnace in production in the SECO/WARWICK Meadville, PA manufacturing facility. SECO/WARWICK CORP. | P. O. BOX 908 | MEADVILLE, PA 16335-6908 USA | WWW.SECOWARWICK.COM.

About SECO/WARWICK; The SECO/WARWICK Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heat treatment furnaces and a technology leader. With our fully equipped research and development facility and cooperation with the leading academic centers in Europe, we are able to provide innovative solutions not offered anywhere else in the world. The Group is made up of companies located in five countries on three continents, and we sell our products in 68 countries around the world. We supply furnaces to customers involved with steel, titanium and aluminum production as well as aluminum recycling, forging, automotive, aerospace, commercial heat treating, HVAC/R, electronics, wind energy, medical equipment and nuclear industries."

Ipsen Press Release. " With only two classes left to go for 2015, Ipsen U recently wrapped up its June course. This three-day course provides attendees with a broad overview of furnace equipment, processes and maintenance, as well as a hands-on approach to learning while receiving qualified tips directly from the experts. Participants in Ipsen U courses throughout 2015 have come from across North America, including Colorado, Illinois, Massachusetts, Mexico, Michigan, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Texas. Reflecting on the course, one attendee commented that “staff and facility are top notch and very knowledgeable in the heat-treating process. Accommodations are five star!” Others found that “all of the questions that were answered are going to be a big help as we go through Nadcap accreditation.” More attendees speak to the value of Ipsen U in a testimonial video, which can be viewed at Throughout the course, attendees were able to:

  • Learn about an extensive range of topics – from an introduction to vacuum and atmosphere furnaces to heat treating, furnace controls, subsystems, maintenance and more
  • View the different furnace components firsthand while learning how they affect other parts of the furnace and/or specific processes
  • Take part in one-on-one discussions with Ipsen experts
  • Participate in a leak detection demonstration
  • Tour Ipsen’s facility

Overall, Ipsen U allows participants to build and refresh their knowledge of heat-treating equipment and processes through applied learning. Learn more and register for one of the last two Ipsen U classes of 2015 – August 4-6 or October 6-8 – at About Ipsen, Ipsen designs and manufactures industrial vacuum furnaces, atmosphere furnaces and supervisory control systems for a wide variety of thermal processing industries, including: Aerospace, Automotive, Commercial Heat Treating, Energy and Medical. With production locations in Europe, America and Asia, along with representation in 34 countries, Ipsen is committed to providing support for customers worldwide. Choosing Ipsen means choosing a partner in success." June 5/2015




Market Direction**

North America



European Union






Southeast Asia









South America









  *Score 0 to 10 (0 no activities - 10 very active)  
**Market Direction stable <-> / activities increasing + / activities decreasing -

North America: Growing industries - automotive, aerospace, commercial heat treating
Slowing down industries - oil & mining

European Union: Growing industries - aerospace, powder metal 

Russia: general slowing down economy, western sanctions

Southeast Asia: Growing industries - tools, dies, titanium, medical, commercial heat-treating shops

India: Growing industries - automotive, military, tools

China: general slow down

Australia: slowing down mining sector

World Bank Assessment: Overall, global growth is expected to rise in 2015 to 3.0 percent, and to be sustained at 3.2-3.3 percent in 2016-17. This should be supported by continued recovery in the United States, a gradual acceleration of activity in the Euro Area, and receding headwinds to growth among slower growing developing regions.   The slowdown in China could turn into a disorderly unwinding of financial vulnerabilities with considerable implications for the global economy." June 5/2015

Bodycote Press Release/Poland. A few short weeks ago we had what we would like to think was a rather interesting series of news items about the growing captive and commercial heat treating market in Poland. The press release below indicates that Bodycote considers this a very serious market. June 4/2015

"Bodycote, the world’s largest thermal processing services provider, recently opened a new heat treatment site on Wroclaw, Poland as part of its expansion strategy in Eastern Europe. Building on this investment Bodycote today announces its intention to open another Greenfield heat treatment site in the aviation valley close to Rzeszow, Poland. The new facility will support the manufacturing supply chains in this region and is expected to be operational by second half of 2016. Initially, vacuum heat treatment, vacuum brazing, and nitriding will be offered. Other processes will follow as demand for heat treatment services in the region continues to grow. Additional customer supporting services are likely to include HVOF and plasma coatings, vacuum oil quench and aluminum heat treatment. The new facility will hold international quality standards including Nadcap and AS 9100, as well as OEM approvals. First-tier suppliers to United Technologies Corporation (UTC), Rolls-Royce and SAFRAN, among others, will be supported.

About Bodycote; With more than 180 accredited facilities in 26 countries, Bodycote is the world’s largest provider of thermal processing services. Through heat treatment, metal joining, surface technology and Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP), Bodycote improves the properties of metals and alloys, extending the life of vital components for a wide range of industries, including aerospace, defence, automotive, power generation, oil & gas, construction, medical and transportation. Customers in all of these industries have entrusted their products to Bodycote’s care for more than 30 years. For more information, visit"

What's It Worth? We haven't played the "what's it worth" game for a while but this item that we recently ran across is rather interesting. What you are looking at is an AFC-Holcroft 2 row pusher furnace with temper, oil quench and all the standard items associated with a large pusher system. It was built in 2000 and remains in very good condition-so what is it worth? On the plus side it is in excellent condition, cost over $2 million USD when new and AFC-Holcroft is without a doubt one of the premier manufacturers of pusher systems in the world. However there is one overriding minus to the system which is that it is a two row pusher. 20 years ago every auto components plant in the world had large multi row furnaces but that style has largely fallen out of fashion in favor of single row units. Combine this with the horrendous costs associated with removal, shipping and possibly storage costs and you end up with a very limited potential market.  So unfortunately we would estimate the value of this system at between $200,000 and $400,000 although we are probably being generous on the upper end estimate. June 4/2015

ALD Dynatech/Press Release. "ALD Dynatech has received an order for a Monotherm 446 vacuum furnace from Tecvac HT, Ltd., a commercial heat-treating company, Bangalore, India.  The Monotherm vacuum-hardening furnace has an effective hot zone of 400 mm x 400 mm x 600 mm long, 10-2 mbar vacuum level and 10 bar cooling capability.  The furnace will be used for hardening application of dies and tools of material A2, D2, D3, H11, H13 and HSS parts.  ALD Dynatech will provide turnkey solution to the customer including furnace, cooling water, cooling gas system, and turn-key installation. The furnace is highly flexible and can further be used for annealing, tempering, brazing and stress relieving.   With the equipment ALD-Dynatech will provide process support and technological know-how via Internet from ALD-Dynatech Mumbai office. The picture to the left shows Monotherm 9912 vacuum hardening furnace commissioned the last week in Southern, India.  The furnace has effective hot zone 36”x36”48” (900x900x1200mm) and 12 bar cooling capability.  The vacuum furnace was fully tested including production cycles at ALD facility before shipment.  The vacuum furnaces comply with international aerospace standards NADCAP, AMS2750E requirements. 

About ALD-Dynatech Furnaces Pvt Ltd; ALD Dynatech is India’s largest manufacturer of vacuum heat treatment furnace systems. ALD Dynatech is a part of a world-renowned vacuum furnace manufacturer - ALD Vacuum Technologies, Germany. The legacy companies that comprise the ALD Group have a combined 100+ years of Vacuum technology experience. The company manufactures turn-key vacuum heat treatment systems for applications include Low Pressure Carburizing, sintering, brazing, hardening and tempering processes for automotive, aerospace, mining, military, gear, fasteners, and alternative energy industries."  ALD-Dynatech Company is part of the Indian Government’s “Make in India – Affordable and Excellent” initiative. Visit Us :" June 3/2015

Salazar Industrial Training. We welcome with open arms our newest advertiser Salazar Industrial Training whose ad can be found on this page. For almost 20 years Greg Salazar has been offering Combustion Safety Workshops around North America. His topics include, Fundamentals of Combustion Basics Of Combustion Safety Fundamentals of Controls and Preventative Maintenance. Greg’s banner ad can be found on this page. June 3/2015

ThermProcess 2015. The world’s largest heat treating show held every four years, ThermProcess is being held in Düsseldorf, Germany June 16th to the 20th 2015 which means we are just a couple of weeks away. As usual “The Monty” will be in attendance and we are more than happy to share our unbiased opinion of the show. With more than 300 exhibitors the show is enormous and this is heightened by the fact that the booth size is far larger than most shows with some exhibits being the size of small homes and we are talking North American homes. The show boasts that more than half of the attendees are from outside of Germany which we have no reason to doubt and it is certainly no surprise that European industry suppliers are in the majority with Asian and North American suppliers having a presence but reasonably small. Every heat treating technology available is on display, the show is fascinating but in our opinion almost too large. Düsseldorf is a very impressive city well worth the visit but unfortunately the local hotels take the opportunity to take advantage of visitors during large trade shows with the result that hotel rooms are literally three times the normal price which is a bone of contention to many. Great city, excellent well organized show but very expensive for what you get. June 3/2015

Accurate Brazing. Probably the best thing we can do to give you some background on Accurate Brazing is to steal this summary of the company from their website “Accurate Brazing is a full service vacuum brazing and heat treating shop that was incorporated in 1989.  Locations include Goffstown New Hampshire, Greenville South Carolina, and Manchester Connecticut .  All locations are equipped to handle your most difficult brazing and heat treating application. Accurate Brazing is a part of the Aalberts Group which employs approximately 6,000 people world-wide with annual sales of nearly 2 billion Euros”. The long and the short of it is that Accurate is a fine operation with some really top notch, state of the art equipment including13 "State of the Art" Abar/Ipsen Metalmaster & Turbo Treater Vacuum Furnaces and three large GM units. They make our top news item today because they just two weeks ago finished installing a second Ipsen 6,000 pound capacity unit. Add up the number of vacuums the company has, the size of each and the age and it equals a darn big commercial shop with some pretty nice equipment.

Also we should give you an update on the explosion the company suffered back in April of this year at their location in South Carolina (a summary of which is below). Accurate and local authorities reacted quickly to this issue with the result that there were no injuries and the SC location is now operating at 75% capacity and expects to be 100% shortly.

Business is back to normal along Garlington Road after a brief evacuation because of a gas leak Friday morning. Mauldin Fire Chief Russell Sapp said the leak was at Accurate Brazing, which is behind Graybar Electric. Sapp said as of about 11 a.m. there was no more danger to the area.  Business were reopened, except for the building where the explosion happened. An engineer who works for Accurate Brazing told WYFF News 4's Allyson Powell that the top of a tank of argon gas blew off due to pressure buildup. He said the top of the tank flew about a 100 yards in the air and came back down. No one was hurt, but this did leave a 30-foot hole in side of the building. The engineer told Powell the tank was filled Thursday. Sapp said he does not believe the explosion had anything to do with the tank being filled. He said he thinks the problem was caused by a faulty pressure valve. Sapp said once the argon was on the ground it evaporated into the air”. June 2/2015

Patrick Weymer/JL Becker Company. Remember about a week ago we had a rumor about Mr. Patrick Weymer the President of furnace builder Beavermatic having a new job? This of course occurred after Beavermatic closed their doors with Premier Furnace acquiring the intellectual property of the company. Well this is certainly true, Patrick is working with furnace builder JL Becker Company and we are awaiting a formal press release from the company. June 2/2015

Eric Hutton/Bodycote. Now here is a fellow who has spent his whole life in the heat treating industry and has been successful at it.  Eric started with commercial heat treater Bodycote back in 2001 as a Business Development Manager in the Detroit area and since that time has moved up the ladder to positions such as General Manager, Regional Manager, VP Operations and Sales-Automotive North America and just recently Eric was promoted to Vice President Operations Aerospace, Defense and Energy in Canton, Michigan. June 1/2015

Low Pressure Carburizing By Janusz Kowalewski. "Demand for a higher quality and dissatisfaction with the existing vacuum carburizing processes were the main reasons for development of a new carburizing technology called - Low Pressure Carburizing. The advancement was due to the following achievements:

  • Better understanding of thermo reaction of Acetylene during carburizing process
  • Utilization of computer simulator to control equipment and thermo-chemical cycles.
  • Advancement in high pressure gas quench technology (faster cooling speed, more reliable equipment, Nitrogen, Helium gas used for cooling)
  • Continuous decrease of vacuum equipment initial cost and development of multi-chamber systems
  • Development of precise gas flow control, nozzle distribution and hot zone material optimization.
  • Development of new steels (see below table) that requires a lower cooling speed and improved life cycles of gears and other parts used by automotive and aircraft industries.

In the early stage of development in late 1960’s, vacuum carburizing furnaces were using Methane (CH) as a carburizing gas.   Carburizing technology base on Methane requires higher temperature and pressure up to 13 mbar (10 Torr). The process has not provided case uniformity or repeatability needed for parts specifications. Propane popularity in 1970 as carburizing gas was due to ease of transportation and worldwide availability.   The major drawbacks of propane are tendency to create soot and tar because of thermal dissociation difficulty, poor holes penetration and problem with carburizing case uniformity in dense pack loads. The process with propane was run at 200–400 mbar (150–300 Torr). The environmental awareness, and a high furnace maintenance requirement was inspiration to develop a new process without the above problems. Russian scientists Krilow, Yumatow and Kubatow developed in 1979 a carburizing process using acetylene in vacuum furnace. The scientists developed process when acetylene is used for carburizing between 9 mbar (7 Torr) to 931 mbar (698 Torr) pressure.   The Japanese company IHI (JH) developed in 1999 the low pressure vacuum carburizing with below < 3-mbar pressure. The latest achievements in vacuum carburizing are technologies using Acetylene (CH) for carburizing fewer than 20 mbar (15 Torr) pressures. The thermal dissociation of Acetylene last several seconds, enough to react with the hot load surface but not enough to create soot or tar on the furnace elements. The new low pressure vacuum carburizing is applied to a wide range of components from tiny precision parts to automotive gears and transmission components for aerospace, construction and machine industries.

To avoid tar/sooth formation, a vacuum carburizing process must be precisely established and maintain during the cycle. The main parameters influencing carburizing process are mass flow of carbon (gas flow rate), carburizing temperature, vacuum pressure, carburizing and diffusion durations stages. The parts in single chamber furnaces are usually heated by convection heating - up 750°C (1400°F) at 1.5 Bar Nitrogen pressure, follow by further heating in vacuum by radiation up to carburizing temperature.   Time of heating and holding depends on particular cross-section, weight and density of load.   The vacuum carburizing temperature depends on the alloy steel being treated and is typically between 930° C (1706°F) to 1050°°C (1922°F). When carburizing temperature is reached the carburizing gas is admitted into heating zone from numbers of jets located evenly throughout the entire hot zone.   The number and location of carburizing nozzles ensures proper carburizing gas inflows and uniform charge penetration.  The carburizing process is automatically control by PLC/SCADA system.

Acetylene starts to decompose rapidly above 500ºC (932ºF). As the temperature increases decomposition of CH accelerates to form atomic carbon. Hydrogen is a by-product of this decomposition resulting in the reduction of the metal oxides on the surface of components. Reduction of oxides on the surface leads to better penetration of carbon into the surface.   The carburizing process can be continues (single pulse) or repeatable carburizing (boost) and diffusion steps (multi pulses).   At the first stage the inflow of carburizing gas provide a very high concentration of carbon that can be absorbed by austenite.   At the diffusion stage the inflow of carburizing gas is cut-off and replace by Nitrogen to keep constant partial pressure to prevent alloys sublimation.   The free carbon atoms are allowed to diffuse into the part.

Diffusion reduces the carbon concentration on the surface and allowing for further carburization. The carburizing and diffusion stages are time controlled. The rapid and continue flow of carbon (gas flow) and higher process temperature shorten the carburizing process. As of today there is no sensor that could effectively control and measure carburizing case formation. Entire process is design by empirical knowledge." June 1/2015

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